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"What did you just say?"

Blaine cleared his throat as Burt Hummel's protective eyes bore into him. "I-I want to marry your son." Blaine repeated.

He watched as Carole grinned widely and Finn stood by Burt's side looking proud of his best friend. Cooper, who had just gotten in to Ohio the night before, sat in a nearby chair, almost as eager as Blaine to hear Burt's reply. Burt's face remained impassive, and Blaine sat on the chair in front of him wringing his hands nervously.

After Santana and Finn had given him their blessings and congratulations the previous day, Santana had volunteered to take Kurt out last-minute Christmas shopping, giving Blaine the chance to talk with Burt and Carole.

So, after almost an hour of coaxing and pep-talks from Finn, Blaine had gone downstairs, and mustered up the courage to ask Burt for Kurt's hand in marriage.

After a few more moments of anxious, silent waiting, Burt finally spoke. "When were planning on, uh…asking my son?"

Blaine silently breathed the tiniest of sighs of relief. At least he had a sure answer for Burt's question. "With your permission, of course, tomorrow night. Kurt and I always go on a special date every Christmas Eve, and I've already picked out the perfect place." Blaine finished, waiting, wishing, eager for Burt's approval.

Finally, after what seemed like the longest minute of Blaine's life, Burt sighed. "Well, I guess I'm glad that you're doing it soon. I'm terrible at keeping secrets for very long." Burt said, a hint of a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

Blaine sat, in shock for a few seconds before jumping up from his seat and shaking Burt's hand firmly, and rather excitedly. Carole laughed, hugging Blaine tightly and kissing his cheek. Finn clapped him on the back. Cooper hugged his brother.

"Congrats, little bro."

"Thanks, Coop."

Burt looked at Blaine sternly. "Be good to my son, Blaine."

"Always, Sir." Blaine replied surely.

"So, New York, living alone with the boyfriend. You guys go at it like rabbits, don't you?" Santana mentioned too casually, wiggling her eyebrows at her best friend.

Kurt sighed. "You know, I was hoping that a mature college experience would somehow change that unseemly mind of yours, but apparently I was wrong."

She grinned. "But you wouldn't want it any other way, would you?"

Kurt smirked. "No." He answered simply.

The two finished their lunch in the Lima mall's food court, before Santana excused herself to the bathroom. When she was away from Kurt, she sent a text to Blaine, seeing if she had the all clear to bring Kurt back yet. When she got an affirming text in return, she made her way back to Kurt, and the two left the mall.

On the drive back, Santana noticed that Kurt seemed a little too deep in thought. "Hey." She called from the passenger seat.

"What?" He asked, snapping out of his daze.

"You mentally planning the demise of all zebra print clothing over there?"

He smiled. "I wish. No, I was just thinking. Blaine and I made a sort of…tradition. We always go on an extra special date ever Christmas Eve. It's usually something that we both look forward to every year, but this year he—he hasn't even brought it up. I'm not sure if he's forgotten, or something. I don't know. I just, I thought that it meant as much to him as it does to me." Kurt finished, sighing.

Santana turned her heard so that she was looking out the window, effectively hiding her smile from Kurt. "Maybe you should just talk to him about it. Maybe its just slipped his mind."

Kurt sighed again. "If he has that much on his mind, I don't want to burden him with this. We—we've been on plenty of dates before, and I know we'll go on many more. I guess it wouldn't matter if we missed one."

Santana could hear the disappointment in Kurt's voice, and she knew that what he was saying was being said to convince himself more than her. She shrugged nonchalantly. "Whatever you say, Kurt."

When Kurt arrived home after dropping Santana off at her house, Blaine met him at the doorway and kissed him soundly. Surprised, Kurt reciprocated the kiss before pulling back. "Someone's in a good mood." He remarked.

Blaine grinned. "Well, it's two days before Christmas, Kurt! And even better than that, I'm excited for our special date tomorrow night!"

"You—you remembered?" Kurt stuttered.

"Of course I did! I thought it was tradition." Blaine said, as if it was the most obvious thing ever.

Kurt threw his arms around his boyfriend, nuzzling his face into Blaine's shoulder. "I love you." Kurt mumbled.

Blaine chuckled. "I love you, too. But can we go inside now? It's freaking freezing out here."

Kurt nodded, and they went inside. "So, where are we going for our date?"

Blaine grinned. "Oh, somewhere only I know."

Kurt laughed at Blaine's cheesy pun. "Like the song?"

