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Codename: Shadowfox - XXII


"It is now time to begin Konohagakure's Bi-Annual Chuunin Exams!" He announced making he crowd cheer. "Now would Inuzuka Kiba and Aburame Shino please stay while the rest of you head up to the waiting area."

After the other finalists filed out Kiba was standing across from Shino in a ready stance, his claws already enlarged through his chakra while Shino was in kenjutsu stance with his swords drawn.


"M-Mei-sama... are those?" Chojuro asked.

Mei smiled and nodded, "I'm not sure how he acquired them but those are indeed the Fangblades. I can already tell this match will be interesting.


"Are both contestants ready?" Genma asked and received two nods, "HAJIME!"


"Raiton: Light Shield."


Kiba belted out a small but extremely fast fireball while Shino planted both of his swords on the ground which created a wall made entirely out of light that blocked the fireball easily.

Up in the stands the jounin sensei watched Shino run through a few more hand seals and his light shield turned blue and chaotic.

"What's he doing?" Kakashi voiced asked the person sitting next to him.

"He's setting up for a powerful attack... I'm surprised he would show it this early however. He knows Kiba well enough not to hold back or else he will be quickly overwhelmed." Naruto answered. Seeing as he was still on duty he wore his ANBU uniform and mask today.

"What does it do?" Kakashi asked. Normally he wouldn't care too much because he'd already seen and copied so many jutsu but when it came to lightning techniques he did at least perk up slightly.

"You know how his light shield turned blue? He calls that an acceleration gate and just like the name implies it accelerates attacks." Naruto answered vaguely while they all returned their attention to the fight.


Shino was waiting for Kiba to get closer, the Inuzuka boy was charging down the field next to his ninken. This was a straight shot, if he hit then it might be game over, if he misses or somehow Kiba dodges then he just revealed his trump card for nothing. Line up the shot... perfect. "Shock Blast."

From his hands a blue ball of lightning went through his acceleration gate and rocketed towards Kiba at ridiculous speeds.

Akamaru's instincts saved them both however as he tackled Kiba out-of-the-way and the shock blast flew over the puppy but not before exploding behind them, shocking them slightly.

Kiba grit his teeth as he fought through the static shock and forced himself to his feet as he watched Shino prepare another one of those bombs. Seeing no other way but to dodge he picked up Akamaru and avoided another of Shino's attacks.

If one were to get a clear view of him Shino would have looked mildly annoyed which translates to completely pissed for normal people. I should have known that Kiba would not be defeated that easily. Unlike my beetles that work as a hive mind Akamaru has a mind of his own and can act accordingly, I'm not just fighting Kiba I'm fighting Akamaru as well.

He looked down at his flickering gate which finally dissipated and his lips thinned. "Great..." "GATSUGA!" His lips moved into a slight frown, "Just great." Shino ripped his blades out of the grounds and quickly jumped to his left as the two tornadoes of destruction passed through where he was just standing.

"Come on Akamaru if Shino's gonna play rough then we'll play rough!" Kiba shouted to his dog who had turned into an exact clone of himself to perform the gatsuga. They both quickly ran through a set of seals and Kiba shouted "Hell-Hound Transformation Jutsu!"

Shino carefully observed the plume of smoke that covered Kiba and Akamaru due to the transformation and rose an eyebrow at the new sight. Two flaming hounds stood across from him, growling and salivating, every drop of saliva that hit the floor hissed and steamed. He studied them to try to gain any insight into this new technique. Their paws leave fiery footprints and their saliva seems to be superheated. I'll need to be careful here... I know no water jutsu, my beetles will be roasted on contact and lightning only has the barest amount of defensive qualities.

Kiba communicated with Akamaru in their hell-hound mode through a series of barks and growls so Shino wouldn't understand him. ("Alright buddy you run left I'll go right, you know what to do after that!")

Akamaru barked his acknowledgement. ("Got it.")

Both hound's paws lit up and the fire intensified, giving them a speed boost as they circled around Shino. While most people would have panicked, Shino was carefully watching the two through the reflection in his swords, waiting to dodge and counterattack.

("RING OF FIRE!") Shino instantly became alarmed when instead of attacking him the two hell-hounds jumped away with the flaming ring bursting into a towering inferno.

Unfortunately for Shino the two hounds weren't fooled by his replacement with a bug clone. While he had to unfortunately sacrifice some of his kikaichu it was worth not having third degree burns.

("Akamaru get ready!") Kiba commanded and he planted himself a few feet away from where Shino was in the tree. Akamaru did the same and both dug their claws deep into the dirt.

"That does not bode well..." Shino said to himself as fire started leaking out from between the hell beast's jaws. "Not at all."



