Leif is a little unstable okay? He's been hidden away and alone for over a thousand years and in a matter of like two hours, not even that, he finds out his dad is alive! well… un-dead but you get the jist!

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Chapter 50

#Missing Scene 1 – Eric and Leif

3rd Person POV

"I watched your body burn as you sailed into the very depths of Valhalla." Eric's voice was barely a whisper as he spoke in fluent Old Norse to the fairy opposite him. They were the only ones left in the clearing; everyone else had dispersed to check on their loved ones or to fight the remaining enemies or in Godric's case – torture Breandan.

"You saw?" Leif croaked out, his eyes never leaving his father's.

"I witnessed your death. 1020 AD, Greenland; a stab to the gut was what I heard from your people. I did not believe what they said even after Godric repeatedly glamoured it out of them several times; the great Leif Erickson taken down by a stray wound, I had to check." Silence passed between the two; both not knowing what so say to one another.

"How is this possible? I thought you died an honourable death on the battlefield, sent off to Valhalla to celebrate your many victories and yet here you are. Physically you look exactly the way I remember you but mentally? No….you are not my father. My father would not have become a vampire. My father would not have left my mother and my-self alone to die whilst he lives on forever! MY FATHER WOULD HAVE SAVED ME! MY FATHER WOULD HAVE COME BACK! MY FATHER WOULD HAVE SAVED ME FROM MY FATE!" Leif screamed his words at Eric who stood there, feeling every word clench his insides, making his whole body shake with hurt and shame. Why didn't he save him? "I wish you died like you were supposed to." Leif's voice was bitter and hateful as he looked at the man who he thought was once his father. Now a monster who failed to do what he promised and swore to do. Protect him.

"Then kill me." Eric dropped his sword to the floor, the faint noise of fighting in the distance filling the silence as he sunk to his knees before his son. Lifting his head he looked straight into the eyes of his son, trying to hold back the red blood tears aching to be set free.

With a roar Leif lifted his sword, holding the grip in both hands, pointing the tip of the blade directly to Eric's heart as the vampire shut his eyes.

Opening his eyes he saw the sword wedged in the ground, millimetres from his body.

"Leif…" Eric said his son's name for the first time since the discovery. The fairy's heart broke as he heard his father say his name and he met him eye for eye. Holding his arm out, Leif pulled Eric to his feet as they gripped each other's forearms tightly; both afraid to let go.

"Father… please forgive me…" A cry of pain left Leif's lips as he screamed in agony, expressing the pain and suffering of a thousand years of loneliness. And so the fairy sobbed. He cried for the years lost, he cried for the years stolen, he cried for his father, he cried for the past; but most importantly, he cried for him-self.

Not once had Eric ever hugged his son, not even as a boy. Yes they had physical contact, for example carrying Leif as a boy or carrying his wounded body as a man but never a hug. Both accepted that it was not how their relationship was. During their time it was unusual for father and son to be as close as they were.

Eric did the only thing he could however. He hugged his son. He held his son to his body, letting him sob into his shoulder, the scent of fae now heavily becoming increased, making Eric's fangs itch to come down but he stopped his-self. He's one thousand years old after all, he has control.

"We will figure this out"

"I know." Leif whispered back, welcoming the feeling of security. "Please don't tell anyone about this." He added, sniffing and straightening his back, willing the tears away.

"Don't worry, Pam won't find out"

"How did-"

"You two already act like siblings, there's no reason to fuel the competition and bickering between you too. Leif we will be a family, this I swear to you"

"Along with the beautiful blonde I presume?" Leif smirked, one very similar to Eric's.

"Of course" Eric replied with a smirk of his own. "I think we have left Pam alone long enough, care to join me in slaughtering the fairies that kept you from life?"

"It would be an honour."

Taking a few steps, Leif stopped in his tracks and turned back to Eric. "I almost forgot." Handing Eric his necklace he smiled. "It belongs to you."

"Thank-you Son" Walking side by side, they entered the battlefield; Leif's necklace that he had given his father over a thousand years ago, placed over Eric's dead heart.

#Missing Scene 2 –Breandan & Godric

[Set during the scene between Eric and Leif (above)]

Godric POV

Thrusting the lemon covered spear into Breandan's skin, I felt the satisfaction of watching him scream with agony.

"This could be so much easier for you" I whispered into his ear that I was ever so slowly cutting off with a pure iron knife that was coincidently blunt.

As I made each cut he screamed even louder. Perfect.

"Even if I told you… you'd still torture me." He choked out.

True… but where would the fun in that be? "Believe me when I say this; I could make it even worse." I said whilst chuckling and licking the blood off the blunt blade that had finally served its purpose as Breandan's fat ear laid detached on the dirty floor. Even his ears were fat.

"Mab…my sister" That name ringed a bell. In fact it literately tore at my insides as memories of her reign flooded my mind.

"She is your sister you say…." My voice was barely a whisper as I continued to remember her existence.

She was the cause of the original fae war, the one before the war Eric participated in. Her mad ways sent thousands of vampires and fairies to their meaningless deaths as she stayed safely tucked away gathering humans to be her slaves as she continued her pursuit of killing every royal fae and vampire. Her aim was to become the Queen of everything, including humans. Only the fae royalty did not see that she wished to also kill fairies and fought against vampires, using the fae royals as puppets. Fools. I will never forgive Niall for the devastation he caused out of pure arrogance and naivety.

