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The group walked up the spiralling mountain but the sound of running echoed in the slowly thinning air. "Took your time" Tammy quipped

"Shut it, blondie" Hawke snapped, panting. He was incredibly pale and Wolfmon was quick to move next to him.

"I was only saying, freak" Tammy growled, angrily

"Stop fighting" Cayden groaned. "So what were you doing, Hawke?"

"Yeah, Hawke?" Holly chirped

"I was dealing with Seadramon" he stated walking past the group quickly. Cayden raised an eyebrow to Jade who shrugged and kept walking.

"Come on Aiden!" Holly pulled his hand and ran up, Aiden was just grateful they weren't back down in that moat still. He looked back at her and smiled

"Okay!" he grinned, running faster "Race you!" He laughed. Holly put on a determined face and began to chase after her male counterpart. Their two Digimon had a very hard time keeping up.

"Why was I the last to get my Digivice, and I still don't have a bigger Digimon?" Tammy whined as she, Hawke, Jade, and Cayden walked behind the two younger members of the group. Their Digimon just plodded along, all seeming to be very tired. Cayden had his eyes trained on Aiden and Holly, making sure they didn't get out of his sight.

"Maybe it's your attitude?" Jade joked

"Why does everyone always pick on the beautiful blonde girl, I'm so much more than just beauty. I have a brain, and I think about stuff, like this," Tammy asked, airing her eloquence as best as she could "so why me?"

"I couldn't say, Tammy, why don't you be a sport and just try and keep up, we're nearly home now" Cayden insisted.

"Yeah, we are nearly there" Agumon promised, walking next to Jade

"We've been nearly there for hours!" Tammy yelled.

"I suppose, but now we are here" Agumon pointed to the side as they reached the lip of the climb.

The plateau at the top was roughly circular. Dotted around the top of the mountain were rocks, some of which looked like they had been in an explosion. In the very center was the mouth of a tunnel, sloping down, which was blocked by a large number of rocks. "I thought there was a tower up here..." Agumon mused as he headed for one of the larger ones. "These were in an explosion." He stated.

"An explosion? What do you mean?" Tammy asked, panicking.

"An explosion. You know, BOOM!" Aiden deadpanned. Tammy glared at him. Hawke walked silently to the sealed tunnel.

"So that's what happened..." He muttered. "This is a dead end." He stated, not looking away.

"What do you mean?" Holly asked, joining him.

"Agumon? Where is the portal?" Cayden asked, looking around.

"Right below you."

All of them span towards the source, and froze. The figure was seven foot tall, bright red with purple tattoos all over his body. It had two wings, large, purple and leathery, and a pair of horns on his head, the one on the right being slightly larger. He was pretty chubby. He held a black trident with prongs made of some grey crystal. "Wh-Who are you?" Holly asked.

"You look like a demon." Jade said, looking up at him.

"I am Boogeymon!"

"Is that a Texan accent?" Aiden asked, completely ignoring him.

"Sounds like it." Cayden said.

"So annoying!" Tammy complained.

"HOWDY! Listen to me, all right, y'all! I am Boogeymon, and I'm going to destroy all of you!" He yelled.

"Hey, Agumon. Heard of him?" Jade asked, turning to the Digimon.

"I have." Bloxmon said. "He's a really dumb Digimon. One once lost to an ant in an IQ test, apparently. Oh, and from what I heard, his data makes up part of the less savoury reaches of the internet." Bloxmon shuddered.

"Hey, I'm supposed to be scaring y'all right now!" Boogeymon roared

"You aren't doing a very good job" Spiritmon laughed.

"Shut it, you" he growled

"Don't talk to Spiritmon like that!" Jade yelled

"I will talk to her how I want to- Wait, I'm supposed to be terrifying you all!" he snapped his fingers and he vanished in a swirl of red smoke. "Boo!" he laughed, appearing behind Holly. Holly and Aiden both screamed; Tammy ran over to Cayden and gripped hold of his arm while the others looked less than impressed. He reappeared where he had started

"That wasn't very nice!" Holly chided

"I don't care" Boogeymon laughed

"Just let us go home" Tammy groaned

"What? No! This is the big climactic scene where I defeat you all" Boogeymon stammered in confusion

"No, it isn't, it's where we tear you apart!" Liomon growled, bouncing from paw to paw in preparation

"Calm down" Cayden scolded

Boogeymon paced back and forth "How dare people treat me like this?" he grumbled. "I know what I'll do" he grinned and snapped his fingers. Tapirmon appeared in front of the group and snatched away their Digivices, and Hawke's necklace too.