Blaine smiled and nodded. "Just like the song."

"Blaine! These cryptic clues are going to kill me! Please tell me what I'm supposed to be wearing tonight!"

Blaine looked across the room at Kurt, who looked exasperated. "Bundle up. It will be cold."

Kurt groaned for the hundredth time. "Again with the secret hints."

Blaine crossed the room and took Kurt by the waist. "Just trust me, baby. You'll find out everything soon enough."

Kurt scowled as Blaine released him, but did as he was told, dressing in several layers of clothing.

Twenty minutes later, Kurt and Blaine were ready to leave for their date. Burt took Blaine aside when Kurt wasn't watching and wished him luck. Blaine thanked the man, knowing that luck was what he was going to need.

When Blaine and Kurt were settled in the car, Blaine handed Kurt a blindfold.

"You've got to be kidding me." Kurt said, incredulously.

Blaine chuckled. "Don't you know to trust me?"

Kurt groaned, but slipped the cloth over his eyes, mumbling something about déjà vu.

Half an hour and several more complaints from Kurt later, Blaine pulled up at their destination and parked his car. He went around to the passenger side and helped Kurt out. "Can I take it off now?" Kurt asked impatiently.

Blaine giggled. "Yes."

Kurt did so, and gasped. He was standing at the bottom of a small hill. "You didn't."

"I did." Blaine replied.

"Blaine!" Kurt exclaimed. "This is…it's—"

"The place we had our first date, over three years ago. I know."

Kurt smiled pleasantly. "I never expected this."

Blaine grinned. "Hence, the surprise."

Kurt squealed as Blaine took his hand and the two began climbing. When they reached the top, Kurt couldn't keep in a chuckle. "It looks exactly the same as last time!"

Blaine nodded. "That was my intention."

Kurt and Blaine sat on top of their hill, wrapped up in extra blankets, and eating the food that Blaine had prepared. When they finished eating, they decided to crawl into the tent that Blaine had set up and cuddle, because there weren't very many stars out that night.

They held one another for a long time, before Kurt sighed.

"What's wrong, baby?" Blaine asked.

Kurt smiled. "Nothing. I just—can't believe you recreated our first date." He snuggled closer to Blaine. "It was perfect."

Blaine knew, then. This was the moment. His chance to do what he came here for. His chance to make Kurt a part of his life forever. "Kurt?"


"This date…well, it's not exactly like our first one. This one has something that the last one didn't have."

Kurt cocked his head to the side as Blaine sat upright. "What's that?" He asked.

Blaine stared straight into Kurt's eyes and answered. "A question."

Kurt looked confused. "What kind of question?"

Blaine smiled. This was it. He took both of Kurt's hand into his own. "A question that is only asked when two people are absolutely, irrevocably, unmistakably in love with each other."

Kurt's eyes widened as Blaine reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. "This question…involves this ring, and me, saying something that goes like this."

Blaine breathed out a nervous breath and opened the box. "Kurt Hummel, will you marry me?"

Kurt's jaw dropped as he clamped a hand over his mouth. Every fear, or worry, or disappointment that had ever plagued Kurt's life vanished as he saw the white-gold band and Blaine's glistening eyes. "Yes." He whispered. "Yes." He repeated, voice growing more confident this time. "Of—of course I will!" Kurt exclaimed, joyful tears forming in his eyes.

Blaine smiled widely as Kurt flung himself into his arms. They let go only so that Blaine could slip the ring onto Kurt's finger, and produce an identical one from his pocket, which he let Kurt slip onto his.

They kissed passionately, falling onto their backs inside the tent, and losing all track of time.

Kurt and Blaine arrived back at the Hummel-Hudson house in the early hours of Christmas morning. They walked in to find Finn and Cooper awake in the living room, watching something on TV. "What are you guys doing up?" Blaine asked in a low voice, startling the other two men.

Cooper mock gasped. "They have returned!" He quietly exclaimed. "Moment of truth, kids. Are we going to be one big family, or not?"

Kurt and Blaine chuckled before holding up their hands, showing Cooper and Finn the newly placed rings.

"Score!" Cooper said, while Finn congratulated them both.

Laughing, Blaine and Kurt went and sat down on the couch. "Why are you two up, anyway?" Kurt asked, reiterating what Blaine had asked earlier.

Cooper scoffed. "I wasn't going to be snoozing away when my engaged…" He put major emphasis on the word, making Kurt and Blaine blush. "…brother came home!"

