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A few months later


"So, how do I look?" I smile as Peter looks me up and down approvingly.

"Fucking hot, of course," he grins. "But that's nothing new."

"You're just saying that because you want to get into my pants later," I smirk, stepping closer and grabbing his belt loops to pull him in towards me, dipping my head to nuzzle his neck.

"Damn, am I that obvious?" His throat vibrates under my lips as he chuckles. I move them up and press my mouth to his, kissing him as I slide my hands around to squeeze his ass.

"Yeah you are." I pull away and meet his amused gaze. "But luckily, you're hot too so I think getting into my pants is a foregone conclusion."

Peter pushes his hips into me so I can feel him, hard through his jeans. "Maybe we can just stay home and fuck instead?"

"That's tempting," I sigh, already nervous at the prospect of our night out. "But I need to do this."

He nods, understanding perfectly. I've been avoiding going out to clubs since the night that finally brought us together. But I'm ready now, I want to face those demons and go out and have a good time with my boyfriend. I want to prove to myself that I've changed, that I'm different now.

"Well let's get going then," he says with a grin. "The sooner we get there, the sooner I can rub up against you on the dance floor."


The club is typically crowded for a Friday night, noisy, hot and chaotic. I stick close to Peter's side. It feels weird being sober. In my drinking days I'd usually have started even before I'd arrived. I find the darkness disorientating, the flashing lights too bright.

Pete takes my hand and laces our fingers together firmly. He's watching my reactions closely and I smile reassuringly. I can get into this, I'm just out of practice. But the music will help me get over my inhibitions.

We squeeze our way through to the bar. I don't recognize the faces of the servers although this is a club I used to frequent. They don't look too closely at Peter's fake ID and we manage to get a couple of beers. This isn't the first time that I've had alcohol since I started my counseling sessions, but I rarely drink much these days. I've decided to have a couple tonight and see how it feels. I trust myself to be able to stop when I've had enough. We clink our bottles together and smile as we drink.

The beer goes down quickly, probably because I'm nervous. It tastes more bitter than I remember and isn't particularly enjoyable. But it's cold and is a welcome distraction from my slight discomfort. It's too noisy to be able to talk so we stand at the edge leaning against the wall, our shoulders touching, and watch the dance floor as we drink.

I reach to put my empty bottle down on a nearby table and Peter leans in close to me as I straighten up. "You wanna go and dance?" He asks.

"Okay," I nod, feeling a flush of excitement at the thought of dancing with my boyfriend for the first time.

He drains his bottle and sets it aside, then takes my hand and pulls me into the crowd on the dance floor. We wriggle our way in through the mass of sweaty bodies and claim a bit of space to move in. He puts his hands on my hips, and mine find their way around his shoulders and we start to sway to the rhythm.

I feel the buzz of the alcohol in my system already, just from the one beer. It's exhilarating but disconcerting because I'm so unused to it. I move closer to Peter and lean my head on his shoulder as I lose myself in the music and the feel of his body against mine.

After a little while I need the bathroom so I press my lips close to Pete's ear to tell him where I'm going. His skin is damp and salty under my lips with his sweat and he shivers as my breath tickles him. I move my mouth to his and kiss him, hot and lingering before pulling away and moving through the crowd alone.

In the bathroom the air is cool and dry after the humid heat of the dance floor. The bright overhead lights are stark. I head to the urinal and as I pull out my dick to piss I hear the unmistakable sounds of coupling coming from one of the stalls. The grunts and moans are rough and urgent.

I finish up and tuck myself back in my pants, moving to the sinks to wash my hands. The sounds of skin slapping on skin get faster and louder, as do the incoherent noises they're making. The unseen men sound as though they're enjoying themselves, but I don't want to hear it. I catch sight of my reflection, my face is pale and shadowed. A wave of nausea rushes through me as my mind flashes back to that night when everything changed for me. The sounds are coming from the exact same stall and I'm standing by the very sink that I emptied my guts into that night, all those months ago.

I push the neck of my t-shirt aside and study the scar on my shoulder in the mirror. The pale curve is still visible against the darker tone of my skin. I close my eyes and grip the edge of the sink tighter as I listen to the harsh cries of release coming from inside the stall.