"I sliced her insides open." Smiling I reflected on when I killed the bitch. "I decorated the halls with her blood and gave her body parts as gifts to vampires. In fact…. her head is still kept in storage in Russia." Chuckling I began to slice his torso open, showing him what I did to his sister.

"You beautiful bastard." Still the same insane fairy then, even in the lead up to his inevitable death.

"Hmm that's not what Mab said when I did this to her." Reaching inside his stomach that I hadn't cut into yet, I ripped out his intestine. Thankfully fairies last much longer than humans so I get to torture him more.

Watching him scream, I tied his intestine around his ankles and neck as he cried and cried.

"I fucking told you!" He yelled in-between sobs.

"No you told me a name. I want an explanation" I was getting bored now. Torture isn't what it used to be.

"You killed my sister, I wanted revenge. I wanted to hurt you- b-ut it's hard to physically hurt a being -such as you. At the time you were- were- were- one thousand years old. What could-" Stopping mid-sentence, he started violently coughing up blood.

"That isn't good… maybe your intestine should have stayed inside of you a little longer…"

"Y'think?!" He growled out, taking most of his energy.

Sighing I reached for the blood Bill had kindly donated; unwillingly of course but all the same. Opening the foul creature before me's mouth; I poured a mouthful or two down his throat and watched as his stomach began to stop bleeding.

"How many have you tortured Breandan? How many you have killed and raped… how many lives have you destroyed."

"Who gives a shit. I loved every minute… girls of all ages crying as I pounded into them…. fuck they were tight. And the boys! Oh the boys! "

This bastard deserves pain. More than pain. He deserves hell. And that's exactly what I am going to give him.

#Missing Scene 3 –Fintan and Dermott

[Set during the two scenes above]

3rd Person POV

"DERMOTT TRANSFER IT INTO THE HEART!" Fintan's shouts echoed around the room of where the Heart of Albion was kept; stood around the Heart was Becki, Fintan and Dermott. Black threads of magic eloped Dermott's body as his eyes turned red, power seeping off him.

Snapping his neck round, Dermott faced his brother as the ground began to shake. "I feel so alive" He hissed, spreading his arms wide; a wave of power catapulted Fintan into a nearby wall with a sickening crunch.

"Dermott my love." Walking towards Dermott, Becki showed no hesitation as she approached her chosen. "Do I not make you feel alive? Or have you forsaken our love as well?" She was now standing so close to him that she could make out every freckle, every scar and every line perfectly.

"You know that is not true." Lowering his arms, Dermott's body continued to radiate black threads of magic however his demeanour changed rapidly.

"Prove it." Wrapping her arms around his neck, Becki latched her lips onto his; as he gave in to the kiss, the dark magic surrounding him became lesser as it moved into it's new host that was trying to possess it. Stumbling back from the kiss, Becki opened her eyes as Dermott also did. His eyes had returned to the usual dark chocolate colour that Becki adored however hers had now turned red.

Stumbling backwards, she fell directly into the Heart, a bright light filling up the room like a supernova; temporary blinding both Dermott and a now conscious Fintan. And finally it was over.

Crawling over to his love, Dermott turned Becki's still body over so her head rested on his lap.

"Becki?" He whispered. His voice now the only sound in the ancient room.

A small moan left her lips as she turned her head and rubbed her cheek on his thigh. She was alive.

#Missing Scene 4 –Pam & Eric


"Eric I need you to listen whilst I talk, I don't want any interruptions." Not waiting for a reply, I continued; making sure that I had my bitch mask on and my emotions numbed. "I am leaving. I don't belong here anymore, you've got Sookie and Leif and that's all you need. And in order to make this easier I wish to be released and contact between us to be kept as a minimum. I need to create a life of my own; I had that before Sookie and everything else because we had Fangtasia but now I see my-self as an intruder. Leif is your son by right, I am just your progeny that you created so you would not walk this Earth alone and you now have no need of me. You may not see it that way but it is how I see it and I accept that. I am not bitter about it, in my honest opinion I am grateful as I am allowed to have independence and find my place in this world. I will be leaving the States tonight and I have organised for my assets to be returned back to you since I never bought them with my own money. Fangtasia is yours as it always should have been and I have left the Batmobile parked out front, all the documents are in the driver's seat along with the keys for the house you bought me. I do not have a need for the clothes, Sookie can have them.

I know this seems sudden me wanting to leave but I need independence and to let my-self become unattached from you all. When you turned me, one of the first lessons you taught was that attachments would kill me, that I should rely on one person. Me. This is me actually doing that Eric, I need to be released." He had sat there emotionless as I spoke, his stare fixed on the floor.

"You are right. You should leave." His voice was bitter, full of anger as he stood to his full height. "Pamela, as your maker I release you." I choked back a sob as I felt his presence in my mind leave; a quiet, almost silent void remained where our child maker bond was. I knew that if I let it he could feel my emotions and I his but nowhere near as powerful as it once was. I instantly missed it but I couldn't let that stop me.

"I may decide to return in a century or too. I wish you the best of luck with your son and bonded. Goodbye Eric." Standing on my tip-toes despite wearing my usual stilettoes, I kissed his cheek and walked towards the door out of the living area. Looking back, I watched as he stood there silently, like a statue; it took every ounce of will power that I had not to run back to him and apologise. With a spin on my heel, I ran out of the house and dialled Sookie's number.


