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Chapter 15:

When Logan and Kendall entered the living room, they could feel the awkwardness in the air. James and Carlos greeted the boys by standing at the breakfast bar with the smuggest grins on their faces. Kendall and Logan, both scarlet red, avoiding their glares and began to load their plates with various breakfast items that had been prepared for them. James and Carlos finally ceased when the other two band mates sat down and began to eat quietly.

"So it's time to address the big purple elephant in the room." Logan spluttered as he choked slightly on the sausage he was eating. Kendall raised one of his magnificent eyebrows in speculation.

"And what do you mean by that?"

"Everything." James and Carlos shouted in perfect harmony.

"Like what was wrong with Logan, where you found him." Kendall could almost feel Logan blushing as he stood up with his now empty plate and placed it in the sink before exiting into the bathroom. James and Carlos hastened to sit down with the blonde to get all the details. Kendall filled them both in on last night's events at the view, all except about Logan's dad. That wasn't his place to say.

"What about when you got back?" Kendall was confused as to why the Latino was asking him this.

"You were here. We just went to bed."

"Oh yeah?" James raised his eyebrows in a suspicious manner which made Kendall chuckle with laughter.

"No, that was this morning. As you both heard." his cheeks undertook that familiar rose colour once more, "last night we just went to sleep. Logan got straight in my bed and we just cuddled."

"Dude, that's" Carlos joked and Kendall couldn't help but cast him a 'well duh!' look with his green eyes.

"So um...what' sex like?" James' voice seemed to trail off as he asked the question. Kendall couldn't help but bear the biggest smile.

"Why James? Curious?"

"What? No of course not...well kind of. Not for my sake of course."

"Whatever gets you off." winked Kendall. "Well it's different, of course. But that's definitely not a bad thing. He seems to know everything that I like and how to make it feel so much better." James and Carlos just stared at him, intrigued. "Obviously he knows what feels good on him, so he can do that to me. But he becomes a different guy when we're doing it. He has so much more confidence, he even takes charge. It's such a turn on." Carlos and James couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"So, you're the...bottom?" Carlos whispered the last word, as if he was ashamed of the word. Kendall shook his head.

"Logan is. But last night, he was on top, so he had all the control and it was amazing." the bathroom door clicked open and Logan appeared halting the three boys' conversation. Logan eyed them all suspiciously as they all had that familiar guilty look on their faces.

"What were you guys just talking about?" he asked.

"Not a lot. Plans for the day." Logan stared at the Latino, trying to stare him out but he held his own, keeping calm. Logan finally had no choice to believe him and walked back over to the blonde.

"I'm gonna get dressed and then do some school work." Logan was addressing his boy more than the other two. "What are you doing today?"

"Not a lot. Maybe just chill by the pool." Logan smiled and bent down and placed his lips quickly on Kendall's and then continued to return to his room. Kendall turned to look at the other boys who were grinning so widely it was impossible to tell where their mouths actually ended.

"Shut up," threatened Kendall.

"We didn't say anything. But you really like him don't you?" Kendall paused, thinking about how much happier he felt with Logan, how he had never felt this way about someone in a long time. "So we'll take your goofy grin as a yes."

"But what are you going to do about Jo?" Kendall came crashing back down to earth with a tremendous thud.

"Shit, I forgot about her."

"How can you forget she's back?"

"I don't know? Probably the same way he forgot about the goodbye kiss." Kendall just sat there motionless. Unable to move. What was he going to do? Jo had told him she was back and he still had feelings for her. But now he had Logan. And he really liked Logan. But did he like him more than Jo? This was impossible to decide right there and then.

"Guys, what am I going to do?" he was panicking now.

"Go see her, there's no harm in that."

"But what happens if all those feelings come rushing back?"

"Cross that bridge when you come to them." suggested James. Kendall nodded and practically ran into the bathroom to get ready.

About an hour later, Kendall was left alone in the apartment, hands slippery from sweat, afraid of the next couple of minutes. A gentle knocking was heard on the door. Kendall took a deep breath, stood up and wandered over to the mirror. He scanned his appearance, ran his fingers through his hair, took another deep breath and turned to the door.

She was standing there, like she had never left. He long curly blonde hair hanging just below her shoulders and her big bright eyes staring right into Kendall's. He was frozen by her image. He had lost track of where he was, what was happening, even how to speak. She was just as breathe taking, as she was the first time Kendall had laid eyes on her. He sweet voice finally brought him back out of his trance.


"H-hi." He croaked as he raised his arms expecting a hug. She didn't hesitate to fall into his arms. The hug could have lasted for days as far as Kendall was aware. He had missed her so much. Their embrace finally ended and they returned to standing apart from each other.

