The first figure is a guy around Ichigo's age with shoulder length black hair in light waves and pale skin with bright green eyes. The one after him is a young woman with long wavy green hair and sparkling green eyes to match. After her is another guy with thick wavy dark brown hair and grey eyes. The final is a woman with light chocolate skin and bright yellow blonde hair to her chin with a two thick chunks either side longer and gripped together.

"Ulquiorra I wondered when you'd show up." Grimmjow sighs and Ulquiorra frowns.

"Hanging out with Shinigami again when the competition is soon." Ulquiorra shakes his head and Grimmjow frowns.

"Scared of a little healthy competition?" Rukia growls and the four figures frown. Neliel pushes past Ulquiorra and runs to Rukia before hugging her tightly.

"Glad you're safe kiddo." Neliel jokes despite being only a year and a half older than Rukia.

"Scared of healthy competition? If you actually return from your next trip then we'll have something to worry about." Ulquiorra smiles lightly. "We can make up for the others."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Rangiku snarls.

"Well we have a quiet guy with black hair. We have a girl who's bubbly, we have a girl who's feisty. We also have a guy who's flirty and good looking." Ulquiorra shrugs. "We actually have one extra guy but everyone seems to love the whole little girl act Rukia Kuchiki has going on here."

"Shut your mouth Ulquiorra. You guys always get so shitty when the competition's coming up." Rukia snarls and then frowns as everyone looks past her again.

"Yet again I'm going to repeat that you brought a guest." Ulquiorra says as he, Stark and Halibel all walk down the stairs and everyone turns to look at Ichigo.

"Who is he?" Another voice asks as a short girl with short black hair but two long plaits either side, jogs down the other stairs and looks at Ichigo.

"Yeah who's your friend Rukia?" Rangiku asks and Rukia steps backwards and then points at Ichigo over her shoulder with a small smile.

"This is Ichigo Kurosaki. He's coming to stay with us for a while as a thanks for helping me out earlier." Rukia grins and Ichigo grits his teeth as she elbows him in the ribcage.

"Bitch!" Ichigo hisses and while everyone stares at him shocked Rukia spins around with a grin and laughs as he lunges at her.

"Strawberry can't catch me!" She repeats a few times and then squeals when Ichigo grabs her wrist and then blinks. He lets go and she grins up at him. He looks away not really knowing what he intended to do when he caught her.

"Cut it out midget." Ichigo sighs and Rukia smiles lightly and then turns to the others and grins.

"Yeah so he's coming to stay with us for a while." Rukia repeats and Rangiku, Neliel, Soi Fon, Halibel and Nanao (the secretary who is also a single model in the Shinigami team but doesn't participate in the competition) surround Ichigo.

"Wow you sure brought back a cutie Rukia." Rangiku says and Halibel prods his chest.

"Seems he's got quite a strong…" Halibel starts.

"And nice figure." Neliel finishes and Ichigo laughs awkwardly and starts slowly backing away.

"Think we should help him?" Gin wonders and Grimmjow nods. The two of them get off the sofa and approach the girls. Gin wraps his arms around Rangiku from behind and drags her back with a small laugh. Grimmjow grabs Neliel's hand and tugs her back causing her to blush lightly.

"Give the guy some air ok?" Gin laughs resting his chin on Rangiku's shoulder and hugging her tightly.

"We were just messing around." Rangiku sighs.

"Yeah but I still have my pride you know. Can't have you running off with a student right in front of me." Gin points out and Rangiku laughs and turns around as he stands up straight. She reaches up and presses her lips to his gently and then smiles before pulling away.

"You have no worries." Rangiku promises and Gin grins.

"Leave him be now." Rukia sighs pushing between Nanao and Halibel. She grabs Ichigo's wrist and pulls him forward with a small smile. "I'll show you our part of the house. I'll also show you where you can sleep." Rukia says tugging him towards the stairs on the left. He shakes his head but then shrugs and tugs himself out of her hand.

"Don't worry I won't run off." Ichigo promises and Rukia stops on the bottom stairs and blushes slightly and then nods and turns around with a big beautiful smile.

"I know, I'm not worried about that." She laughs and then runs up the stairs with Ichigo trailing behind her.

The first floor she explains is all bedrooms and hers is the one on the very end. The only room that isn't a bedroom is the very first one and that's a small library instead. The floors are now light wood and the walls are painted a creamy colour. Each of the doors are light wood and each has a different quality to it. Rukia shows Ichigo that her door has every person's initials that's ever broke her heart engraved into the frame.

"Anyway come on in." She smiles and then opens the door. Ichigo cautiously steps in after her into a beautiful room.

The flooring is light wood and the walls are painted baby blue. To the right is a four poster double bed in mahogany with pale pink bedding. Sat on the white pillows is a fluffy white rabbit toy. To the left is a dressing table carved beautiful with an arched mirror and the stool to go with it has roses engraved into the legs. Straight ahead are a set of glass doors with wooden frames which seem to lead out onto another small balcony. Ichigo notices that through the glass you can see the ocean shimmering in the distance. To the right of the doors is a small white sofa.

"This is a really nice room." Ichigo tells her and Rukia smiles.

"I think so too." Rukia says turning around from the glass doors which they are both now standing at. She suddenly turns red and looks down. Ichigo frowns and then turns around to see a poster above the door. On the poster is the young man from down stairs. His long black hair is pulled back into a ponytail and he's wearing a white shirt and plain black pants. Ichigo glances at Rukia and she laughs awkwardly.

