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Blaine isn't freaking out. No way. He's perfectly calm.

That right there? That's a lie. Of course he's freaking out: he's about to propose, for Christ's sake. Who wouldn't be nervous – beyond nervous – if they were about to ask the most gorgeous person they'd ever met to marry them?

It isn't that he thinks that Kurt will say no, nothing like that. In fact, Kurt's response is the one thing that Blaine's sure of. He knows Kurt loves him, and he's never had any reason to doubt it, not once in the eight years that they've been together. He hopes that Kurt can say the same about him.

No, what terrifies him about this whole thing is that he's going to propose. This is huge. His dad is going to be furious (he still hasn't come to terms with the fact that Blaine is definitely gay) and what if Kurt does say no?

Blaine really doesn't have it together right now.

He forces himself to calm down, though, because Kurt's looking at him worriedly. He swallows loudly and breathes deeply a few times, feeling a little more tranquil; and pulls a little velvet box out of his pocket, getting down on one knee.

Kurt gasps, twining his fingers together and putting his hands over his mouth.

"You are not, you are not," he breathes, his voice muffled. Blaine can tell that he's smiling, though, and can't help smiling himself.

"Kurt Elizabeth Hummel," he says, flipping open the box to reveal a slim silver band, delicately engraved, "will you marry me?"

Kurt doesn't answer immediately, but takes the ring out of its box and slips it onto his finger. He admires it, tilting his hand back and forth so that it catches the light, reaching into his pocket with his other hand.

"No," he says slowly, and Blaine stiffens, shocked. He can't help feeling a little hurt. Kurt smiles, though, and Blaine's confused. He doesn't understand.

"But," Kurt continues, pulling another box out of his pocket, "will you marry me?"

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