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Codename: ShadowFox - II

Ichiraku's ramen

"Oi! Old man I'll take 5 pork and 5 miso please!" Teuchi didn't even need to turn around to know who set the order.

"Naruto! Hows my favorite customer today?" Teuchi asked with a smile.

"Pretty good. Just got back from a mission and I've worked up an appetite!" replied with a smile of his own.

"Oh yeah? Hopefully nothing too dangerous." Naruto just laughed.

"Haha! Nah the travel was the hard part, I actually finished the mission in about two minutes." Teuchi just raised his eyebrow wondering what kind of mission could be finished so quickly.

"Oh yeah? What did you have to do that could be done so quickly?" Naruto just chuckled a bit this time.

"Well I could tell you...But then i'd have to kill you" He said scratching the back of his head. Teuchi visibly paled for a moment.

"Naruto quit scaring my dad!" Said a brow haired girl from behind the counter.

"Ayame! How you been?" Naruto asked with a smile.

"Hey Naruto. I've been good how about you?" Ayame asked while also giving him a smile.

"Pretty good now that I'm home, and I'll be better when I have some ramen in me!"

Naruto began telling them about his trip with Kakashi and how his experiment with a new lightning jutsu exploded his stash of ramen as well as the rest of their food.

"So I basically lived off of berries and one unlucky rabbit that crossed my path."

"You ate a poor, defenseless, BUNNY!" Ayame cried out.

"Well I kinda had to. There wasn't any other food around since that idiot blew it all up."

"couldn't you find a river somewhere and do some fishing?" asked Teuchi.

"I would have if we weren't in a rush and since I didn't know how long the mission would have taken I didn't want to risk it since there is something important going on today and I wanted to be back to see the results."

"What's going on today that's so important?" asked Ayame

"Well today is the day that the jounin are reviewed and selected to become jounin sensei but more importantly this class is the one that's my age group so I want to see any future competition early." Naruto said with an impish smirk.

"Well I'll leave you to your scheming and your ramen then." Ayame said while placing his order in front of him.

"Thanks!" With that he started to dig in.

He noticed that a pair of white eyes were watching him but thought nothing of it and chalked it up to Hiashi keeping tabs on him.

Around half an hour later Naruto finished his ramen and said his goodbyes to Teuchi and Ayame.

Still got about an hour and a half before the reviews so I guess I'll just go chill at the jounin lounge. He made his was towards the Hokage tower which held the lounge in it.

Hinata watched him from afar for years ever since he rescued her when she was six from some bullies. And yet she doesn't even know her knight in shining armors name. She has always wanted to thank him but due to her shyness and lack of confidence she always backed out at the last-minute.



"Lady Hinata! Lady Hinata?" yelled the branch family member that had taken Hinata to register at the ninja academy.

"Hey look it's another one of those white eyed freaks like that Neji guy." Said a chubby academy student.

"Yeah she probably thinks she's better than everyone else just because she's a Hyuuga too." Said a shorter academy student.

"So what are you doing here freak? Trying to enroll? You shouldn't even bother girls don't belong as ninja." Said the taller of the three students.

"Y-Yes I'm here t-to enroll s-so p-please l-leave me in p-peace." Stuttered out Hinata.

"G-G-G-give me a break. There's nothing more pathetic that stuttering and you think you can be a ninja? That's an insult to real ninja like me." Said the tallest one.

"Why don't we teach her a lesson, boss?" Said the shortest student.

"Well you're right, since she wants to enroll so badly why don't we help her out with her first lesson of shinobi life. PAIN."

The student cocked his hand back and went to strike her. Hinata flinched while her eyes were sealed shut awaiting the punch but it never came.

"The lady asked you to leave her in peace." Said Naruto with a firm grasp on the other boy's fist.

"Tch. Who's this? Your boyfriend coming to rescue you? Let go of me you loser." Soon after a yelp of pain was heard as Naruto was forcibly bending back the other boys wrist while keeping a firm grasp on it.

