Ichigo scrambles forward to the door with a piece of toast in his mouth. He waves over his shoulder and then jogs down the road to find Uryuu shaking his head slowly. Ichigo shrugs and they start walking to school. Ichigo takes a few huge bites and the toast is gone. Uryuu waits patiently while he finishes before he sighs.

"So why you late this morning?" Uryuu wonders.

"Technically now we're both late." Ichigo points out and then shrugs when Uryuu shakes his head. "I overslept ok?"

"Fine but you better prepare for Orihime." Uryuu smiles and Ichigo frowns.

"You don't think she'll wait do you? Tatsuki will go mad if Orihime waited for us." Ichigo curses and then starts to jog towards the school. Uryuu jogs after him shaking his head. They both stop at the gates to see Orihime smiling at them both.

"You just made it on time." She grins and then turns and starts heading for the school. Ichigo and Uryuu follow after her with quick breathing.

Rukia looks over her shoulder and curses. Sure enough he was there again. She keeps walking with her head down and her cap pulled over her eyes. As she rounds a corner she breaks into a jog and then quickly ducks into a small shop. She crouches and pretends to tie her lace with a small smile as he walks right past the shop. She stands up and smiles at the shop owner and then leaves and heads towards the centre of the small town. Her phone begins to ring in her leather jacket pocket. She reaches for it and flicks it open before sighing.

"I'm fine, I managed to lose him ok?" Rukia sighs. "Oh shit, he's coming back. I'm gonna have to go."

"Wait Rukia…" The voice starts as Rukia cuts off the call and begins to walk down the street quickly. She takes in a deep breath. She's been wandering like this for over an hour. She slows her pace outside a high school and smiles nervously. She glances over her shoulder to find the street empty. She smiles and then runs through the gates and to the main entrance knowing he won't find her in here.

Ichigo frowns as his teacher shakes her head at his request to go and get a drink. He stands up and asks again. She sighs and then slowly nods and then turns around and gets back to her lesson. Ichigo slides out of the room and starts walking down the corridor. He stops and looks out to the front of the school for a second before he continues down the corridor. He probably won't be going back until after break. He found no point in school and yet he seemed to be worried about being late. It was almost funny the way he panicked if he woke up late but he didn't actually care about school.

"Load of shit." He whispers agreeing with his own thoughts. Someone like Uryuu seemed to enjoy school. Actually so did Orihime and Tatsuki. Most of his friends did if he thought about it. He didn't see why though. He never really had the same interests as his friends, he wasn't a big fan of TV and magazines, he didn't like school, he would much rather be alone sometimes then with all of them. In a way he could blame himself. It was his fault that he didn't like these things because he couldn't be bothered to try them.

Rukia slowly walks back into the front yard after watching the man walk straight past the school. She cautiously walks towards the gates. She dips her head around and then lets of a sigh of relief. She stands up straight and steps out onto the pavement again before turning around and heading down the road slowly. She smiles and then stops when she notices the man at the corner of the road. He looks around quickly and then begins to turn back towards her direction. She curses and spins around again and then runs back into the school yard but this time hears footsteps after her. She blinks as a student around her age walks through the yard. His hair is spiky and bright orange and he has amber eyes. She runs straight up to him and then grabs onto his arm.

Ichigo blinks and tugs his arms away but then looks down at the girl and stares. Her black hair is flicking out in waves from around her chin length. There's a glossy strand of hair falling between her violet eyes which are shadowed by her red cap. She's wearing skinny jeans, a baggy red shirt and a leather jacket. Ichigo stares as she grabs onto his arm again and frowns.

"Hey you gotta help me ok?" She snarls.

"What the hell? Get off me you flipping midget!" Ichigo hisses shaking her off. She glares up at him and then grabs his arm and runs around him. He turns round automatically and then blinks as she wraps both her hands into his school shirt and pulls him down close to her.