"The red Prada pumps with the gold heel in wardrobe 14.2, the heel will need replacing after wearing them twice, three times at a push. You need to get to Eric' house. Good-bye my telepathic friend." Putting the phone down, I played the one song that I knew Eric hated most and removed one of the bricks that only I knew was loose and hid my phone behind it after slotting the brick back in place.

I'm still a bitch after all.

Eric POV

I was still in a state of shock as I walked out of the living area after staying motionless for what felt like forever. Pam was gone.

I needed air.

Walking out of the front door, I stopped mid step as the sound of 'Super star' by Toy – fucking – box. Where the fuck was that coming from? Walking backwards in shock that my child – no, not my child; Pamelacould be so cunning, my legs hit the Batmobile. Turning around I was met with one name painted over the bonnet of the tank like car. It read –Hector.

#Missing Scene 5 – Eric – King of Louisiana

Eric POV

"Sherriff Northman, it's good to see you finally back with us. Is your child attending?" Nan asked. Sat around a circular table, I waited for Thalia to arrive to put things in motion.

"Pamela Ravenscroft is no longer in Louisiana and will no longer have relations involving the rulings of the United States. Now if you will shall we proceed?" I let my voice remain calm and neutral as I spoke.

"As you wish. Today there are numerous vampires present. In turn I will introduce each vampire to any who are not familiar with those new. On my right, is Felipe De Castro, King of Nevada" Gesturing to her right, Nan and everyone else watched with pity as De Castro waved his hands in a unusual way, drawing attention to his self and leaving most vampires present questioning his sanity. It wouldn't be the first time. "And next to him on his right, he is joined by Lorena, maker of William Compton who sits to her right. William Compton is to be accompanied by the most trusted guards of the Authority, his main handler is Blake." Nodding his head, a gay storm trooper stood tall behind one armed Bill. "To my left is Eric Northman, Sheriff of Louisiana. And to his left is Andre, child of the late Sophie Anne, her most trusted and one of her most valuable assets. To his left is Stan Davis, new King of Texas, next to him is Peter Threadgill, King of Arkansas. Following on is Freyda, Queen of Oklahoma. And finally, the oldest in the United States – Russell Edginton, King of Mississippi. But not to be forgotten, here is Winsor, Magister of the Authority." Gesturing with her hands, the doors opened and in walked Winsor in all his arrogance. What a cunt.

"Welcome Royals….and Northman." Bastard.

"If you don't mind Magister… I cant help but wonder why William Compton is present…as well as Felipe. Was it not proven that it was them who murdered Sophie Anne and Sookie Stackhouse? William Compton's actions alone nearly caused a war with the fae. Not to mention him turning my bonded against her will after abducting her, and him being under suspicion for blowing up the hotel, murdering over one hundred vampires." My voice remained the same level and coldness as I reigned in my feelings of outrage and disgust.

Watching the cunt sit down, we all waited for his response. "William Compton is to be sentenced and punished by the new King of Louisiana… Eric Northman, as voted by the Council and the Authority, I, Magister of the Vampires in the United States, crown you as King of Louisiana and all her assets; including any outstanding punishments to be made. As it was your bonded he harmed, also your state that he weakened and your deceased monarch he murdered, William Compton will be punished by you." The room fell silent as all eyes landed on me and the papers that confirmed my-self as King were pushed towards me. Without hesitation I signed on the dotted line.

The silence was broken by the sound of Thalia running into the conference room, brief case in hand. About fucking time.

"I think we are due a break, we will return in 20 minutes and any further issues may be resolved." Standing and collecting her folder, Nan exited swiftly, followed closely by the Magister. The room remained silent as we all began a staring contest between one another; every one appeared calm with the exception of Felipe who looked like he's just found out porn had been erased from the internet and Bill who looked like he had shit his-self – no change there then.

Standing, I sighed as I gathered my own papers and phone (one can never be too careful) and opened the door out of the conference room. "After you Thalia"

After making sure that the contracts Thalia brought were correct, I made my way to meet with Victor and Russell to finalise our plans.

Back in the conference room, we all waited for Felipe, Nan and the Magister to return; we heard them before we saw them.


"Felipe control your-self, you never earned the state, you inherited it. Now grow a pair and shut the fuck up. Get back in that conference room." Ah Nan, the mother vampire.

Stomping in like a spoilt brat, Felipe sat down and sulked; neither the magister nor Nan looked amused.

"Northman get on with what-ever you have undoubtedly got up your sleeve."

"Very well then. My first act of King of Louisiana is to make Thalia here" Motioning to the older yet smaller vampire next to me, I continued; letting power and authority rule in my voice. "Sheriff of Area 4, the land bordering Area 5. My second act is that she may only be relieved of her duties by either my-self, not the King of Louisiana and the Authority. My second act is that Area 5 is to become independent and to be ruled solely by its Sheriff; in addition to this it will no longer be associated with the great state of Louisiana but instead to be considered a kingdom in its own right. However, as King of Louisiana and Sherriff of Area 5 I grant the Kingdom the Royal protection of Louisiana and her assets. As King I pledge to protect Area 5 with Louisiana's resources and will protect the kingdom under every circumstance. Thalia the documents." Having the documents that explained in excessive detail of the extent that Area 5 is independent followed by the official contract stating the protection of Area 5 by Louisiana and then Thalia being named as Sherriff made things a lot easier and quicker. Signing all the forms quickly, I watched as Thalia signed her own. "Russell and Victor, would you mind signing as witnesses? You as well Magister?" I fought hard to keep my smirk at bay but after being kicked in the leg by Victor, I presumed that I had failed miserably.

