Chapter 4: Mobius

-The Castle That Never Was-

"*sigh* well that was fun wasn't it? We got to hang out with other people for a change." Caxe said as he walked into the Grey Area, Caxe went and plopped on the nearest couch while Gexo went to report to Saix who was, as usual, looking out of the window at the sky.

"Hey, Saix, we're back. We collected the data from the Avatar as instructed-"

"We did not, you were too busy watching me kick major whatever's butt." Caxe interjected.

"I scanned the Avatar while you two were fighting. So shut up Caxe. We also ran into what Caxe called "major whatever" it was a giant beast, but surprisingly enough, it wasn't a heartless." Gexo finished describing what they had encountered back in the last world before Saix spoke up.

"Go see Xemnas; you should be explaining this to him, not me. Caxe, accompany your brother, you will visit Axel to begin training and potentially unlocking more of your Hyper Forms." Saix instructed. Caxe groaned before getting up to walk to the Hall.

"I hate training, it's so boring, all it is ticking me off, activating Fury, I fight some of Axel's nobodies, then trying to stimulate another emotion to try and activate another Form, which, by the way, NEVER works." Caxe complained.

"Shut up, it's imperative that you learn another form and gain control over it, what if they are more powerful than Fury?"

"Then they'll be more powerful, but we'll never know that now will we?"

"We won't know that until you put more effort into it." Gexo countered. Caxe rolled his eyes as he walked in the direction of the Hall of Empty Melodies. Gexo continued down in the direction of what many of the Organization members called "Xemnas's Chamber" seeing as he was always there.

-Hall of Empty Melodies-

"Alright Axel, let's get this over with, I want to take a nap before I get called off on some stupid mission. Hey, where are ya? C'mon, I don't have all day!" Caxe growled. A dark portal opened to reveal Axel standing in the center of the room, hiss chakrams by his side.

"Hey there Caxe. Haven't seen you since last week's training session, let's hope you got a bit stronger, I wiped the floor with you last time, ha-ha." He taunted.

"S-Shut up! You know I was sick that day! Whatever, I'll throw you across the room today!" Caxe said as he charged Axel, Caxe reared his fist back, but was quickly interrupted with a high kick from Axel. "Ow… Darn it! Grr… No more playing around!" Caxe started glowing with the same fiery aura as the one at Four Nation's. "HYPER….FURY!" Caxe's cloak was streaked black and red, same as his shoes, the chains had turned gold, and his hair had turned bright red and was spiked down.

"Hmph, guess I should get serious, well, I warned you." Axel's weapons started glowing with fire. Caxe charged at Axel, who threw one of his flaming chakrams. Caxe seemed to disappear before the chakram contact; Axel caught his weapon and turned to survey the area. Caxe reappeared behind him and round-house kicked Axel, sending him flying. Axel barely had time to recover before Caxe reappeared behind him yet again. "Final Limit!" Axel's weapons flared up even more, causing Caxe to back away to avoid getting burned. When he did so, Axel threw both of his weapons, Caxe reared his hands back and charged energy, when he finished, Caxe launched his attack.

"Breaker Ball!"

"Explosion!" the two attacks connected in a gigantic explosion. When the smoke cleared, Caxe had reverted back to his original state. "Hey whats wrong, tired already?"

"S-Shut up! I can keep going…!" Caxe managed to say. "Man…I'm gonna lose again with this level of exhaustion, there has to be a way out of this!" Axel charged his attack again, seeing as this was the end game for today. With no way to dodge, Caxe would have to take the full blast. Panicking, Caxe started glowing with a green aura; the aura grew brighter until it covered him completely. "HYPER...DESPAIR!" the glow exploded and went in all directions. Caxe's cloak was now streaked green and black, his shoes the same pattern. The chains on his cloak had turned bright blue and Caxe's hair had turned a dark green and was spiked in all directions. The aura was now constantly covering him. Caxe was also floating a bit higher this time.