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This is Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry, and a place of many wonders. Inside that school there is a library, big, maze-like and full of knowledge. Inside that library there are students, educating themselves, trying to complete their homework, or just spending their time. All those students are under the patronizing gaze of the librarian. That said gaze was what kept all the students in line and away from mischief in library. Right now that gaze was concentrated to the might-be-beginning-of-the-conflict between some slytherin students. It was rare that the slytherins would fight amongst themselves, at least openly, but now it seemed to be the case.

"I do not take charity from mudbloods!"

This was not very surprising statement coming from one Draco Malfoy, but it was very surprising because it was meant for another slytherin. One brown haired Feliciano Vargas, who the insult was meant to, was however unfazed.

"Okay, tell me if you need it." Vargas was smiling happily like he hadn't heard the insult at all. Stuffing the offered ink bottle back to his bag, Vargas continued to shuffle through the books on the shelf.

The other slytherins were baffled. Draco had just called Vargas a mudblood! And he didn't seem bothered by it at all.

"Draco! What are you doing! He's not a mudblood!" Daphne was scandalized. In her opinion Vargas was sweet and good looking and he had sexy accent. He was also a fellow slytherin, so obviously he couldn't be a mudblood.

"And how do you know that? Has anyone of you ever heard of the Vargases before?"

"Well no…but I don't know anything about Italian pureblood families."

"Or then he is not a pureblood".

Complete opposite from Daphne, Draco had come to the conclusion that because Vargas was annoying, not good at school (or more like he didn't even try) and seemingly an idiot, he had to be an mudblood. No matter that he actually had no proof. The fact that Vargas had so easily gained the popularity amongst the slytherin ladies, with his Italian accent, had nothing to do with it at all. Really!

"Oh come on. Let's get out of here. It's too nice day to be stuck inside library doing some stupid homework."

With a huff Draco started exiting the library. It was definitely because he just didn't want to do his essay right now, not because he still lacked any kind of ink to write one.

"You shouldn't take that from them."

The low voice coming behind Italy startled him a little.

"veh~ oh hey Germany. "

"Don't call me that here. And why are you still trying to befriend those people? They are nothing more than trouble."

Germany and Italy headed to a table in the corner that was in a relatively calm area, placed their books down and sat on the chairs facing each other.

"They are just children, misguided ones."

Italy had taken his parchment and quills up. For somebody passing by, it might seem like he was doing an essay, when he was actually sketching an ink drawing. It was actually a pretty good drawing. Not just a pretty good, anybody who knows anything from arts might have said that it was extremely good drawing.

"It is not your duty to try to guide them back. Plus they seem to be so deep in their little blood-purity illusion that I´m not sure it is even possible to change them."

Italy looked up from his work and looked at Germany with a face that Germany did not like. There was too much hidden pity in that look.

"Well someone has to try."

Yes Germany could understand Italys reasons, even if he didn't like them.

There was a group of students in slytherin robes that were sitting to themselves and sneering at the bushy haired brunette girl walking past them. Yes they were children that had been promised the world in the name of blood-purity. Poor things, poor naïve little things.

When the third "exchange student sat on the stool, the sorting hat was already exited. Now, it must be remembered, that the sorting hat almost never got excited. It was understandable as the life of a hat wasn't really the most exiting one. It sat on the high shelf in the headmaster's office the whole year and then for one day got out to sort all those new youngsters.

Sorting may have seemed like very exiting ordeal for the students, but for the hat it was anything but.

Believe it or not, but most of the eleven years olds were not all that different from each other. At the tender age of eleven, there had been not much difference in the mindset of young Albus Dumbledore, Tom Riddle or Harry potter.

All had been little bit nervous, little bit exited and little bit baffled at why there was old tattered hat sitting in their head.

It would be the future years that would shape those persons in to the figures that history would remember.

Then the excitement had entered in the hats life in a shape of nationalistic personifications. They were not young, they were not innocent and they weren't even nervous. They were also the simple most interesting thing that the sorting hat had come across, well since ever.

The hat loved its children, but sometimes it was refreshing to have some challenge.

"So, you are Japan".

"Yes. I assume that you already know about Germany and Italy."

"Of course, and do not worry, I have already promised my silence for them, as I will do to you."

"Thank you".

"Now, let's get down to business. For sorting you I need to have a little look inside your memories…"

"Ah, Wait it might not be the best idea as it's not going to be very pleasant…"

The hat was aware of the unpleasantness off the procedure. Luckily, the hat had been created entirely for this. Had some human tried to legilimens their way in, well let's just say that the hat hoped that no one would try to do that.

There was red, lots of red. The red rising dawn, painting the scenery, the sun that would rise again and again, for centuries and centuries, the sun that had risen in the times of great beauty and in the times of great suffering. That sun had been there when there had been no one else and it had been there when there had been too many foreigners around. It was an anchor in the sea of everything.

The history, the traditions, the honor, the fighting, the ashes, the silence. The darkness and the dawn.

Japan was complex in a way that could only be described as human, no matter how ironic that may sound.

In the terms of sorting, Kiku, like so many others, held the qualities for multiple houses. In truth everyone had qualities from all of the houses, it was just the complete picture that was important. Kiku was definitely intelligent and a fast learner. He wouldn't stick out from the rawenclaws at all. Putting him into rawenclaw would however overlook some other qualities of him. Qualities that were very great part of him. His pride and his fearlessness.

When someone was asked to describe a Gryffindor, they usually used phrases like, they are not afraid to stood up even in the face of someone stronger and more dangerous, they are not afraid to even sacrifice themselves for what they believe in, or that they will never give up, not even when all hope seems to be lost. Someone a bit more skeptic may say, that gryffindors are very keen on their honor and pride, especially pride.

Well that may not be the complete truth. The people who said any of those things were usualy also people who were on the same side of the fight with the gryffindors. People who were facing the gryffindors, on the other side, liked to use very different terms.

Well, none of those peoples were the ones making the sorting decisions. That was the job of the hat.

"Yes I think that I have made my decisions. "


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