"In addition to being a witness, as King of Mississippi I offer Area 5 the independent kingdom the protection of the great state of Mississippi." Dipping his ring crest into ink, he placed his seal on the paper that held the formal protection of Louisiana.

"And I too, as King of Nevada offer Area 5 royal protection of the state." He also repeated the process Russell followed.

"And now, I pronounce my heir as Andre, Progeny of the late Sophie-Anne; on the condition that when I either resign or meet the true death that he will keep the peace with Area 5 and her residents." Passing a pen to Andre, I watched as shock took over his physically young face.

"I accept." After he finished scrawling his name, I proceeded.

"I officially resign as King of Louisiana and will continue to rule over Area 5."

#Missing Scene 6 – Sookie & Eric

Sookie POV

"Hello my lover" Eric's voice echoed around my head as it did when he was telepathically speaking to me over a distance. "Things are finally cleared up from last night and I can return to you."

"I've missed you and I can't wait to see you but you're best driving, it's really wet" Waving, I watched as Jason and Hunter left to go pick up Leif so they could go grab some food together and bond.

"That's exactly how I expect your sweet pussy to be when I get to you" My cheeks most likely instantly reddened as I felt heat not just go to my cheeks.

"You can't say that mister! What if my shields were down and Hunter was around and he heard?" Walking into my bedroom that I had occupied at Jason's house, I laid down holding my teddy bear that had been there since I was a little girl over my chest.

"You were feeling worried yet happy which meant that you were watching Hunter leave with your brother. Plus its half seven, they were due to leave half an hour ago but your brother most likely just left since he is always late."

"Smart ass. Just get home already." I replied, anxious for him to return that little bit more since he had begun to send me mental images of his aching gracious plenty.

"Shit. The corvette just broke down. Lover I won't be home for a while it seems."

Fuck. By the time he gets it towed and have another car sent to him it would be way past my resting time; I can't wait any longer to see my vampire.

Closing my eyes, I focused on directly where I wanted to be. With a louder than usual pop, I felt my body become weightless and then back to normal in under a second.

"Sookie?" Feeling cool fingers stroke my cheeks, I opened my eyes and smiled when I was greeted by Eric whose lap I was currently straddling. Pulling his face down to mine our lips met hungrily, our tongues fighting for dominance. Pulling back to get a good look of the man I hadn't seen in what felt like forever, I also took in our surroundings. Straddling his lap, we were in the Corvette but off the main road, assumingly on a little gravel path that lead from the main road; Eric must have driven onto here to keep out of oncoming traffic when the engine went to shits.

"Hey…" My voice was barely a whisper as I witnessed the first Eric Northman smile that hadn't been present since Pam left. It was truly beautiful. The smile remained as his hands sneaked under my dress as they ran up and down my thighs. "We…"His lips moved to my neck, attacking it with his tongue and lips "Can't…" His hands moved further up my dress to cup my butt "Do…" One of his hands moved to my hair, running his long fingers through it, gripping lightly. "This…" His hand on my butt now pressing my ass into his bulge constrained in his jeans that just got an awful lot tighter. "Here…" As his hips thrust upwards into my pantie covered core, I lost the argument I was having with my inner self that realistically I had already lost when I landed on his lap and helped him pull my dress off swiftly. As his eyes latched onto my breasts held back in my bra, I used his distraction to yank his t-shirt off and unbuckle his jeans, desperate to get what lay underneath. After pulling his jeans off him, I found what I was desperate to have.

Taking my eyes off the prize, I looked back at my Viking. Growling, he ripped my bra straight from my body, my breasts bouncing out as he did. "No time for foreplay…" I whispered, eager to have him inside of me.

Watching him smirk, my eyes followed his hand as one of his long fingers dipped into my wetness and re-emerged, his now wet finger spreading my juices along my lower lip. "No panties on…naughty girl." He whispered back, as his last words left his mouth, his lips latched onto mine, sucking my juices off my lip as he placed me above his gracious plenty and without warning, pushed me down hard onto his waiting manhood. A loud moan left my lips as I felt him fill me completely. Before I had time to adjust to his size, he began thrusting into me, lifting my hips, making them meet him thrust for thrust. Our eyes stayed on one another, my hands holding the back of his neck as I clung on for my dear life; both of us moaning and groaning. All too soon I felt my-self close to climaxing, my screams became louder and louder, spurring Eric on to thrust harder and deeper. Our bond flowed with feelings of intense lust and love for one another; our fangs both revealing also our other hunger which were out on full display. Quickly moving my mouth to his neck, I pushed my fangs in hard and began sucking greedily on his blood that flooded my mouth; the sweet taste of his blood pushed me over the edge as I came violently around him as he continued to pump even after he roared out in pleasure as he drunk from my neck also in a joint feeding.

Both of us were spent for the time being, our bodies clung to each other, desperate for closeness.

"I missed you my lover, more than you could possibly imagine."

"I missed you too Eric" Kissing his temple, I settled in his lap; only now noticing that he had moved the seat back even further to accommodate my-self positioned ontop of him. Thoughtful Viking.

