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Chapter 13

Inuyasha stared at the road a head. How many times had he traveled down this road when he was young? He had lost count over the years. Even after Kagome had left, Inuyasha would still come out here once in a while. He loved this place because this was the place he and Kagome had made love for the first time, it was also the place where he shattered her heart as well as his own.

Gripping the steering wheel tighter, Inuyasha bared his fangs in anger. Tonight he would get her back and he would never let go of her. His cell phone went off in his pocket, drawing his attention away from the road.

"Yeah?" His one word answer bit into the silence.

"No need for such cruelty, Inuyasha! I merely wanted to see how you were fairing. Is it eating you alive that I have her and you don't?" Kikyo's voice held so much bitterness that Inuyasha almost felt sorry for her.

"Kikyo, I just want to know why? Why would you do this to your own sister?"

"You have no idea do you?" She let out a maniacal laugh.

Inuyasha growled as she hung up the phone. He dialed Miroku's number and waited for him to answer.

"You there?" Miroku asked.

"Yeah, I just got a phone call from Kikyo! That woman is off her rocker." Inuyasha watched as two shadows moved in the house a head. His knuckles were now white from gripping the wheel too tight.

"Tell me something I don't know! You need to have a level head when you go in there, Inuyasha. Michael and Sesshomaru are already surrounding the house, so you will have back-up if something goes down."

"Going in!" He said and hung up the phone. He parked the car and walked down the narrow road to the main house.

"Wait for me, Kagome, I'm coming for you!" He whispered to the wind.

Kagome blinked her eyes open. They were blurry from the blow Sara had given her earlier. Her temple was itchy and throbbing. The blood was already dry, so how long had she been out? She tried to look around but without light it was impossible! She leaned her head back against the wall. How was she going to get out of here? She had to see Emi again! She wanted to feel her daughter's arms wrapped around her again. And then there was Inuyasha. She was finally able to tell him she loved him and now she might not ever see him again. She felt tears burn the rim of her eyes once more. She had to get out of here alive for Inuyasha and Emi!

She wiggled her arms around once more trying to loosen the knot her hands were tied in. Slowly but surely they were becoming lose again. She prayed that Sara was busy or something so she wouldn't be able to come down here. Last time Kagome had almost gotten her hand free when Sara and burst through the door and starting beating her. She didn't notice the ropes until she had slapped Kagome so hard she had made her fall side ways. That's when Sara hit her in the head with something and Kagome blacked out.

Not this time, Kagome thought as the ropes went limp and fell off her wrists. She barely stood up without her legs giving out from under her, but she managed to waddle to the door. Kagome held her breath as she slowly opened the door. She stepped out into the hallway and looked around, it was night time! Good, she could easily hide in the shadows as she searched for Emi. She could hear voices in the distance.

Two captors, Kagome thought. She froze when she recognized the voice of her sister. Kikyo! She's behind this as well, Kagome let go of the pain she felt and continued her search for her daughter. She would deal with Kikyo later. Emi was her top priority! She slowly crept through the house opening up doors and searching the rooms. Emi was no where to be found.

Kagome started to open up another door until she heard a loud crash and then the voice of an angel. "Where the hell are they?!"

Inuyasha stood glaring at the two women. One he didn't recognize, but he kept his gaze on Kikyo who glared back with a smirk.

"Poor Inuyasha, lost without his love," She mocked as she circled around him. "You are so pathetic! How could she love a something like you? My sister isn't the brightest crayon in the box I suppose but at least she could have better taste in men!"

Inuyasha growled at her. "You have no idea what you are talking about. Kagome doesn't judge someone for what they are. She makes her judgment for who they are. If they are good or evil, she still loves with all her heart. Unlike you, Devil Woman, Kagome is kind and gentle, caring and loving, and when someone she loves is threatened she becomes very protective and would fight for them no matter what!"

Kikyo barked out a laugh. "You seem to think you understand my sister more than I do. How ludicrous are you, Inuyasha? I know my sister better then you ever will!"

That's when Inuyasha realized what this was all about. Why Kikyo tried to separate them so bad. "You weren't jealous of me being with her, you were jealous of her being with me!"

Kikyo stopped her pacing and looked back at him. "You finally get it! You are not worthy of my sister and I knew that if my father knew of your love for each other, he would forbid you from every seeing her again. I had to do something to get her away from you! She is my sister and no one is going to take her away from me!" Kikyo screamed as she pulled out a gun and aimed it at him.

Sara was grinning evilly as she watched the two argue. She was hoping they would kill each other so she wouldn't have to worry about doing it herself later on. Kikyo was so twisted that it was easy to manipulate her into helping her. She leaned back on the couch and enjoyed the show.

How perfect is this, she thought? They will kill each other and then she could take her new daughter and find Michael. He loved her, she knew he did! But Kagome clouded his vision and made him see her instead of Sara. As soon as he seen her, he would welcome her and their daughter in his arms.

Inuyasha couldn't show any fear as Kikyo aimed the gun at him. He was lost on what to do. She would kill him before he made as step towards her. He was trying to think of a plan when he saw movement behind him.

