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"But ..."
"No," said Odin sternly.
"But wa..."
"I do not want to!"
"Get used to it, my son... As a prince of Asgard you have to fulfil obligations whether you want to or not. And one of these obligations is also befitting for you to marry and hopefully to provide an heir. Thor, you're the crown prince of Asgard. It is your duty to marry a young woman that you can show to the people as a worthy queen."
"You shall not marry a complete stranger, my son. Think on it slowly. You will have time to get to know the young lady before you become close to making a decision."
"We do not force you to do so," said his mother after Odin had paused. "If you don't like her, than forget her. But get to know her first and think about this duty even if you're young and you have something else in your mind floating other than marriage and family." Frigga smirked as Thor opened his mouth to protest, but she continued. "But this obligation must performed as all the rulers of all worlds are told to do. If it makes you feel better, your brother will eventually need to fulfil this duty as well. Your father also had to make this choice once. Even if he resisted as you do with tooths and nails against it."
Odin sighed softly. This did not support his plan...
"Will you now then welcome the young lady?"
"Yes, mother... I will."
"You see dear, it things can go so more easily." She smiled triumphantly at her husband as she spoke to Thor.

Vexed at how the conversation had turned against him, the young god left his parents' room. His younger brother already waiting for him, leaned against a wall and crossed his arms over his chest. When he saw how irritated Thor looked as he came towards him, he pushed himself away from the wall and walked up to him. Without having the need to ask the question that had formed in his mind, Thor answered it.
"I should think about getting married! Can you believe it?"
"Well... there are duties to those who have our stand."
"Oh please... that's..."
"Old-fashioned, but that's the tradition and traditions are not easily broken. As princes we hold the position of role models, and as such we must dutifully marry, bowing to the wishes of our father and raise a family. So it has always been and will remain so. And as the crown prince after all, you have to first believe in it." The black-haired one grinned. "I do not envy you, brother."
Especially this one time... He could imagine better things for himself, he also had no time to care for a bride, to introduce her to the court and to maintain a marriage.
"I'm too young for that!"
"The young ladies are forced to marry at a young age, so why not people like us?"
"Because we are not young ladies..."
"You were only asked to think about it," pointed out Loki.
"Pha! In a few days, a young lady with whom I should meet will come here... "
"And who is the unfortunate one?"
Thor paused for a moment, taken slightly off guard at his brother's comment. "...Unfortunate one? It is surely for every woman in all the worlds an honour to be with me... "
"It's more of a punishment for any woman in all the worlds," chuckled Loki.
"The women are rather punished with you! All day long you're sitting in your dark little room, every woman needs to be unhappy at your side it would seem."
"Not a single woman can be sure whether you come back in the evening and into the marital bed faithfully or not. Every pretty maid she sees has to be a potential competitor."
"I come at least in other beds, brother," grinned Thor.
"Oh, what an honour for the women to know that you were intimate with half the female population Asgard..."
"Jealous, brother?" Thor grinned nastily.
"Jealous?" asked Loki as he smirked slyly. "Jealous that you behave like a male prostitute sometimes?"
"What? Take that back!"
Thor pushed his younger brother. They pushed each other a few times, and after a little while Thor had his brother in a headlock.
"Will you take this back now?"
"Never..." gasped the younger one as he tried to pull his head out of the loop. He knew he would not have the strength to force his way out of Thor's death hold. He was not the type of to use brute force, he never had been. So, he concentrated the energy and collected it and...
With a cry, Thor jumped to the side, letting his brother free, while he beat frantically on the body of his clothes that bore traces of fire.
"You used magic, it's not fair!"
"Is it very well!" Loki gasped, allowing the oxygen to flood into his lungs as he ran his fingers through his hair again and smoothed his clothes.
"We will continue this spat another time, brother," said Thor with a wry grin.
"We'll see," Loki replied. "And by the way... you could once again take a shower..."
Again they pushed each other all the way through the corridor leading down.

Chuckling, Frigga turned away from the scene, gently shaking her head and went back to their premises. They are truly brothers and especially in such visions, even if they were fighting, and sometimes the fights were not without consequences... it warmed her heart.
"Sometimes I feel like they are still children somewhere," she sighed.
"A mother will always remain mother," Odin smiled gently.
"And men generally never grow up." She grinned.
He rolled his one healthy eye and suppressed his sigh. Of course she said something like that.
"I donĀ“t think he should be forced to do this."
"It keeps him off at least to do stupid things."
"You really believe that...?" Frigga smiled, sat down with her husband and took his hand in hers. "He will rather flee voluntarily in all other worlds..."