Stormy Weather

An NCIS: Los Angeles Fanfiction


Maxie Kay

"Damn!" Kensi thumped the steering wheel in frustration. "The road's completely washed out ahead." The sudden storm was showing no signs of abating any time soon and the rain was positively bouncing off the road, in addition to thundering down on roof of the car so hard that it was making it difficult to think straight.

Deeks looked at his cell in disgust. "And there's no signal. Surprise, surprise. Okay, which do you want to go with?" He gave Kensi the look she had learned to dread: the one that was purportedly innocent, if you didn't know better. She wasn't about to be taken in by it again, for if there was one thing her partner was most definitely not, it was innocent. He was a whole lot of things, including incredibly annoying and easily distracted, but the last time Deeks could possibly have been described as innocent was way back in kindergarten. And she wouldn't have put it past him to make a pass at his first grade teacher.

"I do not want to spend the night in this car." She was playing it safe.

"Afraid you'll not be able to resist jumping on my bones?" Yup, she'd been completely right: there was certainly nothing innocent about Marty Deeks.

"It's more likely that I'd be tempted to bash you on the head with the tire iron." Kensi smiled sweetly. "Although any right-thinking jury would acquit me on the grounds of extreme provocation."

"Okay, we'll go for Plan B then." He leant back in the seat and crossed his arms. "Go on then."

A beat passed. And then another. If it hadn't been for the tympanic effect of the rain, the silence in the car would have been deafening.

"Are we going for Plan B or not? Or do you prefer the option of ravishing me?" Deeks asked convivially.

"Getting struck by lightning seems like more fun than that." Kensi sighed inwardly. "Go on then – tell me about Plan B." He was clearly dying to.

"Start the car and turn around. There was a coffee shop about five miles back."

"Coffee? How can you think about coffee at a time like this?"

"And right alongside the coffee shop, there was a motel."

She could just tell from the smug tone of his voice that Deeks was definitely smirking and there was no need to confirm it by giving him the satisfaction of looking. But actually, hot coffee and a warm, dry bed for the night sounded pretty good right now. "Plan B it is then."

Deeks loved the way a small muscle in her jaw jumped whenever she was caught wrong-footed. It seemed to be the one thing Kensi couldn't control and it tickled him half to death. Pretending to study his cell phone as it searched fruitlessly for a signal, he watched her from underneath lowered lashes and saw the set expression on her face gradually soften.

"You like my plan then? How about I get a reward?" he cajoled.

"What are you – six?"

"Oh, I'm bigger than that – way bigger."

Kensi could feel the hot flush starting at her cheeks and then burning so brightly right the way down to her collar bone that she was surprised the interior of the car wasn't lit up. If only she didn't have to concentrate quite so hard on keeping the car on the road, she would be tempted to hit him very hard indeed. It was a pity the tire iron was underneath the seat – she'd really have to find a better, more accessible place for it, one where it was instantly to hand for moments like this. "Don't flatter yourself, Deeks."

"I'm not. I'm just repeating what I've been told. And actually, most people say I'm really modest. When they see the real me."

Incorrigible. That was another thing her partner was, Kensi thought. Completely and utterly incorrigible. And with a one-track mind to boot. Okay, make that a two track mind: sex and coffee. And for once, his obsession with the latter had actually proved quite useful in tracking down somewhere to stay. But even if Deeks had managed to hit the jackpot with that, there was no way he was about to score any other way, not tonight and not with her. Not with her anytime soon.

"So what about my reward?"

"How about I promise that I'll buy you a piece of pie?"

"Pie works for me. Apple pie, I think. Or maybe cherry. I kind of like cherry."

"Shut up, Deeks." A flash of lightning illuminated the lowering sky and Kensi thought that the sooner they got to the motel, the better. The night was so bad that even she wouldn't stop the car and throw Deeks out, no matter how annoying he got, which was really saying something.

"Okay, maybe it wasn't the best plan in the world," Deeks admitted. "But at least it was a plan. We could still go back out to the car and cuddle up in the back seat if you really want?" He raised his eyebrow questioningly, another gesture that Kensi knew to be a warning sign of further inanity to come. "If you really, really want?"