"Why are you so embarrassed?" Ichigo wonders.

"Isn't it odd to have a poster of my brother above my door? I just thought he looked really nice and I don't personally have many pictures of him so I thought it'd be nice to have one…" Rukia babbles.

"It's not odd really. Now I think about it I'm sure my sisters have that poster on their wall. Now I know who you are I'm positive they each have at least three posters of you back home." Ichigo smiles. "I'd think it was cute if Karin or Yuzu put up a picture of me." He admits and Rukia gapes at him and then shuts her mouth and smiles slightly. She glances at the picture and then shrugs.

"I suppose so." She smiles and then turns back to look out onto the balcony. "I'm afraid that while you're here I'll be doing a lot of photo shoots."

"That's ok I guess. What's the deal with the whole Shinigami and Espada thing anyway?" Ichigo wonders and Rukia sighs and then gestures towards the sofa. They both sit down and then she smiles.

"Well Bleach magazine has loads of models but it has two main groups of models which are said to be the best in the world. These two groups are Shinigami and Espada." She starts. "We do shoots alone and sometimes together but once a year both groups enter the Best of Bleach competition. Both groups battle it out against the other to win the title. So far Shinigami have won it four times and Espada four."

"So this thing is a big deal?" Ichigo asks.

"Well my own group, the Shinigami's, just have fun with it but some members of Espada take it very seriously." Rukia sighs. "You just came at a bad time, those guys are usually really nice. Things will be ok though."

"Do you not get nervous knowing your pictures will be all over the magazine?" Ichigo wonders cautiously and Rukia shakes her head.

"The most I've done which you could say is embarrassing are swim suit shoots but I'd never go any further anyway." Rukia admits. "If people think I'm beautiful they shouldn't need to see me naked right? They shouldn't expect that of me when I'm older."

"So has anyone at Bleach magazine done naked shoots?"

"Nope. Rangiku is probably the most likely if you asked us but she's actually really loyal and thinks only the person she's going out with should be able to see her body. Right now she's going out with Gin, he's the one with silver hair and he's also in the Shinigami group." Rukia grins and Ichigo nods to show he's following her.

"So do you follow the same sort of idea?" Ichigo asks going slightly red and Rukia laughs.

"I guess but honestly I've never slept with someone I've not truly loved. There was one guy but…" She cuts off and sighs before shrugging. "It's not important really."

"Oh ok then." Ichigo sighs and Rukia grins and then stands up.

"Anyway upstairs is a huge open living and kitchen area we all share. Encase you haven't notice the Shinigami and Espada sleep on different sides of the building." Rukia laughs.

"Hey Rukia are there many couples here?" Ichigo wonders.

"Well the main one is Gin and Rangiku as well as Grimmjow and Neliel. Those two pairs have been together for ages now. Well around two years, that's quite a long time for us." Rukia smiles and Ichigo nods and then frowns and looks down nervously, unsure whether to ask or not.

"How long were you with the guy, the one you mentioned before?" He whispers and Rukia frowns and then shrugs.

"We got together when I was thirteen and split up last year. So almost three years in total." Rukia admits and Ichigo glances up at her to see her gazing down at him with a frown and lifeless eyes. For some reason he noticed she became very sad thinking about this other guy. As far as Ichigo could tell she loved him very much and he was the first guy she slept with. Ichigo stands up and her eyes follow him as he does so.

"That's a long time." He finally replies and Rukia just nods. Ichigo looks down at her and she looks away. He frowns and then nervously puts an arm loosely around her and rests his chin on the crown of her head. Her eyes open wide with shock as he holds her in a light but comforting embrace.

"Ichigo?" She whispers quietly.

"It's ok. You're an amazing model, you'll find someone one day who'll you'll love as much as him. That person will love you back just like you deserve." Ichigo murmurs and Rukia nods slowly. Ichigo pulls away and smiles lightly. "You'll be ok right?"

"I-I-Ichigo…" Rukia starts.

"Sorry to interrupt the tour but Rukia we're booked for another shoot!" Rangiku yells up the stairs and Rukia sighs before turning to the door and heading out of the room.

"You should come and watch. It might be quite interesting really." Rukia tells Ichigo over her shoulder and Ichigo nods. He follows after her slowly thinking for some reason he actually made a difference. She seemed to let the whole conversation go without offence or being freaked out.

"Hurry the hell up Rukia!" Soi Fon shouts. "Shinigami aren't gonna win the competition if one of our members spends all their time with our guest!"

"Ok, ok I'm coming." Rukia smiles as the two of them reach the bottom of the stairs. Ichigo blinks at the group in front of him. Truthfully Gin, Rangiku, Byakuya and Soi Fon looked incredible stood together and as Rukia walked to join them she seemed to complete the picture.

"Hey kid you planning to watch?" Gin asks giving Ichigo an encouraging smile.

"If that's not a problem. Rukia thought I'd find it quite interesting." Ichigo smiles and both Gin and Rangiku grin.

"It's no problem at all. Shoots are actually pretty interesting." Gin admits.

"Anyway what shoot is it today?" Rukia hushes them and Rangiku grins mischievously and glances at Ichigo before looking back to Rukia with a teasing grin.

"It's our pool shoot today! Best get your cutest bikini's sorted out for this one girls!" Rangiku laughs happily.

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