Yet another chapter in THE ANGRY BOB SAGA.

Angry Bob was angry

And hungry.

I will go to The Restaurant and get nachos, thought he.

Restaurants and nachos make people happy.

So Angry Bob went to The Restaurant and ordered nachos with no corned beef, for he was allergic to it.

And he waited,

And waited,

And waited,

And waited.

Finally, it came.

As Angry Bob bit into the first nacho he thought,

At last, thanks to these diligent and attentive workers, I am happy.

Angry Bob felt a tear run down his cheek,

And it fell,

On his partly eaten nacho.

On the corn beef.

The corn beef that Angry Bob was, unfortunately, allergic to.

Angry Bob met the cruel fate that can only come from food poisoning.

Poor Angry Bob. Oh well, better him then us, right? This is another thing that came from my life except the stupid waiter people only put cheese on my nacho, and I mean only cheese. Everything else is true except that my name isn't Angry Bob, I'm not allergic to cheese (or anything else), I didn't have to wait that long, I'm not angry and I didn't die. But I swear everything else was true (including the part about nachos making people happy).