"Don't sing. That would be the last straw. Because then I'd have to shoot you and put you out of your misery." Why did Deeks have to say 'really' quite so much? It was getting really annoying. And it was catching too, which was worse.

"Left or right?"

"Left or right what, Deeks? I'm not in the mood for playing games." The brief dash from the car had soaked right through her jacket and Kensi was aware that her hair was dripping wet into the bargain. Knowing her luck, her mascara would have run too. The sooner today was over with and they were back in LA then better.

"That's a pity. I know some great games: consequences, murder in the dark… sardines."

"Left or right what?" Kensi repeated. It was best just to ignore some things. Heaven knows, Deeks didn't need any encouragement.

"Side of the bed. Of course, it depends which way you look at it, doesn't it? From the bottom up or the head down. I prefer the bottom up, myself." Deeks caught sight of the look on her face and stopped short. "What? I was only being polite and asking." He tried to look hurt and aggrieved and managed surprisingly well.

"We are not sharing the bed. I am not going to sleep with you." Kensi was holding on to the ends of her patience, which were being stretched very thin.

"Well, if that's what you really want, I'm not going to argue with you." Deeks flung himself onto the bed and stretched out, all the while eyeing up the room. "Good luck though. There's only about two feet of clear space all around the bed, so unless you're going to crawl underneath it, I guess you're going to be spending the night sitting on the commode."

It was true – this had to be the smallest motel room Kensi had ever seen, with the bed taking up the lion's share of the space. There was just enough room to walk around it – in single file.

Deeks rolled over and leant over the side of the bed, checking the underside. "You've got about 18 inches head room, I'd say. Is that enough for you? Mind you, given the amount of dust bunnies under there, I can't really recommend it."

"If you were any sort of gentleman…" Kensi fumed, knowing she was well and truly boxed into a corner, with no possible hope of escape.

"I offered you first choice of which side of the bed you wanted," he protested. "And it was you who said you didn't want to sleep with me."

If there had been any viable alternative, Kensi would have grabbed it with both hands. But they were stuck in the back of beyond, in the middle of the worst storm she had ever seen and they'd been lucky to get this room at all. Another stranded motorist had come in on their heels, only to be told the last available room had been taken. If only it wasn't such a very small double bed… There wasn't even room to shove a pillow in between them.

"Right," she said forcefully.

"Right?" Deeks lounged back on the pillows, fingers laced behind his head and looking supremely comfortable.

"I sleep on the right." Kensi pushed slightly harder than she meant to, so that Deeks rolled right over and onto the floor. It sounded rather painful, which only served him right.

"I always wondered what you kept in your ready bag." Deeks leant over and Kensi smacked his hand.

"Do you have to be quite so nosy?"

"I was only taking an interest." He sounded hurt, and nursed his hand protectively.

"Well don't. These are my private things." And she knew exactly what he'd been wondering about – which was what she wore to bed. Oh, was Deeks about to be disillusioned. Kensi kept her oldest, most comfortable pyjamas in there, secure in the knowledge that she would be decently clothed no matter what sort of emergency arose. And then she remembered: the last time she'd washed them, the pyjamas had been so threadbare they were almost threatening to disintegrate and so she'd reluctantly thrown them out. With a sinking heart, Kensi realised she' never got around to replacing them. Which meant that she'd be spending the night sleeping in a tank-top and a pair of panties. Clearly, she had been very bad in a former life, because all the fates were conspiring against her in this one.

"Do you want to play with me?"

Jerked out of her reveries, Kensi's head shot up. "What did you say?" Just when she thought she'd heard it all, he still managed to surprise her.

Deeks held out a pack of cards. "I wondered if you wanted to play. Cards. We could play old maid, or five card stud or whatever you want," he said, with a pseudo meekness that didn't fool her for a single instant.

"Or you could play by yourself. Play solitaire, I mean." Great, now she was descending to his level and indulging in double entendres. It must be contagious. Next thing she knew and she'd been mushing words together and drumming her fingers.