"Sookie do you love me?" His voice became suddenly quiet as I felt uneasiness and nerves flow through our bond.

"Of course I do, what makes you say that?" I replied, flooding the bond with the love I felt for him and more.

"Will you and Hunter move in with me?" The car was now filled with silence. Silence that was never there when I was with Eric. It un-nerved me.

If there was one thing that I had always been taught was to be honest. No matter what you should always be honest.
"No." I felt the bond instantly flood with hurt but I was surprised that he hadn't shut it down. It was his reflex- feel nothing.

"I see…" His face had become emotionless however. His eyes stared into nothing and his body became still; he effectively became what he is: dead.

"Let me explain" Taking his face in my hands I looked into his eyes, pleading with him to listen. I am so bad at this. "Hunter needs stability. I need stability. I'm not saying that we wouldn't be unstable at your place it's just we haven't been together that long and if anything was to happen…I just need Hunter to see you and me as different things, right now if we moved in, I'm afraid he would see you as a replacement, it's too soon after Remy. Eric I love you, it's just I think Hunter and I need time."

I watched as he closed his eyes and nodded, our bond now filling with acceptance. "I understand. Just promise me that you will always remember that you have a home not just at your brothers but with me." His large hands stroked my naked sides soothingly.

"I promise. I'm not saying never you know…ask me in a few months." Grinning I kissed his lips as the bond now filled with joy.

"Du kommer att vara min brud"

"What does that mean?"

"You'll find out when the time is right." He replied, smiling from ear to ear.

#Missing Scene 7 Godric & Claudine

Godric POV

"I'll miss the fae realm." Claudine said as she wrapped her arm around my waist. It felt good to be intimate with someone again; yet it wasn't like the other times in my long history. This time it felt different. It felt more secure, comfortable, right.

Although I am several centuries Claudine's elder, we are equals.

"If you don't want to go…"

"No I want to" Kissing my cheek, she held onto my torso tighter.

We had yet to have sex…unfortunately.

It takes all of my self-control not to bend her over and fuck her into oblivion. I can surround my-self with fairies that would snap a normal vampire's self-control, even if they were at my age. But because of my immunity to their scent, it seems it doesn't apply to Claudine's body.

Normally I'm not very vulgar but the images running through my mind when I put my hands on her delicate body….fuck. I've never felt this intense about someone and we haven't even had sex yet.

"I would have thought Eric would have been here to wave you off. I know Hunter is ill so Sookie is staying with him but still…" Walking up the stairs into the plane, I held her hand as she was still unsure of the mechanical flying machine as she so cutely put it.

"We have a ….complex relationship." Smiling back at her, I lead her to the seating area and sat her down on my lap; wanting to feel her close.

As we took off, I looked out the window as we sped down the runway. Roughly three hundred meters away, a lone figure stood watching the plane. Winking at the man, I smiled as Eric nodded in response. The interaction was of a millisecond as the plane was in the air seconds later.

"Where are we going first then Godric?"

"I think we have deserved some quiet after being involved in such petty affairs so I believe Western France, Bordeaux is near by the little town we will be staying in, it's by the sea."

"Sounds perfect" Shuffling slightly, she moved her mouth to my ear as she whispered. "When we get there I believe it's time we take our relationship further" Taking my earlobe into my mouth, she bit. I blame her for my next act as I pushed her onto the couch and kissed her with everything I had. Every feeling I had towards her, urge, impulse and thought. And she responded. Like the warrior she is.

#Missing Scene 7 Eric & Hunter – Sookie & Leif – Leif & Hunter – Jason & Leif – Hunter & Jason – Sookie & Jason

Eric POV

"Ready or not here I come." Stalking into the living room, I tried my hardest not to inhale and find the young boy instantly. Apparently that would spoil the fun. Because of one Sam fucking Merlotte Sookie had to go to work and I was left with the young telepath – Hunter.

Until now I had never been left this long with the boy since Sookie was always there keeping an eye on things; tonight however was as Sookie so fondly called it –'Eric and Hunter bonding time'.

"Uncle Eric?" Coming out of his hiding spot in the entertainment cupboard, Hunter ran up to me with his eyes wide in wonder. Lifting him up, I held his delicate young body, praying that I wouldn't break him.

"What is it lilla människan?"

"I wanna play on the PeeSTwee!" He said, his eyes lighting up in excitement and his hands clapping together giddily.

"PS3? You're a little young for that I think, but what about the Wii?" I asked, negotiating since I knew Sookie's views on the whole PS3 situation. At least I didn't let him play Call of Duty. She blew it totally out of proportion. It was only Grand Theft Auto…

"Weeee! Yeah! Driving game?" He asked, equally as excited. Thank god. Walking over to the couch, I sat him down in his special spot and passed him a steering wheel as I switched the TV on; loading the insane yet brilliant game Mario Kart. I hadn't played the game since the plane journey in which I played against Sookie and Pam until Hunter found it when running round the house with chocolate cake covering his face.

"Ready lilla människan?" I asked as the numbers counting down began. He had chosen to be Mario, claiming that since he was wearing red it was only fair, cheeky little sod… but I couldn't help laugh at how serious he was when he pleaded his case.
"READY!" He squealed with joy that made me smile. My excuse for smiling like an idiot is that Hunter is unlike other teacup humans. He is of Sookie's blood.

