I've had this story for about a year but didn't post it because I didn't really like it. Now I see that Supernatural is doing a Jersey Devil story so I figured I'd go ahead and post it. I know my chapters are short and I'm sorry but that's the way I like to write. Not sure if anyone will like this but here goes…..

The Jersey Devil

Mike Ritter opened the door to his small New Jersey home and stepped outside. He looked across the street to where the Pine Barrens began and allowed himself a small smile. Today was the day that the legend of the Pine Barrens was finally going to pay off for him and make him some money. He had heard the legend of the Jersey Devil all his life, he remembered hearing it when he was just a young boy from his mother.

There was a woman back in 1735 whose last name was Leeds and she lived in an area known as Leeds Point, his mother had told him. This woman had twelve children and was now pregnant with her thirteenth child. Mrs. Leeds didn't want another child and cursed the birth of her thirteenth child and said that if it was born it would be a devil. Sure enough the baby was born deformed and hideous looking. The child purportedly sprouted wings and flew up the chimney and disappeared into the night never to be seen by its mother again, but somehow the creature lived and grew strong. People throughout the years had reported seeing it and most said it stood about 4 to 5 feet tall and had large bat like wings and the head of a horse, plus flashing red eyes. It had a piercing scream and was known to feed on livestock or any other animal it could capture, including humans. Occasionally people who wandered into the Pine Barrens were never seen again and the Jersey Devil was blamed for their disappearance. Reputable people had seen it including a police officer who fired at it and swore that he had hit it but it flew back into the Pine Barrens and was later seen apparently unhurt feeding on a deer.

Throughout his life he had heard of people who went into the Barrens searching for the creature only to run out scared half to death when they heard a screeching cry and flapping wings in the thick bushes or tree tops. Living near the Pine Barrens had never paid off for him, but this time it would. He was going to lead a group of people deep into the Barrens for a price and for a good scare. He and a few of his friends had already rigged up different areas of the Barrens with special effects sure to scare his group and give them their money's worth. He himself didn't believe in the legend but he knew there were people who did, and they would pay good money to see the Barrens for themselves, and hopefully see the Jersey Devil.

A few hours later

Dean and Sam had heard about the upcoming trip into the Pine Barrens and decided to check it out. They knew of a hunter who actually thought he had seen the creature years ago and there was even a drawing of what the man saw in their dad's journal. The brothers decided to sign up for the trip and to try to stay close to the group and hopefully protect them if anything happened. Not sure what would actually kill the creature they packed a variety of weapons, silver bullets, flamethrower, and razor sharp knives.

Dean looked over at his sleeping brother as he drove and smiled to himself.

"Sam!" He shouted in his brother's ear causing him to jump up and reach for his weapon.

"What?" Sam looked around for the reason for his brother's cry.

"We're here." Dean tried to hide his smile from Sam. He loved scaring his brother needlessly. He knew he should have outgrown it years ago but it was something he had always enjoyed and probably always would. After all they had been through together a little laugh once in awhile broke the tension of what they did for a living.

"Damn it Dean I thought something had happened!" Sam said as he punched Dean on his arm.

Dean gave a little laugh as he rubbed his arm.

"Scared ya didn't I?"

Sam looked out the side window ignoring Dean's question.

"So this is it?" Sam looked out the side window and into the deep forest that ran along both sides of the road.

"Yep. The New Jersey Pine Barrens." Dean said as he pointed at a sign that stated the same.

"You really think there is a Jersey Devil?" Sam asked.

"Guess we'll find out." Dean told his brother as he pulled into a small parking lot across the street from a sign which read Jersey Devil Trip ….Register inside and in small letters below Take a trip into the dark Pine Barrens to discover for yourself whether the Devil really exists. Six days out and six days back 450.00, food and camping equipment provided.

"If this thing is real these campers aren't going to know what they might be in for." Sam said as he and Dean climbed out of the car and grabbed their backpacks then headed toward the small cabin that served as a check in point.

"More than likely this will just end up being just a nice little trip into the Pine Barrens and nothing more. Everyone can then go home with stories to tell their grandkids."

"You really think so?"

"I hope so. …. If this creature does exist it seems like it doesn't want to be found, and let's just hope it stays that way."

"Yeah let's hope so." Sam said as he watched other cars pull up and their occupants empty out and also head toward the cabin. He winced slightly when he saw that one of the couples had brought along two children who looked to be about nine and twelve. "Why would someone drag their kids along on a trip like this? It should have been for adults only, they at least have a choice whether they wanted to come or not."

"Guess they think this is all a big joke and all it's going to be is a nice little camping trip. Guess they figure why not bring the kiddies."

"Let's just hope the joke isn't on them."