"Yeah. And besides, it's Christmas! Who sleeps on Christmas morning?" Finn added, and Cooper nodded in agreement.

Blaine and Kurt shook their heads at their childish brothers.

"Well, lucky for me, I've already got my present." Blaine said, smiling at Kurt. Kurt blushed, letting his fingers twirl around the ring that was now on his left hand finger.

Cooper turned to Finn. "Do you see what we're going to have to put up with our entire lives?" He said, motioning to Blaine and Kurt. All four of them laughed at Cooper's comment, attempting to be quiet as to not wake Burt and Carole.

Finn and Cooper turned their attention back to the TV, and Blaine and Kurt snuggled close on the couch. At some point, all four fell asleep.

After nudging Burt awake a few hours later, Carole crept downstairs to start preparing Christmas breakfast. She wasn't expecting to find Kurt, Finn, Blaine, and Cooper all asleep in her living room. She looked fondly at the sighed, before something caught her eye and she gasped.

Burt had been following closely behind Carole, whispering to her. "I'll call Eloise and see if she and Jack are ready to come over, then we can wake—" He stopped short when he heard his wife gasp.

"Burt, look!" She said, pointing to where Blaine and Kurt were tangled together on the couch. He spotted the matching rings on Kurt and Blaine's fingers and smiled proudly.

"My boy is all grown up." Burt remarked, thoughtfully.

Carole smiled, and hugged Burt, as he continued looking at his sleeping son.

At 9 a.m., presents had been exchanged, and the table was being cleared after everyone was stuffed full of turkey, biscuits, gravy, and eggs, among other things that Carole and Eloise had cooked.

Jack, Eloise, and Cooper joined Burt in the living room, while Finn helped Carole with the dishes. Blaine looked around for Kurt, not knowing that his fiancé had slipped away when everyone was distracted.

Blaine found Kurt sitting on his bed, a single tear track apparent on his face as he looked at a small picture he held in his hand. "Merry Christmas, Mom." Blaine heard Kurt whisper. Blaine walked in quietly and wrapped his arms around Kurt. Kurt sighed into Blaine's embrace, feeling completely safe and loved as he let a few more tears fall.

"She'll always be with you, Kurt." Blaine whispered comfortingly.

"I know." A few more minutes of holding each other, and Kurt sat up. "Blaine?"

"Yeah, babe?"

"I—" Kurt stopped, and got off the bed. He went over to his old desk that his father had yet to touch, and pulled something out of the bottom of one of the drawers. He turned around, facing Blaine.

"I think it's time."

Blaine, staring at the crinkled envelope in Kurt's hands, nodded. "I think so, too."


"You ready?" Cooper asked his brother. Blaine breathed in deeply.

"Yes. Thank you for coming with me."

Cooper nodded. "You're not the only one with unfinished business here." He replied, winking.

They got out of the car slowly, walking together up to the large house. "You're sure he still lives here?" Cooper asked.

Blaine nodded silently, watching nervously as Cooper rang the doorbell.

Sure enough, a minute later, Charles Anderson stood at the doorway, gaping at the unexpected sight before him. "Cooper?"

Cooper smiled, moving to the left slightly so that Charles could see past him. "Blaine?" He asked, shocked.

"Hello, Dad."

Charles remained speechless, before rushing forward and pulling both towards him. "My boys."

When he pulled back, he immediately started saying everything he had longed to say for so long. "I'm so sorry, for everything. So sorry. You don't know how much—I can't believe your both here! I—"

Cooper saw his father at a loss for words. "May we come in?" He supplied.

Charles nodded eagerly, ushering them both inside. Blaine took a quick look around his old house. It still didn't look quite like a home, but he had to admit that it didn't seem as cold and unfriendly as it had when he left.

Sitting down in the living area, Cooper addressed their father first. "Dad, Blaine and I want you to know that even though we're here now, doesn't mean we've completely forgiven you. We want you to be a part of our lives again, but if you want that, you're going to have to earn our trust back. Especially Blaine's." Cooper explained carefully.

"I understand." Charles answered immediately. "God, after what I put you boys through, I never expected you to show up here again." He paused, and Blaine could tell that the guilt on his face was sincere. "But I'm so glad you did. I—I want to know both of you. I'd like nothing more."

Cooper stared at his father, before sitting back in his chair, looking slightly more satisfied, yet still wary.

