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Prologue: Sookie has met Bill and she would be going to Fangtasia with him to ask the vampires about the murders but Sookie is heading out to fangtasia ALONE...

I was carded at the door by a vampire. She scanned me intently. Chalky pale, and breathtakingly beautiful, she seemed out of place in her striking out fit, it just didn't seem like her. She was wearing a black latex dress that complimented her stunning figure but it just didn't seem like this is how she would normally dress, she probably adopted it because of the human patrons thought it appropriate.

"I haven't been carded in years" I said, fishing in my red purse for my driver's license, standing in a boxy entrance hall.

"I can no longer tell human ages, and we must be very careful we serve no minors. In any capacity." She said. She let me through and I entered into the world of sex, drink, and fangs. Everything was in grey, black, and red. The walls were lined with framed pictures of every celebrity vampire who had shown fangs on the big screen. The lighting was dim; of course, nothing unusual about that; what was unusual was the clientele, and the posted signs. The bar was full of fangbangers. Not that I had anything against them but seeing so many people and hearing so many people obsessed with vampires was overwhelming. I saw an open seat and took it at the bar. A bartender sauntered over to me; he was an American Indian, with long coal black straight hair and a craggy nose, a straight line of a mouth, and a whippy build.

"What can I get you woman? Come here alone? Surprising because of your beauty" I blushed and smiled in response.

"I will have a gin and tonic please." Politeness costs nothing, only making everything to gain.

When he returned with my drink, I had decided that he seemed nice enough, so I pounced. "Thanks, would it be ok if I asked you a couple of questions about two women that I know came here? They were my friends and I'm just trying to figure out how they ended up dead. "Immediately I regretted speaking. His face was unreadable. He truly looked dead.

"Have you got a picture?" He asked. Ok, didn't expect this...

I reached into my purse and extracted the two pictures. "Do you recognise them?" I asked whilst handing him the pictures.

"That one," He said, poking a finger at Dawn's picture, "She wanted to die."

"How do you know?"

"Everyone who comes here does, to one extent or another"

"Well thanks for your time" I put the pictures back into my purse and nodded my head; he returned the head nod and walked off to serve other people. I decided to get a booth and try and listen to the surrounding fang bangers. To lower my shields even the slightest, i would need as much privacy as someone can get in a busy bar and spotted an empty booth and made my way across the room. Unsurprisingly, spotted the vampire that had carded me at the door stood on a stage behind a blonde vampire on a throne, I knew I would see the striking vampire once again as she was definitely a character you would never forget. The vampire on the throne was handsome, in fact radiant; blond and blue-eyed, tall and broad shouldered, he was wearing boots; jeans, and a vest. Period. Kind of like the guys on the cover of romance books.

He should have scared me but he didn't. Huh. Sookie Stackhouse has grown some balls. Well good for me.

I sat down in an empty booth directly opposite the blonde vampires and I closed my eyes and tried to drop my shields. Soon, every thought in the bar that was human flooded into my mind.

'Damm I want some V!'

'How can I make him notice me?'

'I want some dead fucker to fuck me sooo baddddd!'

This was going to take some time. Then I felt it. The feeling that someone was watching you with their eyes fixed onto you. I opened my eyes and scanned the bar to find who was staring at me. It was the blond vampire.

My eyes met his and he looked away. That was strange... Anyway, back to the job on hand. This time I didn't close my eyes I just focused on particular thoughts. Nothing different. All thinking about sex and fangs and one certain blonde hunk.

Out of nowhere, the vampire that carded me is stood before me.

"He wants to see you." She said with a bored tone to her voice. I stood up and followed her to the blond vampire that I knew would be waiting for me. Not even asking who she meant when she said he as I already guessed successfully. When we finally reached his throne, he was even more breath-taking up close. His blue eyes sparkled in the light. Wow. I stood before him with the bored vampire stood behind his throne.

"You have been asking my staff questions. Why." He asked. Not even acknowledging my existence.

"Two people I know came here. They are now both dead. I asked your bartender because I'm trying to piece together who saw them last. They both came here." I realised I was babbling and shut up awaiting his response.

