Christmas time around the world was happening again. Everyone was looking for gifts, planning get together times, carolers were on the streets, charity workers were out and about, and people were forgetting their worries and cares. However, one man in mind was not at all excited for Christmas, Arthur Kirkland, he kept on hoarding most of his earnings for himself especially during the holidays. It was just always like this since his partner Gilbert died, and the economic down times made him just want to save. He never spent Christmas with anybody, he hated Christmas and would never even say thank you to anybody wishing him a Merry Christmas. It was Christmas Eve and he went to work seeing his current assistant Vash Zwingli, working with financial organization earlier than usual.

"Merry Christmas Arthur."

"Bah Humbug, It's quite warm in here Zwingli, have you been raising the thermostat again?"

"Nein sir, it's just the heater turning on since it's so cold."

"Very well, just as long as I can count my profits in peace."

Vash nervously asked Arthur,

"Umm, Mr. Kirkland it's Christmas Eve and well, "

"I assume you want the next day now off do you?"

"Well, yes. I need to get home in time for dinner and tending to my personal needs."

"The only thing that matters right now is that you work as my partner in this crisis we're going through."

Soon came a knock on the door,

"Who in God's name could be here right now?"

Soon the door was opened up and his former brother, but still a good friend Alfred came in,

"Merry Christmas!"

Vash responded,

"Merry Christmas Alfred."

"It's good afternoon Alfred. Why are you here anyway?"

"I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and to come over for my Christmas party. Almost everyone is going to be there."

"Bah humbug, what's the bloody point of Christmas being so merry? You're suffering through this crisis enough."

"Well why are you so miserable? You're rich enough."

"If I could work my will, every git who goes about with Merry Christmas on his lips would be cooked with his own dinner, and buried with a stake of holly in his heart. You keep Christmas in your own way, and let me keep it in mine."

"Say, what?"

"It's always another day older, and never another day with any more money."

"But Arthur, Christmas is a time for family and friends, and forgetting all of your cares for one day."

"I'm still not going. Especially since your married to that Filipino Malaya."

"But, I fell in love with her."

"Love, bah humbug. Money is more important than love my friend, especially in these economic down times."

"But money I feel I have enough of."

"I don't care, now go!"

"I just-"


Alfred left, with a sad look on his face knowing his former brother wouldn't be at his party.

As the day went by another knock on the door was heard.

When he opened the door he saw Eduard and Feliks collecting for charity,

"Like, Merry Christmas Arthur."

"Yes, now do I have the pleasure of addressing Mr. Beilschmidt, or Mr. Kirkland?"

"Gilbert has been dead for a while you gits."

"Well, we have no doubt that his generosity is represented by his partner. At this festive season of the year Arthur, it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the Poor and destitute, who suffer greatly right now. Many are in want of common necessaries; hundreds of thousands are in want of common comforts. Now about your donation, what should I put you down for?"

Eduard was then answered with,


"Oh you wish to remain anonymous?"

Asked Eduard.

"I wish to be left alone."

Soon Arthur said,

"Let me ask you two, are there no abandoned prisons?"

"Well, like yes there are." said Feliks

"And the sweatshops are they not running?"

"Unfortunately they are."

"Well, why not make them go there?"

Feliks then stated,

"But many would like rather die than go there."

"Well, see if I care about them dying, might be a way to cut such a large population."

They both got angry when they heard such a cold remark,

"Let's go Feliks, he's never going to give anything."

As Arthur slammed the door the day passed on, he then got back to Vash and said,

"Now as I was saying Vash, work is more important right now than some holiday. I mean time is money after all."

"But I need to be home for my friends and family, please let me take just one day off."

He sighed and then he told Vash,

"Fine then, take the day off. But you will have to be in early the next morning."

"Yes Arthur, thank you for being so kind."

Vash put on his coat and left for his home. A little later Arthur put on his coat and everything and began walking home. However, his little brother Peter was up to his old antics like every Christmas,

"Right, jerk Arthur is going to get it this year."

As Peter took aim he waited for Arthur to come close. As soon as he got close enough he took the shot.

"Yes, a direct hit."

Arthur got up in rage,

"You little wanker!"

He grabbed Peter before he could get away.

"What are you doing? I'm your brother, this is bloody child abuse."

"This Peter is discipline, child abuse is much different."

Peter managed to wiggle loose of his brother's grip and ran away as soon as he was free shouting at him.

"British, jerk!"

Arthur approached his house and got out his key but saw that his knob transformed into a face.


"Ack! Must be this weather getting me down."