So I'm back. I kind of lost inspiration again from Flipped to focus on my Percy Jackson stories and my Journey 2: Mysterious Island story. Also, school is back in session, so it's not like you can entirely blame it on me.

I waited on Juli with my backpack over my shoulder. It's been over two weeks since our first date. Let's just say, we got stronger and we are more comfortable with each other even more. I stood in my front yard, waiting for Juli's door to open. The bus doesn't arrive for ten minutes but I couldn't care less. I'd spend ten minutes plus the ten minutes on the bus with Juli holding my hand than having that long wait alone. I am no longer the coward that I once was thanks to Juli. She is the only person who has succeeded in bringing my true self out.

Finally, Juli's door opened up and she walked over to me with a huge smile that's reserved only to me. God, she can't look any more beautiful than she already does.

"Hey," She said, cheerfully. I greeted her and got the courage to lean forward and kiss her cheek. If it was any other girl – especially Shelly – this wouldn't feel right. It would've felt forced and unnatural unlike with Juli. This is my indication that I may be too young, but I know how love can feel.

Juli smiled even wider and intertwined our fingers. "So, how are your parents doing?" She asked me as we neared the bus stop. I can see the place where the large sycamore trees use to stand. That gave me an idea to surprise Juli.

"Eh, not so well. They keep fighting and shouting their heads off. Just last night I barely slept a wink because they were yelling so loudly." Juli gave me a sympathetic look and a squeeze on my hand. Juli's parents never fight except for that one time – as she told me – before the remodeling of their front yard. And although Juli didn't have this problem, she probably felt the same way like when her parents did fight.

"Well, if anything, I'm here for you," She reassured me. Only she could relieve me of these problems. She's the only girl who can make me this happy. I nodded and smiled at her.

When we arrived at the bus stop, I saw some people were still staring at us. Since Juli and I started dating, people thought we were kind of weird. My old reputation got ruined because of Juli, but do I regret it? Definitely not. She's one of the best things that have happen to me, so far. I'm not one of the most popular kids in school anymore, but I didn't care. The only thing – or should I say, person – I cared about this much was Juli…and of course, my grandfather, but that's another matter.

I've learned to just accept that people don't understand us. They don't understand that two people from different lives can come together. Screw them.

Confidently, I just held onto Juli's hand and smiled like I was the happiest person on Earth. And who knows, maybe I am. I saw from the corner of my eyes, Garrett, heading towards us. Suddenly, my happiness deflated. I haven't spoken to him since that day of the basket boy auction day. I didn't want to since he insulted Juli.

"What do you want, Garrett?" I asked with a bit of anger edging its way into the question. Honestly, I saw some kind of softness in his eyes. As if he there was nothing to be angry about.

"I wanted to say sorry. To both of you," Garrett gestured to Juli and I, "I know I'm probably not going to be forgiven, but I'm really sorry for the trouble. That's all I wanted to say." He turned to me and I looked at Juli. Her face said that she forgave him. I think it's probably time for me to do the same. People change – which is true from personal experience – so maybe Garrett has a different character. I just hope that's true.

"Garrett, wait." I said after him. "I do forgive you, and so does Juli. But why the sudden change of perspective?" Garrett unexpectedly turned a little pink before answering, "Let's just say someone knocked some sense into me. I saw you very happy around Juli and I've never seen you this happy." That was most likely true. No one has made me smile this hard or this long except Juli.

Just then the bus pulled up and Garrett was the first one on the bus. I sat next the window with Juli on my left. I loved the feeling that ran through me when she was this close to me, holding my hand. I wanted to talk but Juli understood my thoughts and kept quiet.

Who was that person that got Garrett to understand? And where can I thank them?

I know it's short but I swear the next chapter will be longer. Can anyone guess who knocked some sense into Garrett? I can't really say it'll be the last person you least except but I can say that when I think of her, I think of Delly from Hunger Games.