Hey guys I promised you McNozzo and here it is! Sorry it's a higher rating but this idea just popped into my head as I was reading another fic. I've gone with an M rating, and I'm pretty sure it's correct, but I'm still getting used to the system. I will write a lower rating McNozzo fic, (actually chapter 1 is already in the works) very soon though, so if this one isn't for you, don't worry the other will be really different.

Warnings: This fic will contain a pretty detailed description of a sexual assault, and will contain a slash pairing/relationship (McNozzo). If that's a problem for you please do not read. There will also be swearing, and will probably be spoilers for episodes at some point in the story.

Disclaimer: "I do own NCIS" ... were the words I said in a dream once before I woke in the real world where they aren't true

He was looking at her, waiting for her to say something. He was getting nervous, she hadn't said anything, just stared at him wide eyed, her mouth frozen in a silent "O". He briefly wondered if he had made a mistake in telling her but he didn't know who else to go to, and he needed to talk. She shook her head as a beaming smile spread across her face.

"Are you serious!" she squealed, jumping up and down clapping her hands together. He sighed, how could she be so happy about this, couldn't she see how much misery this was going to cause him?

"Yeah Abby, I'm serious I told you..."

"Yeah Tim I know" she interrupted him, "You told me you were bi ages ago, and I'm cool with it, a load of the best, nicest people are gay and bi, although some of them are murderers, not that all gay people are murderers, I mean look at you, and loads of murderers aren't gay..."

He could see her going off on a tangent, and while usually he had the time to indulge her if they weren't working a case, this time he needed her to stay on topic,


"Sorry McGee" she gave him an apologetic look before her enthusiasm was back full force, "but come on Tony! The two of you would be so cute together! I can't believe you have a crush on Tony! Why wouldn't you tell me about this before? How long has this been going on?"

He sighed again,

"Not long... But I don't think you understand what I need help with Abbs." She looked at him puzzled.

"Of course I do, you want me to help the two of you get together! I have sooo many ways we could do this! ... Please tell me your fitness phase has given you some hot muscle tone under those shapeless clothes, that would make things even easier, and be really, really hot! I mean you were attractive before McGee, but add some nice definition in there and wow!"

"Abby!" She stopped in the little twirl she had been doing around her lab tables, turning round to face him had on, noticing the sad resigned look on his face as he stared down at his feet.

"I... I don't need your help to get together with him... " He looked directly into her eyes at this point. "I need your help to get over him" Her smile dropped off her face.

"But ... why? Like I said Tim, it would be easy enough! Look at you!" It amazed her how he couldn't see what a great person he was, how lucky anyone would be to have him. She knew that was partly her fault, and regretted she had had some part in adding to his whole self doubting mind set, and she attempted to continue her persuasion.

"Come on McGee! Tony loves hanging out with you! We just need to change it from friendly and brotherly to dates is all! It wouldn't be that hard of a leap, loads of people compare you guys to a married couple, I mean Ziva's said so twice at least ! And you've had loads of people that mistake you for dating!" He shook his head and ran his hands through his hair.

"He laughs every time that happens Abbs. He thinks the idea of us being like that is hilarious... even if he did swing that way there's no way he'd go for me." He was so busy trying to get out the feelings he had been carrying round since his realisation, he missed the debate on her face, as if she were about to say something but then stopped herself, and simply listened to what he said.

"I need... I need to just stop feeling this way about him... I can't act on it... ever... I can't ruin what we have Abbs... I just can't... so I need it to go away before I decide I should and ruin everything." He dropped down on the chair behind the desk, his head hanging low, before he looked back up at her,

"I just need it to go away."

He sighed as he remembered the events that had led him here. Abby had tried to persuade him to go for it, but he had insisted it wouldn't happen. Yes he and Tony were close, but in a friendly brotherly kind of way, it wasn't romantic, and there was no way Tony thought of him in that way. He valued the closeness he and Tony had built up over time, and there was no way he was losing that because of this, no matter how much he wanted it. The simplest solution was to never tell Tony how he felt, and just wait until he got over it, Tony would never have to know and he wouldn't have to suffer the pain of pushing one of the most important people in his life away because of a stupid crush.

He sighed again. He knew he was deluding himself there; whatever was going on was more than a crush. It had been building up for a while, small things Tony did or said would catch his attention more than usual, and he found himself aware of where Tony was and what he was doing without even consciously watching him, it was like he had suddenly become hyperaware of Tony's presence.

He hadn't realised what was happening at first, but when he had he had panicked. He had tried to deal with it on his own, and had, for about a week. Then the dreams had arrived. They weren't explicit, they were just ...nice. Him and Tony out on a date, Tony taking his face in his hands and gently leaning in, covering his lips with his own and... he stopped himself right there. The point of tonight was to get things like this out of his head.