"Next time ask me. Do you have their photos?" I got the pictures out and handed them to him. As I passed them to him, his fingers brushed against mine and our eyes met. For that brief millisecond, I felt electric flow through me. What was happening?

"I have been with this one" He tapped on Dawn's picture, "let's just say she liked it rough." Taking his eyes off the picture he looked directly into mine.

"Thank you, that's all of your time I need to take."

"Well aren't you sweet." Said the female vampire.

"Not especially." Crap! Oh shit Sookie! Why did you say that?!

"Pam leave us" The vampire named Pam left. PAM THE VAMPIRE?! This just keeps getting better and better.

"Please sit down" He was been surprisingly polite considering how I just spoke to his friend. He signalled to the seat next to him and I sat down without hesitation.

"What is your name?" He turned to finally meet my eye.

"Sookie Stackhouse. If you don't mind me asking, what is your name?" Well it only seemed polite to ask. I noticed Pam had lifted her head up from behind the bar and focused on me, clearly startled.

He merely chuckled. "Your confidence surprises me, most humans that enter this bar act like slaves and fear us and do not speak to us like you just have, you surprise me Miss Stackhouse. Not a lot of people have managed that, only my child Pam. My name is Eric Northman; I am the owner of this establishment." Before I had chance to reply, he continued. "Before, when you were in the booth, what were you doing? You seemed concentrated on an invisible force."

Well this took me by surprise. Again before I had time to react, a stray thought caught my attention. My face changed as I listened in, trying to pin point the source

'I need to find something fishy going on here. I can sense it. My boss won't be happy if i get no results.'

Gotcha. The thought was coming from an undercover cop.

I found him in the crowd, he was dressed in a fishnet top with black leather trousers, his body was toned and his face was plain, and he had no hair.

I opened my eyes and saw Eric's eyes on me intently.

"Are you a witch?" He asked with his voice firm and lowered.

"No." he looked like he believed me and his face regained a calm look. "You've got to listen to me. Do you see the man in the fishnet top and leather trousers in the middle of the dance floor? He's baled" I said with my voice low, hoping no vampire would hear me other than Eric. He nodded in response. "He's an undercover cop and there is a red head vampire feeding on a human in the men's bathroom." He looked at me in utter shock.

"How do you know this?" He questioned.

"I am a telepath" I whispered. Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me.

"Pam." He ordered and then here she was. She stood before him showing him respect.

"Det finns en vampyr som livnär sig på skadedjur i herrarnas toaletter. itu med det. Förresten, vad tror du den här blonda? Jag luktar oskuld. Har hon kommit ensam?"

I don't know what language he was speaking but I picked up on a word similar to toilet, that must mean Pam will be dealing with it.

" Jag kommer att behandla vampyr och glamour av ohyra. Definitivt en jungfru. Och ja, hon kom ensam. Om du knullar henne, du dont göra det på kontoret. Jag hatar lukten av mänsklig doft där. Jag slår vad om att hon smakar gott, trevlig rack på henne." She replied .

Eric chuckled and replied back. "Jag kommer att knulla henne i bilen då. Gå nu."

Whatever he said last made Pam's face drop. Turning back round, Eric spoke again to her in the beautiful language "Hon är annorlunda. Du hörde hur hon talade till mig, inte konstigt att förrädare är förtjust i henne, hon är väldigt vacker, inte skrämma henne, hon är sällsynt." And then she was gone. Dang vampire speed.

"Follow me" Eric ordered to me. Weirdly enough, I found my legs following him into the back and through a door that must be his office. It was very dull and orderly.

Not what you expect a stereotypical vampire's private space to be like. He signalled for me to sit in front of his desk and he sat on the ledge of the desk directly in front of me. Damm he was tall.

"Can you read vampire's minds?" He asked. He didn't look the way Bill did when I told him I was a telepath. Bill looked angry. Eric just looked curious.

"No, I can only read human minds."

"Is there anything else I should know about?" What did he mean 'is there anything else I should know about?'

"I'm not sure what you mean. I have only just met you; it's dangerous enough telling a complete stranger this"

He looked down at me with a curious glare and then he did the unexpected. He smiled.

