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The Vampire Flamingo 101

Fanged Egoist

Chapter One: Count Crapula

"Hiro-san…Hiro-san wake up…"

A sound halfway between a purr and a vicious snarl sounded from the vicinity of a large bundle underneath the set of dark sheets. A large, warm hand was placed on the lump and slowly soothed back and forth, evoking more light growls from the bed.

The handsome night-haired Nowaki smiled as the bump shifted again, uncurling into a more elongated shape. His curled lips nearly brushed the midnight blue sheets as he leaned over.

"Hirrroo-san," He cooed, his smiled widening.

A slightly louder growl echoed in reply.


This time the lump jerked and rolled over.

Musingly rolling his cobalt eyes, Nowaki finally took the edge of the blanket and slowly yanked it out of the cocoon roll, the dim lamp casting light into the bed sheet cavern.

"GRAAAARRRR!" The sleeping lion roared as the entirely unwelcome rays seeped into his personal bat cave. Lithe but powerful hands dashed to out of the cover of the blanket and groped for Nowaki (who had wisely pulled back as soon as the lump had roared), but not able to find the man, the clawed hands took the blanket's end and threw it back.

A mop of rust red hair rose from its resting place on the bed, and chalk pale limbs uncurled and stretched. Finally, the narrow chin rose and Nowaki's eyes gazed upon the irises that blazed a crimson far redder than freshly split blood. The intense eyes narrowed dangerously, but the only reaction they received was the softening of the tall man's deep ocean orbs.

"Good morning Hiro-san." Nowaki smiled as the disheveled creature in front of him.

The red irises narrowed further as the vampyric Hiroki erupted into his daily morning—er evening outburt(s).


Nowaki blinked patiently, gazing fondly at the angry vampire.

"I know. But I just couldn't wait Hiro-san. I missed you all day long."

Hiroki's scrunched up face sloped down, and the red in his eyes was quickly off set by the red seeping into his pale cheeks. Nowaki noticed and beamed brighter.

"Anyway Hiro-san, I thought— Hiro-san?"

The brunette vampire had rested his head back on the bed and begun pulling the sheets around himself, curling back up into his cocoon.

"Hiro-san?" Nowaki cocked his head.

"I think I'll sleep for a little while longer…" Hiroki murmured, his lids closing over his fiery eyes.

Nowaki's eyes instantly widened and a spark of worry was kindled in his chest. While during the six years he had lived with the vampire, Nowaki had known that the brunette was indeed hard to wake, but even if it took him an hour to get up, Nowaki had never known him to sleep in past sunset unless he wasn't feeling well.

The black-haired giant sat on the bed, resting a warm hand on the side of Hiroki's head.

"Hiro-san what's wrong? Do you feel weak?"

Hiroki's upper lip pulled back in a growl, exposing the very tips of his fangs.

"I'm fine idiot. Just feel like sleeping."

Nowaki wasn't convinced. He peered closely at the brunette's face and saw purplish bags gathered in a heap around the closed eyes. From there they traveled down to the pale cheeks, which were a little too sunken in, and the elegant white neck, which also looked a thinner than usual.

The giant quickly added up a number in is head and had an epiphany.

"Hiro-san," Nowaki murmured gently, sliding a hand underneath the narrow shoulders and lifting him up.

"Whataryoudoing?" The vampire mumbled almost incomprehensibly, his eyes flickering open. Nowaki gathered the smaller man against his broad chest, before titling his head to one side, giving Hiroki a clear view of his muscled neck.

"Hiro-san, you need to eat."

A second after he finished speaking those words, Nowaki felt the brunette give him a hard shove, the inhuman strength almost sending him off the edge of the bed. Cobalt eyes flew up in confusion, resting on an enraged vampire with bared teeth.

"You fucking presumptuous human!" He snarled, his eyes and fangs flashing. "Did I SAY I was hungry? NO!"

Nowaki squared his shoulder and addressed the vampire calmly.

"Hiro-san, it's been five days. That's your normal limit. You need to eat or you'll get weaker."

"WHO SAID I WAS WEAK?" Hiroki roared back, his jaw arching even more. "I'M FUCKING FINE!"

"No you're not. You're hungry. I can see it."

"GET BENT NOWAKI! That's not your concern! And even if I WAS hungry, I'd rather drink a fucking bag of donated blood rather than touch yours!"

Those last few words would have sent a stinging paper cut to Nowaki's gentle heart, had he not been so good at reading between the lines of the book.

"Hiro-san," He murmured, shifting closer to the brunette. "It's a weekend. There's no way they'll be able to get you blood until Monday at the earliest. You need something to hold you over until then. Please Hiro-san…eat."

Hiroki wrinkled his lip in disgust at Nowaki's proposal, but past the barrier of fangs and blazing eyes, the vampire trembled. Both from hunger, and from shame at being seen through.

But even still, he kept his gaze hard as granite at Nowaki's pleading gaze.