"Hey, give those back!" Jade yelled

"I don't think so" Boogeymon laughed. He produced a red bag which Tapirmon dropped them into. After they all fell into the bag it then vanished and he turned back to face the group. "Moosemon, Dorugamon, Kyubimon, Raidramon come on out and let's finish off these puny humans" he called. In a single flash of blue light four Digimon appeared. They were all of fairly equal size. One was Moosemon, who they had already met but the other three looked menacing.

The one known as Dorugamon looked like a baby raptor with small wings coming from its back. It stood on two legs but its two front legs were low to the ground and it looked ready to use them at any second. All four legs had sharp red claws sticking out of their paws. It's body was long and snake-like if its legs were ignored. At the tip of the body was a tail which looked closely maintained. It had a fluffy ruffle of fur around its neck, like a mane, and then came its head which had pointed ears protruding from the top of its head, a red gem in the middle of its eyes which were on the side of its head and small jagged teeth. It was dark purple with lighter purple stripes all over apart from his maw, underbelly, paws, mane, wings and the tip of his tail which were all white. The Digimon to it's left - Raidramon - looked like an overgrown blue dog except it had black armour covering all of it apart from its tail, neck, ears, eyes and jaw. It had piercing red eyes and its jaw was visibly white but the rest of it was blue. Its armour allowed its claws to poke out and had a large yellow and silver horn on the top of its head. There were four black lightning bolt spikes around the midriff of the Digimon and little yellow teeth along the side. Finally there was Kyubimon who was pretty much a big yellow fox with nine tails. Except it had a ying yang on its forehead and at the top of each leg and a red and white ribbon which ended in bells around its neck. Its paws and the tips of its tails also glew an eerie white colour. All three digimon seemed to be of a higher level than any of their Digimon and with Boogeymon, Moosemon and Tapirmon there was six of them too.

"We can solve this without fighting" Iontramon called out

"I hope so because we won't win a fight" Cayden mumbled

"We should fight" Aiden grimaced

"I agree" Liomon grinned

"Behave" Cayden scolded his partner

"Give me back that necklace" Hawke demanded. He walked forwards, away from the group, holding out his hand towards Boogeymon

"Don't you know who I am, child?" Boogeymon laughed to his comrades who laughed along

"I don't care, give it back" Hawke stated flatly, he wasn't even remotely amused.

"You must have a death wish, son" Boogeymon laughed "Kyubimon, knock the boy back into his place and then do me a saucy dance" Boogeymon grinned. Kyubimon groaned

"Fox Tail Inferno" Kyubimon yawned. Her tails burst into action and began to unleash balls of fire towards Hawke.

The balls flew straight at Hawke, smashing all around him, luckily only two managed to land but that was enough to knock him to the ground where Wolfmon and the others rushed to his aid. Hawke tried to get back to his feet but Cayden pulled him back

"Hawke, don't be stupid" Cayden warned him

"I want the necklace" Hawke shouted, wiping some blood from his mouth as he got to his feet

"You never learn, kid" Boogeymon laughed.

"Neither do you" Hawke spat

"Raidramon, Dorugamon crush them quickly" Boogeymon ordered. The two Digimon charged at breakneck speeds and Tammy screamed out in fear. Suddenly from Boogeymon's pocket a light erupted and Tammy's Digivice flew out of his pocket and hit the ground. "I don't know what to do!" Tammy cried out in fear. Her Digivice lifted itself up and fired a beam of data straight at Bloxmon. Tammy froze - unable to comprehend what was going on. "Bloxmon digivolve to..." he was suddenly engulfed in a sphere made of grey and green data.

Bloxmon began to warp and change inside of the shell of data. His grey colouring peeled back and his body began to expand upwards; as it did four limbs burst out and then formed into two arms and two legs. A head burst out of the top of the elongated body and as it did two wings appeared out of the back. They flapped once and then they transformed into dark brown bark and sent a rush of colour to the rest of his body. He became the colour of pale skin but as soon as the skin formed a blizzard of leaves tore at him and as it faded a sleeveless shirt and green pants had appeared on his impossibly skinny frame. He tapped his foot on the ground and a brown shoe formed on it, and then the other, from heel to toe until it curled to a finish at the toe. He blinked his new larger eyes and pointed ears burst out of the side of his head, matching his new equally pointed nose. He snapped his fingers and a red bandana flew towards him and wrapped around his eyes which finished the transformation off. "Faeremon!" The humanoid Digimon grinned widely before he flew forwards "Snap!" he called out as he snapped his fingers. Instantly a gold powder began to trickle from his fingertips, he flew over Rapidmon and Dorugamon quickly and then snapped his fingers again. As he did a net formed around them both which prevented them from moving. He shot towards Tammy's Digivice and grabbed it from the floor before Boogeymon could retrieve it. Picking it up, he flew back over to the group and grimaced at the angry Boogeymon.