Sookie POV

Turning the engine off, I sighed in exhaustion. I would have to cook Hunter some food and try and get him to sleep; this is no easy task after working all day. Climbing out of the car that I can't even remember the name off, I locked the door and opened the front door; kicking my shoes off as I walked in. It was the only rule Eric had in his house. No shoes.

Sound came from the kitchen that sounded oddly like the mixer and a smell of chocolate wafted in.

"Eric? Hunter?"

"In here" Eric's voice sounded higher than usual, almost giddy.

Looking in the kitchen, what I saw can only be described as a disaster zone. Chocolate covered every surface and also their clothes. Smiling, Hunter was sat on the counter, chocolate all over his hands and face, greedily licking the spatula covered in cake mixture whilst Eric sat on the counter opposite, drinking a true blood leisurely.

"What have you done?" My eyes were wide in shock at the mess they had caused; no way was I going to clean this up.

"We made cake Aunt Sookeeee!"

"I see that! Just tidy it up for me okay? Also Hunter will need a bath…Good luck!" Going into the living room, I saw Leif spread out on the couch, playing Mario Kart. "You just let them make all that mess?" I asked, plopping down onto the couch he was laid on.

"Pretty much; they were both really enjoying it so I just let them get on with it." He replied, turning his game off and facing me. "How was work?"

"Same old. I'm getting pretty sick of it, my new powers give me the confidence in knowing that I can do more than serve fries to people who think I'm not worth the shit they stood on. How are you? Settling in well?"

"Yeah I guess. It's just weird waking up and finding that I'm in exactly the same place that I went to sleep in and that I don't get forgotten."

3rd Person POV

Truth be told, Leif was more affected than he let on. He woke up often a few hours before dawn, screaming and sweating. Eric stayed with him when it happened and wouldn't leave until he rose after the sun set; Leif needed stability and reassurance and Eric was sure as fuck gonna give it to him.

"I'm always here if you wanna talk." Leif had seen just short of 18 summers when he was captured, he never had time to grow into the man he was meant to become. Living as a young man throughout the centuries had been testing on his mind. Some vampires suffer from the lack of ability to adjust; Leif however had it one million times worse – he wasn't even an onlooker like a vampire in the shadows. He existed but never actually lived. Vampires had their makers or could glamour someone into submission; yes Leif could spend the night with someone or befriend a companion, but what was the use in that? They would forget him when they next opened their eyes the following night.

"I appreciate it, thank-you." He was honest in his words; he truly liked Sookie Stackhouse. She was smart, brave, honest and stubborn. Everything his father needed and more. Her beauty was just an added bonus. She would be the perfect wife for his father. Someone who Leif could resemble not quite as a mother, but perhaps a godmother, someone who cares deeply for him like a mother yet can still hold the same friendship a normal man and woman could possess where inside jokes could be shared, no awkwardness on the topic of sex or personal problems.

"I'm gonna make some pie once they've cleaned up, want any?" Sookie asked as she probed the bond to see whether the boys in the kitchen had finished yet. They hadn't.

"You don't have to; I've ordered pizza to save you cooking." He replied, smiling brightly. What is it with males and pizza? Sookie thought.

"That's sweet of you, thanks; what time is it ordered for?"

"Jase is picking it up."

"Jason's coming? There's no point in tidying up then!"

"Does that mean we don't have to?" A voice that belonged to Eric's bellowed through the arch way into the kitchen.

"No! Hurry up Eric you've got vamp speed on your side!"

"Do you know how hard chocolate is to clean up?" He answered, sounding frustrated. Huffing, Sookie walked into the kitchen and waved her fingers over the counters, small bits of water pooled and began to wash the chocolate away. "Now that's cheating."

"Aunt Sookiee is Uncle Jason coming?" Hunter ran up to Eric who caught him easily as Sookie stood next to them both. They looked so cute.

"Yeah, he's bringing pizza." A smile spread across Hunter's face as he heard the word pizza. "We gonna go get you cleaned up buddy?"

"I'll do it." Leif announced as he walked into the kitchen and took Hunter from Eric's arms. "Jason should be here in fifteen so we will be down by then. Come on kiddo, I'll even let you wear your Slytherin Robe that Sookie hates."

"He is a Griffindor!" Sookie yelled as they walked away giggling.

"Lover, in case you haven't noticed… we're alone." Snaking his arms around her waist from behind, Eric placed his chin on her shoulder and tilted his head into her neck and gently kissed it.

"Mmmm baby we don't have enough time" Holding her hands over his she closed her eyes and let her-self get absorbed into the comfort he provided. "But we can once Leif and Hunter have gone to sleep"

"Leif is keeping vampire hours now though; can't I just take you now on the kitchen counter?" He practically wined.

"What do you mean he's keeping vampire hours?" Sookie asked as she spun round in his arms, a worried look plastered over her delicate features. "I thought he was doing okay with blending in with humans. Wont it be risky for him to be out at night?"

"The spell that Claudine cast over him will keep his scent contained, I mean I haven't wanted to bite him since he's been here, have you? He's staying up because of the panic, it's better if he sleeps during the day, that way when he wakes up it is different to how it used to be when he was in that room of Breandans." Fury still crept into Eric's voice as he thought of the vile fairy that ripped his son's life apart; he would forever hate himself for not knowing that Leif was alive.

"I'd suggest he stay with me for a bit to see if he gets better but its pretty crowded at Jason's."