"You are Compton's are you not?" How did he know about this? He must have read the shock written all over my face-"Diane told me. I am sheriff of Area 5, which means I am in charge of all vampires in my area; Bill is part of my area. We are mainstreaming so I will not harm you, I ensure you. You have my word. What is said here will not leave this room." it sounded exactly like what a teacher would say to a kid been bullied.

"I can't be glamoured." I had said it before I even realised I had said it.

"Well this is interesting." He smiled again. "Miss Stackhouse, your gift has just helped my business and reputation. Thank you. I wish discuss the possibility of a contract in which you would be paid for using your gift at my expense. Your safety would be the main priority as I will not have an asset been killed or injured." The way he said asset made him cringe. I wonder why…

"I think maybe I should speak with bill about this, he knows more about what I would be getting myself into more than me"

"I understand, if you wish for this matter to be settled I will have Bill come here."

"Really? That would be great if it doesn't cause too much trouble."

"Miss Stackhouse trouble comes naturally to me" He winked at me and turned around and picked up his phone. I couldn't help looking at his gorgeous butt... What was I doing?!

"Like the view?" he chuckled in front of me.

"Couldn't careless" I stated with my voice firm. I could lie when I need to. I was actually getting pretty good at it. You had to be when you accidently slipped up by replying verbally to a telepathic thought.

"You know how to wound a man Miss Stackhouse"

"Sookie" I replied. He turned round and had the phone to his ear, he smiled back at me.

"Ah Bill, Sookie is here-" I heard a shout come down the phone, Eric held the phone away from his ear and raised an eyebrow at me. I shrugged in response. Wow Bill seemed angry. Why? We weren't officially together or anything, or were we? Whatever was going on between us was complicated.

Eric returned the phone to his ear and said in a cool voice "Silence" The shouting stopped immediately. "Remember who you are talking to Compton. I will not have disrespect. We will discuss your appropriate punishment when you arrive here. Sookie is with me. She is not harmed I assure you. You have no right to believe that I would harm something that is yours. Set off immediately and I suggest you hold your temper until you get here." With that he slammed the phone down onto the holder and sauntered over to the other side of the desk and sat down and put his feet up on his desk. "So Sookie" He smiled when he said my name "Why didn't you bring Bill?"

"I still haven't gotten over some stuff that happened between Diane and Liam and Malcolm..." Why was I telling him my life story? Geez get a grip Sookie! Quick change the subject… "If you don't mind me asking, but how old are you exactly?" I was always curious about this. Vampires must of seen so much devastation throughout their long life.

"I am over one thousand years old; I was a Viking in Scandinavia." Wow.

"Oh my god, you must have seen so much."

"I have. However you have surprised me, no one in the past several centuries has ever spoken to me like you have, that is human. You don't seem scared of me."

"I have no reason to be. You haven't harmed me or tried to get sex from me." I replied truthfully.

"Just because I haven't tried doesn't mean I don't want sex. I would love to indulge your body, however you are Bill's therefore I cannot make any sexual contact with you. I have never taken an unwilling woman. Not in my entire existence." Well that was good to know. "How long have you been a telepath?" He asked, clearly wanting to change the subject.

"All my life." I replied instantly.

"Incredible." With that, Eric stood up and walked round the desk to me, he held out his hand to help me rise out of the chair and I took it. His cool fingers caused electricity to flow through me again. I rose and I dropped my hand the same time he did and we made our way out of his office. "I still need to be on show tonight, maybe you would accompany me by sitting by my side?"

"Sure, by the way, Ginger the waitress has an obsession with you. She has your face on a scatter cushion." I could barely keep a straight face when I told him. He burst out laughing too.

"Sookie Stackhouse, I have a feeling we will get on." He winked at me and led me through the busy club to where we would be sitting until Bill arrived.

Eric offered me his hand to help me sit down; I took it without hesitation and sat down on the chair next to his. I felt the same electricity flow through me again when we touched. He gracefully sat back down next to me.

"What are they thinking?" He murmured to me.

"Can other vampires hear me?" I asked with my voice level.

"No" He replied.

"The waitresses are mainly focusing on their jobs, the fangbangers however... their thoughts are more insane." I blushed from hearing their thoughts, Eric picked up on this. It's amazing how calm and relaxed I am around a Viking vampire. He just has that affect. I am most certain that he doesn't act like this around normal people.

