Super Mario Land gone wrong!

This takes place at the end of Super Mario Land on the original gameboy in 1989.

Mario sat in his plane, firing his missles at the evil alien Tatanga. While it had been been a struggle to avoid his fireballs. Mario had fired enough missles at his ship. It exploded killing him instantly.

"I did it!" cheered Mario "Hang on Daisy! Here I come!"

After exiting his plane, Mario then went to the next room where Daisy was standing.

"Daisy, your saviour is here!" He smiled.

"Wait a minute...Mario, you rescued me? You're my saviour?" Daisy looked surprised.

"Yeah." Mario continued to smile.

"But aren't you already dating my cousin Peach? What do you think you're doing, you pig?"

Mario's smile dropped. "You're Peach's cousin?" he said nervously.

"Yeah! She's been telling me all about her dates with you on the telephone! What do you think you're doing rescuing me?"

"Well...uh...I didn't realize you were related."

"Oh...just wait till Peach hears about this!" Daisy snarled. "She's gonna be pissed!"

"NO! Don't tell Peach!"

"And why should I?"

"I just saved your life!"

"Hymppphhhhhhh...well alright. But I also want you to do a favour for me."

"Of course...anything."

"Get me a date with your brother Luigi. He looks cute, and I hear he's been looking for a date."

"I'll see what I can do."

Mario and Daisy exited the castle. Right now Mario just wanted to find a bush to go into and die...he dreaded even more if Peach and Daisy also ever found out about Pauline...