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She walked over slowly, giggling as she saw the bodies of her opponents strewn about. She searched until she found what she wanted and knelt down next to her prize. "My prince," she whispered, lifting his head up towards hers and licking the length of his face. "You taste so good."

"That was gross, stop it," Aiden mumbled, in a dreamlike state.

"I'm not gross!" she screamed angrily but she quickly calmed back down. "What's your favourite personality, Naklimon? Loving, of course," she whispered seductively, answering her own interview question while moving to kiss him.

Aiden's eyes opened slowly but he was met by the terrifying sight of that creepy Digimon's face almost touching his, causing him to panic. He lashed out, flailing his arms all over and until she released him so he could break into a run. "Get away from me!"

"You're such a tease," she giggled, waving her hand to encase everything but his head in ice.

"Help!" Aiden screamed as her footsteps came from behind his frozen form and she slowly walked around to face him.

"You're coming back to my castle, I have the perfect first date planned out."

"What are you on about? You're nuts!"

"It's okay, your friends can come to," she promised with her golden eyes glistening.

"Wait, what?" He asked. He must have been hit harder than he thought, he couldn't think straight. Who attacked them again?

"You can bring your friends along if you want." Naklimon smiled at him.

"Sure..." Aiden said, yawning suddenly.

"You have a nice sleep now. I'll bring you all to my castle, my prince..."

"Yes... ma'am..." Aiden yawned again, then his eyes closed and he fell asleep.

Naklimon turned to look at her prince's friends, looking slightly disgusted as she took in the three humans. "Don't worry my prince. I'll find you some nicer friends." She smiled gently, looking down to Aiden's sleeping face and gently kissing his cheek. "Hyogamon!" she snapped

suddenly, looking up.

"Yes ma'am?" A group of Digimon walked towards her. They had been following the fight from afar but were now able to get involved.

"Take these people to my castle, Hyogamon," she ordered.

The grotesque blue ogre-like Digimon grunted in response. The ice spikes that pierced their bodies sporadically made anything except basic movement impossible. They stood just over five feet tall and wore tight fitting black leather shorts, which matched the leather band each had on their right arm and left leg. They flexed their oversized muscles and then set to work collecting everyone and bringing them over to Naklimon.

She teased the silver hair of one of them while she waited, looking straight into their dead blue eyes. "There was more of them, I'm sure." Naklimon grumbled as she look around their prisoners.

"No, miss," one of them responded.

Her eyes flickered with fury and she crashed her palm into the side of his face, knocking out the jagged teeth and sending him flying. "You do not speak unless spoken to," she said, reminding her entourage. "I must have imagined it when my prince's love blinded me," she whispered, calming down and giggling to herself. "Carry me back."

Hawke was walking from here. Howlmon was too tired to keep up that form and keep walking, so now he had returned to his form of Wolfmon for a while. "Are you alright Hawke?" Wolfmon asked, looking to his partner.


"Really?" Wolfmon looked doubtful.

"I'm fine." Hawke sighed, then glanced at the grey Digivice in his hand. "They're about an hour away."

"That far?" Wolfmon looked forwards again. "Let's hope they're not in too much trouble."

He stopped walking suddenly, looking towards Wolfmon. "What?"

"We should hope they're not in too much trouble," the Digimon repeated. "What's wrong?"

"An old friend used to say that," Hawke said, looking ahead.

"Did you two fall out?"

"I wish it was just that..." Hawke trailed off, starting forwards again.


"No. Someone else." Hawke sighed, effectively ending the conversation.

"It's snowing," Wolfmon said, noticing the white flakes beginning to fall around them.

"It is..." Hawke smiled slightly, looking up to the sky. A tear fell from the corner of his eye. "Let's keep going."

"Sure." Wolfmon moved just a little closer to Hawke, just to make sure he knew there was someone there for him.

Holly groaned as her eyelids fluttered open. It was dark and cold and she couldn't see anyone else. "Guys?" She noticed there was something wrong with the sound and then the feeling began to return and she realised she was buried in snow. She pushed her way out and looked around. "Hey," she called out. "Where is everyone?" She heard moaning a little further away and clambered out of the snow drift and rushed over to a small pile of snow. It seemed too small for a human but it could be Cubmon. She dug into the snow but was a little crestfallen to see a different Digimon. "Liomon?" she urged, shaking her gently.

