Okay I needed to get this out of my system. If you have any objects just throw them into the trash becuase this is purely a humorous and a fun piece for me. I know some of it's bad, but I was bored!

How to annoy the Elves of Two Moons

1.) Steal Strongbow's bow. Whoever can do this must be excellent at theft and sneaking!

2.) Set up snares everywhere and catch as many Wolfriders as you can.

3.)Shave Treestump's beard.

4.) A steal the lodestone and use it as a skipping rock.

5.) Steal NewMoon and use it as a fishing hook, or something.

6.) Call Cutter, Mr. Bear.

7.) Dress up as Winnowill and hide in a nook, laughing evilly whenever someone passes

8.) Trick several wolves into a harness and hook them too a sled.

9.) Steal all the dreamberries.

10.)Use dreamberries to spike everyone's food supply

11.)Steal one of the reindeers from the Go-Backs

12.) Claim Rayek is a Indian.

13.) Kidnap the Perservers

14.)Steal the Trolls gold

15.)Beat the Trolls at dice

16.) Steal Egg's Egg from Egg and the Go-Backs

17.)Claim Tyldak is a pterodactyl

18.) Out smart Two-Edge.

19.) Out smart Winnowill

20.) Out smart both of them at once

21.) When a group of Elves is on the move, shout "Look a Nazgul."

22.) Dye Timmain's fur/hair pink.

23.) Lock everyone out of the Palace.

24.) Try to sell the Palace to the humans. (You will be killed for this by Rayek.)

25.) Get a paintball gun and go all out on elves, troll, and humans alike.

26.) Get the elves to dress up as Santa's Elves and dress up as Santa and tell them to make you toys.

27.) Introduce the Elflings (And those like elflings) to sugar, and lots of it.

Thanks for reading and good night!