"You're not much fun," he called out to her departing back as Kensi made a strategic retreat into the bathroom.

"Deal with it."

Deeks amused himself by seeing how many cards he could flick from his fingers and get to land in the wastepaper bin, as the sound of running water came through the paper thin wall separating the bedroom from the equally tiny bathroom. He was getting close to his all-time record, when Kensi's head poked around the door.

"Are you decent?"

"What kind of a question is that? Come on, Kensi, give me a break here, will you?" He was normally a pretty patient kind of guy, but Kensi had been on his case for hours now and her black mood was starting to rub off.

"I just wanted to make sure you weren't changing or anything."

"Oh. Okay then. Sorry." He flashed that blinding smile, the one that melted hearts and made otherwise sane women forgive him instantly. "It's been a long day, and I'm kind of tired."

"Yeah. Me too." It was about as close to an apology as Kensi felt comfortable with.

Deeks' eyes grew wide as she ventured into the room, with her shirt flung over the tank-top and panties, covering her from neck to upper thigh and displaying a good deal of long leg. It had taken Kensi rather longer to prepare for bed than usual, as she hadn't shaved her legs for days and was not about to give Deeks any further opportunities to make smart remarks about merits of lasers versus electrolysis. How come he always knew exactly which buttons to push? And why did she always react?

"Don't you dare say anything. Not one word – understand?"

It was like a red rag to a bull, just as she should have known it would be. It was like laying down a personal challenge Deeks simply had to respond to. Asking him to stay silent was about as likely as telling Sam not to shave his head. It just wasn't going to happen. Sure enough, he couldn't resist.

"I like your hair." Deeks gestured to the loose plait that swung over one shoulder. "This is going to be like sleeping with one of the Waltons. Erin – she was the hot one, wasn't she?"

"You'd be lucky to get to sleep in the barn with Grandpa Walton," Kensi hissed. She was very tempted to pick up one of the pillows and thump him with it, only that probably only encourage him further, and Deeks certainly didn't need any encouragement. He never did, that was the problem. This was going to be a very long night, because there was no way she was going to risk going to sleep with him lying beside her.

"Go on – say what you really think. It's not good to repress these feelings." Deeks only just manage to dodge the hairbrush that Kensi threw at him as he dived into the bathroom.

Kensi waited until she heard the lock on the door being turned before pulling off her shirt and jumping underneath the covers, pulling them right up to her chin. And why was he locking the door in the first place? Did he think she was going to burst in there and catch him unawares or something? Did he really think she wanted to ravish him? By the time Deeks finally came out, she was sweltering.

"Can you crank up the air-con a bit, please?"

"You think this place has a/c? Kensi, they don't even have paper covers for the toilet."

Like she hadn't noticed that and had hovered, rather than sitting down. Men didn't know how lucky they were, and not only when it came to being able to pee standing up."How about you open the window then? It's getting really warm in here."

"Is it? I hadn't noticed." Deeks peeled off his t-shirt, kicked off his boots and started to unbutton his jeans. "Although you are getting quite red in the face."

"The window, Deeks – please?" And please be wearing something under those jeans, Kensi prayed. Please do not be going commando. She wasn't quite sure what she would do if he was. Or wasn't. She wasn't quite sure of anything anymore.

Deeks stepped out of his jeans and folded them neatly before placing them on top of his boots, and then putting his t-shirt into his ready bag. "No can do – can't you hear the rain? It's practically coming in horizontally now the wind's changed."

Sure enough, now that she listened, Kensi could hear the rain crashing against the window pane.

He walked over to the bed and Kensi regarded him in horror. "You are not getting in here like that!"

"Like what?" Deeks looked down at himself. "They were clean on this morning, I promise."

"You can't sleep in just a pair of boxers."

"Newsflash: I can and I do." He pulled the sheet aside and got into bed. "And move over, you're hogging more than your fair share."

Kensi wriggled over infinitesimally. "Any further and I'll fall out. And I'm trusting you, Deeks. Understand?"