"I'm done," she whimpered, shivering. Her data fizzled slightly and Holly realised what was happening. She tore off the jacket Aiden had given her and used it to wrap up Liomon; picking the fragile Digimon up and wrapping her arms tightly around her. "I'll warm you up, just hold on!" she promised, standing up and looking around for anyone to help. "Help!" she yelped, looking for something to warm up the Digimon.

Unable to see anything she started running. She ran until her feet felt sore and then kept running. It was getting colder still and Liomon had stopped moving altogether. She spotted something vague in the distance but couldn't be sure what it was. Her right eye was throbbing due to something hard hitting it at some point and it had almost swollen over so she was relying on her left eye to see. "Liomon, we're nearly there," she whispered as she watched the little Digimon fizzle. She looked up, seeing clearly that what she had seen earlier was some sort of palace made out of ice but while her attention was elsewhere, she tripped, and felt her leg twist as she fell into the snow. The lion cub spilled out of her arms and rolled away, and out of the jacket.

Holly groaned in pain as she looked between Liomon and her ankle. "I'm coming," she whimpered as she pushed herself up. She placed weight on her bad foot but soon after she felt the leg almost give way so she resided to only using one leg. They were nearly there anyway, it didn't matter. She was sure it was only one of those things that rhymed with brain.

She grabbed the jacket, picking Liomon back up and rushed over to the ice castle, collapsing as they reached the front gate. Although it was made from ice it seemed to be radiating heat. She looked around for a way in but all she could find was an outhouse with a small fire inside. There was one issue with going in there; a scary blue ogre was sat inside and he was sharpening a club made of ice. "It won't be long," Holly promised as she looked around for a way to get the blue ogre out. It looked a little like the igloos she had seen on television, except there was only one door, which was open, and no windows. She picked up snow, packing it to form a snowball, and launched it at the outside of the outhouse.

The blue ogre looked up and she staggered towards the outhouse, trying to keep out of his line of sight. She collapsed as she reached the igloo's outer wall, panting in a mixture of exhaustion and pain. She picked up more snow and formed another ball and waited until the ogre came out and then launched the ball at the castle. It was a feeble attempt but it caught his attention and he rushed over to the front gate. Holly smiled as she looked down at Liomon. "We did it." She crawled inside and pulled the door shut, locking it behind her and then she laid down next to the fire with Liomon still in her arms. She felt the warmth of the flames tickle her nose and the flickering amber light almost put her into a trance. "Nice job," she muttered as she closed her eyes, falling to sleep.

A cloaked man walked through the snow, shivering slightly in the cold. He'd seen something fall nearby, and he hoped it wasn't what he thought it was. His pace quickened as he saw a flicker of red in the distance. "Hey." The man spoke sadly as he reached the red, seeing a large, fiery bird lying in a puddle of melted snow.

"Ahh..." The bird Digimon gasped in pain.

The man cursed, turning away angrily. His eyes closed in pain, before he turned back. "Let's get you warmed up. Then I'm going to get your revenge."

Aiden awoke to find himself sat in a throne made from ice. He was sat at one end of a small circular table and that strange Digimon was directly opposite him. He looked down groggily and saw that his wrists were frozen onto the chair, as were his ankles. He looked up, gathering his bearings, and he saw that creature smiling seductively and batting her eyelashes.

"You're finally awake, my prince."

"Who are you?" Aiden stammered, quivering in fear.

"I'm Naklimon, silly, your fianceé." She seemed to take real pleasure in the final word, elongating it and allowing her voice to become almost melodic. She giggled and winked at him, taking a sip from the goblet in front of her.

"I'm not married!" Aiden stammered, looking around and struggling to break free.

"Not yet, you silly man," she whispered, standing up. "But we soon will be."

"I- I'm too young for this!" he protested, unable to think straight.

"No you're not," she whispered, looking him in the eyes as her own's golden orbs glistened.

"I guess I'm not…" he muttered, losing his train of thought. He couldn't remember what he had been saying, he figured he must have proposed because all he could feel was love for the beautiful Digimon in front of him.

"I've waited so long for you, my prince," she whispered seductively in his ear, her voice almost seemed to float on the air, leaving a trail of sound as she moved away.