"Now calm your carrot topped head and help me out. Al you have to do is hide me for a little while." Rukia snarls.

"Oh fine then." Ichigo hisses and then pulls out of her grip. He grabs her wrist and runs along the side of the school with her running behind him. She glances over her shoulder to see the guy looking the opposite direction at the gate of the school. She jolts as they round a corner. Ichigo pushes her against the school wall and they both breathe deeply. Rukia looks up at him and Ichigo looks down at the ground unknowing his arms are either side of her head against the wall.

"Thanks." Rukia whispers and Ichigo looks up to meet her eyes and nods. She grins and then stands up straight causing Ichigo to drop his arms from the wall and step back. Rukia steps forward and reaches up slowly. She tugs on a chunk of his orange hair at the front and shakes her head.

"W-what is it?" Ichigo stammers and Rukia shrugs.

"Nice hair you got there hero." Rukia winks and Ichigo frowns and pulls away from her hand. He looks around the corner quickly and frowns.

"Is that guy following you?" He wonders and Rukia looks down nervously. "Why is he following you?"

"It doesn't matter. As soon as he leaves, I'll leave too." Rukia sighs and Ichigo breathes out angrily.

"Will you be ok on your own?" Ichigo wonders and blinks to see her frown and look almost scared. She smiles an instant later and looks up with a beautiful smile as a wall to cover up her fright.

"Why, you scared hero?" She teases and Ichigo glares down at her and then shrugs.

"Well he's gone anyway." Ichigo admits and then walks back around the corner. Rukia edges around it slowly and then smiles lightly as he waves over his shoulder at her but then disappears into the building a second later.

Ichigo jogs back up the stairs to his class room as the bell for break sounds. He walks into the classroom and everyone looks at him a little gobsmacked. Ichigo frowns and then shrugs it off and slumps down into his seat. He frowns finding himself wondering if she'll really be ok. She was really pretty and she looked around his age despite her height. She seemed pretty upbeat and strong too but he was sure she looked scared for a second whether she'd admit it or not.

"Kurosaki-Kun are you ok?" Orihime chirps and Ichigo blinks to see Orihime spun around from her desk to face him. He shrugs as Tatsuki, Uryuu and Chad all sit around his small desk. Ichigo waits for all of them to start their usually conversations but instead they all glance between themselves and then at him silently.

"I'm fine Orihime. Just thinking really." Ichigo sighs.

"What about?" Tatsuki presses and Ichigo frowns.

"Wondering what'd be better for tea tonight? Yuzu wants curry but I was hoping for ramen." Ichigo lies but after a seconds silence everyone gets on with their conversations.

Rukia curses running around another corner and doesn't have to be a genius to realise she's lost. She looks over her shoulder and blinks at the flash of a camera. She looks down and runs down the almost empty street and then turns under a large bridge. It's practically empty apart from a few stray cats. She runs along the path way and then curses to find the other end blocked off. She smashes a clenched fist against the damp rock and spins around at the sound of echoing footsteps. The man takes in a deep breath and she frowns. Not once has she seen his face and he usually wears a hat so she can't see his hair colour either. He is the reason they had to move from Tokyo. She grits her teeth as he walks towards her slowly with his camera in hand. Funny how she's come to despise cameras so much during her career.

"Leave me alone! I swear I'll scream if you come any closer!" Rukia screams and the man chuckles lightly.

"But Rukia darling, why would you push me away so." He says in a muffled voice.

"You're delusional! You're sickening!" Rukia growls.

"Oh in a feisty mood today. My darling you still look as beautiful as ever." He chuckles.

"I told you that I'll…"

"Scream? No one can hear you down here darling." He interrupts and Rukia bites her bottom lip knowing it's the truth. She was lost and alone with this creep. She didn't have any hope of fighting him off either. He was the one thing in life that scared her so much that she couldn't move. "Now just hold still so I can get a beautiful picture of you. The lighting's perfect." He says grabbing at her. Rukia dodges narrowly and then screams as he grabs her wrist. A flash of a camera sends her slightly dizzy.

