„It´s wonderful here," Sigyn sighs, leaning her head against his shoulder.

"And most of all we are alone," he smirks. He takes her hand, pressing it softly before he places a kiss on her thatch. He likes to hold her hand, entwining his fingers with her, feeling her warm skin on his own.

"For sure I´m not the first one you have taken to this place. I guess you always take this lovely place to seduce young ladies."

He laughs lowly. "You don´t want an answer to this? No, to reassure you, I never before took someone to this place."

"Hmm… so I can feel really honoured?"

"Nearly no one knows of it. Our mother took us always with her to this place when we were children."

"Now I´m feeling much more honoured." She turns on her side; let her head resting on his shoulder, the entwined hands on his chest. "And what can one do with two boys here?"

"She told us stories, taught us nature…"

"Boys? Teaching the nature?" She looks sceptical at him.

"Well… Thor wasn´t this attentive…"

She chuckles a bit. "But you were therefore twice as attentive as Thor." She places a soft kiss on his cheek.

He shrugs his shoulders, looking down at their hands and sighs. "I always found it more interesting than running around with a wooden sword. I´m… I´m just no warrior…"

"And I don´t want a warrior. I wouldn´t know what to do with one. I couldn´t even talk with one. About what?"

"But a warrior is strong. A warrior…" He sighs lowly. "It´s what Asgarsd is made of. Everyone is a warrior here. A warrior can protect you."

"And they are all the same. I want someone unique, someone who´s different from the mass. To be exactly, I want a magician with black hair, wonderful green eyes one can get lost into them and with cheekbones one can cut his hands. A young man with slender and soft hands, a voice like milk and honey. A prince who´s trusting me this much that he takes me to places no one knows, who are sacred to him," she whispers, looking up to him. "And someone with a very good physique and a nice bum."

"You´re surprising me again and again, my love," he laughs.

With a grin she´s pressing her lips on his cheek.

"So, I have a nice bum?" He also turns on his side, bracing himself on one elbow.

"A very nice one."

"Actually I should be the one who says this."

"That you have a nice bum?"

Again he has to laugh. "That YOU have a nice ´bum`."

"You are too polite to say that."

"Oh, you don´t know me… you have really a very delicious backside, my love," he whispers, bending down to her. His lips are stroking hers. "A wonderful backside, round and perfect, created for my hands. Also your lovely breasts, sweet and seductively… like everything on your gorgeous body…"

She sighs lowly as he´s kissing her, closing her eyes with relish. Feeling his warm lips onto hers, the soft pressure, and the tip of his tongue…

With a grumble he breaks the kiss, touching the back of his as he feels something wet. Turning his head he looks into the sky. Again a raindrop hits him and only seconds later the rain is coming down in sheets.

"There´s nothing we can do. No one could have seen this coming."

"It still bothers me. It has been such a wonderful day… I´m wet to my bones, don´t know where I am and it doesn´t looks as if the rain would end soon."

"But I do know where we are. It´s maybe a little bit dusty here… but at least it´s dry.

"What is this for a cabin", asks Sigyn while she wrings out her hair and the hem of her sleeves.

Once it had started to rain, they had swung themselves onto their horses and Loki had led them both to a small cabin, not far away from the cozy places with the shallow waterfall and small lake, the chirping birds and dense trees, the warm grass and fragrant flowers.

"I already told you that our mother had taken us often with her. This cabin here was build at some point on her demand. On the one hand when she just wanted to escape the palace, to be alone … on the other hand if she wanted to be with us alone", he smiled. "And sometimes, my brother and I used to play here."
"Here was at least no one in a long time."
"We can wait here at least until the rain has stopped." He´s getting rid of his coat, pulls off his boots, which ware full of water, getting rid of anything except his shirt and pants before he makes a fire.

