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Mrynin chuckled and shook his head as he studies the several books at his side. They weren't the usual. Claire had left them for him to read – to prove to him there were some new novels that were actually quite good (even if they had their vampire backings all wrong). He sat and remembered the days back when those sorts of stories were new, to a point in time where it was just vampires and humans – None of these stupid werewolves' type things. That was the novels, not life. Life was nothing like that, life was onlyvampires and humans. Such as himself and Claire.

The only problem came when there was a loud crashing up in the ally that he lived under. Screaming and such. Before long, there was a man that had come crashing down into his sanctuary. The man was dressed in dark clothes and his hair was messy, almost based on a band that Claire had once tried to introduce him to with hair that stood up majestically on end. Mrynin rose and crouched down, fangs fully on show. The man rose, brushed himself down, took one glance at the crouching vampire and laughed. He twisted his hand and Myrinin unwillingly rose. "Well Well well, what 'ave we 'ere?" He laughed.

"What are you?" Mryinin groaned, stomach churning. He couldn't move, through he struggled in his mind.

"Me? M'names Vex."

"Vex…" The name rolled off his tongue.

"Well done, you can speak." This Vex character rolled his eyes and moved closer to Mrynin and studied him carefully. "Your not human." He took a step back and released Mrynin from his position. Almost immediately, Mryinin grabbed the first solid thing he could find (One of Claires books) and held it up above his head. Once more, Vex pulled all the power out of him and he froze, before unwillingly putting down the book. "Your not human."
"No, I bloody well am not."
"Then your Fey."
"Fey?" Vex rose an eyebrow and made Mrynin sit down.
"Yes. Fey. The fair folk? Ringin' any bells?" Giving Mrynin facial freedom, Vex scanned his face. Blank. "No? Well well, we have another Non-aligned one." He laughed and shook his head.

"What… Are you?"

"Vex. As I said."

"Not Who. I said What!"

"Fey. Dark." Vex laughed and shook his head. He was enjoying this mans confusion. Mrynin raised an eyebrow. "I'm surprised at you my dear man. You seem like a…" Vex turned his head and took a closer look at the room around him. Books stacked on books…. Stacked on more books, dotted about the basement. Low ceiling and… What? Scientific things. And a rather ominous, strange door. Vex rose and started towards it, muttering the end of his sentence, "… Wise guy.".

Stepping towards the door, Vex rose an eyebrow and ran his free hand through his hair, before opening the door that lead into the vortex to take him to Amiele. He chuckled at Mrynins cry's of "Don't go through that door". Vex took one step forward and lost his grip on reality, and the strange mans body. A few moments later, he came face to face with a girl.

"Shane!" She cried. "Get your lazy ass up here! We got an issue." Vex, without realising that he'd been hit, passed out.