Hello. This is my first story. The plot kind off came to me one day so I thought I'd put it up on here and see what people think of it.

Harry Potter shot awake. He was in the Gryffindor dormitory. It seemed he was the last one up today. 'Well, I have just killed a dark lord,' he thought wryly to himself. Surely that deserved a lie in? A thought came to him and he shot out of bed. There was something he needed to do. Someone he needed to see.

Daphne Greengrass sat in the Great Hall. She sat subdued in her seat on the crowded Slytherin table. The Great Hall was fuller than she could ever remember it, for everyone who had helped fight in the Battle of Hogwarts was there; the Weasley clan, the Malfoys; sitting just down the table; the Order of the Phoenix; students ranging from 1st Year to 7th Year, from all four houses. Some of the children's parents were there, including her own. In fact, she was beginning to feel rather claustrophobic. Looking back at the Gryffindor table, she felt twinges of annoyance, firstly, because of him. Her boyfriend. Where was he? Her second path of annoyance was towards that stupid little Weasel, Ginny, (what kind of name is that anyway?). Daphne watched as the idiot regularly looked towards the Great Hall doors, sighed, and the turned back. It was really starting to annoy her.

Harry raced down the many stairs of the Hogwarts castle, nimbly avoiding random bricks or pieces of rubble on his way. He was running to see her. His girlfriend. He smiled nostalgically. 'Well, at least Slughorn's Christmas Parties were good for one thing,' he thought. Harry was convinced that she had to be a Veela, with her beautiful, long blonde hair that tumbled down her back, and her sharp blue eyes. She had thick, black eyelashes, a perfect nose, and full red pouty lips. She was beautiful, as he often told her. Now he just wanted to be with her, and never lose sight of her again. They had not seen each other for almost a year, due to Harry's escapades; he could not even write to her. He had lain awake every night in that tent, listening to Ron's wireless, listening for her name in the list of the deceased and praying it wasn't. Hermione and Ron did not even know about her. 'Well' he thought, as he sprinted down the last staircase, 'they're about to find out.'

Daphne was fidgeting, butterflies in her stomach. She had not forgotten Harry; she had lain awake every night, listening to her Dad's wireless, which she would smuggle into her room and listen for any news about him, dreading news of his capture, or worse, death. Suddenly, there he was, his tall, lean frame in the doorway, his hair sticking up, unruly as ever. The same round glasses perched in front of his beautiful green eyes. Her heart leapt up, and she felt as light as air. She jumped up from the bench, and walked briskly, Slytherins didn't run, towards her boyfriend, oblivious to the other people in hall falling silent, and analysing her every move.

As soon as Harry stepped into the door frame, every mouth shut and every pair of eyes fell on him. However, his eyes were only for her, for Daphne. She jumped from her bench, and walked briskly, "Slytherins never run" she had once informed him, towards him. He saw out the corner of his eye Hermione, Ron and Ginny jumping up and starting to run towards him, all three of them screaming out his name into the deafening silence. But he ignored them, and their irritating screams. He saw the three of them stop and stare as he started to run towards the Slytherin table. All he could see was her. The hall was silent as they crashed into each other, Harry lifting her up and spinning her round and round, her legs locking themselves round his waist as their lips meet in a passionate and desperate kiss.

Ron couldn't believe it. Harry was dating a Slytherin. A dirty stinking Slytherin!

Hermione couldn't believe it. Harry was meant be with Ginny, wasn't he?

Ginny couldn't believe it. Harry was hers! How dare that bitch kiss him! They were going to get married and have children and live in the countryside and….

The rest of the students and professors couldn't believe it. Harry Potter? Kissing Daphne Greengrass? It just couldn't happen, could it?

They broke the kiss, panting, their foreheads touching each other.

"I love you" Harry whispered. She gave him a blinding smile in return.

"I love you too," she returned. Harry started laughing, Daphne sound joining in, and together, they faced the rest of Hogwarts together.

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