Both hell hounds began unleashing a rapid fire that was destroying the tree and heavily damaging Shino's Light Shield. Shino meanwhile was gritting his teeth as sweat dripped down his forehead from the sheer head of the onslaught. He was pumping as much chakra as he safely could into his shield, willing it to survive the turret-like fire but it wasn't looking good.

Shino quickly reached into his back pocket and tossed some flash bombs that temporarily blinded his opponents, his own shades were able to protect him as he pulled out his blades and charged the hell hounds.


Naruto looked alarmed "What the hell is Shino doing? He knows full well that Kiba would rip him apart in close-combat."

"It seems as though he's going for a disable, trying to tag at least one of them long enough to stun will severely increase his chances at victory." Kakashi offered his own theory that Naruto agreed with.

"Yeah, Shino knows he's fighting a two on one fight right now and if he can take Akamaru out then Kiba's fighting force is dropped by almost half and if he gets Kiba then it's over. I guess he was desperate enough to risk the gamble." Naruto thought.

"Mhm, he'll run out of chakra if he tries to outlast them like he would for other opponents so he's going for an aggressive approach now." Kakashi added before they both turned back towards the fight with a new interest.


So far Kiba and Akamaru have been able to dodge Shino's swings but it's turned the fight into a face-off. Shino couldn't let them get close enough to hit him while the hell hounds couldn't let Shino even tap them.

Kiba and Akamaru stalked around Shino in a fashion similar to when they use the Ring of Fire. ("Akamaru, Ash Cloud then Twin Searing Fangs.")

("Ready when you are.") Akamaru barked back. Shino tensed once more, waiting for them to pounce.

("ASH CLOUD!") The two hounds released a smog of searing hot ash that blinded, suffocated, and burned Shino inside. Shino pulled his collar up higher, using it as a filter and while his shades offered minimal protection they only made the dark smog even darker.

("Twin Searing Fangs!")

("Twin Searing Fangs!")

The ash cloud twisted as two red cyclones barreled through it, Shino was using his swords to deflect their attacks but he was starting to tire. It was only on their last run did they meet up and twist into each other. Shino frowned as he watched the flaming tornado barrel towards him in slow motion; he was out of chakra, he played his hand and was out of cards, and he couldn't sacrifice any more kikaichu to substitute with. "Congratulation Kiba."

"Burning Fang!"


Naruto smiled as he watched his two students be carried out of stretchers. "They fought well, they gave it all they had and left nothing to regret."

"It's a shame they called it a tie. I thought Kiba would have won but he and Akamaru were already passed out from chakra exhaustion before the three hit the ground." Kakashi said with his normal drawl. "Isn't your girlfriend up next?"

"Yeah... wait what?"

"Heh, I knew it."

"Shut it Kakashi."

"Mah mah, no need to be embarrassed! I do hope however that you will take responsibility seeing as you are her sensei."

"Go die in a ditch somewhere you damn perv."



When the arena was cleaned up Genma stood at the middle once more. "Will Hinata and Neji Hyuuga please come down."

The two Hyuuga were soon standing in front of one another. Neji was sneering while Hinata had a determined look on her face as Genma called for the start.

"Hinata-sama you should just give up, I'm fated to win." Neji goaded, Hinata wasn't visibly affected by his taunt to Neji's annoyance.

"A loser like-"

"If you're done talking, perhaps we should get to the fight? Or would you rather try to earn a promotion through oratory skill?" Hinata interrupted causing Neji's byakugan to activate along with a glare.

"Very well then." He slid into a traditional Hyuuga stand while Hinata a more relaxed one.

The two stood still, waiting to see who would make the first move. Neji's patience ran thin however and decided to end this quickly "Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms!"

Hinata knowing where he would strike due to the rigid style was able to use her natural flexibility and Naruto's training to dodge most of the strikes, only three actually landing. Neji looked shocked and enraged as he went in for a palm thrust towards her heart which she countered easily while stepping into his guard.

"My turn. Slicing Palm: Thirty-Two Slashes!" Hinata turned the tips of her fingers into extremely thin chakra scalpels and instead of closing Neji's chakra points she sliced them open.

After her technique was over Hinata jumped back in retreat as Neji examined his body only to begin laughing. "Only a failure like yourself could mess up an attack so badly that their opponent actually felt better afterwards!" Feeling a mass rush around his body made Neji feel superhuman and he focused it into strengthening his body and increasing his speed. "It's over now, failure!"

Hinata watched calmly as Neji once more charged her intent on using the Sixty-Four palms technique once more. "Check." She held her arms out and the moment he was in range activated her other technique "Protective Slicing Palm: Blade Barrier!" Her chakra swirled around her and she swung her arms creating a shield of razor-sharp chakra that Neji ran face first into only to be rebuffed harshly, clothes in tattered and cuts littering his body.