She takes a deep breath as she sees how much the shirt clings to his body, his arms, his chest, as the wet shirt emphasizes all, how single drops of his hair run over his neck and deeper. It is almost a mesmerizing sight. It became difficult for her to breathe quietly, her fingers are gripping the hem of her sleeve, and she bit her lower lip to keep her dignity. Oh, what a sweet torture it is at this moment. With red cheeks, she tears her gaze away as he turns to her again.

He has to smile as he sees her flushed cheeks. "You seem to be hot?"
"N … not really…"
Slowly he steps closer to her, a wry smile on his lips. "Well, then you should get out of your wet clothes … It can be very unhealthy when you still wear them…"
"Ah… you're now even a doctor," she chuckles.
"A little bit," he grins.

"And surely from a medical point you advise me now to undress myself?"
"Of course. Only because of your health. I'll help you even." He puts his hands on her shoulders, pulling her a little to himself as he placed his lips on her neck. He draw a sigh from her, slowly he starts to unbutton her dress. With relish she allowed this to happen when he pushes the dress from her shoulders, pushing it down on her arms and it fall, soaked by water, to the ground. She leaned against him a bit more as he strokes her arms, his hands rested on her waist.
"How about if you bring some blankets and we make ourselves comfortable here instead, huh?"
"I'll be right back."

She chuckles softly as he hurried into the next room. In the meantime, she freed herself from all other clothing, the corset, the petticoat, stocking until she is just wrapped up in her chemise that clings wet to her body. It takes only a few moments before Loki returns with a bunch of sheets and blankets and some pillows. He paused momentarily at the door as he sees her, taking a deep breath and swallowing hard. The under dress hugs her body like a second skin, white and almost transparent because of the rain. Her skin he could see under the fabric, her breasts, her belly, her thighs. The sight was more seductive than anything else he had ever dreamed of. He cleared his throat and steps closer again, tears his eyes away and pretends to be busy by creating a comfortable camp.
Chuckling, she observes him. "You're so quiet all of a sudden… have you any further advice for my health? Do you think it would be good if I go on with wearing this thing? It is so wet… I think it would be better if I take off. "

"You want to torture me, right," he mutters.
"Just a little bit." She sat down on her knees, bends over to him, placing a kiss on his lips. "Just a little bit," she grins.
"You do enough with the sight…"
"Don´t I please you with that..?" She puts on a pout.
"Very much… so much… that…" His eyes are going up and down o her again, he takes a deep breath. "… That it is increasingly difficult for me, not to ravish you… You try my patience and my manners."
"We are alone… Outside of the palace… no one would know." She has moved closer, gliding a hand through his hair.
"It's insane, Sigyn… we cannot…"

"We may very well. You want it, I want it, what is so wrong with that?" She locks his lips with hers and puts her other hand on his chest. She sighs softly as he deepens the kiss, putting a hand on her waist and pulls her closer to him. She wraps her arms around his neck and pressing herself against him more. Her fingers are grabbing into his hair and the dark sound that escapes him is making her knees going soft, an excited, impatient feeling rushes through her body. She wants so much more than just his kisses then only his lips and hands. He likes how she pulls impatiently at his remaining clothes, as she was getting impetuous. He couldn´t resist any longer. He strokes with his lips to her throat, tasting the delicate skin.

Her sweet sighs let the ecstasy grow within him. He wants this woman wants her as much as he have never wanted anyone before. Her sweet sounds are like a balm to him. He loses himself completely in her scent, the warmth of her skin, her rapturous voice, that he is the reason for her rapture. This woman is twisting his mind, he only wants to feel now… wants to feel her fingers pulling at his hair, the warmth of her skin on his own, as her body trembles beneath him, her breath on his skin, the softness of hers under his fingers, her own fingers fumbled over his body… A light sigh from her made him pause, he breaks his lips from her neck to see her in the eyes. He gently grabs the hem of her chemise and pushes it higher, gliding with his hands over her wet skin until he pulls the fabric over the head. Her skin feels better, softer, gentler than he could ever have ever imagined.
She swallows, suppressing a slight tremor. Never before has a man seen her in her nakedness. She resists the urge to cover herself, let him feast on the sight. The look with which he looks at her, fills her with pride, the fascination she sees in his eyes, he was mesmerized. As if he had never seen anything so beautiful like her naked body.