I'm suddenly aware that I'm no longer alone, the door to the bathroom swings shut as a guy comes in. He moves up behind me, standing too close and meets my gaze in the mirror. He grins lasciviously as he hears the sounds of heavy breathing and rustling coming from the stall behind us.

"Need some company?" His eyes are dark, full of desire as they rake over me.

"No," I say firmly, but my heart is pounding and my palms are slick with sweat. "Thanks, but I'm here with my boyfriend."

I move sideways, putting some space between us and turn to face him.

"Shame," he shrugs. "He's a lucky guy."

I turn and leave. My legs are shaky but I hold my head high and as the door to the bathroom closes behind me I feel free.

I weave my way back to Peter, who's still dancing where I left him. I go straight up to him and pull him close. I need to be in his arms. I cling tight, burying my face in his neck and squeezing. Not even attempting to dance.

"You okay?" his breath is hot in my ear.

I just nod and hold him even tighter for a moment, then relax my grip on him. We start to move again. He pulls back to look at me carefully, his brow pulled down in concern so I smile at him and mouth, "I'm fine, really." He grins back at me as we dance and gradually I feel my tension drift away to be replaced by a warm glow that curls in my chest.

The club is filling up all the time and the crowd forces us closer together again as the music pounds, vibrating deep in my bones. Peter's wrapped around me now, his hands tangled in my hair while mine rest on his hips. His lips slide down my neck and skim the hollow of my throat, sending a flush of heat through me. He slips a thigh between mine and I grab his ass and pull him tight against me, pressing my erection into him. He licks my neck and I shiver against him as he works his way up, sucking and kissing until he reaches my lips and we cling to each other as we lose ourselves in a kiss that feels endless. It's all hot, wet mouths, warm breath and sliding hands seeking skin to touch. The rest of the world melts away.

But eventually it's not enough and we pull apart, our chests heaving and lips shiny-wet in the flashing lights. Peter meets my eyes and quirks his eyebrow at me, gesturing towards the exit with his head. I grin and nod, then follow him through the crowd with my hands on his waist, his hands on top of mine holding them in place.

We fall into the back of a cab, breathless and impatient. I twist around to kiss him some more, not willing to break the connection, wanting to keep the heat that was building between us in the club. I end up straddling him, my arms pinning him against the seat as I grind against him. My hands slide up under his t-shirt as he moans into my mouth.

Neither of us even notices that the cab has stopped until the driver clears his throat insistently.

"Oh shit, sorry, man." I scramble off Peter, adjusting my dick which is about to burst out of my pants. I pull some cash out of my pocket and hand it over. It's more than enough. "Keep the change."

Peter's still looking dazed so I grab his wrist and pull him out onto the sidewalk. The driver grins and winks. "Have a nice night, boys."

"Oh, we will!" I smirk and raise a hand as he pulls away.

We hurry into our building and up to our apartment, impatient for privacy at last. I fumble with the key in the lock and we finally get inside. The door slams shut behind us.

I turn to look at him and the words tumble out impulsively. "God, I'm so fucking glad that I get to go home with you. When I remember what I used to be like… this is so much better." Peter's face is intense in the dim light of the hallway and I see a muscle flicker in his jaw.

"Yeah," he replies softly. "This is definitely better. Dancing with you was amazing... knowing that you're mine."

I move towards him then and his lips slowly curve into a smile as he pulls me into his arms and we kiss again. This kiss turns frantic and we're tugging and pulling at each other's clothes as he pushes me backwards down the hallway towards our rooms. My room is the first door we reach and I stumble back through it, nearly tripping as his hand slides down the front of my pants and squeezes.

"Mine." He growls against my neck and sucks hard. Fuck. My dick jumps in his hand.

"Oh shit… yeah." I pull his t-shirt over his head, breaking the kiss to get it over his face while he does the same to mine.

We fall onto the bed, kicking off shoes and getting tangled in our pants and underwear as we try and undress while we keep kissing, desperate and hungry for each other. Finally we're both naked, and he rolls me onto my back and breaks the kiss to look at me spread out beneath him.

"Only I get to do this," he says as he slides his cock against mine.

