"Rydell high, boy my mum and dad have told me many stories about this place". Its Johnny Zucco's first day at rydell high, Danny and Sandy Zucco where both students at this school and they got married 6 years ago! Johnny was 12 and looking forward to his first day! He got his timetable and it said the he had French first period, Johnny was looking forward to making new friends but when he sat in French he had to sit beside this girl who he took an instant disliking to. "hi im Johnny, Johnny Zucco!" he said with a lump in his throat, she then turned round to him "im evie" she said "do u hav a surname?" he asked she replied with "yes but im not telling you! And don't ask me again!" johnny went red he new staright away that he was wrong about not liking her, he in actual fact fancied her….

i was talking to my friend "did u see that evie girl in french this morning?" i asked
he replied
"yea why?"
"i kinda like her as in like her like her!"
"oh i see what are you gonna do about it?" he asked
"nothing she has a boy friend!" i said

as the year progressed i liked evie more and more and i also found out that just after christmas her boyfriend dumped her. it was febuary now febuary 11th to be exact and i was felling confident at the end of the day i did it,

"evie, im going to tell you who i fancy in our class, the person is in fact you and evie will u go out with me?"

as the year went on alot of things happend between us, we had a majour argument that almost ended our relationship entirley it was all my fault, i thought that she was cheating on me cheating on me when i saw her talking and giggling with another guy so i called her a whore and this little grass bag called alix told her we had a horrible argument but we worked it out.

i love evie and i belive that she loves me but its hard to tell