His gaze wanders over her body. He puts a hand to her neck, pulling her gently closer. "Not even Freyja can compete with your beauty..." he breathes. The next kiss was so gentle and loving, that she would have liked to surrender immediately. She sighs softly at his lips, placing her hands on his chest. She wants to feel his bare skin, wants him as well. While his lips are traveling down her neck again, he helps her trembling fingers to open his shirt. He would not be able to wait any longer. With her underdress his self-discipline was gone too, now where he has seen her naked body, is aware of her beauty... What is she doing to him, what is it that she seems to be the most beautiful woman for him? Beauty, yes. But that´s not uncommon, therefore that they are Æsir they are beauty by nature. But for him... It feels good as his shirt is gone; it had already become too warm.
She gasps softly as she could feel his naked skin beneath her hand, warm and soft. She could not resist and let her fingers stroking his arms, his torso, over the muscles beneath his skin. He is perfect in her eyes. He doesn´t need to be built like a tree, he his perfect just the way he is. She doesn´t wants a single bit different.

She gives him shivers with her fingertips, which are gliding slowly down his chest to his belly, a little bit deeper. He gives her also little shudders. His hands are moving down her back, stroking her sides. At the same time he breathes tender kisses on her neck, nibbling at her earlobe before he emigrated with his lips and tongue to her collarbone. A dark sound of pleasure she draws from him as her hands are grabbing the waistband of his pants. His desire becomes more urgent now. He leans his forehead against her neck, gasping.

"Is everything... all right?" she gasps softly.

"Yes... yes, all right... it´s jus ... I will not... come at you like a wild beast."
She becomes very hot by the thought of how wild he would... She puts her hands on his cheeks and makes him look at her. "I want you... I want you, Loki Odinson. I think I´m going to die if I have to wait even longer..." She really should be ashamed of this confession, but it feels good to be rid of those words to let him know how much she needs and wants him. The following kiss reflects all his hunger again, all his greed.
He gently pushes her down on the camp of blankets. Relieved, he sighs as he got rid of his pants. It feels so good; the pants really have been become too tight.

She gasps as she feels his hardness against her thigh, the heat rushes with an exciting tingling between her legs. Exactly where she wants to feel him, where she awaits him. She raises her eyelids as one of his hands goes through her hair, making a mess out of it and his lips kissing a path down her neck, his tongue leaves a wet trail on it and this time he doesn´t stops at her collarbone. A surprised sound escapes her as his mouth cupped one of her tender buds, sucking softly, his tongue slippes over it. His other hand cared lovingly for her other one. How... how could this man only increase her desire more and more? She fears to losing her mind under the bittersweet torture, under his skilled hands and mouth.

Her pleasurable sounds only spurred him on, telling him, that he´s doing it right. He doesn´t do it because he wants to torture her, to be honest, he could not hold back any more. But he wants to give her the highest pleasure, the highest ecstasy; it should be memorable for her. Slowly he kisses his way to her belly; his hands are travelling over her body, down to her waist staying there while his lips are still going a bit deeper. Her hands in his hair, drawing a dark sound of him, a sound that would tell her in the future just how excited he is, how much he wants her. Each time this sound would cause her a pleasurable shudder.
Painfully slow, he kisses his way back up her body. "Your skin... tastes sweeter than honey..." he whispers, gliding with his lips over a delicate and sensitive spot on her collarbone. A silent, desperate tone he hears of her, let him lifting his head. A feverish expression has crept into her eyes. Her chest rose and fell quickly, her cheeks red. How could he resist at this sight now? He passionately presses his lips onto hers, playing with her tongue and earning sweet sighs.
"Loki... please... I cannot wait any longer..."