I thrill at the gleam in his eyes when he says it. Possessive Peter is a big turn on. "Uh huh," I reply, grinning up at him. "Only you."

He takes my cock in his hand and crawls down to lick around the head. "And this," he murmurs huskily between laps of his tongue. "Only I get to taste you like this."

"Fuck… " I gasp, pushing my hips up, eager for more. He obliges, taking me deeper and sucking me until I'm cursing and curling my fists into the bedcovers, trying not to cum yet. Just when I think that I can't hold out anymore he stops and lets my cock slip out of his mouth.

"Roll over," he says roughly and my cock twitches. I hope I know what's coming next. "Let me see that beautiful ass of yours."

I flip on to my front and he pulls my hips up so that I'm kneeling, my head resting on my arms and my ass on display. I feel so exposed but I shiver with anticipation, waiting to be touched. I love to imagine his eyes roaming over me as he decides what he's going to do with me.

I feel his hands first. Soothing touches on my back as he works his way down, kneading the muscles and stroking firmly. When he reaches my buttocks he grips them and his thumbs slide in to my crack, so close to where I want him to touch me. He rubs them up and down, dipping in further with each pass as I push back against him and moan impatiently.

Suddenly the movement stops and his thumbs part my cheeks. When I feel his hot breath whisper over my hole, I'm shot through with a jolt of arousal so strong that my dick jerks against my belly.

"Pete… please!" I whine.

"Only I get to do this." His voice is a whisper now and his breath washes over me again.

Then finally I feel his mouth on me and I whimper as the wet heat of his tongue teases the rim of my hole in slow circles. He gradually increases the pressure. The sloppy sounds that he's making are so fucking, deliciously dirty and the sensation of him licking and sucking at my hole is driving me right to the edge. I'm clutching at the pillow and making noises that are almost like sobbing. I squirm against him, pushing back against his tongue, desperate to be filled.

"Fuck me!" I beg. "Please, I need you to fuck me."

I nearly cry with relief when I feel him pull away. He moves swiftly and I hear the bang of the drawer and the rip of a condom wrapper. The lube is cold when he drizzles it into my crack but his fingers are warm as he slips them into me, stretching and pressing. It feels good but I want so much more.

"Hurry up," I hiss. "I'm ready, get it in me now."

He chuckles breathlessly and I feel him teasing my hole with the head of his cock, bigger and softer than his fingers. I rock my hips back and my growl of frustration turns into a moan of pure pleasure as I feel him breach me. I welcome the burn and sting even though it takes my breath away, because I know it won't last long. So I push back harder, encouraging him to keep moving.

"You sure?" he sounds uncertain.

"Yes, I'm very fucking sure." I push back again until he's deep inside me. "Now move!"

He takes me at my word and fucks me hard and fast, slamming into me and gripping my hips tightly. His fingers will probably leave marks but I don't care. I want him to mark me, to leave traces on my body to show that I belong to him. Just as he belongs to me.

I'm close already and I know that Peter is too from the sounds that he's making. "Stroke my dick," I gasp, wanting it to be his hand on me when I come. He reaches around and closes his hand around me, gripping tight and pulling in time with his thrusts. "Oh fuck… Pete…" I feel my cock spurt in his hand in time with the rhythmic pulsing deep inside me. He groans and thrusts harder, fucking me through it until I feel him shudder against me as he comes too, moaning my name.

When he's finished he slumps forwards, his cock still inside me and kisses my shoulders. He slides his arms around my torso and whispers how much he loves me against my sweat-slick skin as he holds me.

Later we lie wrapped around each other, trading kisses and soft smiles. Then suddenly Peter frowns slightly.

"I forgot to ask," he says. "What happened in the bathroom at the club earlier, Jas?"

"Nothing, really," I reply, recalling how I'd clung to him on the dance floor after my little freak out. I can still see my pale face reflected in the mirror if I close my eyes.

"Only you looked like you'd seen a ghost." He persists, his arms warm around me and his face concerned.

"Not a ghost, just a bad memory." I slip my hand into the short hair at the nape of his neck and lean closer. "But it's all in the past now."

There's a smile on my lips as I kiss him and I feel his lips curve against mine as he kisses me back.

The End

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