Here is the sequel to Healing Two Souls (I really suck at choosing titles lol). It's five years later. This is sort of an in between from my last story and the beginning of the show though I'm changing some stuff (as you'll soon see). Thanks harper83, you rule! Okay *deep breath* here we go….

Chapter 1

A brisk wind sweeps over the treetops, a soft rustling sounding in the quiet late afternoon. A beautiful stone angel rises from the green grass, it's serene smiling face bent down towards the two plaques at its base. Only the left-hand plaque has been inscribed and underneath the words is a bouquet of pink roses: her favorite.

Booth smiles ever so slightly at the sight, knowing they are from his grandfather. Hank visits the grave at least twice a week, always bringing at least one of her favorite flower. Booth steps forward and lays his own bouquet under the stone, placing his fingers over the words.

Elizabeth Wendy Booth

Loving wife, mother and grandmother

Booth laughs as he walks up the steps to his grandparents' house, flinching slightly as Brennan hits his arm for laughing at her pop culture cluelessness. He knows she isn't truly angry but just to make sure he wraps his arm around her waist to pull her close and kisses her neck.

It's two weeks after Angela and Jack's wedding and everything is starting to get back to normal. They have become very good at having veiled conversations about serious topics and for now Booth is willing to continue that method. For now he is still basking in the joy of having her there every night and morning.

"Why do you always tease me?" Brennan asks him in an injured tone though she leans into his embrace.

"Cause you're so damn cute," he chuckles. "We'll rent the movie tonight, okay?"

"A movie about aliens and a secret government agency that regulates them," Brennan muses, scrunching her face and making him chuckle more. "Sounds like a movie Hodgins would make."

"Oh yeah, I bet he has the special edition-directors cut or something," Booth laughs, walking into the house. His smile falls off his face as they enter the living room and find Hank and Lizzie sitting with somber looks.

"Seeley, Temperance," Hank says, standing up. The use of Booth's first name from his grandfather instantly makes him nervous, knowing that something serious is happened. "We weren't…I thought you were coming later, for dinner?"

"What's going on?" Booth ignores the question, walking closer to his uncharastically quiet grandmother as his heart starts to pound in his ears. "What's wrong?"

"You're still sick," Brennan says quietly from behind him, her eyes trained on Lizzie.

"Still sick? What do you-" Booth looks between the two women, his agitation visibly increasing? "Grams."

"Sit down and I'll explain," she finally says, waiting for them do so before speaking again. "I just got the results back earlier. We were just discussing what…how we would tell you."

She takes a deep breath and looks directly into Booth's eyes, her brown gaze holding more strength than he has ever seen from her before. "I have ovarian cancer."

"What?" Booth's voice is a whisper, his face slack with denial. He looks at Pops but quickly looks away, not able to stand the look of fear and pain the man's eyes.

"Ovarian cancer," Lizzie says again, her voice gentler. "I thought I had a really bad stomach bug but it wouldn't go away and just got worse. I finally went to the doctor a few weeks ago and ran some tests."

"Cancer?" His head is reeling, trying and failing to grasp the enormity of what is happening. He feels Brennan shift next to and looks over, surprised to find how composed she looks.

"What stage?" Brennan asks and in her voice Booth's hears her fear for the woman she has come to consider her grandmother.

"Stage two but the cells are grade three," Lizzie explains. "What that means is…"

Booth looks towards the black television, the buzzing in his ears drowning out everything around him. He doesn't know what to do what to say. The only thing he can think of in that moment is that he needs to go to church and light every candle he can find. Brennan's hand slides into his and squeezes and he returns it, knowing that he needs to concentrate. He vows he will do whatever he can to help her.

Shaking the memory away, Booth stands, placing his hands into his suit pockets and fingering the old family lighter Lizzie had given him. He looks to the left as a movement catches his eye. It is a couple about his age walking hand in hand towards a grave, a bouquet of lilies in the woman's hand. Watching the couple pay their respects to their loved one makes Booth wish for Brennan's presence. He can't be angry though, knowing she would be here if she could just as she has every month before.

He turns away from the strangers to give them privacy though his mind stays on his girlfriend. He briefly thinks back on everything that has happened over the past five years since Lizzie had told them of her illness. He doesn't know how he could have gotten through it without Brennan. His sense of loss was almost overwhelming and in his grief he made many mistakes, one so huge he doesn't know why Brennan had stayed after.

Another gust of wind travels over him, this time with a slight bite of chill and draws him back to the moment. Wanting to be home in time to cook for Brennan, Booth refocuses on the grave in front of him. Clearing his throat he begins to talk, informing his Grams of everything that has happened in the month since his last visit.

Brennan quickly slams her car door and presses the button to lock it. Shifting the book bag on her shoulder she starts to walk into the apartment building she and Booth have lived in for the past five years. Entering the elevator she cant help but feel a small thrill of excitement at which suit the young FBI agent might be wearing, having left before he did that morning to reach her first class on time. He only has three (two of which were gifts from Hank and the Hodgins couple) but only one is a different color and it just happens to be her favorite.

Tired from the long day, Brennan leans back as the elevator surges upwards and reflects on her life for just a moment. Everyday she is still surprised at how much she loves the life she has, the life she shares with the man she fell in love with when she was eighteen. At that time, though she wished it were possible, she never truly thought they would last as long as they have. The time hasn't been easy, the tragedy of Lizzie's passing hard on both of them but through it all they have stuck together.

The strange odor of antiseptic feels as if it will forever be clogged in her nostrils as Brennan quickly walks out of the hospital room, leaving Hank and Jared to their grief. Her blue eyes blink back tears as she strides along the hallway, hoping that she is going in the same direction Booth had taken.