"Nice of you to join the party, asshole!" Inuyasha growled, but kept his gaze on Kikyo.

Michael smirked. "I was sitting outside enjoying the nice air and when I looked inside it looked like everyone was having so much fun so I thought I would join in!"

Sara jumped up off the couch as soon as she seen Michael and ran to him! "Oh, my love, I have missed you so much!" She said as she held on to him.

Michael didn't know what to think as Sara latched on to him. What the hell? How was she involved in this? "What the hell are you doing here, Sara?"

She looked up at him with a bright smile. "I came to save you from Kagome. I know she has a spell on you! You couldn't possibly love her when you love me!"

Michael frowned. "I don't love you, Sara, I never have!"

Sara shook her head frantically, still clinging to him. "That's not true! You love me or you wouldn't have made love to me!"

Michael tried to pry her arms off of him and stepped back. "No, Sara that was a one time thing! I love Kagome and she is the only one for me!"

Sara screamed. "You're a liar! You said I was beautiful and smart! You said you could see yourself being with someone like me!"

"Yes but I didn't mean you! You're my employee, Sara!"

Tears were streaming down Sara's face as she tried to reach for him again only to have him back away. "You are under her spell, but it will disappear and you will realize how much you love me! As soon as that bitch is dead, you will see how much you love me!"

Inuyasha looked back at the woman. What the hell was wrong with this woman, he thought? She was crazy as hell! She means to kill Kagome which meant that she was still alive!

"That wasn't part of the plan, Sara! You promised me you wouldn't kill her!" Kikyo said, her hands were shaking as she tried to steady the gun.

Sara glared at her. "And I told her that I would never let her live after taking what's mine! Michael doesn't love her, he loves me! And as soon as she and that mutt are dead, Emi will become our daughter and live with us!"

"Like hell you crazy Bitch!"

All four of them turned to see Kagome bracing herself against the door frame. She was covered in dirt and blood and could barely hold her head up. She was glaring at Sara as she began walking towards her.

"You will never take my daughter from me! I will hunt you down and skin you alive while you scream! She is mine!" Kagome was seething by the time she reached Sara.

"How…how did you get out?!" Sara gasped as she backed away from Kagome.

Inuyasha felt sick as he looked at her state. She was bruised from her head to her arms and possibly more. He wanted to run to her but Kikyo kept the gun on him so he wouldn't move.

Kikyo covered her mouth with her free hand as she took in the sight of her sister. "Oh Kagome," She whispered and then turned to glare at Sara. "I will kill you for what you have done!" She aimed the gun at her.

Everything happened within a second. Inuyasha dove for Kikyo, knocking the gun out of her hand as Michael dove for her Kagome to knock her out of the way. She landed in a painfully heap right as the gun went off. Sara had the gun aimed towards Kikyo and Inuyasha. Everything froze as Kikyo and Inuyasha looked at one another before Kikyo fell to the ground. A pool of blood formed under her and Inuyasha stood staring at her.

Kagome screamed as she crawled to her sister. Michael tackled Sara to the ground, holding her down. Tears streaked down Kagome's blood and dirt covered face. She pulled Kikyo's head onto her lap, brushing her bangs aside.

"Oh Kikyo," Kagome whispered.

"Shh, this isn't your fault, I did this!" She cooed as she rested her hand on Kagome's cheek. "I did this because I thought I was loosing you like father. I wanted to keep you to myself, Kagome. I hated the thought of sharing you with anyone. You are my beloved sister. I love you so much!"

Kagome sobbed as she held onto Kikyo's hand. "I have always loved you, Kikyo. I would never have left you behind. Please stay with me! Don't leave me, Kikyo. Your niece never got a chance to meet her aunt." Kagome's voice was shaken and full of emotions.

Kikyo smiled up at her and brushed her tears away. "Never fear, I will always look after you and Emi. She is so beautiful, Kagome. She….she is in the…bedroom upstairs. I know….I know I can never….ask for your…forgiveness, but please…don't hate me."

Kagome sobbed harder. "Never Kikyo, I could never hate you. Please don't talk like that; you'll be fine I promise."

Kikyo looked up at Kagome and then to Inuyasha. Her eyes said the apology that she couldn't voice her self. Inuyasha nodded his head as if understanding. Kikyo smiled and looked back up at Kagome. "I love you, little sister….never forget me!" Kikyo's eyes closed and her hand went limp.

Kagome couldn't move as her sister drew her last breath and left this world. "No no no no no no." She repeated over and over again until Inuyasha pulled her into his arms and held her close.

Sesshomaru had already called the authorities, you could hear the sirens outside but Kagome paid them no mind. She let go of Inuyasha and ran up the stairs to find her daughter. She found her in a room huddled up against a corner wall, hiding her face.

"Emi!" Kagome screamed and ran to her daughter.

"Mommy!" Emi launched herself in Kagome's arms crying hysterically. "That woman said that you were dead and she was going to take me away to be her daughter."

Kagome clung to her daughter trying to soothe her. "That won't happen sweetie. Mommy isn't going anywhere."

She walked down the stairs to see Sara being hauled out by the police. She was screaming for Michael to rescue her but he ignored it and walked to Kagome.

