Here is just a quick one-shot about Beast Boy and Raven. I add the same story later but with an alternate ending. That is only if it gets enough views and likes though. Enjoy and review!

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The soft click of a door, a silent walk through the halls and soon it all began. She glanced over her shoulder as she had done several times that minute. Seeing no one in sight, she continued down the maze of rooms and corridors. Her heart hit against her chest as though it were pleading to be set free, but a shaky hand covered it up by grasping over it, hiding and muffling the desperate calls of help.

The door to the top of the tower came into view and without thinking, her hand stretched out to grasp the doorknob. Before, it took precise thinking and deliberate work to sneak to the roof without being caught. Now it was a second nature for Raven and the green teenager. Rain pounded the metallic covering hanging over the stairs and light shedding from the moon flooded down the staircase in which she came.

Shielding her eyes with a hand, she peered through the curtain of water to find Beast Boy seeking shelter beneath one of the many structures that jutted from the Tower. A few steps forward was all it took to find her way into his arms. Rains and tears caused her eyes to shine as she gazed over his shoulder into the endless, shadowy pit of the sky. A snap of icy wind barely met her face because of the arms wrapped securely around her.

"Did anyone see you?" he whispered.

"No," she sighed. "No one saw me come here."

He nodded and pulled back. "Good," his voice groaned.

She nodded in agreement, though her eyes said otherwise, their attention changing to the ocean that surrounded the Tower.

"I don't understand."

He frowned.


"Why do we have to hide?"

He breathed out solemnly, reaching for her hand to draw her near. "Raeā€¦"

"It's not fair! Why must we hide 'us'? The others are free to do as they please while we have to sneak up here every night after they are asleep just to be together."

Down below, from within the Tower, a creak across the floor echoed onto the roof. Raven gasped and immediately stopped talking. He grabbed her and pulled her close, peering across at the closed door that held the staircase behind it. He stroked the back of her head and remained emotionless; her heart picked up pace and she could feel their bodies stiffen. Minutes passed, though no one intruded. The pair relaxed and returned their gazes to one another.

"I know it's hard," he explained, his fingers caressing her face, "but just try to hold on a little longer, Raven. We will find a way, somehow. I don't know how, but we will find a way to be together. Just stay strong. For me. For us."

She sucked in breath harshly and the tears broke free. She nodded, bringing her face down to hide within his arms.

"Okay. I will. Just promise me something."

He entangled his fingers through her hair and brought his forehead down to hers.


A tear dripped from her eye, yet caught hold of his cheek and continued its path down his face.

"Never let me go."


Aww, poor bb and Rae. I do love a good Forbidden Love story though XD

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