"While they're stuck let's go" Cayden called out to the group

"I'm not leaving without the necklace, I'll stay on my own" Hawke insisted

"Stop being stubborn!" Jade yelled, turning to run back down the stairs

"You're so pretty" Tammy complimented her new partner

"I'm so happy you finally love me!" Faeremon chirped

"Give me strength" Spiritmon groaned.

"I want to bite them to pieces!" Liomon grinned, getting antsy

"Get them!" Boogeymon yelled to his remaining cronies who easily obliged

"Grab Hawke and let's go!" Cayden ordered to the group as a particularly violent strike from Moosemon sent a spray of dust into his face

"Come on Aiden" Iontramon insisted, pulling his partner. The group ran to the stairs but as they did a flaming ball shot past them and created a gap in the stairs so that they couldn't cross

"Jump!" Faeremon yelled to the group

"What? You're crazy!" Tammy screamed

"Okay" Holly chimed, running and jumping off the edge of the mountain without a second thought

"Holly!" Jade and Cubmon yelled in unison. Both charged straight off with the prior grabbing her partner as she did. Cayden and Aiden grabbed Hawke, kicking and screaming and leapt too, which just left Tammy, Iontramon, Wolfmon, Faeremon, Agumon and Liomon.

"Let's fight!" Liomon whined but Iontramon and Wolfmon quickly overpowered the overactive lion cub and narrowly avoided a strike from Moosemon as they did so. They looked at Tammy and then jumped. Agumon waved to Boogeymon and then leapt after the group. Faeremon ran up behind Tammy and pushed her off without waiting any longer and then leapt off quickly.

"They got away" Tapirmon told his boss, peering over the edge

"They won't survive the fall, we win either way, now free Dorugamon and Raidramon" he ordered. Moosemon, Kyubimon and Tapirmon sighed as they set to the task of freeing their aggravated comrades. "But I should make sure, shouldn't I?" He said to himself, peering over the cliff edge. "When you're done, make sure that they've been deleted. All of them."

Screams echoed as they plummeted to their doom. "Holly, slow down!" Cubmon screamed to his partner but all he heard was cheering as she vanished from sight.

"Jade!" Spiritmon yelled, as she tried to pull her partner up into a flying position but Jade's weight just ended up dragging her down. The rest of the group wasn't too far behind but as they plummeted they began to hear Holly cheer in delight. Jade clenched her eyes shut, figuring that the little girl had spotted some violent creature and figured it was her saviour while it ate her.

"My hair is getting so messed up!" Tammy squealed. Hawke didn't say a single word, he just fell without moving while Cayden and Aiden panicked either side of him. Jade suddenly spotted Holly fly up past them and became immensely confused until she flew past her and spotted a trampoline made of the same gold wires which had been used to trap those two big Digimon back there. Faeremon had saved them. Jade landed, bouncing and automatically twisting into a backflip as Tammy fell past her. As she hit, the net broke. Faeremon giggled nervously. "My bad. I forgot weight was important..."

"I'M NOT THAT HEAVY!" Tammy screeched as she continued to fall; Faeremon trying to catch up. Hawke sighed, then looked to his left. Then he whistled.

As Cayden and Aiden looked at the blond as if he was mad, Hawke continued to gaze to his left, tapping his foot on an imaginary floor. The sudden caw was enough to divert all of their attentions, and they all froze (well, as much as you can when falling from a cliff) as they saw the giant bird from the factory flying at them from their left. Hawke smirked as it closed in on them. It began to fly underneath them. Then it stopped, halting for a few seconds in mid air to catch them all, before flying off again.

"What's going on here?" Jade asked, clutching onto the almost fire-like feathers of the bird.

"Did it just save us?" Aiden asked from his place inches from the edge.

"Where is Hawke going?" Cayden asked, noticing that the blond had begun to climb up the neck of the bird, heading for it's head.

"He's a suicide case!" Tammy's 'Eureka' moment arrived. "He wants to get eaten!" A spanner was thrown into the workings of the idea as Hawke stopped climbing at the top of the neck, appearing to begin talking in his near-monosyllabic way. "Now what's he up to?"

The bird seemed to nod. "Hold on!" It called, revealing it to be a female. "We need to get a move on! We're too late for flying and really need to get some distance between us and the mountain!"

"Where are we going?" Cayden asked.