Her begging glance, the pleading in her voice... The pleading for him... He locks her lips with his, his hands wandering to her waist, her thighs and putting her legs around his waist. So close to her, he feels the tremor that goes through her body. He wants to say something. Say what an honor it is for him, that he loves her, wants to promise her that he would be gentle, but none of that comes to his lips. The words stuck in his throat at the sight of her face. A hand rests on her cheek, stroking tenderly with his thumb over it.
"There will never be another for me..." With nothing else in her she is so sure like with this. There would be never another man. Loki Odinson was the only one for her, she can´t imagine no one else at her side. No one else to whom she would lose her heart. May all the worlds fall apart, she would still be at his side. She wraps her arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer. She just wants him. A hand reaches into his hair, his mouth devours hers.
Panting, she takes a deep breath as she feels him so close, where no man had ever touched her. A feeling of excitement goes through her body, a hot wave, making her restless. Her heart races, the breathing is getting harder. She feels how much she trembles with excitement and a little fear. But as he goes on, as he pushes slowly into her, she realized that she has nothing to fear. She sighs softly, pressing herself more to him, grabbing with one hand into his hair.
"Is everything all right?" he breathes, stayed still.
She is moved by how much he is concerned about her welfare. "Yes... it´s all right...it's just strange..."
He tenderly spread soft kisses across her face, stroking her hair. He would give all the time she needs to get used to him.
She nodding slightly with a gasp. The feeling of being completely filled by him, to be connected to him in this way… He´s sure to go on as she starts to caress him again. Softly he moves, breathing against her skin. Her sweets sighs, her little moans sending shivers down his spine. It feels so good, so right. Embraced by her arms, the heat of her body, feeling every little tremble of her, her breath that strokes his skin, her hand in his hair… His lips are moving over her neck, moaning softly. To be embraced by her whole body… how warm and wet… only because of him…

He increases his rhythm as her hand tucks into his hair, pulling at his, her fingers leaving bittersweet red marks on his back. Hearing her gasping at his ear, how she starts to moan lowly his name… He thought he would die out of pure passion. His name on her lips, sighing, moaning with her voice drenched in lust and desire, desire for him…

He couldn´t resist and fasten his pace and loosening a bit of his former softness as she wraps her legs around his waist, pressing her knees into his sides. But she doesn´t seems to dislike it, quite the contrary. Her hands are getting more demanding, her whole body demands for more, moving with him, raising her hip up to meet his.

She lays her head back with a moan, gasping his name, pressing her legs more into his sides and the hand in his hair pulls harder at it. She thinks to lose all her senses. Hoe he moans her name, her name on his tongue, his hot breath on her skin, soft bites… The heat within her becomes unbearable. He draws a shudder of lust from her with every thrust, every time he presses himself against her, into her. The constant gliding in and out, feeling his weight upon her and as he embraces her with one arm, lifting her hip a bit… His voice dark of lust, his gasping breath, hot and moist, a lustful growl…

He´s taking her higher and higher in her ecstasy until the tensing feeling becomes unbearable. She whimpers lowly, whimpering his name, tightens around him again and again. As she opens her eyes, looking into his own, hazy by desire, desire for her and full of affection for her, the lust shimmering in the green of his eyes… This is too much for her. With a high-pitched sound she reaches her climax, pressing her fingers into his back, pressing herself against him.
To see her face in the highest ecstasy, how she presses herself against him, holding him close… he follows her, steadying himself on his underarms, gasping his hot breath against her wet skin, making her shuddering once again. How tenderly her arms are embracing him, her hands stroking so softly and lovingly over his back and the shoulders… He wants to be her so close forever. And as she starts to stroke through his hair, placing soft kisses on cheeks, down to his neck…

„How… how could I have been so blind… Why haven´t I seen immediately…"

She chuckles, placing a kiss on the corner of his mouth.

