Author's Note

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Secondly, this fic is AU, but you will find that some of the situations and characters may be similar to the canon.

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"B! Pumped for the game tonight dude?" McKinley High Quarterback Finn Hudson asked his best friend Blaine Anderson, while they were heading to Spanish class.

"Yeah, man. Practice has been good for us this year; we should have this game in the bag"

Finn grinned at his friend's enthusiasm. Blaine might not look or act like an average football player; in fact he was quite short for his age, and still kept his hair gelled back under his football helmet, but, Finn admitted to himself, Blaine was fast runner, and adequately built, which made one of the best wide receivers that McKinley had had in years.

The first bell rang, and each boy headed in the direction of his own locker. "See ya in class dude!" Finn called over his shoulder.

Blaine gave a small wave before walking towards his locker. He smiled slightly to himself as he thought of his best friend. He wasn't sure what he had done to become best friends with the school's most popular jock. Finn had befriended him when he first came to McKinley, in his sophomore year. He had introduced him to not only football, but also glee club, where he met the most caring, dramatic, dysfunctional group of people. He loved them all, but Finn he loved like a brother. Finn was one of the only non-homophobic people in the town, and Blaine, being gay, knew that gaining a friend who liked and accepted him exactly the way he was was something very hard to come by in a town like Lima, Ohio. For that, he was grateful for Finn.

Blaine was a Senior now, and longed for the day he could move out of Lima. He had already planned it all. He would move to someplace where he would be accepted; somewhere he didn't have to hide. Somewhere he didn't get a slushie thrown in his face every other day for doing the things he loved. And maybe, just maybe, he would meet someone. Someone who shared his passions; a boy whom he would fall head over heels for.

The warning bell rang, snapping Blaine out of his future dreams. He quickly grabbed his Spanish book and ran to class.

Everybody was sitting in glee club, the final class of the day. The week's assignment was to choose a song to sing to your significant others. (Since more than half of the glee club was paired up with each other, it was a fair assignment.) After Mercedes and Artie, the only single people in the group, apart from Blaine, had protested about the assignment, Mr. Shuester told them that they could do a song that meant a lot to them. Blaine wasn't particularly pleased about this arrangement, but came up with an idea that he felt would please everyone.

After Santana sang her song to Brittany, Blaine raised his hand.

"Mr. Shue?"


"May I go next?"

"Absolutely. Take it away." Mr. Shue said enthusiastically.

Blaine walked to the front of the room and addressed the rest of the glee club. "Hey guys. First of all, I've chosen a song that means so much to me, but it just so happens that my choice goes along with the assignment this week."

Some confusion came across the group in front of him.

"Sorry, Blaine, but, I thought you were single?" Tina stated.

"I am, but, in my head, I will be singing this to my significant other, even though I haven't met him yet, doesn't mean I don't have feelings for him now. This is what I want to say to him, whoever he may be". Blaine reasoned with the rest of the group.

"Well I look forward to hearing it then." Mr. Shue said.

Blaine then saw Santana raise her eyebrows slightly and reach down to pull something out of her purse.

Probably earplugs, Blaine thought. Choosing to ignore her, he nodded to Brad to begin the piano. As the song began to play, Blaine closed his eyes and imagined the boy of his dreams, standing in front of him, watching him Blaine pour out his emotions.

I've been alone, surrounded by darkness. I've seen how heartless, the world, can be.

He recalled every name he had ever been called; every slushie thrown in his face; every jeer and slue he had to put up with for being who he was.

I've seen you crying, you felt like it's hopeless. I'll always do my best, to make, you see.

He wondered if his dream guy had ever been teased or sneered at because of his sexuality.

Baby, you're not alone, cause you're here with me. And nothing's ever gonna bring us down, cause nothing can keep me from loving you, and you know it's true. It don't matter what'll come to be. Our love is all we need, to make it through.

He imagined holding the boy after a particularly bad day; Being able to confess his love, and share good times and bad times.

Now I know it ain't easy, but it ain't hard trying. Everytime I see you smiling, and I feel you close to me. And you tell me…Baby you're not alone, cause you're here with me. And nothing's ever gonna bring us down, cause nothing can keep me from loving you, and you know it's true. It don't matter what'll come to be. Our love is all need, to make it through.

I still have trouble, I trip and stumble tryin' to make sense of things sometimes. I look for reasons, but I don't need 'em. All I need is to look in your eyes. And I realize…Baby I'm not alone, cause you're here with me. And nothing's ever gonna take us down. Cause nothing can keep me from loving you, and you know it's true. It don't matter what'll come to be. Our love is all we need, to make it through.

Blaine finished the song and opened his eyes; just now realizing that he had kept them closed the entire time. What he saw wasn't expected. Every girl in the room had tears in her eyes, and every guy had their mouths half open in a Why didn't I think of that? daze. Before anyone spoke, Blaine opened his mouth.

"I know there is someone out there for me. Someone that will love me just as I love him. Somebody that I will get to laugh and cry with. I'm glad most of you have someone special like that in your lives; I can't wait for my chance to come."

He finished, smiling up at them.

"That was excellent, Blaine" Mr. Shue said.

Just then, the last bell rang, and everyone hurried out the room. Out of the corner of his eye, Blaine saw that Santana's cell phone had been pointed towards him, but she quickly shut it when she saw he was looking at her. He caught her as she was walking out the door.

"Were you taking pictures of me?"

"Of course not, hobbit. I'm not a creep. I was just, uh, checking Facebook." She answered innocently.

Blaine lowered his eyes, but let her go, choosing to ignore it; even though he was sure there was something she wasn't telling him.

When Santana was out of the choir room and Blaine's sight, she smirked to herself. He'll thank me later.