The twenty-one year old sucks in a shuddering breath of grief as she turns a corner, quickening her strides as she glimpses Booth's wide shoulders. His name must have slipped her lips because he stops, turning around to face her. Her heart suffers a horrible clench of pain at his lost red rimmed eyes. He stands still, shoulders hunched as he waits for her to catch up.

"Where are you going?" she asks, her own voice full of tears.

"I don't know. No where. I just…" he looks back towards the room they just left, shaking his head. "That's not how I want to remember her. That's not my Grams. Grams was-was-"

"I know," she says, grabbing his hand and pulling him to the side of the hallway. "I'm so sorry, Booth."

"Why did she…" Booth clenches his teeth, clutching the back of his neck with both hands as he paces. "Three years. I read up on it, you know. A lot of people beat it and even more get years, decades after being diagnosed. Why did she only get three years?"

"Grade three has a high-"

"I know, Bones!" Booth snaps, his voice cracking. "I don't need your textbook explanation right now!"

Brennan feels stung and turns away to leave him alone. But Booth grabs her elbow and spins her around, holding her close and burying his face into her neck. She holds just as tightly, letting her tears fall onto his shoulder. It doesn't matter in that moment how much warning they were given of Lizzie's eventual passing, they lost someone they both loved and their hearts were hurting.

"It's not fair," Booth sobs into her skin, his voice muffled. "I've lost two mothers."

Brennan just holds him tighter, feeling the same.

Brennan still feels a pang at the pain Booth had went through two years ago, of the set back he had a few weeks after the funeral. He was so angry then but had nothing and no one to take it out on except himself. She can only be grateful that he finally pulled out of it without too much damage to his own heart and soul. She doesn't know what fully happened during that one dark week before Booth seemed to turn himself around but whatever it was he punished himself for it for a long time. In fact it is only recently that the old Booth seems to be back full force, something Brennan has taken full advantage of.

The elevator opens and Brennan walks to the door in quick strides, a habit she has picked up over her years of college. She places her keys in the lock but pulls them out as the sound of Tom Petty announces Booth's presence inside. After entering and shedding herself of the excess weight, she follows the music to the kitchen and tilts her head in admiration of Booth's well-muscled butt sticking out of the freezer. Her blood pumps a little faster at the color of the suit pants: charcoal gray, her favorite.

"Have you found anything good in there?" she asks, crossing her arms and moving to stand directly behind him, leaning against the table.

"Nothing edible," Booth replies standing up and frowning down at the bag in his hands. "Just some ancient bagels. We really need to shop more often.

"Hey, you look good," he smiles, looking over at the twenty-three year old he loves. Their schedules had been so busy for the past few weeks they had hardly seen each other. He tosses the bagels in the trash and walks over, his eyes turning dark as she slides onto the table. "I guess its take out again tonight."

"We're going to get fat," Brennan warns, her blue eyes sparkling at him as he draws close to her.

"I doubt it," he chuckles huskily, running his hands up her thighs as he steps between them. "We're young, in our prime."

"Well, you're twenty-eight," she teases, fingering his dice covered tie. "You're edging close to the end of your prime."

"Mean," he shakes his head, his hands resting on her hips as hers remove his tie.

"Truth," she says pointedly, smoothing her palms over his chest. "How was work?"

"Ugh, paper work," he grimaces. "How was your meeting with your professor? You didn't get in trouble for passing notes did ya?"

"I don't pass notes," she says seriously, not catching on to his joke. Her eyes travel to her fingers on his shoulder holster. "It wasn't a meeting. Professor Stires needed my help grading papers."

"Yeah I'm sure," Booth grumbles his dislike for the young professor well known between the two of them.

"I like when you wear the shoulder holster," Brennan says matter of factly, ignoring his annoyance with her teacher. "I find myself very…aroused when I know you have it on."

"Really?" Booth smirks, having never known this before.

"Yes, really," she whisper seductively before leaning forward and kissing him deeply. As with every kiss they have shared, it is almost as if it's the first and both hope that the feeling never goes away.

Booth groans into her mouth, one hand digging into her hair to tilt her head back. Her mouth opens more fully and he takes full advantage, ravishing her mouth until she releases the throaty moan that drives him nuts. Almost as if a switch has been flicked, they both start undressing each other in frenzy, mouths never separating for more than a second. Booth pushes her back onto the table and trails his mouth down to her full breasts, his hands working on undoing her pants when a beeping sounds from the left pocket. Brennan reaches down to retrieve it, encouraging Booth to continue by wrapping her legs around his waist.

"Hello?" Brennan answers, trying to hide her breathlessness.

"Hey Bren," Angela's cheerful voice sounds, a hint of excitement on the edge. "Do you want to go out, have dinner?"

"I, uh, I cant," Brennan gets out, her eyes rolling as Booth removes her pants and continues to plant kisses on her skin.

"Oh! Well, no worries. Lunch tomorrow?"

"Yes!" Brennan bites her lip to hold in her scream as Booth removes her panties and tastes her.

"Okay," Angela chuckles, her saucy smirk clear in her voice. "Have fun!"

"Finally," Booth growls as the phone is hung up, grabbing her legs and pulling her to the edge of the table. "Come here."

So its short, just wanted to sort of introduce the timeline and stuff. The blanks will be filled within the next few chapters, don't worry. I hope you guys like it, please let me know. But really, don't be mean. I don't know how long this will be though I don't see it being as long as Healing Two Souls. Okay, I'm going to go hide and have a panic attack from posting lol