Scooby Doo and the Haunted hamburger

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Chapter One: The mystery begins

The waiter picked up the red tray in burger's R us. The biggest burger place in the world. He grabbed some napkins before going into the kitchen and putting them down. He washed a plate and threw the napkins away. He walked into the eating area and didn't see a blue flame in the corner. The blue flame grew and grew until a fiery tendril hit a hamburger. The hamburger suddenly spouted a pair of eyes and hovered above the ground. It looked around the eating area and saw hundreds of its friends smashed to bits with bite marks and knives. Its anger flooded through its body and he hovered above the waiter's arm.

"HEY!" It roared at the waiter who screamed in terror. The hamburger moved quickly around the place laughing and howling as the waiter screamed. The hamburger's eyes glowed blue and all the lettuce appeared in front of the waiter and merged together. The hamburger laughed and the lettuce slapped his face and chased him around the restaurant. The hamburgers eyes went red and all the ketchup and mustard flew out from the kitchen and squirted their contents on the waiter and the floor so he slipped over. Then the hamburger grew bigger and bigger until it was the size of a stegosaurs. Cheesy tentacles squirmed out from its mouth and grabbed the helpless waiter. It wrapped around him and the hamburger opened its mouth. The waiter wailed and was dragged into the hamburgers mouth and it swallowed him whole. The hamburger shrunk and saw a poster on the wall. It was of a man and his dog. The dog had a hamburger in his paw. The angry hamburger looked at the poster and shouted

"I promise I shall find this man and dog, and then I shall eat them both" it laughed.

Meanwhile Scooby and Shaggy ate cheeseburgers at a diner. Their friends were eating the same and none had any idea of the haunted Hamburger.