"Gah!" Neji let out a grunt as he hit the ground hard while his whole front stung from hundreds of simultaneous little wounds. After a few moments he spit out the blood that gathered in his mouth and stood upright. "You... think... that's going to save you?" He tried to sound intimidating but the panting and bleeding did little to support his claim.

"Neji you should withdraw now and have the medic-nins take care of you." Hinata offered but made no more let her guard down. Naruto drilled into her head that Neji would show her no mercy so for the duration of match her dear cousin was simply another target she needed to put down.

"I... d-don't want... to... ugh... to hear... that-" Neji was suddenly feeling faint as dropped to one knee and held a hand to his head as he tried to steady his vision. This can't be blood loss... what did she do to me? Wait... A sudden realization hit him as he willed his byakugan to check his own body and horror-struck him. He was loosing chakra faster than a slit artery drains blood.

"I see you've figured out what I did, Neji. Please concede now and have the healers reverse the damage or you may die from chakra hemorrhaging." Seeing that her cousin had no intent of surrendering made her frown. "I see, for your sake I need to put you down Neji-niisan."

Neji was seeing double - no triple, he couldn't even move his arms in time to block nor will his legs to dodge as the palm strike hit his temple. Lights out.

"Winner - Hinata Hyuuga! Medics!" Genma called out and a team was out instantly doing what they could to keep Neji stable even force feeding him a soldier pill to boost his chakra levels.


"Chakra hemorrhaging? Was she trying to kill him?" Kakashi asked, not in a judgmental sense but a concerned one as he slid his head band back into place, having used his chakra to see what was going on in Neji's body.

Naruto shook his head "No but I made sure she knew not to give Neji any quarter as he would not do the same. Hopefully this defeat will show him the error of his ways."

"Still, I'm incredibly impressed by that technique of hers. Instead of blocking a chakra point she rips it wide-open, you can force open a blocked point but you can't heal a shredded one. Any chakra the opponent uses would only work against them and see them put down even faster... brilliant, cunning, and ruthless." Kakashi said with genuine admiration.

Naruto chuckled "Yep, that's my Hina alright. shy little kitty one moment then vicious tiger the next."

"I certainly wouldn't like to get hit by that technique I'll tell you that much." Kakashi said jokingly.

Naruto nodded with a smile hidden behind his porcelain mask "It does have one weakness however."

"Hmm?" Kakashi turned towards his former student in interest.

"It's not as effecting on those with large chakra reserves, almost counter-productive. On people with average reserves it'll see them drained within minutes while those like me and you with far higher reserves it takes a lot longer. Plus that rush of chakra could be used against her." Naruto started to explain. "During out testing of this technique we found that it would take me well over ten minutes to fully drain me and during that time I'm in super-charged mode, I need to up her speed and reaction time to counter this problem of making her opponents stronger and faster."

"I see, very interesting." Kakashi said, filing this information away for future reference. "Looks like the next match is starting."


"The next match will start now! Will Haku Momochi and Temari Sabaku please enter the arena!" Both Kunoichi entered the ring and nodded at each other.

"I hope to have a good match Temari-san." Haku said respectfully.

Temari agreed "Same here, that Hinata girl showed what a real kunoichi can do so I hope you will do the same!" Without further warning she flipped her fan open to the first moon and called out her attack "FUTON: WIND CUTTER!"

A wave of razor-sharp wind flew at Haku who dodged to the side but not before throwing to water bottles at the wind wave, to the confusion of Temari and many of those in attendance.

Haku started going through a set of hand seals and called out her own attack "Suiton: Thousand Needles of Death." From the spilled water a multitude of water senbon rushed towards the wind mistress.

Temari swung her fan, hoping to use the wind to bat the water but the wind just cut through the water projectiles as they continued their journey. Her eyes widened when her defense failed "Shit!" She cursed before taking cover behind her shield since they were too close to dodge in time.

Temari grit her teeth as the few needles at went through the paper of her fan lodged themselves in her skin.

"Hyouton: Crawling Chill." Wait Hyouton!? Temari thought in a panic until she hissed as she left a bitter cold chill her to the bone. She looked down and cursed once again when she was water turned to ice and begin spreading throughout her leg. It was already starting to feel numb and would probably be useless in a few minutes.

"I need to end this quick." Temari no longer had thought of feeling out her opponent and went right for the kill, biting her thumb she slid the blood appendage over her fully drawn fan. "Summoning Jutsu: Quick Beheading Dance!"

Haku's eyes narrowed and flew through another set of handseals. "Hyouton: Igloo Jutsu." A dome of solid ice blocks surrounded Haku as Temari's sickle weasel chipped away at it. The weasel was making progress but it was slow going. "Hyouton: Interlocking Ice Spikes!"

