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The Jersey Devil

Chapter sixteen

Dean didn't know what he was going to do when he found Walt but if the man made a violent move toward him he didn't have any problem with ending his life. The man was obviously violent and had already killed one of the campers and had hurt his brother. Dean normally avoided killing a human but he would if it meant protecting the rest of the group. A piercing scream turned his fast walk into a run.

Up ahead in a small clearing Dean watched as the creature grabbed Walt by his shirt and lifted him high in the air. Even though the man's death wouldn't be a lose to Dean he still felt obligated to try and stop it. He aimed his gun at the creature and fired. Hearing the gunshot, Walt looked down at Dean and Dean could see the terror in his eyes. The creature feeling the shot rose even higher.

"Help! Help me you son of a bitch!" He screamed down at Dean.

Dean knew if the creature dropped Walt from that high up he would probably either die on impact or be seriously injured. As much as he hated the man, he still didn't want to be the cause of his death.

He lowered his gun, he could only hope that the thing would land, or at least perch in a tree somewhere. Maybe then he could save him. Dean watched as Walt began slicing at the creature with his knife with little or no affect. Instead of injuring the thing it only seemed to make it angry. The Devil lowered its mouth to Walt's arm and with one bite severed it from his body. The arm still clutching the knife fell to the ground. Blood poured from the open wound and Dean could tell it wouldn't be long before Walt bled out. The screams of fear and pain grew louder as Walt himself knew he was doomed. Dean hesitated a few seconds then raised his gun. The least he could do was put Walt out of his misery. He aimed for his head and after hesitating for a few seconds pulled the trigger. The creature hearing the shot and feeling his prey stop moving glared down at Dean. This was the same man who had wounded it earlier and now had stopped him once again from making a kill. It dropped the lifeless body and began to swoop down toward Dean. Instead of attacking its foe it flew over him and headed back toward the other campers, it knew there was an injured man there plus others that could serve as its meal and would be easier pickings than this man.

Dean watched as The Devil flew over him and headed back to the group of campers, a group that included his brother.

"Sam." Dean whispered quietly to himself. He could feel and hear his heart pounding in his chest. "Sammy it's coming your way!" He shouted hoping to warn his brother. He started to run back to the others but stopped and picked up Walt's knife before continuing.

Sam heard Dean's shout and immediately told the others to get down and stay close to the ground. He quickly positioned himself protectively in front of Jenn and her two boys making himself the target. He would die before he'd let the creature hurt anyone else. He kept his gun pointed in the direction of Dean's shout. He could feel himself start to sway a little from his sickness and fought to stay upright. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he watched the creature come into view. He knew this was probably the end.

Dean watched in horror as the creature dived down and made a beeline for his brother. With a quick burst of energy he caught up to the Devil and not knowing how else to stop it jumped on its back. The creature threw its head back and screamed in anger. It began flying erratically, bouncing from tree to tree as it tried desperately to shake the man from its back. Dean held on tight and began plunging the knife as deep as he could into the Devil's body. He knew that the knife wasn't that long and could only hope that he'd sever an artery. Sam watched from below his eyes wide as he watched the spectacle in front of him. He aimed his gun at the creature but couldn't take the chance that he might hit his brother.

"Hang on Dean!" He shouted when the creature flew high in to the air. Sam knew if Dean fell off of it he wouldn't stand a chance, not at that height.

When the Devil once more flew near the ground in an attempt to knock Dean off by flying through the thick branches Dean did the only thing he could think of, he began slicing through its thick neck. He had no idea what could kill the beast but he knew without its head it would surely die. Blood rained down on the ground below as the creature began choking on its own blood. Dean pulled its head back as far as he could and finished the job. The head of the creature fell off and dropped to the ground, but even without its head the creature managed to fly a short distance before crumbling to the ground with Dean still clinging to its back.

"Dean!" Sam ran as fast as he could to his brother. When he got to him he could see that Dean was covered in blood and not moving. He knelt down beside him fearing the worse. "Dean." He said softly as he gently turned his brother over. Tears filled his eyes as he shook his brother by his shoulder. "Wake up…..come on Dean wake up…"

Dean's green eyes suddenly popped open and he looked into the relieved face of Sam.

"Is it over?" He asked, not even realizing he was lying next to the remains of the Devil.

"Yeah it's over." Sam gave his brother a small smile. "Walt?" He asked wondering what had happened to Jenn's husband.

Dean shook his head as he looked over at Jenn and her boys.

