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A Chance Meeting with the Other Gods

Ch. 1-The Chance Meeting

Air. Water. Earth. Fire.

Aztec. Mayan. Inca. Olmec.

Thalia's tree stood strong against the incoming enemy forces. They were great in numbers, but had little effect on the camp's barrier. Despite the barrier's strength, the monsters continued the attack on Camp Half-Blood. Overlooking the attack from a nearby hill, a black haired youth watches the attack. Despite the monsters, the youth is unmoved by the attack.

Percy Jackson had decided to visit Thalia's tree earlier in the day. He didn't imagine he'd find monsters trying to break into the camp, but when didn't they? He wasn't afraid of the monsters breaking the barrier. He knew the barrier was stronger than ever since the Golden Fleece had been placed on Thalia's Pine tree three years ago.

However, Percy felt a little uneasy since so many monsters could potentially attract attention. People couldn't see the monsters, but they'd definitely notice something was wrong with the area. He decided to defeat some of the monsters with his bow and arrow. Percy was an excellent swordsman, but lately he'd been practicing archery. He'd taken more interest in archery ever since he received his progress report. Of course, he'd always carry Riptide with him, not that he could go anywhere without it.

He took out his bow and arrow, aimed his celestial bronze tipped arrow, and fired. The moment the arrow hit their targets the monsters turned to dust. He took down monster after monster, but more took the place of fallen ones.

"Maybe I should ask Chiron about this…" Percy thought turning to return to camp when suddenly it happened.

The earth shook violently beneath him. The entire area rocked back and forth. The ground beneath the monsters began to tear open wider and wider. The monsters attempted to escape by running further from the opening, but the earth opened as fast as they could run. Within moments, all the monsters had fallen into the abyss. The earth then closed as suddenly as it had opened.

Dumbfounded, Percy looked around to figure out what happened. Behind the barrier where the attacking enemy force stood, two cloaked figures stood surveying the aftermath. One of the figures held his hand out as the ground closed. They removed their hoods to reveal two male figures. The short figure was bald with a blue arrow running down the middle of his forehead. The tall figure had long hair coming down the right half of his head while the other half ran a long diagonal scar. The demigod stared unsure of what to make of the cloaked figures.

"What?" The bald one asked.

"You thought you were the only ones," the taller one said.

"Rome and Greece weren't the only ones with gods." The tall one said.

"Who are you?" Percy Jackson asked.

"We are the gods of worlds untouched by Rome and Greece." The tall one said.

"We are the Other Gods." The bald one said.

So I've done some major revisions and added to my first two chapters since I've started writing this crossover. If anyone feels I'm not keeping to the characters original personalities let me know. I'm open to any critics, comments, and reviews just keep it professional.