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Sam groaned, feeling every wound on his body throbbing. His ribs and his abdomen felt like they were on fire and as he slowly let his eyes opened they hurt too. The light above him was blindingly bright and he wished it would just go away. It was giving him a headache and all he wanted to do was curl up in a ball and sleep away the day.

"Sammy?" the voice that reached him was soft and worried, breaking through the remaining fog of pain and grogginess. He would recognize that voice anywhere. It was the same voice that looked after him when he was sick, protected him from unseen dangers, and never left him behind.

He let his eyes open once more and was greeted by a pair of anxious green eyes, "De..?"

The eyes were crinkled by a smile, "Yeah bud, it's me. How ya feeling?"

"Like I was hit by a truck. Twice."

Dean chuckled and moved out of his line of vision. Sam turned his head, following his movement, and watched as he flopped down in the hard plastic chair by his bed, "Nope, just a very angry miner ghost. The doctors said they didn't know how you were still somewhat conscious when I brought you in. What with the stab wound and broken bones and the concussion. You got beat to hell Sam."

Sam flinched as he tried to sit up a little higher on the bed and saw Dean's eyes darken angrily. Regret and plain anger lit up his eyes like the fourth of July. Sam knew that look, "It wasn't your fault Dean. There's nothing you could have done."

"I'm the big brother Sam, there's always something I can do. I'm supposed to protect you and instead I let you get captured and nearly killed. What would Dad say if he was here?" Dean raked his hand through his hair and sighed deeply, "He'd tell me I messed up big time that's what he'd say. And I'd agree with him because I royally screwed up. You almost died again."

Sam sighed, which hurt, and gave his brother his best glare, "Dean, don't beat yourself up. That ghost was a bastard and he didn't play fair. You did what you could in the situation you were presented with. I'm alive right?"

"Barely" Dean grumbled but dropped the subject.

Sam ignored the comment and grimaced at the needles poking into his wrists, "So how long am I stuck in here?"

Dean smirked, "Don't worry Sammy, you'll be back to geeking up in no time. Doc says he'll release you in about two weeks. Once all of the internal damage has had time to really heal."

"I don't 'geek' it up Dean," Sam said with his best bitchface.

Dean snorted, "Whatever you say. Bitch."


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