"Let me help you out in this so-called 'pain' lesson." Naruto said as he bent the other boys wrist further.

"AH! Let go! I give!" Yelled the boy now on one of his knees from being forced down by Naruto.

"Now apologize to her." Naruto growled out angrily.

"Ahhh! I'm sorry ok! I'm Ahh sorry! AHHHH!" A smirk appeared on Naruto's face. He was going to have some fun.

"Say uncle." Naruto demanded while adding a little weight to the boys wrist.

"AHH! Uncle! Uncle!" Said the boy.

"Now say grandma." Adding a little more weight for good measure.

"AHHHH! GRANDMA!" yelled out the other kid in pain.

"Now say I want to be kneed in the face." Naruto said with while holding back a smirk.

"I WANT TO BE KNEED IN THE...wait wh-?" The boy never finished his question as a knee met his nose and knocked him unconscious.

"You! Fatty, small fry take him and get the hell out of here." The other two boys picked up their leader and ran off.

"...U-Umm th-than-"

"LADY HINATA THERE YOU ARE!" yelled the branch member cutting her off. She turned around to see who was calling her but when she turned back to thank the boy he was already gone.

(End Flashback)

Aware that the pair of eyes were still watching him he turned into a busy corner and henge'd into someone else.

He casually blended into the crowd now watching her instead while holding up his henge. She almost looked a bit... disappointed? He was a bit confused as to why but just kept his path towards the Hokage tower.

Jounin Lounge

Naruto walked into the lounge and spotted Kakashi sitting on one of the couches with his face buried in one of his all too familiar orange books.

"Yo." Kakashi said casually

"Hey, whats up Kakashi any news on the reviews yet?" questioned Naruto

"Nothing yet. But they don't start for another hour so we'll just have to wait till then."

"Easy for you to say. You have those perverted books of yours to keep you busy. While I'm bored out of my mind."

"Would you like to borrow one?" Kakashi asked.

"No." Naruto replied flatly

"You sure?"

"Why do all of our conversations end with something to do with those books?" Naruto asked slightly annoyed.

"Well..." Kakashi started.

"Forget it. Don't answer." Naruto said cutting him off.

"YOSH! Greetings my youthful rival!"

"Hmm you say something Gai?" Kakashi asked in a bored tone. With his face still hidden behind the book.

"WHY Kakashi! Why must you act so cool!" Gai asked with fake tears flowing down his face.

"Heh. He gets you every time,eh Gai?" Asked Naruto with a slight chuckle.

"NARUTO! How are you today my youthful friend?" Gai asked with his usual enthusiasm.

"Well I was enjoying the quiet but I'm doing alright I suppose."

"You do not sound very youthful Naruto is something the matter?" Asked Gai slightly concerned.

"Nah I'm fine Gai, I'm just a little bored waiting for the reviews to start."

"Well if you need a distraction then how about a race?" Gai asked getting his backdrop ready for when Naruto accepted his youthful challenge.

"Well Gai you should know that I don't race like a normal person..." Naruto tried to bluff his way out of it then remembered that Gai doesn't either though...

"What do you mean Naruto?" Gai asked with a confused look on his face.

"Naruto races like a very sneaky turtle." Kakashi added.

"Umm...Naruto moves at the speed of a turtle while racing?" Gai was still quite confused.

"Don't get me wrong Naruto is fast, very fast. But when it comes to a race he doesn't try to outrun you he instead chooses to hamper you to the point where he can simply walk to the finish line." Kakashi explained.

"What Kakashi is trying to say is that I use my stealth specialties to sabotage and slow you down. So not only am I trying to win but im trying to make sure you don't get to the finish line." Naruto further explained.

"YOSH! So it is like a double-challenge! Then if you can do that I accept your terms and my second challenge will be to avoid your obstacles and win the race!" Gai now pulled out the backdrop he prepared earlier and he flashed his sparkly teeth while giving a thumbs up.

"That's nice and all Gai but I still never agreed to a race. I think I'll just take a nap instead." Naruto said with a yawn.

