"I swear, it has a pub." Stephen crossed his arms, biting back on the urge to punctuate his statement with what felt at the moment like an extremely appropriate expletive at Tony's look of ever so tolerant disbelief.

"It's a library, Steve," he sighed, pushing the letter back across the table without looking at it. "I understand that everything's better in Vancouver, but what would be the point of having a pub in the library other than if you like cleaning puke off of books? Your mate's just having you on."

"Actually, I think that the point of having a pub in a library would just be if you wanted to wag your dick at other libraries in a show of sheer awesome."

Stephen's head snapped around to the bed behind them where he hadn't even realized Kevin was listening. For a moment, he fumbled, unsure of how to take the idea of Kevin and he being on the same side about anything, but this was about pride in his home, and he smiled as he made the quick decision that it would do for now and leaned forward, pressing his point over Tony's own surprise. "Did I mention it's seven stories tall?"