"You know," Hiroki growled. "You're even stupid for a human. You also act like you WANT me to rip through your throat."

Seeing that the smaller man's resolve was crumbling, the giant inwardly breathed a sigh of relief and replied.

"Only by you Hiro-san," Nowaki smiled wistfully, making Hiroki's stern face slightly redder. "It really would make me feel better if you ate some, even if you're not hungry. Please…"

"Oh fine!" Hiroki snarled, crossing his arms over his chest. "Just quit your goddamned whinning."

Nowaki smiled wider and cocked his neck again, wrapping his warm arms around Hiroki's trim waist as the brunette vampire half sat in his lap to make feeding easier. Nowaki closed his eyes and relaxed the anticipated buzzing in the back of his head.

But the slightest of grunts was breathed out his mouth as Hiroki sank his fangs into the giant's muscled neck, drawing blood red poppies from underneath the heated skin. But even in the grimace of the bite, Nowaki's smile never left his face. Even though Hiroki had christened this action as ripping through his throat, the way the red brunette actually drew his blood was incredibly gentle. This time in particular was benign (and Nowaki would know. Hiroki had bitten him rather hard a couple of times for reaaaaalllllly pissing him off.), so timid in fact, that Nowaki again was concerned. Nowaki's deep eyes flickered down to Hiroki's face, and he pondered just what was holding his vampyric lover back.

After biting down on an enlarged vein in Nowaki's neck, Hiroki pressed his open mouth to the wound and began to suck, the steaming blood soothingly flowing down his throat like a hot cup of soup. The vampire too closed his eyes as he drank, Nowaki's red life force bringing feeling back into his cold torso and limbs.

Although Hiroki hated admitting it, Nowaki was right. His undead body had been at it's limits, and even as he slept the day away, his throat burned and his empty stomach stiffened into a blob of cement. Had Nowaki's damn puppy eyes not been so wide, Hiroki probably would've just tried to sleep another day and wait for blood packs.

Akihiko had been buying donated blood under the table for years, and had never kept any of his contacts from Hiroki. On more than one occasion, those connections had saved their undead asses from drinking a random person off the street down to the bone.

But even still, nobody wanted to deliver on weekends. (And the red brunette was still mentally banging his head against a crypt for forgetting to order some on Friday.)

And despite how hungry he was, the brunette forced his mouth to slip off Nowaki's neck once he'd gotten the feeling back in his stomach. He was barely half full, but he licked excess blood off his lips and acted satisfied, sliding out of Nowaki's lap and heading towards the bedroom door.

But the giant wasn't so easily fooled.

"Hiro-san. You're not full."

The redheaded vampire froze, panic building in his face as he felt Nowaki's eyes boring into his back.

"That's for me to decide moron!" Hiroki said, quickly hitting his internal "growl on command" button. "And you have no right to—"

Hiroki's words were abruptly cut off as he felt strong human arms wrap around him from behind, engulfing his stiff body in kissing fire.

Nowaki pressed his nose into the mane of auburn hair, inhaling the familiar, slightly spicy scent of his lover while his arms squeezed the lithe body closer to his own.

"Hiro-san…" Nowaki murmured gently. "I love you…I love you so much."

A thin, pale lip began to quiver at the words that drove through his heart like a stake. Hiroki bowed his head, responding neither negatively nor positively to his lover's words. He merely stared at the floor and hoped his mask wouldn't break. He felt guilt well up inside his unbeating heart. Nowaki loved him, that's why he fretted and pressed so much. He saw through every single insult, snarl, growl, leer, sneer, and jeer the vampire threw at him, and Hiroki never failed to be awed and terrified by it.

Hiroki took a deep breath, composing himself as Nowaki's large hands began to turn him around. A blazing hand cupped the thin, pale jaw, tilting it up towards cerulean eyes. Hiroki stared back without emotion, even while his mind floated with pooling anxiety.

"Hiro-san…" The giant chanted, leaning his mouth down.

Eyelids slowly drooped down over red irises as Nowaki's tongue pressed through the crack of Hiroki's lips, filling his entire mouth with raw heat. Ever careful of the glistening fangs, the two kissed longingly and lovingly, their tongue entwining and sliding in slick, wet friction.

Nowaki exhaled deeply as they broke, his expressive lips curling again in a smile of endearment. The giant opened his mouth again (this time to speak), when they were interrupted by the truly abrasive ringtone of Beethoven's Fifth.

Both men narrowed their eyes, as only one person's call were assigned that song.


Nowaki tried to keep his face impassive as Hiroki answered the phone with a growl. But the giant was caught offguard when Hiroki's eyebrows shot up in surprise. After muttering a few affirmatives, the brunette hung up, walking over to the closet and pulling on fresh clothes.

"Hiro-san, what's wrong?" Nowaki asked.

"I need to go over to Akihiko's for a bit. It's important. Is that alright?"

Nowaki nodded, following Hiroki as he headed to the door.