"What are they thinking that has you blushing?" He asked curiously.

"I'm blushing more for you if I'm honest. The man with the dog collar on and a lead hanging off it, he has written on his tag- Where is my fuck toy Blondie. He hopes you will enjoy it. Only interested in blondes, he has no desire for any other person without blond hair. In fact he refuses them."

Eric let out a roaring laugh. "Sookie this is a very amusing gift. Tell me more" He genuinely looked interested.

"Well the man that is creeping up on Pam hopes she will kick him. He himself gets a kick out of been kicked. He has a fantasy about Pam dressed with cream pie's as her breasts and a cherry hiding her...err...down below." Eric just laughed even more.

"I made Pam during the Victorian era in England, she has always been a graceful woman, however very crafty but very loyal. She is very serious about clothes. Imagining her dressed like that is too amusing to even describe." Eric just gave me a cocky smirk. After he finished laughing, he asked me a question that Bill has previously asked." How do you have relationships? With your gift it must be extremely difficult, especially for a woman as beautiful as you." he seemed genuine in his compliment.

He had been open with me about his self and his age, it's only polite that I am honest with my answer, plus I also felt the need to share my life with him even though we met in the past hour.

"It is hard, they are always thinking about a way to get into my pants or how big my boobs are. It's very distracting. Up until I met Bill, I thought i was going to die alone. I can't hear vampire minds and you have no idea how relaxing it is after a lifetime of blah blah blah" I closed my eyes. Maybe I just said too much.

"I won't try and say I understand what you have been left to live with. I cannot imagine how... frustrating it must be" That was different to Bills response. What is on here?

Before I could respond, Bill walked through the main entrance and headed towards us. Once he approached the stage he bowed deeply to Eric. A lot of bowing with vampires, need to remember that one.


"Compton." Eric replied in a bored tone.


"Bill." I replied.

Seriously what the fuck. I don't usually curse but really. What the fuck is with all the names! I couldn't hold back my giggle. Both vampires stared at me in disbelief.

"What is so funny Sookie? Is it the human dog again?" A smirk was spread across Eric's face.

"Never mind it's just me been me." I tried to keep a straight face, half succeeding. Oh well.

"Bill. Sookie will be working for me. Of course her safety is a priority. I am also presuming that she will want to remain working where ever that is. This will not be a problem. As she is yours I contacted you almost immediately about the offer. I am asking you out of respect Compton. I am your Sherriff. I have the right to take her and claim her as my own. However I am not a bastard most of the time. Simply taking her would cause Sookie to hate me. I do not wish this; also she will work better if she is happy. Nevertheless you have disrespected me. I am in need of finding a suitable punishment. Thank fully I have thought of one. "He motioned for Pam and she came zooming up and listened to his demands that he whispered into her ear. No one other than Pam would be able to hear his demands. She let out a giggle and smirked at Bill as she walked past strutting her stuff.

I watched Pam talk to the dog collar man. Oh no. Knowing what's coming, I open my mouth in disbelief. Eric the crafty bastard. Funny though.

"Sookie are you alright?" Bill asked me. He looked concerned.

"I'm fine thanks" I smiled warmly at bill. He responded with a smile that didn't really show anything other than 'listen to me you crazy fool!' Well maybe not those exact words but I got the gist of it.

"Bill you will flirt with this fang banger and ask if they want to feel your fangs. Do not get distressed and start brooding like you normally do. Just go along with it." As the man approached the whole room fell silent.

"Master" the man whispered looking up at Eric with longing eyes. He knelt down before him and stroked Eric's boot. Uh oh.

"Get your hands off me." Eric said with a stern voice. The fang banger took his hands off him immediately. He didn't even look scared. I decided to be scared for the fangbanger as well as myself. Eric was really scary when he wants to be. I reminded myself to never get him angry. "Bill proceed." Eric looked at Bill and smiled.

Bill's face dropped and turned into utter misery. He knelt down to the man and offered his hand to help him up. The fang banger looked at bill in disgust and stood up by his self. I glanced at Eric who was smiling. I shook my head at him with a raised eyebrow. Unbelievable. As much as I wanted to stop Bill from embarrassing his self, I really wanted to watch. I need a little fun every now and again. Bill's just gotta gay up.