How much he´s already fallen to this gesture.

"You wouldn´t have recognized it even in thousand years when it wasn´t me who took the first step," she smirks.

„Do you mean… to kiss me surprisingly in places where everybody could have catching us?"

She laughs lowly. "You didn´t seemed to be bothered about this."

"Because you have the most seductively and sweetest lips of the nine realms," he breathes, kissing her immediately.

She sighs against his lips, closing her eyes with relish. "Promise me that no other woman will ever again taste your lips."


"You are good looking, charming; smart… of course I am jealous."

He smiles slightly at her words. "No need to worry… there will be only you."

She sighs softly, snuggling against him after he draws back, resting at her side and pulling her closer. Her head rests on his chest, listening to the beating of his heart while covers them both with a blanket. Never before she has heard something as wonderful as his heartbeat.

She hasn´t recognized how she was falling asleep. Maybe the beat of his heart, his scent, the warmth of his body have made her fallen asleep, like a wonderful lullaby. She blinks several times, sighs softly and snuggling up against him even more as she feels how his fingertips softly stroking her shoulder. How long was she sleeping? Still it´s raining, the fire is still alive, the wood is cracking… In the moment she wants to rise up she hears his voice.

"We have enough time… As long as it´s raining we can´t go back."

She raises her look and smiles up to him. "What they all might thing of us?... How long have I slept?"

"I´ve forgetting the time… I was too busy with watching you… The smile on your face, your messed hair as if you would´ve spent the last hour in pure sin," he smirks. With the back of his hand he tenderly strokes her cheek.

„You have watched me the whole time?"

„I couldn´t tear my eyes off… be honest, you´ve bewitched me."

She smirks at him. "And with what? You´re the magician."
"With your whole being," he whispers, breathing a kiss on her forehead.

She sighs silently, crawling a bit upwards and resting her head on his shoulder. She takes on of his hands, entangling her fingers with his. What for beautiful hands he has, smooth and elegant. It could have been the hands of an artist, she thinks. "Tell me something. For sure it´s exciting to be a Prince. As son of Odin Allfather. As Brother of Thor. To grow up at the court."

"Not so exciting like some would think…"

"Hmm… I wasn´t for sure your first one…"

He laughs lowly. "Do you really want an answer to this question? I think no matter what I would say, it would be wrong."
She rolls her eyes, smirking. "I know that I am not your first woman, I´m not naïve, Loki. You are good looking and a Prince. Not any prince but the son of Odin Allfather. That´s promising enough to be a good match. With that title, many women would gladly ignore everything else at a man. But… have already been in… love?"

"I don´t really know what love is. When the feeling I have towards you is called love… then I can´t remember to have ever felt the same way before."

"Hmm… well, I had at least a crush once but I was 14 years old, that doesn´t counts. It was only the age."

„So, I don´t need to be concerned?"

She laughs lowly. "No way. After five weeks I realized what for an idiot he was and that he was more busy with his own reflection than anything else. You don´t need to worry. And you? Did you had a crush?"

"Hmm… I think I was maybe 13 years old… She was very beautiful. Like a pixie… but that was all. In contrast to her Thor seems to be a brainiac."

"I´ve recognized that… Sif…"

"She is only with us because she has casts both of her eyes at Thor, but he doesn´t gets it."

„She doesn´t likes you. She was looking at you as if she would gladly twist your neck."

"She doesn´t likes me… she hates me."

"Why? How can someone only hate you?"

"Well… once… there was a little accident."

"Tell me more, please."

He looks very unhappy as she puts on a pout. "Well," he sighs. "We have been… 16, 16 or 17 years old, don´t know, it´s long ago… Sif… has been always in our company. Her parents are members of the court, so we have been raised together. As children we always played with one another. Years ago… she had hair like liquid gold. No gold of Asgard could have been as beautiful as her hair. And I… well…" He takes a deep breath. "I… thought of her as… very… beautiful and… well…"