Okay so this is my first Flipped story. I loved the movie and you could also find me writing in the Percy Jackson Archive. I really hope you like it. Thanks you…

Juli's POV:

I was about to raise my hand and bid for Eddie when another girl with dark glasses and black pedal pushers raised hers, "$10." I kept thinking about bidding for him when McClure said, "Sold to Anna Fleet for $10." The room clapped and Bryce walked up. His eyes- those once again dazzling eyes- were looking right at me. Mentally, I was debating whether I should bid for Bryce. That is until Sherry Stalls said, "$5" Mrs. McClure looked surprised. "Oh, well wait until I—"She was interrupted by Melanie. The teacher looked shocked. "Well, it appears the bidding is underway." The bidding continued.







There was a slight pause and Sherry finally said, "Fifty." "Oh, my, $50. Fifty going once…Fifty going twice." I didn't know what I was doing but I raised my hand quickly and said, "Sixty." Sherry looked shocked and angry. Mrs. McClure smiled widely, "Sixty going once…Going twice. Sold to Juli Baker for $60."

This chapter is like a prologue but I hope you liked it anyway. Please review if you want me to continue.