After a moment of silence, Charles spoke again. "Where have you boys been living?"

"New York." They answered simultaneously.

"And college?" He asked, directing the question at Blaine.

"Junior at Colombia." Blaine answered simply.

"Wow." Charles remarked. "I—I take it you got my letter, Blaine?"

Blaine nodded. "I did."

"I'm so sorry, Blaine. The way I treated you all those years, it was cruel. And I hope that one day you can forgive me. I hope you know that I meant every word I said in that letter. I'll always love you, no matter who you are or what you do."

When Blaine didn't say anything back, Cooper cleared his throat. "Dad? Blaine had some news he'd like to share with you." He announced.

"Oh?" Charles said, looking at Blaine with interest.

Blaine breathed heavily. This had been what he was dreading. This would be what determines his father's true character. "I'm getting married."

Charles took in the new information before smiling, and saying the words that Blaine had never thought would ever come out of his father's mouth.

"Who's the lucky guy?"

Blaine looked at his father in shock. Cooper smirked. "His name is Kurt, and he's kind of perfect for Blaine."

Charles smiled, still looking at Blaine. "I'm happy for you, Son. And I'm very, very proud of you." He looked between Cooper and Blaine. "Both of you."

Cooper and Blaine drove back, each lost in thought. They had spent hours talking with their father, and left after promising to keep in touch, and visit as soon as they could. After a long period of silence, Cooper looked over at Blaine.

"Are you staying with Grandpa and Nan for the rest of your break, or at Kurt's?"

"I think I'm going to stay at Kurt's this time. I want to stay close to him right now. When are you leaving, again?"

Cooper groaned. "Tomorrow morning. Stupid job."

Blaine grinned. "I'll miss you."

Cooper scoffed. "You have your new fiancé to keep you company. You won't miss me a bit."

Blaine chuckled, not arguing the subject. When Cooper pulled into Kurt's driveway, Blaine could see Kurt out front on the porch swing, obviously waiting for him.

"See you later?" Blaine said to Cooper.

Cooper rolled his eyes. "Of course. Now go see Kurt. He looks like he's about to meet Patti LuPone, or something."

"How do you even know who that is, Coop?"

"Just go, Blaine!" Cooper yelled, and Blaine scrambled out of the car.

Blaine smiled as Kurt ran toward him and hugged him tightly. "How did it go?" Kurt asked eagerly.

When Blaine didn't answer right away, Kurt pressed the matter. "Well?"

Blaine grinned happily. "It went very well. I—I think I have my father back, Kurt."

Kurt kissed Blaine, conveying his happiness for him. "I'm proud of you. Do you want to talk about it?"

Blaine contemplated. "Maybe later. I was thinking we could do something a bit more fun now."

Kurt grinned cheekily. "Oh really?"

"Yes." Blaine answered. "Plan a wedding."


The wedding was a perfect March wedding. The ceremony had been simple, with Kurt and Blaine exchanging their self-written vows to each other. There hadn't been a dry eye in the room.

Santana and Lizzy had served as bridesmaids, while Finn and Cooper were the groomsmen.

The reception had been fun. Even the New Direction's members had reunited to sing a song for Blaine and Kurt.

Charles Anderson had attended the wedding, per Blaine's request, and from that moment on, he never passed up an opportunity to tell his son how proud he was of him.

Kurt and Blaine finished their last few months of college, before taking a summer honeymoon in London.

A week after they came back from their honeymoon, Finn surprised everyone by proposing to Lizzy. Kurt, while immensely happy for his step-brother, secretly groaned to Blaine about 'another wedding to plan'.

Blaine and Kurt stayed in New York. Kurt scored numerous roles in different off-Broadway plays, and then, after much hard work and constant auditions, was cast in a Broadway production of Les Mis. Blaine had worked hard on his writing, eventually becoming a well-known journalist, and part-time songwriter on the side.

Four years after the wedding, Katie Elizabeth joined the Hummel-Anderson family through adoption. Two years later, her sister, Ruby Juliette, joined her. Blaine had been hesitant to adopt another child, but Kurt had insisted that he didn't want them to grow up very far apart in age. Even after all those years, Blaine had a hard time resisting Kurt's puppy face.

Kurt and Blaine had named Santana the godmother of both their girls, and she took every opportunity she could to visit and spoil them.

Burt and Carole watched the girls while Kurt and Blaine spent their tenth anniversary together, which ended with a memorable date on top of their hill, snuggling under the stars.


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