"Kagome, I am so sorry for what she has done to you! I knew that she was in love with me but I never thought that it would go this far."

Kagome put her hand on Michael's arm and smiled a broken smile. "You had no idea what she was like; you couldn't have known what she was capable of. I just wish Ki-Kikyo would have realized sooner what she was like. She easily controlled my sister's need to have me back and away from Inuyasha."

Michael wanted to say more, but he couldn't find the words. He watched as the love of his life walked straight into the arms of another man and just smiled. He couldn't compete with the love they shared. To Kagome, Inuyasha was the only one she would ever see. He was her star in a dark world that held no meaning other than being loved by him. With a nod of his head he walked out of the house to leave them alone, a tear sliding down his face.

Inuyasha finished telling the officer his side of the story and watched as they carried Kikyo's…body outside. His heart ached in his chest and it was all he could do not to break down and cry. He turned slightly to see Kagome walking straight to him with Emi in her arms. She was banged up and bruised, but was still an angel in his eyes. Emi held out her arms to him, wanting comfort from her daddy.

"Hey little one, are you okay?" He asked her as he kissed the top of her head.

Emi nodded and hugged him tight. "I don't like it here, daddy, can we go home?"

Inuyasha looked down at Kagome and smiled. "I think we should all go home." He said as he held Kagome close and walked out into the night.

Six Month's Later

Kikyo's funeral was over with and her sister was laid to rest. Kagome fought back the tears once again. She could still feel the dismal and sorrowful atmosphere they had buried her in. She missed her sister more than anything. The night they told her mother what happened she had been devastated but was also happy to see that Kagome and her grand-daughter was all right. Her mother didn't speak to anyone for a long time until one day Sango had come over to announce that she and Miroku were getting married. Her mother's eyes lightened and she began helping the daughter she had adopted long ago.

Kagome had quit her job and moved back home. Michael was reluctant to let her go but couldn't deny her happiness so he decided that with the money from the merger he would open up another business in Tokyo making Kagome a CEO. At first she refused the job but Inuyasha convinced her that she should take it. He sympathized with the man. He knew that loving Kagome was what he wanted to do but since he couldn't he would make sure that she would want for nothing in this world.

A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts. She turned to see Emi running in and showing off her flower girl dress. "Don't I look pretty mommy?" She asked as she spun around.

Kagome smiled and picked up her daughter, planting a kiss on her cheek. "You sure are. You are the most beautiful person in the world."

"You come pretty close yourself!" Inuyasha said as he stood in the door way.

Kagome gasped as she looked Inuyasha up and down. He was wearing a black tux with a deep purple tie and his hair was drawn back into a low pony tail. "You are looking good yourself, sir." Kagome said with a giggle.

She was dressed in her maid of honor dress. It was long and slinky, a deep purple the same as Inuyasha's tie. The straps hung off her shoulders giving her an elegant look.

"Are you almost ready mommy?" Emi asked as she bounced out of her mother's arms and took hold of her hand.

"Sure thing!" Kagome said with a smile.

The wedding was beautiful, everyone was crying. They had all thought this day would never going to come and when the preacher pronounced them man and wife the whole church yelled, "Finally!"

The reception was held in the ball room of the Takashi Building. Kagome was watching as Inuyasha danced with Emi. She had never seen her daughter as happy as she giggled in her father's arms. Kagome smiled and looked over at the happy couple. Finally Sango and Miroku were married and Kagome couldn't be any happier for the two. She always knew Sango was stubborn but she also knew that Miroku would get the best of her. A hand came into her view, startling Kagome. She looked up to see Inuyasha smiling at her.

"May I have this dance?" He asked as he pulled her close to him.

"I think you may," Kagome said as they walked out to the dance floor.

They held each other close for a while until Kagome pulled back to look into his eyes. "I never thought I would be with you again. I always thought that I was destined to never have you. Emi loves you so much, you have made her happy."

Inuyasha smiled. "And you, Kagome, have I made you happy?"

Kagome smiled. "Yes you have! I love you, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha stopped dancing and looked down at her. "I know what I did in the past hurt you. I know I can never take it back or gain time with because of it, but I want you to know I love you. I didn't make you happy before, but what about now?" He said as he knelt down on one knee, holding a diamond between his thumb and finger.

Kagome gasped as tears fell from her eyes. "Yes, a thousand times!" Inuyasha smiled and scooped her up in his arms, spinning her around. They could barely hear the cheers and shouts around them.

Inuyasha sat Kagome down, kissing her gently. "I have you now and I am never letting you go!" He vowed.

Kagome laughed. "Good because I don't think Emi would like it if you did. Plus the baby needs a father you know!"

Inuyasha froze. "Ba-baby?"

Kagome nodded. Inuyasha crushed her to him. "We are going to have a baby, another baby! I love you so much Kagome, you, Emi, and this new baby. Thank you so much."

Kagome cried as she seen tears stream down his face. She knew Inuyasha loved her but to see proof of it blew her mind. "Princess, this is our happily ever after!"

Kagome shook her head. "No, this is our happily ever beginning.

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