Author's Note: So this is my very first Supernatural fan fiction. I have been hooked on Supernatural since season 1 episode 1 and itching to write something recently. This popped into my head at random and decided to roll with it. I am a lover of hurt Sam. Don't know why, maybe it's his adorable puppy dog eyes or Dean's protective side that comes out. Either way, I plan on having plenty of hurt Sammy in this story ^.^

DISLCLAIMER: Unfortunately, I do not own Supernatural or any of its awesomeness. If I did I would be the happiest girl in the world. But alas, only the thoughts in my head are mine.

Sam and Dean drove down the empty highway, Dean's music blaring as usual and Sam's head leaning against the window as he dozed in the passenger seat. It was another normal day for the boys, another day of driving, sleeping, and looking for the next hunt. They were headed toward a small town in Ohio. Reports of missing children that later turned up dead outside an old house were surfacing every other day now. At first it was just a kid here and there. They would go out one night and weren't found until a week later, their bodies outside the town's haunted mansion, their throats slit and their hands bound. It was pretty brutal from the information Sam had gathered. So far, ten kids had gone missing this month alone.

The drive took almost ten hours though. Dean was speeding, as usual, and it still felt like forever. He wanted to pull over and stop for the night at one of the many motels they passed. But he knew Sam wouldn't let him hear the end of it if he did and another kid went missing. Hell, he wouldn't be able to live it down. So on he drove, not stopping at the bright lights that promised a night of sleep in a dingy room with an old mattress.

Dean cranked up the music, singing along, and hoped this drive would end soon.

When Sam woke up he wasn't surprised to hear Dean's usual music blasting through the speaker accompanied by his brother's off-pitch singing. It was a usual occurrence when Sam fell asleep in the car. Dean got bored, he'd crank up the music, sing along, and then wait for Sam to wake up so he'd have someone to pester and mess with. Sam sighed, this drive was one of the longest ones they'd had in a while.

But he felt it was worth it. The newspaper articles from Avordton, Ohio were disturbing to say the least. Avordton was a small, old town. Less than 300 people, and a lot of history. It was a former mining town, riddled with old mine shafts and huge old homes. The people around there came from old money and they all tended to keep away from the newer, bigger cities. There were also a lot of myths and legends floating around the town. One was a about a miner that vanished from his house one night and was never found. The same house all the kids kept disappearing in.

Sam knew there had to be some kind of connection and it hadn't taken much to convince Dean of the same. Something supernatural was at work in this little town and they were going to stop it before any more kids lost their lives.

Sam sat up in his seat, reaching for his laptop that sat at his feet. Dean lowered the volume on the music, "How far are we?"

Dean sighed, "About another hour or so. We should make it there before nightfall though. We can head straight to the house when we arrive, check it out before heading to a motel. Maybe we can end his one quick."

"When is anything ever 'quick' for us when it comes to a hunt?" Sam asked sarcastically, switching on his computer and typing away, "No new articles about missing children. Hopefully that means our ghost is keeping quiet until tonight."

Dean nodded in agreement, "It would be nice if we could end this before anyone else died."

Same shut his laptop and leaned back in his seat, ready to sleep off the last hour of their drive when Dean suddenly slammed on the brakes. Sam jerked back up, his seatbelt yanking on his neck slightly, and saw why Dean had stopped. A man in old-fashioned clothes stood in the middle of the road holding a rusty pick ax. His clothes were smudged with dirt and a dark stain encircled both wrists and his throat.

"What the-" Dean didn't get to finish his sentence before the man was charging at them, pick ax raised high. His voice opened in a wide yell as he ran at them, murder burning in his eyes, "Dammit!" Dean quickly shifted into reverse and slammed his foot onto the pedal. They shot back one hundred feet before Dean shifted back into drive and sped toward the man, swerving at the last instant to avoid him. But the man threw the pick ax at the window next to Sam and the window shattered, a sharp pain slice through Sam's shoulder and he cried out as Dean sped down the road.

"Sam, are you ok?" Dean asked, still speeding down the road but turning his head to look at Sam every few seconds.

Sam held his right shoulder in a tight grip, feeling the warm blood oozing over his fingers, "Gah. I think he got my shoulder."

"Dammit!" Dean glanced at the rearview mirror before pulling over. He got the first aid kit out of the trunk and hurried to Sam's door. There was a large dent in the door where the pick ax hit and the window was completely gone. But Sam was what worried him most. Blood was pouring from his shoulder. Dean opened the door and moved Sam's hand and jacket away from his shoulder. There was a deep stab wound in his shoulder from the tip of the pick ax. Sam was going to need stitches.

"How bad?" Sam asked through gritted teeth.

"Stitches," Dean said, rummaging around in the first aid kit and pulling out all the supplies he would need for this. He would have preferred doing this in a motel room, where he knew they would be safe. But with the amount of blood pouring from his brother's shoulder he knew he couldn't risk it. He would have to patch him here and now.

Sam took in a sharp breath as Dean began to clean and stitch the wound, his left fist clenched as he tried not to voice his pain and look strong. As usual. His eyes were shut and his head was resting on the seat, his breaths quick and shallow as Dean finished up his stitching. Half a roll of bandages later and Sam was ready to go again.

They started driving again, Sam on his computer and Dean sitting in quiet anger. That man had hurt his little brother. Whoever he was, he was going to pay. No one messed with his brother without suffering the consequences. Not while Dean was around.

Dean waited until they had been driving for a good thirty minutes before speaking, "What the hell was that?"

"I think that was our ghost. According to this, the mines extend almost fifty miles out of town. It looks like our ghost haunts more than his old house. He's haunting the mines he used to work in, and probably the mines he died in," Sam said, wincing when he moved his shoulder the wrong way.

Dean said nothing for a minute, "So basically, we have over fifty miles of mine shafts to search to find this guy's body?"

"I don't think so. The night Adam McCreary, our ghost, died one section of the mines conveniently collapsed. No one's been in them since. My guess, he's in that section of the mines," Sam looked up at his brother who was thinking his words over.

"How are we supposed to check a collapsed section of a mine shaft for our guy's body? There's a reason no one goes in those things when they start collapsing. It's a freaking death trap," he said finally.

"If we don't start hacking at the walls we should be fine. We just have to be careful," Sam said, as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

"I don't like it. Especially now that you're hurt, you're barely moving your arm. This just got a whole lot harder," Dean sighed, noticing the sign for Avordton. They were only a few minutes out now, "Where is the collapsed section of the mine shaft?"

"About a mile from McCreary's house," Sam said, typing again as he pulled up a map of the mines, "There's an entrance to them half a mile from his house. Somehow, I don't think that's a coincidence."

"Nothing is ever a coincidence."

So? How was it? Not too terrible I hope ^.^ I am hoping to have the next chapter up soon! I have already started it but school is a real bugger when it comes to getting chances to write! Hope you enjoy this story and stick with it!