Hehe...whazzup, Guys?

I know you probably wanna beat me up for not updating and this isn't a chapter but I just wanted to inform you that I haven't given up on this story and I will complete it for sure. I just have some problems with writing it at the moment….

Every time I try to continue this story an idea for another one just pops up in my head…

So I hope you're not too angry at me *puppydogeyes*

I'll try to update this fic within the week…



I'm sooo sorry guys to not have updated yet AGAIN! ...I am hopeless...I know. Really I do.

But unfortunately I have to say that this story will officially be on hiatus for hopefully only a short while. The reason is that my computer decided it has to die on me and I didn't copy the last chapter on another computer. It is the ONLY one I didn't copy yet...

Buuut at least I have an idea how to repair it for I might just have to replace one thing.

So until hopefully soon...for real!