Sensing the danger the summon jumped away but no quickly enough as the tip of one of the ice spikes grazed him and left a deep gash in his side. "Kamatari!" Temari shouted in concern as the large weasel landed back down on his feet, clutching it's side.

"I'm fine Lady Temari but I fear I'll no longer be of any aid to you in my condition." Kamatari said and Temari agreed, letting him return to the summoning plane for treatment. "You're going to pay for that!" She shouted as she drew her fan back and prepared her stronger wind jutsu.

"Somehow I doubt that. Exploding Ice Shards." Haku activated the jutsu and the dome and spikes protecting her shattered sending ice shrapnel everywhere.

Temari's eyes widened as she will her arms to wave her fan quickly enough to knock away the ice shards but she unfortunately didn't make it in time. The blood mess that was Temari fell instantly and Genma jumped down to check her condition. Alive, but barely.

"Winner - Haku Momochi! Medics!" Genma announce and soon the healers took away Temari who still had ice shrapnel littering her body.


"I'm glad I was able to capture her before she did that to any of my students..." Naruto said as he remembered their meeting in Wave.

"No kidding."

"No snappy remarks this time?"

"Nah, wouldn't want your girlfriend to get man at me she'll cut me up something fierce."

"Oh go fuck yourself."



"Next match up will be Horunei Klis vs. Chojuro!" Genma announced and a few moments later the two sword users met.

"I hear you're one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist." Horunei tried to start-up some pre-fight banter.

"I-In training..." Chojuro admitted.

"Hmm? Well then, let's see if you're worth of that sword." She drew her Katana and the stadium watched as it began glowing a bright blue. "I've been working on this technique for a few months and I finally got it down over the month break, so be honored that you're the first victim!" She rushed forward and swung widely, "Battojutsu: Projection Cut!"

Chojuro was able to dodge in time to avoid the blade but the wave of chakra sent out still cut him across the chest. He hissed and held his chest "You can send out chakra through your sword?"

Horunei didn't bother answering him and instead went for an overhead strike. Chojuro panicked for a moment but had the common sense to draw his sword and turn it into a shield that not only blocked the sword but the chakra wave afterwards.

Horunei jumped back as she studied her opponent's weapon. "So your sword is a shapeshifter? I thought it only transformed into that giant hammer."

Chojuro shook his head "No it can copy and replicate any weapon or shield its touched. This one is one of my favorites. Hiramekarei - Release: Arcanite Reaper!" The shield morphed into a giant battle axe with a skull designed in the middle.

"What the hell is that!" Horunei shouted in surprise and Chojuro took this moment to leap at her.

"ARCANITE REAPER, HOOOOOO!" He let out a battle cry as he flew through the air.

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME!?" She screamed and drew her wakizashi. "Twin Sword Style: Sonic Bladewaves!" Her arms started shooting out chakra waves from both swords in fury over what she perceive to be an insult.

Oh crap. Chojuro took seven chakra waves point-blank before cleaving through both of her swords with his axe. "GAH!" He tumbled as he hit the floor, blood was starting to pour from his wounds.

"My... MY SWORDS! DIE!" She pulled the tanto from her sleeve and went to finish the job only to feel a pain in her side. Looking down she saw what looked like a thin spear going through her. "Dammit..." She muttered before falling over.

Chojuro also passed out from his wounds, his sword de-activating and turning back into its base form allowing Horunei's open wound to begin bleeding out.

"MEDICS!" Genma was starting to wonder if they should just stand next to him seeing as they're called so often. "Due to neither combatant fit to continue, this match is a draw!"

Four medic-nins rushed the teens into the back for emergency surgery while Genma ran a hand over his bandanna. "I swear these kids are actually trying to kill each other..." He muttered before clearing his throat. "The last match of the first part will be Sasuke Uchiha vs Gaara Sabaku!"


"Tough break for your kid, he's up against a jinchuuriki... and not a stable one from the looks of it." Naruto commented as the fight progressed.

Kakashi nodded "Yes but I taught Sasuke something that will hopefully give him an advantage during this fight."

"I swear if you taught that kid the Chidori before me I'm going to be so pissed." Naruto threatened and Kakashi tried to look anywhere but his direction.

"Eh-eheheh... wouldn't dream of it?"


"Kakashi, you're an ass you know that right?"

Kakashi sighed heavily. "Yeah, yeah I know."


"Oh boy." Naruto said as he listened to the spine tingling shrieks coming from the cocoon. "Kid's going into a tailed-state I can feel it."

"Well maybe we shoul- *CRASH*" The two turned who were sat atop the stadium turned towards the large snake that just crashed through the village gates. Kakashi sighed and put away his book away before turning towards Naruto.

"Jan - Ken - Po." Kakashi threw rock.

"Jan - Ken - Po." Naruto played scissors. "Oh Kami dammit..."

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