Aiden's head lolled down into his chest and he felt his eyes become heavy as he heard her walking away. Some semblance of thoughts began to float back into his head as her footsteps echoed. "What-" he stammered. "What's going on?"

Naklimon walked back over and sat down. "You proposed, silly."

"I don't think I did," Aiden mumbled. His head was groggy and his memories seemed to swirl about in his head.

"Of course you did, I'm gorgeous," she said with a giggle.

Aiden scoffed. "Okay then," he mused sarcastically. He would never think something like that was attractive.

Naklimon's expression became vehement. "Okay? Okay!" she screamed, causing him to flinch. "No, I will show you why you should be with me." She stood up, knocking the goblet onto the floor, which caused Aiden to retreat into the chair, clenching his eyes shut. She felt a little hurt that he pulled his head away from her but kept her focus on wooing him. "Today on our prize showcase we have: a dazzling puppy dog." She waved her hand across the table and a dog made from ice formed as Aiden opened his eyes. It was almost a perfect copy, made in seconds.

Aiden seemed to relax a little and then a smile spread across his lips. Naklimon clutched her hands together, almost ready to cheer with joy. "It doesn't even move," he said, bursting out laughing.

Naklimon restrained her fury. "I can't be mad at my darling prince," she reminded herself. "Well how about a miniature train?"

"I don't like trains," he replied, shrugging.

She kept calm and waved her hand across the large entrance hall and train tracks formed, curving around the pillars that ran along either side of the room, and forming a complete circuit. There was sparkle and a train formed on the tracks, big enough for Aiden to sit inside, and it began to move around the track. Frozen mist flew from the chimney and it even made the signature 'choo choo' of a train. He tried not to be impressed but he found it impossible as his mouth slowly fell open and then a big grin erupted, pushing his cheeks into his eyes.

Naklimon's expression changed from calm to one of pure elation. It was almost like she was in ecstasy, his love had made her feel something that wasn't of this world. She groaned with pleasure but quickly brought herself back down to her senses. "I finally made you happy, my love!" she squealed with delight.

"Can I have a go?" Aiden asked, his eyes wide with childish glee.

Naklimon's face returned to one of mild anger. "Of course not, I couldn't let you just run free, my love. I'd be too worried you'd go see those silly friends of yours," Naklimon replied, stroking his face.

"That's not fair," Aiden growled, snapping at her with his teeth.

Naklimon smiled at him, trailing her finger down his cheek and onto his neck. "Oh honey, we mustn't bite," she chided, sealing his mouth by moving her finger across his lips. "Lips are made for kissing," she whispered softly, leaning in and connecting hers with his.

Aiden's muffled cries were mixed with the constant sound of the train until a loud bang interrupted the embrace. "Hyogamon, go sort that out!" she barked loudly and the scurrying of feet was audible across the floor as she moved away from Aiden. She sat down in front of him and moved her finger slowly to the side to remove the ice from his lips. "I missed the sound of your voice, cutie."

He spat on the floor, trying to purge his mouth of the taste. "You're crazy!" he yelled, trying to break free.

"It's okay, we don't have to wait much longer until the wedding, I'll rush the preparations just for you," she whispered. She twirled her finger while looking him up and down. "Would you prefer to have your suit in blue or white?"

"Suit?" he stammered, trying to break free. "What are you on about?"

"Well you've got to dress up!" she said, shocked. "I think blue would look best with that cute little face."

"I ain't dressing up for no one!" Aiden yelled furiously, wriggling and writhing about. His body slid about but since he couldn't free his arms and legs he just ended up crumpled on the floor with his arms hanging above him.

"You're so silly, my love." She giggled. "I think I'd like white roses for the wedding and blue for the reception."

"Let me go," Aiden pleaded, his arms hurting from being stretched.

"I don't think I want to invite your friends to the wedding; they might object to our star-crossed love," she surmised. "But it's okay, they'll be plenty of people to witness our wedlock."

"Please," he whimpered, too tired to keep fighting.

When Holly woke up, she only noticed three things at first. There was something cold resting on her eye, her entire foot was freezing, and Liomon was growling. There was a low fire between the two of them and a figure on the other side of the room. "Easy now," a masculine voice said, seeming to look slightly in her direction. She looked at him as much as she could without moving, but she couldn't see past his cloak. His face was hidden behind the peak of a white cap, the rest of his body covered by a grey, hooded cloak.