Abby had eventually, reluctantly agreed to help him, and after expressly telling him there was no way he was allowed to run off to Mexico to avoid his problems, had tried to think of a way she could help him get over Tony. He thought she still held hope he would try and act on his feelings, but there was no way, he would rather have Tony in his life in some form, than lose him completely. He had thought about this a lot, and knew this was his best option.

And so she had set him up...on a blind date. At first he had been suspicious, but she assured him it wasn't Tony. It was a guy though. She had made the valid point that his "crush" on Tony may be a result of him sticking to women since he joined NCIS, and that maybe he just needed to start dating guys again to move past this. Silently he had known his attraction to Tony was more than just him wanting to date guys again, but had agreed to her plan, it couldn't hurt to try it.

The date had been a disaster so far though. The guy wasn't really that interesting, there was no spark, he couldn't see himself talking to this guy on another date, and he could barely imagine making it through the rest of this one. The man was good looking, there was no denying that, and he had noticed that he was completely different in appearance from Tony. This guy was taller, more muscular and well built, with relatively long sandy blonde hair, that hung over his deep blue eyes. He was the kind of guy he could imagine girls fawning over, and they had, the waitress was practically drooling.

He couldn't help comparing though, and found he infinitely preferred Tony, not just in appearance but well in... Aura? He knew that sounded stupid... but there was just something...off... about this guy. He didn't seem to be remotely interested in Tim... well he was... but... physically rather than anything else. At first he had passed it off as awkwardness at the beginning of a date, the guy not wanting to pry and seem to be intruding. Then... the touching had started. He had wrapped his arm round Tim's back as he guided him into the restaurant, made sure their hands brushed at every opportunity. He had been resting his hand on Tim's thigh as they were eating, brushing it up and down his leg, until Tim had tried to subtly move away. There had been a flash of... something ... in his eyes and then it was gone... Tim's uneasy feeling wasn't.

He had felt relieved, therefore, when the guy, Daniel, he corrected himself, (they were on a date, it felt wrong keeping referring to him as 'the guy'), had gone outside to answer a phone call. He had taken the time to text Abby, asking her why she had set him up with... well someone like Daniel. He was not encouraged by her reply. Apparently all Abby's gay friends were in relationships, so she had set him up with a friend of a friend. The uneasy feeling in Tim's stomach grew, he trusted Abby's judgement, mostly, but if she hadn't picked this guy...

That decided it, when Daniel came back he would apologise, say he had been called away and end this right now. He knew he was probably being paranoid... but this had felt wrong from the moment it started, and he had learned that going with your instincts was often the best thing to do. Besides, Daniel's "hands on" approach was making him uncomfortable, and it would be a relief to get away. He spotted him about to come back inside, and quickly pulled out his phone to fake a call.

"Yeah, I'm busy... It can't wait?... Well someone else could..." He saw Daniel looking at him as he sat down, and offered an uneasy smile, that he hoped looked apologetic, and mouthed "work" at him. Daniel looked... he wasn't sure... and that unnerved him even further.

"No... Ok... I'll be there soon."

He looked back up at his date, attempting to look apologetic,

"Sorry Daniel, but I really have to go..." He moved to stand, and Daniel reached out and grabbed him. He offered Tim a smile as well, but it too looked fake, and slightly... sinister?

"That's alright" he offered, "I'll walk you out." Tim thought about refusing but didn't want to seem rude or suspicious of the guy, after all he had no evidence there was anything wrong, so simply nodded, and continued to leave, pausing while they stopped to pay for their meal at the door.

For the first time he regretted his restaurant choice. He had chosen a small place, in a little used street, not wanting to be seen by people at work. He wasn't ashamed of his preferences... more like cautious. He was a cop who worked in the navy yard, not the ideal situation to be openly flaunting his sexuality. He knew his team would stand by him no matter what, he just didn't want them to have to try and work around the prejudice of others. He had made sure no one he knew or worked with would see them, and now that was working against him, as he was on a lonely, dark, almost empty street, with a man that was starting to give him the creeps. The situation only got worse as they walked back towards his car, Daniel making sure to keep step with him all the way. The streets became emptier, and the streetlamps further apart, and McGee's sense of unease grew... especially as he saw Daniel keep glancing his way, keeping close beside him.

He did, however, feel reassured that he wasn't defenceless. He was a federal agent, and more importantly, one that worked on Gibbs' team. He had his service weapon strapped to his ankle, his badge hidden in his jacket pocket (he still was careful never to tell people where he worked, and Abby had promised to respect that rule as well), along with a knife concealed in the back of his belt. He felt bad for a split second for thinking that way... right up until Daniel grabbed his arm with a bruising force and dragged him into an alley.

