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The Bloody Flamingo 101

Epilogue: Breaking Door

"Cut it out." Misaki's voice snarled from underneath a plethora of blankets. "I'm tired and it's time for bed."

"But Mi-Ki, we're already in bed." Akihiko chuckled back, sweeping his hand along the lithe chest again. Misaki let out another low growl, but when the seme rolled him over and snuggled him in the crook of his arm, Misaki complied, closing his eyes and letting out a fangy yawn.

Akihiko leaned back on his own section of the bed, staring up at the ceiling with a satisfied smirk as his fingers absentmindedly stroked the head of chocolate hair. His red irises drifted over to the clock and he suppressed a yawn. Misaki was right, it was nearly sunrise and despite how accomplished he felt with a debauched vampire uke next to him, he was tired.

But at the thought of debauched vampires, Akihiko suddenly remembered.

"Crap…I need to call Hiroki." He muttered. Misaki let out a sleepy growl as Akihiko reached across him to grab the phone on the nightstand.

The phone rang so many times that Akihiko almost began to worry. But he breathed a slight sigh as his friend picked up.


"Hiroki, good." Akihiko replied. "Are you all right?"

"…Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well that's what I'm wondering old boy. How is your Kusama? Did he go manic? If you need help I can come over."

"No er no thanks," Hiroki barked quickly, sounding slightly out of breath. "He's—he's fine. We both…are…yeah."

Akihiko cocked his head as Hiroki's strange tone.

"Okay. So he didn't go manic? His change was okay?"

"Yeah…in a manner of speaking…Nowaki! Stop! I'm tired!"

A slow smile crept over Akihiko's face as he heard that last couple of hushed words and more noise in the background. And it widened as Hiroki began to speak again in a rather hasty tone.

"Look Akihiko it's late and I have to go. I'll call you tomorrow all right—AH! Nowaki! Nowaki—cut it out horndog!"

The silver-haired vampire tried hard to suppress a laugh as he heard a set of growling purrs take over the conversation, and seeing as how Hiroki was now unable to continue, he hung up and set the phone down on the floor.

"What was that about?" Misaki mumbled, half asleep already. Akihiko chuckled and settled down next to him, planting a kiss on his temple.

"Nothing. Just found out that libido can be a symptom of vampire change."

"Big stinking surprise." Misaki grumbled back, snuggling next to his partner and drifting off to sleep.

Hiroki gazed drearily at the clock beside his bed, his breaths still quick after long hours of exertion. And the source of his exertion lay atop his sweaty chest, still pawing and nipping at his tired body.

"Goddamnit Nowaki." Hiroki growled, weakly trying to shove the black haired head away. "It's late and I'm tired, so cut it out and go the fuck to sleep."

Nowaki's inky head drifted up from Hiroki's torso, his crimson eyes glinting with amusement as he grinned, showing off his pearly new fangs.

"But Hiro-san," He purred. "I'm not tired. I'm hungry." He replied, spreading his tongue all the way up to Hiroki's neck.

"Well you're sure not getting any more from me!" The brunette snarled back, bearing his own fangs. He shoved the bigger man off him and rolled over, snatching a blanket and curling up. "Go in the kitchen and have a goddamned blood pack."

Nowaki let loose a light growl of disappointed, and begrudgingly got up to get food. He walked over to the door, stretching his muscular arms and arching his back, all the while unaware that Hiroki was watching his sleek form through a cracked eye.

"Oh yeah Nowaki," The brunette mumbled, rolling over. "When you open the door be sure to—"


"…watch your strength."

"Oh…whoops." Nowaki mumbled as he held glanced sheepishly at the splintering groove that had appeared near the edge of the door. "Don't worry, I'll fix it in the morning…er evening."

"Whatever." Hiroki growled, burying his face into his pillow. Nowaki headed out of the room to get his snack, and Hiroki let loose a long sigh.

Well, he had been right. It had been a damn stupid idea to change that big bloody thirsty lug…but for none of the reasons he had expected.

And he shifted his aching hips as if to prove that point further.

But he had to admit, while that particular part of his body was in painville, for the first time in years…his heart was not.

…Though he certainly wasn't going to let Nowaki know that.

The End.