"Fine then. How about you Kakashi, my eternal rival?" Gai asked turning back to the other jounin.

"Huh? You say something Gai?" Asked while looking up from his book.

"WHY!" Gai continued with the river of anime tears.

(One hour later...)

Naruto's snoring could be heard throughout the Hokage tower.

"Guess I should wake Naruto up it's almost time." Kakashi said while looking at the clock on the wall. He walked over to Naruto giving him a couple of shakes to wake him up. But Naruto just kept on snoring.

"Well I could let him sleep...But then he would be angry that I let him miss the meeting." Kakashi had a smile behind his mask. Kakashi formed a few quick handseals then held the tiger seal while aiming at his sleeping target.

"Suiton: Water Drowning Jutsu!" Suddenly a spray of water showered Naruto immediately waking him from his slumber.

"WHAT THE HELL KAKASHI!" Yelled out from being soaked.

"You wouldn't wake up." Kakashi simply stated while giving his trademark eye smile.

"So you decided to force a shower on me?" Naruto asked while ringing out his hair.

"Well you did go straight to lunch after our mission so I thought you could use some freshening up." Kakashi said while still holding his smile.

"Har. Har. Aren't you just the most thoughtful person ever." A scowl forming on Naruto clearly not happy with Kakashi's antics.

"As a matter of fact I am. The reviews are about to start so you needed to wake up anyway." Kakashi said while walking towards the meeting room.

"Gee thanks now I get to stand next to all my fellow jounin soaking wet while my shoes squeak." Naruto groaned out.

"Think of it this way, Now everyone will know that you're squeaky clean." Kakashi snickered a bit behind his mask.

"God I hate you sometimes." Naruto just held his face with his palm and followed his so-called "Friend".

Meeting Room.

Naruto and Kakashi were walking into the meeting room. Naruto's still soaked sandals squeaking as he walked on the tiled flood, snickering and giggling was heard throughout the room.

Five minutes later the Hokage walked in holding a clipboard and taking his place at the podium at the front.

"Alright now that everyone is here we can begin." The Hokage started going through the groups and who their jounin sensei would be. "Team 7 will consist of Sakura Haruno, Horune Klis, Sasuke Uchiha, and will be led by Kakashi Hatake."

"Team 8 will consist of Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuuga and will be led by Naruto Uzumaki."

"WHAT!" Was heard from both Naruto and Kurenai both completely surprised by the revelation.

"But Hokage-sama I specifically asked to lead team 8 so I could make them our best tracking and reconnaissance team!"

"Yeah, That and I don't want to lead a bunch of genin!" Voiced Naruto.

"Kurenai the problem is that you're right team 8 will most likely be our best tracking and recon team in the future which is why I want Naruto to lead them." Kurenai just looked at him with a shocked expression.

"Kurenai, Naruto's Specialties are stealth,recon and assassination. While I'm not trying to downplay you're abilities I believe that Naruto's ANBU experience will aid them more."

"Yes Hokage-sama" Kurenai said while looking a bit saddened.

Naruto whispered to Kakashi who was next to him. "You knew this was going to happen didn't you! That's why you kept asking me if I wanted a genin team and trying to get me to drop out of ANBU." Kakashi just nodded.

"I wanted to try to convince you to want to have a team but Hokage-sama had already made his mind up about you leading 8 when he asked me to lead 7." Kakashi whispered back.

"So instead of having Kurenai who actually wanted a team he just forced a team on me?" Naruto kept it to a whisper but the anger in his voice was clear.

"Pretty much." Kakashi just deadpanned

Naruto just face palmed. "I'm going to have to go talk with the old man after the meeting" Naruto said while talking through his hand.

"And if were done with the interruptions team 10 will consist of Choji Akimichi, Shikamaru Nara,Ino Yamanaka and Asuma Sarutobi. Dismissed!" And with that the meeting was over.

"C'mon Kakashi you're coming with me to tell the old man that I shouldn't have a team" Naruto said walking up to the Hokage office.

