From Princess to Pirate to King

Chapter One

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If someone was to walk pass the palace and look up, they would see a girl around the age of sixteen, sitting on the window ledge of her bedroom window, with a look of longing like she was waiting for her lover to come back to her. But Monkey D. Luffy was not in love with a man, but she was in love with the sea. Luffy was amazed at how beautiful the deep blue sea was, and how the bright sun shined on the calm water causing the white gleams of light to reflect everywhere like it was a mirror. And how she longed to sail on it. She just knew it was only a matter of time before she can make that happen. She wasn't afraid of the ocean like others are who stick to the land, she belonged on the waves and discovering its mysteries.

Luffy closed her eyes and sighed in deep sadness, because there was one thing that would do anything to stop her from going after her dream. Her grandfather. He would not ever let her out of his sight and onto the sea to become a pirate as she always dreamed of, since she was very little. It was her life and her choice and she will do what ever she wants to do with her life and no one is going to stop her. As she moved away from the large window and made her way to her bedroom, her silky soft long black hair swing and swirl around past her waist as she walked through the palace. She was full of life, love, and joy, but she always really wore the same light blue dress that went to her knees that her grandfather got her a little while ago, when she would rather wear her red vest, blue shorts and sandals, instead of slippers. Her grandfather made it clear she could only wear 'proper' girl clothing than that 'worn out, pirate, traveler, summer, clothes'. She never wanted to be a 'proper' girl, because it was boring to her. Instead she wanted to have fun and to be free to live her dream as a pirate.

She pushed a strand of black hair behind her ear she thought how much she was tempted to cut her long black hair, she kept the promise she made with her Ace-nii, when they were younger and after he caught her when she first tried to cut her hair.


Ace almost had a heart attack when he walked in on his little sister while she was about to cut her long beautiful hair, but it was a little too late as she already cut some of it. After a short time, he finally got the pair of scissors out of Luffy's hand and fixed the mess that Luffy made out of her hair.

"Keepgrowingyourhair!" Acedemanded,holdinglittleLuffy'sshoulders, "Youlookbetterandcuterwithlonghair!Youshouldn'thavecutit!"

"Waaah!" Luffyhadwhined, "Butitgetsinmyfaceallthetime!PLUShowamIsupposedtobecomeagreatpirateifmyhairgetsinthewaywhenIfight?"

Ace looked down at her seriously, "Well…even though I hope you don't become a pirate, you could just hold it up with hair band."



"NEVER!IpromisedhimI'dkeepitonwhenIbecomeagreatpirate!" Luffycried.

Ace put his hands in the air in the motion of giving up, "Fine, fine! Just a suggestion!" But secretly, he hopes that Luffy will get that idea of becoming a pirate out of her head, because he knew that he would not be able to sleep at night, knowing that his sister could be attack at any time and something horrible might happen to her.

End of Flashback

She laughed openly and loudly in the elegant hallway at the memory. "I am going to be Pirate King, aniki. Just you wait and see." Luffy whispered. When she got to her room, she opened the white bag she carried with her everywhere to see the straw hat Shank's gave her. She knew it was time to escape. So she changed out of the dress into her red vest, a pair of her blue shorts, and a pair of sandals. But she put her blue dress back on in case anyone saw her and told her grandfather what she was doing. Makino told her that she could let Luffy spend the next few nights there till she was ready to head out on her way to become a pirate.

Luffy opened the large windows of her bedroom and looked down at the ground below. She was high up, but that didn't bother her at all like most people who were afraid of heights. She was a rubber woman after all. She was in her blue dress, but she had her blue shorts and red vest underneath and the dress hid them well. Her sandals where in her bag, so where some of her most precious things. As she made her way down to the ground, she knew her grandfather was going to freak out, but just for him she left a little note for him.

Luffy gave a big smile and imagined what her grandpa would do when he saw the note that was taped on one of her bedroom walls. He was going to freak! Trying hard not to laugh as she jumped down into the forest way down below. The one thing that she was going to regret was that she would not be able to watch her grandfather's reaction when he reads it.

(Scene Break)

In the morning, Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp was happy as usual. But today he was even happier, because he had a surprise for his little princess granddaughter. He got her a beautiful new dress for her so she didn't need to keep on wearing that same light blue one on herself every day (even though she looked adorable cute in it). And also Admiral Aokiji was coming to visit and if he got his way, that Admiral will be hopefully soon to be his son-in-law.

Usually he would burst himself threw the walls, but he had to remember that his little girl was a girl. And what if she was changing if he busted in, she would be so very angry and embarrassed that she would not talk to him for a long time and might run away to be a pirate. He knocked on the Luffy's bedroom door. "Luffy! Luffy-hime! Rise and shine! Grandpapa has got you a lovely present!" he sang.

No answer, maybe she was still asleep and has not woken up yet.

He knocked again, "Luffy! Are you awake?" He said a bit louder so he could wake her up.

Still, no answer, he was beginning to worry.

He lost his patience. "LUFFY!" He punched the door causing it to fly inwards, slamming against the far away opposite wall and shattering into several thousand piece. "IT'S RUDE TO IGNORE YOUR FAMILY MEMEBERS LIKE Th- Eh?" He paused in his yelling to look at the sight of the clean, neat room with no Luffy inside. He rushed in, dropping the neatly wrapped box in his hands onto the floor which contained the dress and he began to panic. "Luffy!" He felt a slight breeze, and turned towards the window that was wide open. "LUFFY!" he yelled in shock. Then he spun wildly around. "Evil pirates or nasty bandits must have taken my sweet little Luffy! There must be some ransom note here!"

He ran through out the room, lifting things and throwing them aside when he didn't find any ransom note or clue to what happened to her. "WHERE IS IT!" he roared.

Fleet Admiral Sengoku, who was visiting Garp, came running into the room to see Garp destroying the room while he looked like a mad man. "Garp!" He yelled, "Why are you destroying your granddaughter's room!"

Garp paused looked over at Sengoku, who stood by the door, then continued. "Someone kidnapped my little precious jewel!" he threw a love-seat towards Sengoku who dodged it as it slammed at the wall behind him causing cracks in the wall to appear. "I am looking for a Ransom note or some clue! HELP ME SENGOKU!"

The Fleet Admiral stepped into the room and looked around, that was when he saw a note attached to the wall, so he grabbed it, read it, and sweat-dropped. 'Howmoreimmaturecouldthisgirlget?Didsheeverpayattentiontohergrandfather'swords?'

Sengoku cleared his throat and said "Here is your answer." He held it out to the panicking Garp. "I believe she'll be punished for this when we get her, right?"

Garp snatched the note, read it once. His eyes widened, and then read it again. His face seemed to darken. Sengoku looked his friend, waiting for him to say the words or rampage. Or hoped more likely. Garp laughed out loud, much to Sengoku's shock and disbelief. "So she decided to follow her dreams? WHY THAT LITTLE SQUIRT!"

He looked down at the note one more time.



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(Scene Break)

Luffy looked up at the sky as she was in a small boat with no land in sight, got up quickly and yelled," I'LL BECOME PIRATE KING! JUST YOU WAIT! NO MATTER HOW LONG MY HAIR GETS I'LL DO IT!"

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