"Who are you?"

"A friend."

"How did you get in here?" Liomon growled.

"You're lucky the guard's an idiot." The man chuckled. "Door didn't lock properly. Right now, he's going to start a new life."

"What do you mean?"

There was a pause as the man seemed to be contemplating his answer. "I've done some bad things..." The man sighed. "At least they all get a new start."

"I'm sure you're not bad, Mister." Holly smiled, tilting her head slightly.

"Really, Holly?"

"How'd you know my name?"

"I'm on the same side as you. On our side, you always meet Richard."

"He's silly, isn't he?"

"He's an optimist," the man said with a sigh. "You shouldn't always believe what he says about the future."

Holly contemplated what he'd said. It was true Richard could have crazy eyes but that didn't mean he was untrustworthy. "But why are you here?" Holly asked.

The man chuckled. "Helping you," he said. "I have a gift, and it seems the other four are not in the best situation."

"They're not?" Holly asked, not quite surprised.

"Try the castle dungeons." The man stood. "About an hour from now; you need some more rest first." He leaned against the wall behind him, throwing something to Holly, it was a Digivice. "I'll show you how to use yours."


"It can't be just Hawke who knows," he replied, walking around the fire and ignoring Liomon's growls. "First things first, take it out. Then point it at your leg."

Holly did as she was told. "Like this?"

"Yes. Now, squeeze the sides."

She did so. Almost immediately, she felt her foot hurt less. She moved her foot a little, finding only a slight ache. "My Digivice can heal?" she asked, surprised.

The man nodded, at least she thought he did but it was difficult to see underneath his hood. "They all do something different. Yours heals, the grey one moves things, the green gives you energy, yellow is a torch and red is invisibility."

Holly silently counted the number of Digivices, realising something. "What about the other one?"

"I don't really know..." The man admitted. "I never saw it used..."

"Wait, what do you mean?"

"It's nothing." The man sighed. "Now, the button on the left. When you find your partner again, press it. It will help."

"How will it help?" Holly asked, curious.

"Trust me, it will." The man sighed, turning to walk towards the door. "Wait five minutes, then head for the dungeons." He unlocked the door. "I'm sorry, Holly." His voice slipped a little, and Holly swore she saw a tear run down his face as a lock of blond hair brushed across his cheek.

Holly looked at the door for a moment, then began to stand, a tear falling from her own eye. "Hawke... Was that you?"

Jade rubbed her head, pushing herself into a sitting position against a cold wall. Presumably they'd been left outside and she'd stolen their Digivices. Jade opened her eyes slowly but she saw fairly quickly they weren't outside. They were in a cage made entirely of ice. There were a few other cages to the left of them but they were all vacant. She looked and saw everyone else still sleeping so she shook her partner awake. "Spiritmon can you slip through the bars?" she whispered to her partner.

"What bars?" Spiritmon mumbled groggily.

"Those." Jade motioned towards the bars.

Spiritmon looked around and shook her head. "Not happening."

"Darn," Jade grumbled. "Do you think you could smash them open?"

"I doubt it, and the door over there looks far too thick to smash." Spiritmon sat up then spotted the others sleeping and a grin curled across her lips.

"Don't," Jade warned, noticing her partner's pranking intent.

"How did you-"

"I'm not stupid."

"That's up for debate," Tammy quipped, coughing and sitting up.

"You got any ideas of how to get us out?"

"Out of where?" Tammy opened her eyes and froze. "Oh my god! Not again! I'm sick of all this business!" she screamed, thumping her hands on the ground and waking the others.

"Keep calm," Agumon soothed, yawning and stretching.

"Why's Tammy screaming?" Cayden mumbled, opening his eyes.

"We're trapped and it's over and I'm sick of it!" Tammy wailed.

"Calm down, it'll be okay," Jade insisted optimistically.

"How?" Tammy cried.

"Where's Holly?" Cubmon asked, panicking.

"I don't know but Aiden and Liomon are missing too," Cayden exclaimed.

"Who cares about them, we're stuck in here!" Tammy screamed, crying.

