(A/N Since a lot of you have asked about a sequel, I'll try and make it a bit clearer. There are two. Novum Tenebris and Repetere Tenebris, which are both posted. The two have close time lines and run hand in hand, making it possible to read them in any order. Novum follows Tom and Harry's chosen successors, Nate and Cora, and Repetere follows a reborn Tom and Harry. Since requires story content, have some little out-takes that weren't necessary to the plot of LT. They're in no particular order.)

Jamie Jager and the bubble wand.

"He's just adorable." Harry said, cooing.

"If you think so," Tom said, not looking up from his book.

"Jamie, Jamie come here. Show uncle Harry your bubble wand."

Jamie laughed and hid the wand behind his back, his eyes bright as he said; "Gone!"

Bubbles poured out from behind him, making it quite clear that it was not gone. Harry laughed.

"Where did it go, Jamie? Where is it?" Harry spread his hands out, book in one of them, looking confused. Tom scoffed and turned a page.

"Where is it?" Jamie said, putting the wand back in front of his face.

"There she is!" He proclaimed, suddenly giving it a gender.

The book in Harry's hand was forgotten. He was much more amused by his god son than Arithmancy.

A loud crack made Harry jump and reach for his wand.

He stopped dead when he saw what had caused the noise. Eris with a dead Ginny.

Tom stood instantly, understanding that he couldn't be present for this resurrection.

He scooped up the little boy, whose face had already transformed into one of unadulterated horror. He started screaming when they reached the door.

"Mommy! Oh no!"

Tom shushed the boy, feeling out of his depth as he took Jamie to the toy room his lover had set up for the toddler. He put the boy down and he cried harder.

"Jamie," The Dark Lord said, trying to get his attention and failing.

He was screaming quite loudly and Tom frowned.

"Your mother will be fine," He tried again, holding the boys shoulders and kneeling in front of him.

Jamie didn't seem to understand Tom's logic.

"Please, mommy?" He asked, pointing back the way they came and choking on his sobs.

Tom noticed he was still holding the wand, it was trying to make bubbles but Jamie's misery was making his magic unable to keep the effort up.

Tom took the wand from his hand; instantly causing a bubble dragon to fly around the young boy's head, shooting sparks from its mouth.

Jamie paused in his crying, taking a deep breath as he watched the dragon.

"Wow," He said after a moment, before turning his eyes on Tom.

"Hug?" He asked, reaching his arms out. Tom faltered, not wanting to make the child cry again, though not comfortable with hugging him.

"Hug?" He asked again, his lip quivering.

"Look!" The Dark Lord tried, pointing at the bubble still circling above them.

Jamie ignored him, reaching his arms out further and whining.

"Okay, okay," Tom said, allowing the little boy to fall forward into his open arms.

"Lets just keep this between you and me." He said, the small boy snuggling into his shoulder.

Ginny Weasley and the admission.

"I think I'm gay." Harry thought it odd that Eris would be the first one he admitted this too, but he figured that it would help ease the animosity between them.

Eris nodded, as if that was all he needed to hear.

"Well, I'll leave you two alone then, sounds like you have a lot to talk about." Harry said, and he tapped his wand on the snake ring.


Ginny re-entered the room when Eris called her, wringing her hands in worry. She hoped that the two hadn't fought to much, or hurt each other. She truly didn't want

her two greatest friends to hate each other. She wanted Harry to approve and Eris to accept her friend as he was.

"Did he leave?" She asked when she noticed Harry missing.

"Yes. Everything is fine," He said when her forehead creased.

"What did he say?" She asked, coming forward. Eris shrugged.

"Everything is fine." He repeated, smirking slightly.

"Is there something you wanted to tell me?" He asked after they had lapsed into a short; slightly awkward silence. Ginny blinked and crossed her arms, sensing where this was going and cursing her best friend.

"No, why?" She said, not looking at her mentor.

"I think you're a lying little necromancer," He took a step toward her, his grin widening, making her heart skip a beat.

"What did he say?" She asked, a little breathless.

"He mentioned you. Said you had no interest in him; because you had your eye on someone else." He was moving ever closer, and she cursed Harry again. And blessed him.

"And what did you tell him?" She asked, having cleared her throat loudly before hand.

"I told him you were mine," He growled, close enough now to yank her into his arms.

"Eris," She gasped, unable to say much else before he pressed his mouth to hers.

Nate Riddle and the Red Haired Girl.

"This is Cora, Nate. She's going to help you rule someday," Harry held a photograph of a small red haired girl, once again trying to connect with the boy that the press had named his son. Tom sat on the other side of the small boy, nodding encouragingly to his partner.

"I like her." Nate said, looking to Tom for approval. The Dark Lord nodded and Nate looked back to the picture.

"She's pretty," He said, now looking to Harry for affirmation. He smiled at the boy.

"Her hair's red, like her insides." The five year old said, and tom bit his lip, fighting laughter. Harry stood quickly.

"For the love of fuck," Harry snapped as he stalked out of the room, scowling as Tom's escaped laughter followed him.

Ron Weasley and the hunger.

"You don't really think he'll do it, d'you?" Ron asked, concerned.

Lily Potter shrugged.

"Looks as if he might." She said, her arms crossed.

"Bloody hell. This can not end well."

"Maybe it will work." She said, looking to her husband, who raised an eyebrow.

"Don't think it will, Lily love. But it sure beats my regular Friday."

She smiled at him.

"Hey! I'm not here for your entertainment." Ron snapped, though he was more concerned with the scene unfolding before him.

Suddenly, he felt a pull in his midsection, making him horribly uncomfortable. If he had a body he might have thrown up.

A second later he was viewing the world through his old eyes, and he was hungry, hungry hungry. Years of emptiness suddenly upon him like a tidal wave.

But there was food, food.

He lunged, and there was blood, spurting like a fountain, right into his hungry mouth.

And, just as quickly, it was over.

"That went well," James laughed, elbowing Ron in the ribs.

"Wouldn't you say?" He asked his wife, who frowned at his humour.

"If he ever tries that again, it'll be to soon." Ron said, and Lily laughed.

"I don't think he will, to be honest."