He had been keeping a close watch though, and his training kicked in instantly. He was immediately on the defensive, twisting his arm violently to escape the grip, swinging his other arm round to land a solid punch to Daniel's jaw. The man staggered backwards overbalanced, and Tim started to reach for the gun and badge, when he noticed a shadow coming up behind him. He moved to defend his back, twisting his body sharply to face the newcomer. Unfortunately he was too slow, and found himself in a vice like grip, pushed up against the cold solid stone of the alley wall, his head knocking against it violently, as his arms were pinned to his sides. He winced as his skull impacted, pain exploding behind his eyes and lancing through his head. He gasped and groaned, unable to focus momentarily.

He was brought sharply back into reality by a laugh coming from right next to his face. He opened his eyes, and saw the silhouette of his attacker, the details obscured by the darkness. The man leaned closer, his breath ghosting up against Tim's face, and Tim cringed, twisting his head away. He tested the man's grip by straining and struggling against it, but he felt no give; his arms remained immobilised. The man laughed again before he pulled back.

"Now, now, don't be like that... we just want to have some fun... right Dan?"

McGee felt his blood run cold as his suspicions and fears were confirmed, before he turned his head and looked at his "date". Daniel was currently prowling towards them, clearly angry at Tim's retaliation. Tim swallowed, but tried not to outwardly show his fear. He knew what they were planning to do... and there was no way he was going to sit back and let it happen. He was going to fight... and fight hard.

He tried to focus his mind concentrating on his training, the location of his weapons, and studying for an opening; flinching and closing his eyes as another touch was added to the one keeping him secure. The hand trailed up the side of his face, and then back down to his collar bone.

He knew it would be no good to call out, they were now in a neighbourhood where everyone followed the "I don't know anything" policy, and avoided the police as much as possible. Even if he had been somewhere else, there was no way he was going to drag an innocent passerby into this. He opened his eyes, determined to help himself, and looked around the alley they were in, deliberately avoiding looking at the man holding him, and at Daniel still trailing his hands over him. He couldn't see anything useful... other than a small security cam pointing almost directly at them.

Although that didn't help him fight them off, it did give him the extra determination to do it. He knew whatever happened Gibbs and the rest of his team would investigate... and there was no way he wanted them to watch that video, wondering how different things would have been if they had trained him better... taught him different things. There was no way he was going to make his team feel that guilty. He knew they would feel responsible somehow, even if it wasn't their fault. Abby would be horrified; she had set him up with the guy. No... There was no way he could do that to them. He had to get out of this and fast.

He forced his mind to stop distancing him from what was happening... he needed to be constantly aware so he could take the first opening that came. He felt himself tremble and shudder in disgust as Daniel's hands moved away from his face and neck, and began trailing over his chest. He attempted, once again, to jerk away, desperate to escape the hands exploring him. He grunted as his head was knocked into the wall again by a punch to the jaw, and as the breath was stolen from him as another landed on his ribcage. His chest received a second impact right after the first, and Tim heard a distinct crack, and felt a sharp pain flare up.

The man in front of him, (who Tim mentally dubbed "Mint", as the guy could really use one), pushed his body up against Tim's, pressing him back fully into the wall. Their chests were touching, and his groin pressed against McGee's. Tim attempted to shift his body... anything to get away, but the man held on tight. Tim attempted to reason with them, all the while concentrating on not missing an opening when it came, and resisting the urge to screw his eyes shut to escape.

"You don't need to do this... Please... just let me go... You don't want to end up in jail..." His speech was halted by Daniel reaching past Mint and punching him in the jaw again, and his head met with the brickwork for the third time. This time he felt blood begin trickling at an alarming rate over his scalp, and his vision blurred.

"Just shut the hell up." Daniel growled, his hands replacing his friend's in restraining Tim, lifting Tim's arms up above his head, pinning his wrists against the wall, before forcing himself against him, like Mint had, dipping his head to lick and bite against Tim's neck. Tim's trembling increased, and he jerked his head sideways, his muscles becoming taunt as he tried to move as far as possible, and clenched his jaw in an attempt to force himself to focus on escape, rather than what was being done to him.

He began to panic as he felt one of Daniel's hands remove itself from his wrists, and stroke down his body again... and the panic only increased as the hand didn't stop at his chest... but rather continued on its journey, moving further down towards the waistline of his pants. He jerked and whimpered closing his eyes as the hand reached its destination, the touch turning into a strong, painful grip. He once again attempted to pull away... but Daniel's grip on his wrists, and his body pressed against him held him firmly in place. He squeezed his eyes even more tightly shut, and attempted to control his breathing as the grip slowly became stronger and more painful, stroking along him.

He felt Daniel press against him even further, his injured ribs protesting the pressure by igniting a fiery pain. He gagged and twisted his head away as he felt Daniel's hot breath ghosting over his cheek, and felt the tears forming in his eyes as the mouth made contact with his skin once again, drifting along his jaw and trailing down his neck.