"Likewise. I don't want to wake up in the morning and find you've been violating me." He switched out the light as he spoke. "Ouch. What was that for?" She had a kick like a mule, and no mistake.

"You know very well."

"Your feet are freezing, by the way. Want me to warm them up for you?"

"Dream on, Deeks." How come everything he said sounded suggestive? Or was it just her? Kensi lay in the darkness, pondering this and the sheer impossibility of the partner, feeling the warmth from his body and smelling the peppermint from his toothpaste. She could imagine exactly how he would look, lying next to her, his cheek cradled in one hand and that singularly sweet smile she had only ever glimpsed when he was caught off-guard or unconscious, the one that had no pretence and no bravado; the smile that he hid from the world. The smile that got to her every single time. Despite her best efforts, there was something innately attractive about the man that she couldn't resist, no matter how hard she tried. And it would be so very easy just to stretch out and take hold of his hand and throw caution to the wind, to allow herself to be pulled into his embrace and feel his arms around her, his lips on hers. It would be so very easy to break up their partnership in one night. Kensi rolled onto her side, so that she was facing away from Deeks and temptation and then wrapped her arms tightly around herself.

The sun was shining through the skimpy curtains, shining straight onto the bed, where a couple lay firmly entwined, arms encircling one another and their legs entangled.

Kensi opened her eyes to discover that her face was pressed firmly against Deeks' bare chest, and worse than that, her lips were actually against his nipple, almost as if she was kissing him. She would have pulled away, on he was lying on her left arm, and his right arm was trapped underneath her own body in some sort of human equivalent of the Gordian knot.

Deeks awoke to discover his body was in its habitual morning state of affairs, namely ready for action. Which would have been fine, if he hadn't been pressing up against Kensi's thigh. Of all the screamingly unsubtle things to do, this was possibly the worst. And how the hell had they ended up like this? He opened his eyes to discover Kensi staring up at him.

Kensi detached her lips from his chest. "We are never going to talk about this."

"Agreed." Deeks managed to pull his pelvis back fractionally and they simultaneously disentangled themselves, scooting as far apart as possible.

"Because this never happened." Kensi was sitting on the side of the bed, her back to him as she pulled on her shirt. It was all the fault of that damned bed. It was far too small, that was all. There was nothing else to it. And it meant nothing. Absolutely nothing. Deeks was a player and he wasn't interested in her, or he would have made a move.

"Agreed." Deeks pulled on his jeans and made a bolt for the bathroom. Talk about 'what's the story, morning glory'. The only possible consolation was that Kensi seemed equally mortified. Only the funny thing was that nothing had happened. It wasn't for the lack of wanting to though. It had just about killed him to lie there and not touch her last night. That had been like some cruel and unusual form of punishment and Deeks had surprised himself with his amount of self-restraint. But she was worth it. Kensi was definitely worth it. He could wait until she saw him as something other than a loveable idiot, who was more like a brother than a possible lover. The only problem was that he just wasn't sure how much longer he could hang on for though.

"If we drive about twenty miles in that direction, we can get back onto the freeway." Deeks pointed to the map he had spread out on the hood of the car.

"Sounds good. We'll be back in LA by early afternoon." Kensi was about to get in the driver's door when she hesitated. "How about you drive us home?"

"Why not?" Deeks caught the car keys one-handed.

"There's just one thing: if you ever tell Callen or Sam anything about this, I'll kill you," Kensi said, meaning every single word. "Believe me on that." They would never believe that they had slept together and only slept. She didn't believe it either. Kensi knew she'd be kicking herself for weeks voer the missed opportunity.

"If you tell them, I'll kill myself." Deeks had never been more serious in his life. How the hell would he ever live it down if they knew he had slept with Kensi and not laid a finger on her?

"As long as you understand."

"I understand perfectly. Partner."

Their eyes met and for a moment there was indeed complete and perfect understanding between them. They'd weathered the storm and ahead lay an open road and fair weather. And anything was possible. Anything could happen.

once again there are no plot bunnies, no maims and no cliffhangers. I must be sickening for something...