"Leave me alone!" She screams.

"But honey…" He starts in a sickly tone.

"I suggest you step the hell away from her." A voice says simply behind him. Rukia blinks as the man turns around and then stumbles to the floor when a fist smashes into his face. He loosens his grip on her and Rukia staggers backwards against the cold stone. He reaches at her again and she freezes with fright.

"He told you to leave her alone you bastard!" Another voice snarls kicking the hand away and then kicking the man in the stomach. Rukia looks up and then blinks as her brother looks down at her with worried eyes.

"Nii-Sama." Rukia chokes and then shivers lightly. Her brother Byakuya Kuchiki has the same black hair as her and right now it's let loose and flowing off his shoulders.

"Rukia-San are you ok?" The other person asks and Rukia turns her head to look at Gin. His silver hair falls just above his icy blue eyes and she nods slowly and then runs up to him and falls into his arms in tears.

"He won't leave me alone." Rukia cries and Gin nods and then lifts her up and nods at Byakuya. Gin jogs away with Byakuya following after. At the road Gin slides Rukia into a back seat and then Gin and Byakuya slide either side of her and tell their friend to get moving.

"God Rukia are you ok?" Grimmjow asks as he starts driving away. Rukia sniffs and nods before looking down at her clenched fists and letting tears drop onto them.

"It's ok you'll be safe at home. You finished everything while you were here right?" Gin says softly and Rukia blinks and then shakes her head and looks up.

"One last stop. You can leave me there and I'll make my own way home." Rukia sighs.

"What? Will you be safe?" Byakuya whispers.

"I'll be fine. I promise." Rukia says with a small smile playing on her lips as she gives Grimmjow directions.

"Ok I'm sick of your pretending. We all saw you with her so why didn't you mention it?" Tatsuki snarls at Ichigo as everyone starts to pack up for home.

"What are you talking about?" Ichigo sighs.

"That girl you dragged behind the school. Do you realise who that was?" Keigo says walking up to Ichigo's desk. Ichigo blinks and shakes his head.

"She was just a girl." Ichigo says flatly.

"She was not!" Chizuru screams running across the room to them all looking hurt. "Rukia Kuchiki is the most beautiful creation ever to be made on this planet!"

"Well there's Rangiku as well." Keigo joins in and Chizuru's expression fills with lust.

"I personally think Gin Ichimaru is pretty hot." Tatsuki says embarrassed and Orihime nods slowly.

"Who the hell are these people? She was just a flipping girl!" Ichigo snarls.

"Rukia Kuchiki is one of the main models for Bleach magazine. She's in the Shinigami group." Uryuu sighs. "Even I read Bleach magazine Kurosaki." Chad nods in agreement and Ichigo blinks.

"Yeah but then there's the Espada team. Neliel is so innocently beautiful." Orihime smiles and Tatsuki nods.

"Yeah you are correct. All girls in Bleach magazine are gorgeous but Rukia Kuchiki is my hearts dream!" Chizuru squirms. "She's short and beautiful with amazing eyes and an adorable figure. She looked so good in…"

"Issue 59 when it was cos-play and she dressed up as a cat. Her and Soi Fon made such a cute kitten pair!" Keigo chimes and Chizuru grins.

"That's just what I was thinking!" She grins.

"It doesn't matter if she's a model for Bleach magazine. I've never heard of her…" Ichigo starts.

"Are you denying she was beautiful?" Tatsuki wonders and everyone turns to Ichigo who blinks back at them and then frowns awkwardly.

"She was ok looking I guess." He sighs. "But she's gone now anyway. I'll probably never see her again…"

"Kurosaki Ichigo I've finally found you!" A cheery voice chimes as the door slides open and everyone gapes at the beautiful girl smiling at them all from the door.