"What, no hello, how are you?" She snapped back. "Sorry, mood swings. I get them a lot!" She smiled innocently. "Don't judge me!" She snapped her head back to face forwards. "We're going to the lake. And I'm Birdramon."

"NO!" Aiden yelled from the back.

"Calm down, you don't have to go swimming." Birdramon chuckled.

"We're just going to meet with Richard!" Agumon explained. "He lives in the lake!"

"Wait, in the lake?" Jade asked.

"How can we get there?" Holly added.

"We could swim." Iontramon suggested.

"No, we can't." Hawke said. "One of us is afraid of water."

"I'M NOT!" Aiden yelled.

"Is that really it?" Tammy asked, slyly. Hawke turned away, blushing slightly.

"I... Can't swim." He muttered. Tammy burst out laughing. "Not funny."

"Knock it off Tammy." Cayden interrupted.

Tammy turned to the other male. "Just because you got it on with him last night." Tammy smirked.

"What does that even mean?" Holly asked as Cayden, and Hawke, both clenched their fists, Cayden grinding his teeth as Hawke suppressed and buried it. Jade patted the girl on her head.

"You'll know when you're older." Holly pouted, but didn't say any more.

"Watch out all of you! We're landing!" Birdramon called, swooping down gracefully as the sun dipped below the horizon in the far distance.

"Which one?" Tammy asked, looking over the edge.

"It's like a reverse archipelago down there." Cayden commented, looking at all of the lakes that dotted the landscape.

"The pink one." Came the reply. Hawke looked down.

"See you there." And so, he jumped.

"Hawke!" Cayden and Holly called in union.

"Don't worry. I have a friend who'll catch him." As if on cue, another flying Digimon swooped past the group, flying low towards Hawke. It had an orange beak and piercing grey eyes but nothing else was visible behind the jagged purple and gold helmet - complete with a golden horn - that covered its head. A mess of white feathers burst from the back of the helmet and all down the ridge of its royal blue body until the beginning of its tail. Golden lightning bolt patterns were etched onto its feathers across its entire body and wings in a symmetrical fashion. Its royal blue wings were huge and tipped with ragged golden spikes, which gave them an even bigger surface area, and underneath each of them was three orange talons tipped with the same golden metal that made up its horn. Finally its tail - longer than the rest of it - was rugged and spiked at various intervals and covered with the same colouring as the rest of its body. As it opened its maw a row of vicious teeth were revealed, which was - to say the least - unusual for a bird.

"That's Thunderbirmon." Agumon said. "Armour level and electricity based." He added.

"He's cool!" Aiden grinned, leaning out over the edge of Birdramon to watch as Hawke landed on the other giant bird, which instantly began to fly for the lake.

"Yes, well, we'd better join them." Birdramon said as she spiralled down towards the pink lake, following the blue bird in her descent.

"Why does he get his own bird, I want a one!" Tammy whined, she moved closer to Birdramon while still keeping a tight grip "Do you have any in pink?" she asked, grinning. Birdramon groaned and plummeted into the water abruptly. Aiden tried to jump away but it was over in an instant.

As soon as they passed through their view changed entirely, unlike what they expected there wasn't an ounce of water to be seen. Instead what was revealed was a picturesque corner of the digital world. Hawke was flying ahead of them but Thunderbirmon had already slowed down so that they could catch up and fly alongside. "I hate grass" Birdramon huffed

"What bed were you thrown out of?" Tammy exclaimed, she was moody herself but she had nothing on Birdramon

"Oh, I'm sorry, let's go down for a closer look!" she chirped, turning vertical as they neared a town. Their screams filled the air but Birdramon just laughed raucously. "This is- boring" she slowed down and began to glide aimlessly and list lazily all over as the small Digimon town up ahead began to panic about the incoming Champion at a low altitude.

"Wake up!" Cayden yelled, panicking

"This is so much fun!" the two younger members of the group yelled in excitement.

Hawke wasn't even looking back at them, he had his eyes focussed on something vague in the distant that they seemed to be heading towards. Before any of them could even realise what he was focussing on they began to crash through the town, upending tables, knocking Digimon around and generally causing chaos. "Oops, I'll fly higher" Birdramon sheepishly giggled, flapping her wings twice to gain the necessary altitude.

"What's that?" Faerermon asked, peering ahead as he hovered in Tammy's arms

"That's exactly what I was thinking" Cayden muttered

"I smell a fight" Liomon cheered

"Maybe we should turn around" Iontramon suggested

"Straight ahead, hold on we're going to blaze!" Birdramon yelled. The tips of her wings burst into life and flames began to trail in magnificent shades of amber and red behind them as they flew faster and faster until they were ahead of Thunderbirmon. "Why are you all so loud?" Birdramon growled abruptly as the sound of her burning wings filled the air

"It's not us, it's... you" Jade replied, albeit slightly sheepishly

"Oh... I see, no problem!" Birdramon chimed.

