Just to let everyone know, Yutaka had met Amaya when she was a little girl, Yutaka's mother and Amaya's mother had been friends since they were little girls too so the mothers only thought it natural to try and get their daughters to be the same. Sakura is Amaya's older sister and you all know who Yui is, hopefully ^^

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Yutaka walked down the street as normal in her own little daydream

"Hey Yu-chan! wait up!"startled by the sudden outburst, Yutaka whisked around to greet her ever so energetic best friend, Amaya Shimizu, who had tackled her to the ground.

"O-oh hey Shimizu-san, It's nice to see you but c-could you please let me g-get off the g-ground." Yutaka stuttered blushing

"Sorry Yu-chan! and would you stop calling me 'Shimizu-san', I told you to call me Maya-chan!" Amaya pouted while helping the poor Yutaka off of the ground.

"Okay, thank you Shi-I mean Maya-chan" Yutaka smiled politely at her friend

"Waaaa! you nearly did it again, anyway lets get going the others are probably waiting for us already!" Amaya pouted again and pulled Yutaka towards Sakura's house.

Amaya burst through her friends door shouting "Hey guys! were here to stu-"Amaya suddenly stopped talking and blushed deep red

"Hey Maya-chan, why the sudden sto-oh deary me.." Yutaka blushed and cleared her throat, two girls jumped apart blushing madly

"Um...we were just uh...you explain Sakura!" Yui blushed stuttering, Sakura blushed deeper and continued with what the other girl was saying

"Well..you see..me and Yui are lovers!" Sakura suddenly burst out blushing even more

"No way! YURI ALERT! YURI ALERT! sooooo moe~!" Amaya shouted while spinning in circles until everyone heard a soft thud, Yutaka had fainted

"Hey now look what you did! damn otaku!" Sakura shouted angrily at Amaya

"H-hey Sakura-chan i just had i dream with you and Yui in it" Yutaka started to sit up and smile a little

"Ehhh...Yu-chan that was not a dream" Yui said nervously

"Oh my..uh well i'm happy for you two then!" Yutaka smiled brightly

"Awwww! my dear little Yu-chan is growing up!" Amaya said with fake tears in her eye's, Yutaka blushed

"Um..how about we go on a trip tomorrow to my cousins house, we'll be staying there for quiet a while so i suggest you pack, I want you to meet some friends of mine, of course you'll be going to school over there aswell" Yutaka said looking directly at Amaya

"Awwww but i dont want to! schools soooooo boring" Amaya whined

"Tough" Sakura and Yui said smirking.

Time Skip ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"We're here" Yutaka said smiling as they all got off the train

"Finally! that train was so stinky" Amaya complained and everyone else laughed

"W-well lets get g-going" Yui said trying to get over her laughter

"Lead the way Yu-chan!" Sakura shouted a bit more louder than she hoped and blushed.

They walked to Yutaka's cousins house, talking mindlessy about this and that when they finally arrived and Amaya pounded at the door

"Alright alright, jeez calm down i'm coming!" Someone yelled from inside the house and opened the door

"Onee-chan! its me!" Yutaka said excitedly

"Yu-chan! who are these people?" Konata looked at Amaya curiously

" 'Name's Shimizu Amaya!" Amaya said striking a Haruhi pose

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