"Naruto I told you that he was adamant on you leading team 8 even I tried to reason with that you shouldn't get have a team when he asked me to lead 7. Honestly I wouldn't trust you with the responsibility either." Kakashi stated.

"And just what is that supposed to mean?" Naruto said, his anger now redirected at Kakashi.

"Hehe nothing! What I meant to say was I wouldn't want to put you in a position of responsibility because you have always had a problem with authority figures and such" Kakashi said while holding his hand out in front of him defensively while giving a nervous laugh.

"Yeah the only thing worst than this would be becoming Hokage" Naruto groaned out.

Well he certainly isn't going to like the other reason as to why he's getting a genin team then Kakashi thought.

Naruto reached the door to the Hokage's office and began knocking rather loudly almost pounding on the door.

"Enter." Was all that was heard from inside the office.

Naruto burst in like a bat outta hell screaming "WHY DID YOU FORCE A TEAM ON ME!"

Sarutobi just gave a sigh knowing this would happen.

"Naruto why don't you have a seat." The Hokage motioned to the chairs in front of the desk. "You too Kakashi." The old man caught a glimpse of him while he tried to sneak out.

"Alright old man what's the deal? I didn't want a genin team, Kurenai does. This is a simple fix, no?" Naruto stated while trying to calm himself down.

"Naruto it's not that simple." Sarutobi said while inhaling a bit from his pipe.

"And why the hell not!" Naruto almost shouted.

"NARUTO!" Kakashi said while holding the kid down.

"Naruto. Do you know who my genin team was?" Asked the old Hokage.

"Yeah it was the Sannin. Tsunade, the perv, and that snake." stated Naruto.

"Yes and do you remember who your father's genin were?" Asked the Hokage while taking another drag of his pipe.

"Yeah of course. It was Kakashi, Obito, and Rin." Naruto stated matter-of-factly

"Right. So you see even the best of ninja were once genin. Even you. But they all needed someone to guide them and help them on their way." Sarutobi stated while looking for a reaction from the blond across from him.

"Yeah so why's it gotta be me?" Naruto said while looking down.

"Fine then how about a deal Naruto?" Sarutobi said trying to see if this would spark some interest.

"I'm listening" Naruto replied while still looking down.

"I'll finally make it official." Sarutobi's vague response was still enough to make Naruto realize what he was referring to.

"You mean it?" Naruto looked up with a bit of hope in his eyes.

"Meet with your team tomorrow , get to know them, and then come back here and ill give you the keys."

"Fine. I'll do it. But I have one more condition." Naruto said with an impish smirk slowly forming.

"Oh?" The Hokage was intrigued as to what else the boy could want but he was so close that he had no choice but to bite.

"Instead of my real name I want them to announce me as the Shadowfox. See if I can instill a little fear in em before showing them the ropes." Naruto now had a full-blown smirk across his face.

The Hokage chucked a bit at this but agreed. "I'll let Iruka know that team 8 will be led by the fabled ShadowFox until you decide to reveal yourself to them." The Hokage said with a slight smirk also.

"Alright so what time am I meeting up with the brats?" Naruto said now in at least in a slightly better mood.

"Naruto they're your age so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't appreciate you calling them brats." Kakashi added.

"As long as I'm going to be their 'sensei'" Naruto had a slight shiver when he said the word. "I'll call em whatever I want."

"Then how do you intend to build your teamwork up if you're belittling your charges?" Kakashi asked.

"Ah they can suck it up. Oh and Kakashi before I forget let me borrow those two bells you carry around." Naruto said while holding his hand out.

"No this is going to be my test for them. Get your own bells." Kakashi said while keeping a hand on his kunai pouch which held the bells.

"Fine. But im ripping off the old man's test too. And yes I know you ripped off the bell test from the Hokage." With that Naruto stood up.

"So then its settled Naruto? You will lead team 8?" Asked the hopeful Hokage.

"Yeah but I expect my stuff at the compound and a mint on the pillow when I get there tomorrow." Naruto laughed at his own joke while Kakashi and Sarutobi just chuckled lightly.

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