Faeremon hugged his partner and Cayden began to pace back and forth. "They must still be out there, or worse…"

"Worse?" Cubmon asked.

"Don't be silly Cayden." Jade shot him a gentle warning glance.

"Holly!" Cubmon roared, charging at the bars. He loosed a punch into one of them causing the whole area to shake violently. That wasn't enough though and Cubmon continued to punch at the bars. "Holly!"

"Calm him down!" Jade ordered. Whoever had trapped them here would be sure to come finish the job if they drew attention to themselves. They needed the element of surprise.

"Roaring Leaves!" Cubmon leapt back and unleashed the leaves at the bars, causing a huge explosion.

The force of the attack created a thick mist, blinding them, and dislodged chunks of ice from the roof. Tammy began to scream in fear but Faeremon, Spiritmon, Agumon and Iontramon managed to restrain Cubmon before he could do anymore damage. As the mist cleared it was made visible that the bars didn't even have a scratch in them. "It looks like normal attacks won't work on them," Cayden mumbled, rubbing his chin.

"It's hopeless," Tammy wailed.

"We have to stay positive!" Jade protested.

"Look around, what is there to be positive about?" Tammy spat, and then collapsed back against the wall. "Nothing," she grumbled.

Footsteps began to resound on the steps and they all turned to look at the door. "We're going to die!" Tammy wailed.

"Tammy if we can't smash the bars, then neither can they," Cayden reminded her.

"We're just weak," she wailed.

"Tammy," Jade pleaded but then she froze as the sound of the key in the lock filled the air. No one breathed as the door swung open. The tension in the air was almost palpable.

"Guys?" a little voice whispered.

"Holly?" Tammy stammered, almost passing out.

"I found you!" Holly cheered, rushing over.

"Cayden!" Liomon beamed, charging over and stopping in front of the bars.

"Holly!" Cubmon sighed with relief.

"I'll burn these down in two seconds!" Liomon's tail began to burn brightly.

"Don't bother-" Agumon began but he was ignored by the feisty lion cub Digimon.

"Stand back," she warned. Holly did as she was told and Liomon unleashed a cone of flames from her tail.

She dug her claws into the ground, grimacing as she unleashed the stream of fire. It lasted for over ten seconds, releasing waves of heat into the cell, before she finally stopped. She started panting and looked up at the bars. "Mission succe-" Liomon was astounded to see they hadn't even begun to melt a little. "What!" she purred angrily. "How dare you! I'll show you!" She began to charge up the flames again but Holly knelt down next to her and patted her on the back.

"I'll try now," she said with a cheeky smile.

"If I couldn't then-" Liomon began.

Holly gripped her Digivice and held it out in front of her. "Go, Cubmon!" She pressed the button on the side and a wave of white energy flew into the cell, washing over them all and forming a brown and black Digivolution sphere around her partner.

"Cubmon Digivolve to…" His fur rippled, turning a lot lighter until it was a shade akin to sinopia, and then the muzzle and stomach became a little darker. His body rippled and began to elongate, first the midriff and then the arms and legs. As he grew taller his weight decreased until the muscles underneath his fur were almost visible. He clenched his paws closed and then swiped, with his now longer claws, to crash open the Digivolution egg. "Brownmon."

"How did you do that with this thing?" Tammy cried in annoyance, staring in shock at her Digivice.

"You didn't know?" Holly asked innocently.

"Wild Twister!" Brownmon quickly began to spin, his claws outstretched and quickly cutting through the bars.

"Thanks, Holly." Jade smiled, quickly running out of the cell and hugging the young girl.

"I'm just happy you guys aren't hurt." Holly smiled back as Brownmon walked up next to her, a slight smile on his face.

The sound of more feet was heard behind them but this time the group didn't panic. "Why did you leave Aiden behind?" Cayden asked.

"Aiden wasn't with me," Holly muttered, turning to look at the door.

"Why did you open the cage, they'll get us now?" Tammy squealed.

"It's fine, it's probably someone we know," Jade protested.

Low grunts were heard and Tammy began to scream. "We're gunna die," she wailed.

Holly kept calm and looked at her partner warmly. "Brownmon?"

"Raging leaves!" Brownmon roared as a blue ogre burst through the door.