"You could live here you know…."


"I know" Huffing, he kissed her lips gently and lead her into the living room where he sat his-self down and pulled her onto his lap.

"I love you Eric, you know that right?"

"I love you too Sookie." Smiling he caressed her face as she snuggled into his chest.

"You miss Pam, I know you do. I also miss her but we've gotta let her do what she's gotta do; you'll never forgive your-self if you brought her back when she wasn't ready."

"How did you know-"

"When I was tidying up this morning, Hunter went into your office and started playing around on your computer, he didn't damage anything I checked; but a picture of Pam came up and so did a lot of pieces about where she is…"

"Miss Marple." He muttered under his breath. He wasn't annoyed, more impressed that Hunter had managed to find that so easily.

"I like your background on it." Sookie replied smiling cheekily. His computer wallpaper was one that Jason had taken when he had being fiddling with his new camera. It was of Leif and Hunter playing a video game in the living room with Eric and Sookie snuggled up together on the couch next to Leif and Hunter. Everything was natural; there was no posing just captured happiness.

"I thought it would be best to keep it PG if Hunter did ever see it. Just as well… my cell however, now that's a different story." Taking his cell out of his pocket, he looked at the screen. "Miss Stackhouse you naughty girl." Seeing the picture, Sookie sat up and reached out to grab the phone from him.

"Hey! Change that picture Eric!" Climbing up his body, Sookie wrestled Eric for the cell, this wasn't PG as Eric cheekily touched Sookie's breast, just like how Sookie pressed onto Eric's crotch as she retrieved his phone. Going onto his picture library on his cell, she flicked through the pictures to find a replacement. Many were of her and Hunter, or of her and Leif. The rest were of him-self and Pam in numerous funny situations. Ones of Pam's face in disgust as she watched fang bangers or where she looked particularly murderous at the camera; but a few were of him and Pam without their masks of scary vampire, they were more relaxed and free. There was even one of the both of them with Godric. It was all very human. Something which Sookie didn't expect from any of the three vampires.

"There." Handing the cell back to Eric, he looked at his new wallpaper on his phone. It was one of him and Pam outside their 'batmobile' in what appeared to be a heated discussion. Maxwell Lee had taken that photo.

Smiling weakly, Eric put his cell away and went to open the door for Sookie's brother who he could hear coming down the driveway.

The pizza was delicious as all five of them sat round the dining table, each eating a slice except for Eric who went for a True Blood.

"So I was thinking, how about I take Hunter to a football game? Bon Temps high are playing this weekend, I know how much you hate football so I guess I might as well."

"What do you think Hunter?"

"Yeah! Aunt Sookiee can I go? pweaaassee!"

"Course you can. Leif? You wanna go too?"

"I'm good thanks, I'm more of a cricket fan my-self." He ignored the silence that spread around the table as Sookie and Jason looked at him shocked. Eric and Hunter continued eating and drinking, much like Leif who was immune to the American's shock.

"Cricket?" Jason said, his voice betraying his utter shock.


"Dude we have got to get you to a football game!"

"I prefer Rugby."

"WHERE DID YOU LIVE WHEN THOSE FAIRIES HAD YOU?!" Jason exclaimed standing up from his seat. Leif merely looked at him amused as did Eric. Sookie supported her brother. Obviously.

"England, Scotland, Wales – great country by the way, erm let me see, Italy for a bit, Czechoslovakia for a bit – Prague is lovely, France, Egypt, Sweden…" His voice trailed off as he met his fathers eye when he mentioned their birth country.

"Man…Cricket." Jason muttered, amazed by his opinion. In Jason's eyes American football was the best sport in the world.

"Americans." Leif stated as he winked at his father.

"Hey!" Sookie said as she smacked Leif's arm. "I guess we just won't agree on sports. Jase outside of Europe they don't play American Football, they play soccer which they call football. Or cricket or even rugby which is really violent from what I hear!"

"Meh" Shrugging, Leif returned to his food as the banter continued throughout the meal time.

When bedtime came for Hunter, Jason won the fight as to who would get to read Hunter a bed time story.

As he closed the book he tucked his nephew in, smiling at how innocent the boy was.

"You doing okay kiddo?"

"Yeah, Aunt Sookiee is being real nice letting me use her shields. It's nice not hearing what people are saying inside their head. Uncle Jason can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, what is it Hunter?" Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jason made sure that Hunter would be warm enough.

"That lady Michelle that goes to where they do real nice fries and chicken where Aunt Sookiee works really likes you. Will you like her back? She gets real lonely."

"I will see what I can do."

"She gave me her fries that she didn't want although she secretly did but thought I should have them."

"Well you go to sleep now, or Aunt Sookie will be mad and might throw some water at us again!"

"That was fun!" Holding his hand out for a high-five, Hunter giggled as Jason gave him one.

"Yeah it was! Night Hunter. Sleep tight."

"Night Uncle Jason"

Watching from the door way, Sookie smiled as Jason walked up to her. Hugging her brother as he closed Hunter's door, she smiled as she felt his arms hold her tight.

"Sook you know I'm always here for you y'know?"

"I know, Gran is so proud" Smiling, Sookie lead her brother back into the living room.


The knock at the door signalled Eric's arrival. Not to mention the bond practically jumped for joy since we were so close. Opening the door I was met with my handsome Viking looking dashing as ever in simple jeans and a dress shirt with a couple of buttons undone showing some of his magnificent chest topped off with his signature leather jacket. Yum.