Thunderbirmon pulled alongside and they could finally see him and Wolfmon without having to strain. Hawke seemed to be pointing to something for Wolfmon but the sound of Birdramon's wings blanketed the words he was speaking. "I'm hungry" Cubmon whined to his partner

"Do we have anything to eat?" Holly asked, pulling on Cayden's dirty shirt. That was when they all began to realise just how dirty they had all already gotten.

"You guys smell" Spiritmon laughed

"A lot" Faerermon added with a little laugh. They all began to sniff and Tammy was the first to turn her nose up in disgust

"I smell like a gym" she whined

"Yeah, you do" Jade agreed, sniffing herself afterwards.

"I could wash you guys" Iontramon suggested

"No!" Aiden yelled, "Does Richard have showers?" he asked

"And a full english breakfast!" Jade cheered

"Coffee" Cayden moaned in ecstasy at the thought of one of his favourite beverages

"TV, toys, sweets!" Holly chimed in to the discussion. All of the group groaned in agreement and that was when reality really hit home, they weren't at home anymore, they were in the digital world now and none of those luxuries were available, and they might never be available again if they couldn't find a way out. None of them cried but the feeling was there, a heavy silence as they all tried to hold back the homesickness

"We're nearly there!" Birdramon announced loudly as they neared a huge structure.

It looked similar to Buckingham Palace, except everyone there knew that wasn't possible because that was back in the real world, and they were still very much in the digital world. In front of the building was four large gardens complete with various colours of flowers and perfectly trimmed grass. The four curved gardens surrounded a huge white marble fountain that was squirting water out of the mouth of Azulongmon. Gold adornments covered the stone Azulongmon making it glint spectacularly in the sea of green. All around the building was a low white stone wall with black and gold fencing on top except two huge pillars which towered either side of the gate that was large enough to easily take both birds flying next to each other and have room for more. And beyond that was the large courtyard at the front which had two small gardens either side and a row of benches along the strip of pavement through the middle.

The actual building was more grand, though, than any of its surrounding features. It was made entirely out of white marble which shone so brightly in the sun that at first they had to cover their eyes. It was so large that it could swallow all six of their houses and that was only half the overall size. The palace was split into five wings of unequal size. The far left wing and the far right wing were thin strips with only two windows per floor and an ornamental faux roof poking out of very front of the top of the building which was otherwise flat roofed. The left and right wings were larger but didn't have a roof or any special features and finally the centre wing had a much more intricate design. The first floor was covered at the front by a flat roof and then four pillars sat on top of that, which held up the protruding stone artwork carved into the domed roof section that the middle of the middle had. The building itself was four stories tall, with each having incremental windows across it - excluding the centre wing which had top to bottom windows. The ground floor had three gates, one in the middle of the second block, one in the middle block, and one in the middle of the third block.

It was unlike anything else in the digital world that they had seen so far. "... Wow..." Tammy gasped, speechless. "How do I get one?" Or not...

"I'll be impressed if there's hot water." Cayden muttered, holding his nose.

"There is." The group turned to the unfamiliar voice of Thunderbirmon. "There's a hot spring in caves underneath."

"That sounds nice..." Jade sighed, closing her eyes to picture the scene.

"But first, you guys should shower!" Birdramon joked, winging down to land by the doors, which suddenly opened. Thunderbirmon landed next to her, and Hawke jumped off, landing on bent knees.

"Why do you always have to do that?" Tammy moaned, trying to mimic him. She failed, ending up on her rear. "Oww!"

"Here you go." Birdramon smiled, unfolding a wing to act as a ramp for them to climb off of the bird Digimon.

"Thanks!" Aiden called.

"Thank you!" Holly called, jumping the last bit.

"It's my pleasure." Birdramon said, starting to take off.

"We're going to the nest." Thunderbirmon jumped into the air, hovering for a second before suddenly flying up, followed by Birdramon as they darted onto the roof of the palace.

"So, what now?" Cayden asked.

"We go in, of course!" Agumon replied, heading through the grand doors. "And don't worry about getting lost, you always end up where you want in here!" He told them. "Just follow me!"

Hawk: Well, this certainly took a while to write... It was tough but we managed to pull through it in the end. And so you know, yes, Buckingham Palace was my idea.

Kumo: Hope everyone and anyone enjoys reading this chapter, it's where I feel a lot is really starting to come into play and we are getting closer to something climactic... maybe... aha.