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I don't think I could ever recall a time that I had felt more nervous than this. My palms were sweating, and I couldn't stop bouncing up and down on the balls of my feet. Ron, my best man, put his hand on my arm.

"Harry, mate, calm down!" he laughed at me.

"That's easy for you to say, you've never done this," I hissed back peevishly. He just laughed at me. Nothing like a bit of support on your wedding day. My finger's started to fumble with my tuxedo, until Ron slapped my hand. Hard.

"What the hell Ron?" I yelped, clutching my smarting hand, and ignoring the quiet titters from the audience.

"Stop fiddling, it's going to be fine. Heck, your making me nervous with all your fidgeting, and I'm not even the one getting married!"

I glared at him, but I knew he was right. I needed to calm down. I mean, Daphne and I love each other. Of course it will be fine. Soon we'll be walking out those doors as Mr and Mrs Potter. It'll be fine. My heart rate slowed and my breathing rate went down.

Abruptly, the music started playing, and pulse went rocketing sky high. I looked up at Ron, who was now considerably taller than me. He just laughed at my presumably terrified expression. I started smacking him in the arm repeatedly, trying to make him shut up. He just laughed quietly, so I hit him harder. We both stopped our actions, however, once we caught sight of our girls walking down the aisle. Astoria came first, followed by Hermione, and lastly Tracey. Admittedly, they all looked beautiful, and I could fully understand Ron's speechlessness. Hermione looked stunning. But the only person I think I really saw was my Daphne.

No words could describe how beautiful she looked. Her long blonde hair was down, and pushed over her left shoulder, the golden waves shiny and smooth. Her bright blue eyes looked huge, framed with thick black eyelashes. The make-up she wore was simple and natural looking. I may not be a huge fashion expert, but her dress was amazing. Tight around the bodice till the hips, before falling down, and creating a train behind her. It was white, and had small white roses decorating her right hip. She looked like an angel. (A/N: There is a link to this dress on my profile page. It's the third one on the top row.)

I hit Ron's arm once more softly, eyes still staring at Daphne. She was laughing, probably at me. I realised I must look like an idiot. I removed my hand from Ron's arm, which I hadn't let go of, and clasped my hands behind my back, blushing lightly and grinning sheepishly. Looking up at Ron, he was still a bit spaced out, so I 'discreetly' stamped on his foot. He seemed to jump up a bit before smiling at me thankfully. I just rolled my eyes.

I stepped forward and took Daphne's hand from Nicholas, who had given her away. He glared at me, and I shrank a bit under his gaze before he turned away. Daphne laughed at my expression, and I mock glared back. Up close, I couldn't take my eyes off her face, mumbling out the vows and still feeling a bit shell shocked, which I'm sure is perfectly normal for a guy who died just a few years earlier and never thought he would ever actually get married, yet alone to one of the most amazing people in the world. Coming back down to earth, I heard a final question being posed to me, and hoping that I didn't sound like a little girl, I spoke the two little words I had been freaking out about all morning; "I do." To my absolute relief, my voice didn't break, and it didn't go high either; it just sounded a bit breathless. My smile grew impossibly wider as I heard the words repeated back to me. The final thing I heard was "You may now kiss the bride," before my lips descended on hers. I honestly didn't know why I was so worried in the first place.

Ron and Hermione were married a year later. Ron finally understood what nerves Harry had been feeling before his wedding. Harry finally understood why Ron got so irritated at him for fumbling with his tuxedo. They still hit each other though.

Ginny never quite came to terms with the fact that Harry was not hers. After many tantrums, she decided to find her own boyfriend to make Harry jealous. Needless to say it didn't work, but that didn't stop her from bringing a different man round to each family dinner at the Burrow. She was invited to the wedding, and considered coming to object to the marriage. However, after being scolded by her mother about his idea, she refused.

Draco and Astoria were married five or so years later, opting for a long engagement. Draco stopped being a complete prat, and was therefore welcomed as part of the family. Draco, Harry and Ron found they got on quite well, due to a common interest in Quidditch. This didn't stop Draco from nearly collapsing when he discovered that Harry was actually already related to him.

Tracey started to date Blaise Zambini a few years after the wedding, and though no news of an engagement had been announced, Tracey's stomach was looking suspiciously large.

Nothing was ever heard of Pansy Parkinson again, though the rumours were that after growing her hair back, she had immigrated to the Majorca.

Vernon and Petunia Dursely met Daphne a few months after their engagement. After finding out she was a witch, they had no further involvement. Dudley was a bit shell shocked of the beauty of Harry's girlfriend, but is now trying to mend his broken relationship with his cousin, and is now exchanging letters with him, despite his mum and dad's disgust. The owls still scare him though.

Remus, Tonks and Teddy had a relatively peaceful life, well as peaceful as it could be with Tonks' job as an auror and Remus' 'furry little problem'. Remus re-joined his post as Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, much to Teddy's chagrin as Teddy joined the school as well. Teddy didn't inherit the lycanthropy, much to Remus' delight and relief, and only suffered mild mood swings. Sometimes, on those full moon nights, Harry would apparate up to Hogsmede and trek up to Hogwarts and join Moony on those painful nights after becoming an animangus himself. Remus often said it was like having James with him, as Harry would become a magnificent stag, and would often joke that all they would need was a huge mangy mutt and it would be just like old times. Nothing was ever mentioned about a rat though.

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