I Wish I Could Be Like Them

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Kaioshin's POV. Kaioshin thinking during the wait for Dabura.


Dignity. The word carries a heavy weight with me. A lot of my thoughts are spent on how a God, for all purposes, should act. Sometimes I wish I could just let go, and enjoy the time I spend here, with these people, far stronger than I. I would never admit that, though. Another part of the whole 'God' regime.

Goku and Gohan, two of the saiyans I am travelling with, see this all as a big game. I believe they are enjoying the threat of Majin Buu! But I could never understand saiyans, especially Gohan. Goku is easy enough to understand, once you know what drives him, but Gohan is an utter enigma to me. Maybe I have not been spending enough time around people, or is this how a usual teenager acts? One moment he is utterly over-confident, and the next, unsure and unguided. I have also seen the way he looks at me, as if he believes that I can not- or should not perhaps- be able to defend myself. He and Goku have both been guarding me as if I am something to protect, much as Kibito does. Maybe it is just the saiyan way.

However, Vegeta, the born-and-bred saiyan Prince, is something different altogether. I can sense something within him- something that might break, or then never snap at all. There is a darkness within him, a strange power that flowers deep inside. Another difference between him and the other two is, where Goku and Gohan treat me with respect and even try and protect me, Vegeta shows me almost as much emnity as he does Goku, and that frightens me. I would hate to be on his bad side. But I am a God. I fear nothing. But the truth is, I am afraid.

I am afraid. I am frightened of Babidi- the evil I sense within his black heart would scare the strongest of souls. I fear Buu- I survived his enslaught once, so why do I fear? Because I am the only one who survived, the last of the Kaioushin Gods. But more than that, more than anything, I fear Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyans. The darkness within him will flow out and drown us all. I am afraid.

But I watch them now, bragging and boasting physical strength to each other in an attempt to prove themselves. Only one thought crosses my mind, as I wallow in my inside fear and misery- just one little thought, that seals all of my terror.

I wish I could be like them.....if only, oh, if only....


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