Sam wasn't sad that Walt was gone; he had already killed an innocent man, but Walt was Jenn's husband and the boys' father and he felt sad for their loss.

With the Devil dead the rest of the campers came over to the brothers and thanked them for saving their lives. Jenn didn't even have to be told that Walt was dead, one look at Dean and she knew. She didn't want to know the grizzly details, she would tell the boys he had simply died of a heart attack. They'd be upset at first, but they were young and would eventually get over it. She herself felt a sense of freedom. She had put up with his cruel remarks and abuse for too long and it was almost a relief that that part of her life was finally over.

The other campers walked over and looked down at the body of the beast that they had heard so many legends about. It really did exist and now they finally had the proof. But even as that thought crossed their minds the body of the creature began to disintegrate and turn to dust, then blew away with a gentle breeze. They looked at each other in disbelief knowing that no one would believe them now, now that the proof was gone.

"What do we do now?" Corey asked as he looked down at the spot where the creature had been.

"The first thing we need to do is get all of you back to civilization." Dean knew his first priority was to get the others back safe.

"What about Rob and….." Jerry stopped, he didn't want to mention Walt's name in front of his kids.

"Once we get back we'll send someone out for them."

"But how are we going to explain what happened to them?" Jerry looked down at the empty spot where the creature had died. "There is no proof that thing even existed."

Both Sam and Dean knew that was true. Who would believe that there really was a Jersey Devil and that it had attacked and killed some of them….probably no one.

"We'll have to make up a story and stick with it." Dean told them.

"Maybe we can say we ran into some lunatics out here in the Barrens and they attacked and killed some of us. We can say we barely made it back alive." Corey suggested.

It was as good a story as any the brothers thought.

"We'll talk about it on the way back." Dean told them. "Right now we need to get out of here." He looked over at Sam. "You okay? Can you make it?"

"Yeah I'll make it." Sam was actually beginning to feel a little bit better; maybe the infection had finally burned out of his system.

Once they rediscovered the barely visible tracks they started heading back. As they walked they all agreed to stick with Corey's story. With the creature's body now gone there really wasn't anything else they could do.

Dean and Sam both knew that once they got the others back they couldn't hang around once the cops were notified. They'd have to leave as soon as they got back. They didn't like the idea of leaving the others deal with the aftermath but they had no choice, they couldn't afford to get tied up in a police investigation.


They walked for a long time, stopping to rest every few hours, but finally they saw a clearing up ahead and could see in the distance the old visitor's trailer. The entire group gave a sigh of relief, they were finally back.

Dean looked over at Sam and nodded toward the Impala. They needed to leave as soon as possible before they got mixed up with the police.

"Just a minute." Sam looked over at Jenn and her two boys.

"Okay but hurry up." Dean headed toward the car.

Sam nodded then walked over to Jenn.

"I'm sorry about your husband." He said softly to her once her children had run toward the trailer.

"It's okay. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I always thought he'd get it in a bar fight but….." She looked up at him and gave him a small sad smile. "The kids and I have a new start in life and we'll be fine." She looked into his eyes hoping that maybe he'd stick around and they could get to know each other a little better. "You feel better?"

Sam was attracted to her too but knew there was no future between them.

"Yeah….I'll be fine. … My brother and I need to get going." He explained and swallowed hard when he saw the disappointment in her eyes. "We can't stick around."

"Oh." She figured it had something to do with the cops being called but didn't say anything.

"I just want you to know that you're a beautiful woman and no one has the right to treat you the way he did. I'm sorry your husband died, but you're strong and I'm sure you'll be fine. Once this is behind you , you need to find someone who'll treat you and your sons the way they should be treated."

"I appreciate your concern Sam." She smiled up at him and put her hand on the side of his face. "You take care Sam, and thank you. Thank your brother for me also."

"I will."

He gave a small sad smile as he watched her walk over to the trailer to her children. He then turned and walked back to Dean.

"You okay?" Dean asked when he saw the look on Sam's face.

"Yeah ." Sam said as he got in the car. Dean looked over at the trailer then he too got in the car. He put the car in drive then drove off. He'd have Sam checked out at one of the doctors they knew in the area that catered toward hunters, then they'd move on to their next hunt.

The Barrens

As they headed out they never saw the large creature who watched them from inside the thick woods. It was a legend, it could not die. It had risen from the ashes and reclaimed its territory. It would wait….it knew there would be others.

The End