"You look very... sensual." Bill stroked the man's chest lightly. Oh this was too good to be true. I kept my face straight with a lot of effort.

The man looked at Bill with a curious eye, and Bill glanced at Eric for a split second and Eric returned with a waiting look. Bill proceeded.

"Would you care to... feel my fangs in private?" Bill asked the man with a 'tried' sexual voice. I'm going to burst out laughing any minute. Get a grip Sookie!

The man didn't respond so Bill stroked his shoulder, I could tell this was killing him. I should feel sympathy but this was just too funny. The man finally responded.

He shoved Bill's hand away-"I do not go with dark haired men like you. You disgust me. Do not touch me. My neck is for the blond vampires ONLY. Eric is my master. I praise only him." And with that the man smiled at Eric and he responded with a raised eyebrow and motioned for Pam to take him away. Once the fangbanger had left, the room returned to its usual volume. Bill looked on the verge of tears, this will be interesting. ..

"Well done Compton, you do have balls after all" Eric gave him a fangy smile. "Let us finish our discussion in my office" I stood up before Eric so he wouldn't have to help me up, I knew this would cause me and Bill to argue big time. Eric led us through to his office and Bill put his arm protectively around my shoulders, making me feel safe and loved. Sweet.

Once inside Eric presumed his earlier position and sat behind his desk. Once Bill and I were sat down, he proceeded.

"Why don't we start with Sookie telling us what she wants first?"

What do I want? This has all happened so fast. One minute I was trying to find out who murdered my co-workers and now I'm been offered a job been a professional telepath for the Sherriff of area 5(whatever that is).

"Look I want to keep my job. This is all happening so fast, I want to try and use my disability to an advantage that will benefit everyone, not be used for dirty deals or power. I just want justice for people. I will work for you Eric, but I will only do it if Bill is there, I don't want to have to travel too much and no matter what, if I find something illegal and if they are human, they must go to the police. I don't want anyone to die because of what I find out, if you agree to this I will work for you whenever you want." Eric studied me curiously, why was everyone curious about me? I'm just a barmaid that can read minds. Big deal!

"You drive a hard bargain Miss Stackhouse. I agree to your terms, however if Bill is unavailable, I personally will accompany you to where I will need you, is that agreeable?"

"Sure. I will give you my details." Eric passed me a pad and pen and I wrote down my address and home phone number. He looked over the piece of paper once I wrote everything down and glanced back up at me.

"You don't have a cell number?" He asked.

"No, I don't need one really."

"I will see to it that you receive one, I will pay for the contract, no strings attached. Now down to your pay...will five hundred dollars for four hours work be acceptable?"

Five hundred dollars?! Was he made of money?! That's like two weeks' pay at Merlotts!

"Uh yes...thank you"

" I think that is all we need. I do not wish to make this formal with contracts for the time being. I prefer to take it as a trial run."

"Understandable. I'm sorry to leave so quickly but I'm getting up early tomorrow and I need some rest." I stood up to leave and Bill rose too and bowed deeply to Eric. After Bill bowed, Eric stood up too.

"Drive safely Miss Stackhouse, I will send the phone to your address, it should arrive tomorrow, I will have Bobby my day man deliver it."

"You really don't have to."

"Consider it a gift" He smiled at me not acknowledging Bill standing right next to me.

"Thank you, and its Sookie!" I smiled back at him. I was getting uneasy feelings from Bill so I headed for the door with him trailing behind me.

Before I could get out of the door he called back to me.

"Oh and Sookie, try not to be seen in public in Bon temp with Bill, I have people investigating the murder cases, the murder is killing women associated with vampires."

"Why are you investigating it?"

"The human authorities are looking to pin it on a vampire; I am protecting my area's vampires. I do not tolerate for injustice." He seemed genuine about his statement and I believed him.

Chapter 2 will be up soon, im currently writing about one chapter a week because of all the work im doing and I will try and write faster! I'm about a quarter of the way through chapter 5, so things don't get boring and I have to fill you in with a load of nonsense from people I will add diary entries as chapters that are short and snappy, written by Sookie.