He didn't know how much longer he could handle this. He felt his body and mind wanting to shut down, to protect him from what was happening, but he fought it. He knew how devastated Abby would be by how far this had already gone, let alone if it went any further... But it was Tony's face that had the most impact. Tony had been the one to train him, to guide him. He would tear himself apart with the guilt that his training hadn't saved Tim. He couldn't stand the thought of the pain Tony would feel over this. He never wanted to hurt Tony. He needed Tony to be Ok... he had to get through this for him... he could work out what his feelings were exactly, that made Tony this important to him, later... now... now he just needed to survive.

With a monumental effort, he once again attempted to ignore Daniel's unwanted attention to his body, only giving in to the occasional whimper and jerk, as the touches became bruising, forceful and more demanding. Glancing around, he saw Mint still standing there, his eyes focused directly on him... waiting for his turn. The thought made Tim shiver and cringe, before he determinedly reminded himself that there was no way it was going to get to a stage when Mint would get a turn.

It was only a couple of seconds later that it happened. The pressure of Daniel's body against his reduced, and he punched Tim in the chest again, obviously attempting to wind him, so he would be unable to struggle for a moment. Fortunately for Tim, the man had, like many, severely underestimated Tim's fitness level, and ability to cope with pain. As Daniel pulled back even further, reaching towards the zipper on Tim's pants and his own, Tim was not as subdued as he had intended. Tim took advantage of this situation, and swiftly brought his leg up to knee Daniel in the groin.

As he stumbled backward with a surprised grunt of pain, Tim easily slipped past him; using the advantage he had gained with the surprise move, to distance himself from his attacker. Mint moved forwards to grab him, but Tim twisted deftly away, ignoring the pain this caused in his chest as he swivelled his torso. As he backed away, he reached one arm round behind his back, swiftly retrieving the knife from its hiding spot in his belt. He gripped it confidently in his hand, glad he had persuaded Ziva to continue teaching him to use the weapon effectively. Tim saw, with some satisfaction, that Daniel was still doubled over, breathing deeply. He moved all of his focus onto the still able bodied attacker. As Mint came at him a second time, he ducked, once again ignoring the protest his ribs made, before using the lower position to deliver a powerful uppercut to the jaw, and using a small scratch across mint's arm with the knife as a warning. Satisfied with the grunt of pain this elicited, as Mint staggered backwards, instinctively distancing himself from the weapon.

As soon as Mint took a step backward, Tim quickly bent down further and retrieved his gun from his ankle holster, pulling his badge from his pocket as he straightened up. He expertly trained his gun on the two men, taking a few steps backwards so there was no way they would be able to knock it off target or out of his hand. He flipped open his badge, keeping his gun steady, forcing his body to stand firm and not resume the trembling.

"Federal Agent, slowly drop to your knees or I will drop you." He was proud that his voice remained steady, as he flicked his gaze between the two men, watching for any sudden movements. He felt another grim sense of satisfaction as he saw them staring wide eyed at the badge, momentarily refusing to accept the reality in front of them. Mint recovered first, his face taking on a look of fury.

"He's a fucking cop, Dan you idiot!"

"Correction," McGee said, wondering how he was remaining this calm, "I'm the cop you just sexually assaulted, who is currently pointing his gun at you and telling you to get on your knees!"

He watched as they slowly lowered down, hands raised above their heads. He almost felt like rolling his eyes at how people were always surprised at his profession, it wasn't that unbelievable. He briefly wondered how he was finding any humour in this situation, before he reasoned he was probably going into shock. He needed help now, before he crashed hard. He focused on bringing back the cocky cop persona, using Tony's attitude as a basic guideline. He was about to trade his badge for his phone still in his pocket, when Daniel spoke.

"So what cop, you gonna shoot us?" He still looked defiant and unafraid, despite the fact a guy he was moments ago attempting to rape was now pointing a gun at him.

"No I'm not going to shoot you" he saw them relax slightly, and was slightly appeased that they were, at least a little wary of him. A grin came onto his face as a thought popped into his head, and he again was worried by the calm and humour he was able to feel.

"Although, you may wish I had." He said with menace... what he had planned was much worse than a bullet.

"What you gonna do to us?" Mint asked arrogantly, the defiance still plain on his face. Tim felt momentary exasperation, why did no one see him as a threat? Especially with the revenge he had just planned.

Tim let out a weak grin as he felt his muscles weakening as the adrenaline began to wear off, the reality of what had almost happened beginning to sink in.

"I'm going to call my Boss."

Ohhh Tim is eeeeevil! Seriously though, I didn't think Tim would be the kind of person to beat up the guys. As soon as he was out of danger he would go by the book, and not stoop to their level. Granted he might act differently if the guys had assaulted a member of his team, but I don't think if it was him he would be able to justify it to himself. Feel free to tell me if you disagree with this assessment, I would love to hear what people think.