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Holly skipped up to the front door of her house. "Come on Mum!" She called behind her.


"Yes Mum?"

"Why do you never have this much energy on a school day?" She asked tiredly.

"Silly! Because school is boring!" She called back.

"Oh, that is it!" She chased after Holly, who dodged. Her mum dug out her keys as she slowed down, unlocking the door. "Go on ahead Holly. I'll just get the shopping."

"Ok!" Holly chirped, darting inside – only to get swept off her feet by her dad. "Hi Dad!" She called in his ear, making him flinch slightly.

"Hello honey. And speaking of sweet things..." He pulled out a small bag. "Do you like sherbet lemons?" He asked, smiling.

"Thank you Daddy!" Holly squealed, grabbing the bag and pulling out a sweet, popping it in her mouth, followed by another going in her dad's hand. He smiled.

"Thanks Hol." He pointed outside. "I'm just going to help your mother." He walked out towards the car, grabbing several bags.

Half an hour later, Holly was in her room. The walls were fuchsia, with a flower pattern just above the skirting board. She had a small bookcase that was loosely packed with books. She had a wardrobe filled mostly with dresses, but there were some t-shirts and skirts. There were some pony posters around the walls, as well as one or two with other animals, like cute species of bears. She had a water bed in one corner of the room, the foot opposite her bay windows. Finally, there was a desk with a desktop computer, with all of the needed sites blocked. Holly turned it on.

She checked her e-mail inbox. Her parents let her have an account when she swore that she wouldn't use it for anything she shouldn't, just for contacting friends. She smiled as she saw her best friend was on IM. She opened a window and conversed with her for about twenty minutes.

After those twenty minutes had passed, she checked her inbox again. She had three messages. Two were junk and the first was odd. When she deleted it, she found another, identical message in her inbox. Sighing, she opened the e-mail. Whilst it was loading, she headed to a gaming website, playing a game called 'Grid 16'. Once that was done, she checked the e-mail.

It can't be what this looks like... She thought, gasping.

Hawke was having a terrible day.

His phone had been stolen, along with his wallet, so he had to walk home. Then some thugs thought they'd choose him as their next target, leaving him with bruises covering his body and a lot of pain. And then he'd wound up lost. How is it possible to get lost around the corner from your house? Hawke hadn't had to walk it before. He sighed as he turned the key in the lock, hoping the end didn't snap off. Knowing his luck today though...

The door opened and Hawke stepped in. "Hawke! You're ok!" His mum ran up and hugged him, tears on her cheeks. "Why didn't you call to say you were going to be late?" she asked, panicked.

"Robbed." He replied, simply "Took my phone and wallet." He didn't feel in the mood for talking, so headed to his room. His mother understood and left him alone. She knew what he was like after all.

"Why did I have to choose to live in Manchester?" She muttered as she watched him walking upstairs. Hawke looked around his room. It was a smallish room, with a bed and a desk with an average sized TV and a Nintendo Wii on top. A laptop lay on the floor beside it. A wardrobe was to the right and a chest of drawers to the right of that. Against the next wall was a bookcase that was overflowing. Behind the bed was a three piece photograph of a small pier at sunset. The pale shade of blue in the artwork matching the walls of his room. He headed to the desk and picked up the laptop, booting it up. He logged in and instantly went to his inbox, not actually expecting anything to be there.

To his surprise, there was. Although it looked like junk mail, so he ignored it. Things saying 'You won!' in the subject generally are, especially if they say 'This is not a joke' as well. He sighed and closed it. Well, Hawke didn't exactly expect him to e-mail him. Not after the break up they'd just had. Not after finding his boyfriend and best friend with their lips locked together, in his bedroom. He rubbed his thumbs together and reopened the laptop. He looked again at the only e-mail he had. Might as well. He thought. He clicked on the e-mail, noting that there was no sender address, and waiting for it to open. He was shocked by what he saw.

Jade skipped through the front door, waving back at her boyfriend, waiting halfway down the drive. She breezed through the lower floor of her house, waving a hello to her parents as she passed them. "Jade. We want to talk about something." Her father stated, sternly. She gulped back the fear.

"Jade, we do not want you to date Nathan anymore." Her mother announced.


"He's a bad influence on you." Her father explained. "He's distracting you from your work, and is pulling you into all the wrong circles..."

"Oh, don't worry." Jade interrupted. "I broke up with Nathan several weeks ago."

"Really? Who are you dating now then?" Her mother asked, taken aback.

"His name's Dylan. And don't worry; he isn't doing anything bad now. In fact, I may end up staying with him." Jade explained.

"That'll be a change." Her father muttered with contempt in his tone.

"I'm so happy for you." Her mother said calmly, reminding herself to make a point of meeting this new boy.

"Now...About your outfit..." Her father started.

"Oh, not again, I already told you, I'll wear this whether you like it or not." Jade pouted before she carried on up to her room. "Bye!" She called over her shoulder. She walked up to her room.

Jade looked round. On the wall opposite the foot of her queen-sized bed was a large, flat-screen TV, along with several photographs of boys pinned to a corkboard. Above the photos was a heading: 'Ex-boyfriends'. Spread around the room was multiple posters of singers and bands, as well as some which pictured semi-naked men. There was a door leading to a walk-in wardrobe next to an area that was padded, ready for any gymnastics she wanted to do.

Jade did a pirouette, and then jumped onto her bed, pulling a laptop out from underneath after she settled a little. She turned it on and instantly logged on to Facebook before she checked her inbox; two hundred and seventy four new messages. She saw that two hundred and five were Facebook alerts and fifty six were love letters. Twelve of the rest were junk mail, but the last one was odd. There was no sender address. The subject line was 'You won! This is not a joke.' - Which always distracted her a little but she felt drawn to it...

