"Come on then," the Doctor encouraged as he slid the last knob and the TARDIS gave the tell-tale whish whish.

Donna looked up at him somewhat drowsily- How long had it been she slept? Probably too long, he admitted, but they were here now. After this, he silently confirmed, she would rest as long as she needed. Looking to Jack he saw those blue eyes filled with a smirk. Jack had only just rejoined them claiming he needed some rest. Why he thought that spending time with him would provide him with that puzzled him, Donnas' exhaustion confirmed that fact.

Jack however looked quite awake and was offering a hand to Donna. Jack's face was covered in child-like wonder and it made him smile just a little.

"Come on." Jack urged. "I want to go." He sounded very much like a kid pleading to his mother.

She looked up at him and his excitement seemed to pull her out of her daze. "Oh, fine then. I swear the two of you together is a force to be reckoned with."

"You have no idea," Jack joked winking at the Doctor who just shook his head but he seemed amused.

She took his hand to stand but then refused to let go of it. Jack pulled feebly but finally gave up. You couldn't fight Donna.

"So where did you decide we should go," Donna asked smiling at him.

"A lovely planet called Fair," the doctor gave her his adventure grin and offered his hand at Donna's other side.

"Fair," she questioned wrinkling her face up and the Doctor noted her beauty again. She took his hand and looked a little smug that she had too attractive men walking with her. Though the temperature difference was quite evident in their hands, both felt great being held in hers.

"You're taking us to the zoo doc," Jack called him the offending name.

The Doctor started to speak up but Donna beat him to it. "Don't call him that." She put on her best outrage face and Jack laughed.

"Thank you, Donna," the Doctor squeezed her hand.

She stuck out her tongue out at Jack and then looked at the Doctor. "What does he mean zoo? Not that I'm not interested in cute little space animals but couldn't I have had a nap first."

"They're not animals," Jack stated.

Donna looked puzzled, they were only a few steps away from the TARDIS and the Doctor suspected if he didn't tread carefully she would return to it and to her bed. "What do you mean? What else do you put in a zoo?"

"People," Jack said before the Doctor could stop him. "Well sort of people."

Donna released both hands and took a large step back. "Hush, Jack," the Doctor demanded before he took a gentle step forward.

"What does he mean people, Doctor? Why would you take us somewhere like this?"

"It's not like it sounds, Donna." His voice was calm but he was worried. He hadn't meant to upset her. "Yes, they are advanced life forms but it's not like a normal zoo. It's not even called that in this galaxy. It's called The Circle."

"'Cause that makes it better… a fancy name," her words were angry but her face was relaxing.

"Donna," the Doctor took another step and put out his hand for her to take. "We are going to take the tour. Do you trust me?"

There was a long pause but everyone knew that she did, "Fine," she agreed taking his hand. "But I better get some answers."

He pulled her close and kissed her temple, "That's my Donna."

They began to walk and Jack jogged to catch up, "I don't get a kiss." His voice was full of pout.

The Doctor and Donna looked at him before the Doctor responded, "Nope."

They chuckled hand in hand but the Doctor relented and offered his other hand to Jack who took it. The three walked towards a large building with a floating sign above it that said The Circle.