"So…can I come in?" she asked.

"Yeah, yeah of course." Kendall stepped aside allowing the blonde to cross the threshold into 2J. Kendall shut the door and then gestured for Jo to take a seat on the orange sofa. "So how have you been?"

"I'm good thanks." Kendall nodded. There was definitely an element of tension between them; whether it was sexual, it was undecided.

"So how come you're back?"

"Well, filming for the first movie wrapped up a could of days ago, and I got asked to come back for a couple of weeks for New Town High, and I couldn't resist coming back." She smiled.

"How long are you back for?"

"Only a couple of weeks. Shooting for the second film starts in two months, and I've got schoolwork to do. But enough about me, how about you? Your new album's out now?"

"Yeah, couple of weeks ago. But it's not all my work, Carlos, James and Logan…" as soon as the brunette's name left his lips, his love for Logan came rushing back. How could he have forgotten about him? It was like he was seeing Jo in a completely different light now. Her blonde hair suddenly resembled dry straw falling messily from her head. Her muddy eyes had nothing compared to his band member's. It was like her beauty had been sucked from her like a vacuum sucking the air from a bag. "Listen Jo, I've got something to tell you." Kendall then began to recount the events that had happened over the last couple of weeks. Starting with the album wrap party, how he kissed Logan. Moving on to his car accident and Logan declaring his love for him.

"You were in a car accident? Why didn't anyone tell me sooner?"

"Because there was nothing you could have done, you were halfway across the world. You would only have worried."

"Yeah, but still…"

"What does it matter now? I'm fine." Jo went to protest once more but Kendall just began to talk over her. He then moved on to Camille exposing them and Logan's freak out and his story finally caught up with the present. Jo had tears in her eyes.

"So you're gay?" All Kendall could do was shrug.

"I don't know…all I know is that I really like Logan. And I've promised him I'll always be there for him. And that's not a promise I want to break." Tears began to stream down the blonde's face. "Listen Jo…" he reached out a hand for hers, she flinched and removed it instantly.


"Jo, we had our time. I was heartbroken when you left. And you're only back for a couple of weeks, I don't want to have to go through that again. My feelings for you won't change." He stroked her cheek. She moved forward, obviously trying to initiate a kiss. Kendall moved backwards. "No, I can't. I'm with Logan." She retreated, feeling ashamed. "Can we still be friends?" she took a while to respond, but she finally nodded.

"I'd rather have you in my life as a friend then not at all." Kendall smiled at this great news.

"So, wanna watch a movie until it's time for you to go?" Kendall asked. She agreed and they both settled down quietly to watch the film. Sitting closer then two people in their situation should have.

Logan closed his text book. He couldn't concentrate. He couldn't get his mind off of Kendall. No matter what he thought about, BAM! His thoughts were back on the blonde. He read over the last sentence he scribbled down on to his note pad.

'Copper(II) Chloride colors a cool ethanol flame a vivid green, just like Kendall's eyes.' He smiled, took his pen and crossed out the last four words. He always knew Kendall would be the reason he failed at school. He rammed his belongings into his backpack and stood up, leaving the peaceful environment of the library.

Logan began his walk back to the apartment. He glanced at his watch, it was only two o'clock. He had only been working for an hour. That was a new record. He picked up his pace and was soon practically running back to the Palm Woods. He was so excited to see Kendall. Why, he didn't know. He had only been away from the blonde for an hour and a half. But he missed those bright green eyes.

He soon found himself rapidly repeatedly hitting the up button of the Palm Woods elevator. The metallic doors slid open giving him access and he soon found himself elevating. The doors opened once more when he arrived on the second floor and he began his route to his apartment. He rounded the corner and stopped suddenly. Kendall was standing outside the door talking to a blonde girl. He knew that girl. He crept back around the corner and watched quietly. He couldn't hear their conversation but he saw them embrace in a long hug, which was a type of hug that wasn't exchanged between friends.

Logan felt his heart sink; it felt like it was breaking clean in half. How could Kendall do this to him? He had promised him that he would always be there for him. And now that Jo was back, he was just going to toss him aside.

No. Logan was smarter than that; to jump to accusations so quickly. He took a moment to gather his thoughts and finished his retreat to the apartment. When he walked into the apartment, Kendall was sprawled out over the sofa. Logan cast him a smile and the blonde was the first to speak.

"Hello beautiful."

"Hey, how was your afternoon?"

"Bit boring. Just sat and watched a film."

"Alone?" Kendall nodded. Logan felt his chest tighten. Why was Kendall lying to him? If he didn't have anything to hide, why didn't he just tell him that he had seen Jo?