This is stupid. She thought. It's probably just some junk mail. She clicked on in anyway. She gasped at what she saw.

Tammy walked into her house. Dad wasn't home, typical. "I'm home Ange!" Tammy called to her aunty. Angela walked out with a smile

"Where've you been Tams?" she asked while she whisked a bowl of pancake mixture by hand.

"With Alex." Tammy explained.

"Oh god, Tammy I've told you this before you can get boys so why have you resorted to girls?" Angela asked, exasperated as she trekked into the kitchen.

Tammy sighed and took her shoes off – she set them by the door – chasing after Angela she dropped her small bag and stopped to check her hair and makeup in the mirror. "I mean honestly Tammy, when I was your age I made sure I got my fair fill of the finest-"

"Please Ange, if dad heard you swearing he'd be furious!" Tammy interrupted. "Anyway don't worry, Alex is just a friend. I do have a boyfriend too, you know." she sighed as she sat at the breakfast bar.

"Really Tams? I mean come on, it's not fair on either of them that you are using them." Angela groaned as she flipped a pancake and then wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead.

"I'm happy and I'm sure they don't even know so who cares?" Tammy moaned.

Angela laid a pancake on a plate and put it in front of Tammy. Tammy looked at her and smiled. "Thanks." she stated flatly.

"I'm not moving until you eat it this time." Angela insisted.

"Urghhh Ange!" Tammy moaned as she stuck her fork in and chewed on the pancake. "When's dad giving me my laptop back?" Tammy asked with a mouth full of food.

"I don't know." Angela told her as she sat down on the other side of the breakfast bar.

"You know where it is so why don't you give it to me?" Tammy asked with a frown as she chewed some more pancake.

"I-" Angela paused as the sound of mail dropping through the letter box was heard.

"I'll get it!" Tammy exclaimed.

"Oh no you won't, keep eating." Angela ordered. She got up and walked off to the door to get the mail.

Tammy ate another bite before dropping it on the floor "Princess Selma." Tammy hissed. A Chihuahua came charging in and scoffed the pancake. It wore a little pink sparkly cowboy hat and matching jacket. Angela walked back in so Tammy smiled innocently. "What is it?" Tammy asked as Angela reached for the bin, usually she wouldn't care but this letter was begging to be opened.

"Some junk mail for you. I told you to stop filling in survey's. You won't win a car or a helicopter or a phone or whatever they are promising." Angela explained with a sigh as she brushed her shoulder length blonde hair behind her ear and adjusted her green frilly top.

"I stopped after the time that guy didn't send me my money back." Tammy groaned. "Let me see." she insisted. Angela sighed and handed it to her before going back to making pancakes.

Tammy looked at the letter, no return address, no stamp and it didn't look like it had been touched. She opened it up and looked for an address on the inside but there was none. It wasn't from a friend but it had stated on the inside of the envelope. 'You won! This is not a joke.' Tammy growled, she had been wrong. It was junk, but something still compelled her to read the letter. She withdrew it and was shocked at what she read.

Cayden checked his PDA as he walked into his house through the large, double oak doors. The intricate marble work on the floor was ignored as Cayden threw a laptop bag onto the floor that was filled with paperwork. Fifteen new emails, that was a lot since he had just been through business with his staff. He looked around for cook but he couldn't spot her. "I might as well read them..." he muttered as he walked over to his downstairs main kitchen and sat on the black marble worktop.

"Talby is so needy!" he moaned as he read the email about accounts within the company. He deleted it and a few spam emails before he came to his last email. It stated: 'You won! This is not a joke.' Cayden looked at it and shrugged. He highlighted it and clicked delete. It vanished so he got up to grab a banana but another identical email came through. He sighed and put the banana into a maid's hand who had worked out he was home and was trying to clean around him. She started to peel it for him while he wrestled with the email that wouldn't stay deleted.

"Sonia, can you read this for me while I eat?" he asked. Sonia nodded and took the phone from him while he took the banana.

"There is nothing there, Master Cayden." she replied, handing him back the phone with the email gone. Cayden grinned.

"Thanks, Sonia." he chirped as he put the banana in the bin. As he did the email came through again so he finally decided to open it. He read the title slowly before he opened it and became more and more shocked.

Aiden sat in his room alone. His family had just annoyed him thoroughly at the dinner table because he got a U in a test. "I hate having brothers and sisters." Aiden growled as he turned on his computer which sat on a dark oak desk. He rubbed his bare feet on the grey carpet as it slowly booted up. He looked around his room – at the bed with a blue quilt against the back wall, the wardrobe that was dinged and smashed because Aiden had got frustrated on the opposite wall, the free weights in the corner next to the wardrobe on the left and a drum set on the right. A few posters were on the wall but not many and his signature green goggles hung on the edge of one of the bed plinths. The computer beeped as it finished loading so Aiden typed in a password and loaded up a game to play.

The icon for his email started to flash, he figured it was just his on and off ex wanting to talk to him again so he ignored it and walked over to his wardrobe, thinking. "Hey Aiden, mum said she wants you downstairs." his brother said, poking his head through the door. Aiden groaned.

"What now?" he moaned.

"Someone's been naughty again!" his brother laughed. Aiden grabbed the nearest object which lucky was just a pillow – that he had used to scare away the family cat last night – and threw it at James. James closed the door and walked off. Aiden moved to the computer quickly and checked the email. It said: 'You won! This is not a joke!' Aiden sighed and opened it quickly to read the contents. He paused the second he started – in shock.