"That's Hyogamon, he's a pain," Agumon grumbled. However he was left speechless when Brownmon's attack obliterated the Digimon before it had chance to attack. The data from it swirled around and then flew back up the stairs and out of sight.

"You did it Cu-Brownmon!" Holly chimed, quickly correcting herself.

"There's more," Brownmon warned as he stepped backwards.

"We'll fight together," Jade said, standing up and walking over with Spiritmon by her side. Cayden, Agumon and Liomon weren't far behind but Tammy seemed reluctant to move at all.

"Tammy, we have to," Faeremon insisted.

"Just leave me alone," Tammy moaned melodramatically.

"Tammy, let's go."

"Why should I do anything?"

"Home is waiting," Jade reminded her, winking over her shoulder at the blonde.

Reluctantly Tammy got up and they all stood together, ready to face their attackers. Two Hyogamon burst into the room and Tammy winced in anticipation. "Throwing Ice!" The first unleashed balls of ice, pelting the group.

"Raging Leaves!" Brownmon roared.

"Snow Barrier," the second grunted. A wall made from ice blocked the attack and then the two charged through, baring their cudgels. They swung them about, knocking Faeremon back with ease and causing Tammy to chase after him.

Brownmon grabbed hold of one of the Hyogamon tightly. "Quickly finish the other," he roared, as he restrained the Digimon in a bear hug.

"Brownmon…" Holly muttered, almost feeling scared of her partner. Her partner had become so aggressive. She felt almost sick to see him being so angry all of a sudden. This was the wrong thing to do. She needed an undo button or a rewind - anything that would make her forget Brownmon was like this.

"Wings of Fury." Spiritmon flew straight at the Hyogamon, knocking him back.

"Ignite!" Liomon unleashed the ball of fire and then charged and clamped her teeth onto the Hyogamon's arm.

"Pepper Breath," Agumon knocking the Digimon backwards into a slump with the powerful ball of flames produced from his oversized maw.

"Snap," Faeremon mumbled, creating an arrow made from golden dust and firing it straight at Hyogamon. The attack struck it straight in the head and the Digimon turned into data, flying back up the stairs. "They're so weak," he muttered, falling to sleep in Tammy's arms. He was too tired to keep fighting for now.

Brownmon threw his Hyogamon into the air and thrust his paw into it, smashing it across the room and into the wall. The ogre Digimon fizzled, not fading but not moving and Brownmon walked over to finish the job. "No, don't!" Holly screamed, running up to him and pulling his arm. Brownmon raised his arm to strike Holly and she flinched but suddenly his eyes glazed over. He saw himself and Holly playing and cuddling. He saw Holly being brave. He felt a twang of pain as he imagined the future and then his data began to fleck away, peeling off his body as he shrunk back down. He reached Cubmon's height and kept shrinking until he was lower than Holly's knees and then a small light emanated from his body briefly. Blackmon was left in the space and Holly dived down to the ground, wrapping her arms around him tightly. "Thank you," she whispered softly into his fur, tears in her eyes.

"We need to go find Aiden," Cayden announced.

Holly blinked, then suddenly remembered what she'd seen as she'd looked through the castle for the dungeons. "I know where he'll be!" she yelled, running up the stairs with Blackmon in her arms.

"Holly, Wait!" Jade yelled as the group ran after her.

"Holly! Slow down!" Tammy moaned, carrying Faeremon.

"I can't!" Holly called back, panting slightly. "There's no time!"

"Why not?" Cayden called.

"He's getting married!" she called back, charging out of view.

"What! That shrimp gets to elope before me?" Tammy yelled back, almost tripping over her own feet.

"I can smell a fight," Liomon purred, sniffing the air.

"Between Tammy and Aiden? Me too," Spiritmon said, laughing.

"Holly, be careful!" Jade called but the girl was long since gone from earshot. Her small stature made navigating the staircase, which had a low ceiling, a piece of cake.

Jade made it out first, with Spiritmon close behind and they looked around for Holly but found no sign. The others came out behind her and Tammy breathed a sigh of relief. "Finally, fresh air," she said with a sigh. The front door was nearby and Tammy became elated at the thought of escape.

"We have to find them," Cayden insisted.

"Cayden, I found the fight," Liomon purred as a gaggle of Hyogamon surrounded them.

Tammy's face fell. "Not again!"

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