"What about you? Get much work done?" he asked as he patted the sofa next to him, inviting Logan to come and sit with him. Logan shuffled cautiously over to him and sat down. Kendall wrapped his arms around the brunette's waist and started placing quick kisses over his neck. Logan immediately lost his thoughts of paranoia as Kendall edged his way up to his lips and soon ran his tongue over every inch of Logan's mouth.

"I missed you." Breathed Kendall in between kisses.

"Me too."

The next couple of days Logan's paranoia kept growing. Kendall would disappear without any explanation to where he was going. And when he returned he would insist he was on his own and minutes later would be attacking Logan with kisses. Logan didn't want to believe it; he wanted to see the best in Kendall, like he always did. But he would look out of the window down onto the street and see Kendall take Jo's hand as they walked off into the distance.

Logan spent the whole day pacing the apartment, waiting for his boyfriend to return. He was going to confront him. It was time Logan found out the truth. It got to six o'clock and the blonde still hadn't returned. He was growing impatient. He wanted answers now. He reached out for his phone, and just as he was about to call Kendall, he received a text message.

'Put on your best shirt and head down to the lobby. Everything else will be revealed then.' Logan didn't know what to make of it. He was angry with Kendall for lying to him, hiding something from him. But now he was asked to dress up and go to the lobby. Logan only obeyed because he wanted answers. He went to his room, stripped off his sweater vest and polo and replaced it with a black shirt. He buttoned it up and looked at himself in the mirror. He adjusted a few hairs on his head and made his way to the lobby.

Logan couldn't hear anything. Silence. There was no one around. Logan stepped into the lobby and was blown away. Fairy lights had been scattered all over the floor in a type of catwalk, leading Logan towards the front door. He followed the path made out for him and stopped at the double doors that lead to the car park. There was a green envelope taped to the glass. Logan's name was beautifully written in silver pen contrasting against the green. Logan looked around, expecting to see someone emerge from the pool, but even that was quiet. He took the envelope from the glass and opened it, reading the card that was inside.

'The limo outside will take you to where you need to be. K xx'

Logan peered out of the glass and saw the long black limo that was situated in the car park. What was the blonde doing? Logan pushed through the double doors and headed towards the car. The driver opened the passenger's door and Logan scooted in.

Logan felt like the drive lasted hours, whereas in reality probably only last half an hour. Once the car finally came to a complete stop, the passenger's door was opened from the outside and Logan edged himself out. He looked at the person holding the door and was relieved that it was the author of his note telling him to get into the car. Kendall was wearing the smartest black suit Logan had ever seen.

"Wow. You look so handsome." Kendall smiled at the brunette's compliment. He slammed the limo door shut and it drove away. Kendall held his hand out for the brunette to take and lead him over to a blanket that had been spread out.

That was when Logan recognized where he was. This is where it all happened. The place Kendall had been just before his accident. The place he, Logan, had come when he was afraid to give himself fully to Kendall.

"Kendall. What is all this?" All Kendall did was smile. He gestured for Logan to sit down before he mimicked him.

"Logan, I've got something to tell you." Logan's heart began to race. Afraid of the bad news that was obviously coming. "I haven't been completely honest with you lately. Jo's back." Logan's eyes started to water. Kendall noticing this, began to pick up the speed of his speech. "Don't worry. There's nothing going on between us. I told her all about us. And she offered to help."

"Help what?" Logan's voice was breaking.

"With this." Kendall gestured to their surroundings.

"But I don't…"

"It was here that everything started Logie. This is our place. And it was five months ago that it all happened. And even though it was a bumpy road, we finally got here and I couldn't be happier." Kendall rummaged in his back pocket for something. He extracted a small blue box. Logan was so confused. Kendall opened the box revealing a magnificent silver ring. "Don't worry, I'm not asking you to marry me…yet." He winked. "This is a promise ring. As long as you wear this, I promise to give myself to you completely. Be there for you whenever you need me. Love you with every fiber of my being. Be yours. Completely."

Logan smiled as he burst into tears.

"You fucking ass!" he said as he pushed the blonde gently.

"What?" Kendall asked, obviously confused by the brunette's actions.

"I knew Jo was back, I saw you two together. And I knew you were lying. I was so worried." Kendall took his free hand and wiped away the tears falling from Logan's eyes.

"More of a reason for you to wear this. Then there's no need to ever worry that I'll stray." Logan practically pounced on Kendall, landing on top of him. Logan was attacking Kendall with light but passionate kisses. "Shall I take that as a yes?" Kendall smirked as Logan began to calm it down.