"Where to Viking?" I asked as I locked the door behind me, Eric had yet to say a word.

"Can't I have a moment to appreciate my lover looking as beautiful as ever?" He asked, a grin plastered on his face.

"Not in this heat!" Hurrying to the recently repaired Corvette, I climbed inside, sighing as the cool air made contact with my skin. Within a second, my now grumpy Viking got in, slamming the door shut.

"It seems Miss Stackhouse you are getting ruder and ruder, I expect compensation later." Winking, he put the car in gear and sped off out of Bon Temps.

"I look forward to it." Smirking I kept my eyes ahead as I knew from the feelings coming through the bond that he was getting excited. He wasn't the only one. "You never answered my question." I said as we travelled further down the road.

"You never let me have my moment so for now my lover, that information will remain confidential." We sat in comfortable silence for the rest of the journey until we reached a bright and loud car-park. Opposite was the fair


"Yes lover?"

"We're going in right?"

"Of course we are."

"I bloody love you." I hadn't been to a fair since I was a little girl where we had to go home early because Jason threw up after eating too much candyfloss. Coming round to my side of the car, Eric held his hand out for me as I exited the car, my hand firmly in his as we walked through the entrance.

Everything was so loud and happy, the Ferris Wheel stood as the main attraction in the middle of the fair; young children ran around chasing one another with painted face of numerous animals, adults walked round hand in hand, all looking happy. Their thoughts read the same.

"Now I believe it is only right that you have some candyfloss and a go on the Ferris Wheel but not just yet…" Leading me through the masses of people we reached 'hit the bell' where someone has to hit the pad with a giant hammer and hope that the bell reaches the top. "It is tradition is it not that on a date the woman expects to receive a prize won by her man?"

"Why yes I think it is." I answered giggling.

Paying the man his money, Eric took the hammer as people gathered round and slammed the instrument down on the pad with not even a tenth of his strength. The bell went straight to the top, the pad now having a slight crack in it where Eric hit the hammer it. A noise sounded from the machine as Eric was informed that he had won the biggest prize. Taking my hand he took me to where I could choose a giant teddy bear. To say I was excited would be an understatement. "Take your pick lover." Smiling down at me, he held my hand as I squealed with joy.

"The pink bear please"

"The pink bear for the lady if you please." Eric said to the man who went to retrieve my cuddly toy. As soon as I got it I gave Eric a kiss and held the bear to my chest. "You're just a big kid really aren't you?"

"Someone getting jealous?" I asked innocently as I skipped off to go find a ride we could go on.

"Never. Where to next Miss Stackhouse?" Taking my free hand he gave it a squeeze as we strolled along amongst the crowd. Spotting a sign, I dragged my man along with me. "Ghost train? Sookie you do realise that you are bonded to a vampire, far worse than a ghost."

"I've only ever been to a fun fair once and we left after Jason ate too much candyfloss, we only got to go on one ride and that was teacups. So Mr Northman we are going to go on the ghost train and you're going to hold my hand" Opening my purse, I looked for some money to pay the ghost train ticket man however when I opened it, inside my purse was a small pouch; looking inside there was at least a hundred tokens for the fair. "Eric what the hell is all this?!" I hissed as I stared at him in shock.

"I wanted you to be able to take Hunter if you're ever stuck on what to do for the day." He explained not very convincingly.

"You've not been to a fair in a while have you?"

"Like you I have only ever been once and that was with Pam for her turn day. We spent most of it scaring couples who got frisky on the ghost train." Smirking he took two tokens out of the pouch and gave them to the ride owner who pulled up the bar in one of the carts for us.

After seating our-selves in the ride, I decided not to pull Eric up on the whole token thing. I was already denying him me and Hunter living with him, could I really deny him giving me sweet gifts like this? Keep telling yourself that darling, we both know you like being spoilt stupid subconscious.

As the ride took our cart into the darkness, I held onto Eric's hand despite knowing we could both very easily kill anything wanting to harm us in less than five seconds.

After the ghost train, we went on several other rides; finally ending up on the Ferris wheel, way after the fair closed with candyfloss one of my hands and Eric holding the other. It couldn't get more perfect. The lights of the fair that Eric had asked to be left on lit up the ground blew us,; the air had gotten colder at the top and despite being a vampire I still felt better with Eric's jacket around my shoulders as I snuggled into his side.

"My Gran told me something before we left the fae realm…"

"What she say lover?" Running his hands up and down my arms soothingly, he held me tighter.

"She told me a prophecy that Niall had told her when they first met. It was:

He thee one that drains her dry

The one that is cold

Find the blonde,

The one that can fly,

It is for he who will break the hold.

The new beginning will come

And for that she will respond."

"That has gotta be one of the lamest prophecies I have ever heard. The Doctor who one was a lot better."

"Hey! It's about us y'know"

"I know but seriously? The one that can fly? Surely the Heart of Albion could have come up with something better."

"Oh yeah? And what do you suggest? He will knock three times?"

"Do not mock the Doctor Sookie." He said, giving me a cheeky wink.

"Baby is that a sonic screwdriver in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" I said in my best flirty voice; his dorkiness turning me on in a weird way.

"Lets get out of here." Picking me up bridal style, we forgot about Eric's car as we soared into the air, both desperate to be connected again.

The End.

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