September 7th, 2001

Dear Charlie,

So after I read your letter for today (I read it this morning), I was really quite nervous about my first day. I was afraid I wouldn't make any friends but in my very first class I saw Amir from masjid! We were even allowed to sit where we wanted so I sat with him because I didn't know anybody else. We didn't talk much. We only have two classes together, English and Science. I don't mind that though because I never really talk to him anyway.

Everyone is so nice and seems so happy to be there. All the teachers are nice and they made it seem like this year is going to be a lot of fun. They all said how much work we were going to be doing but that it would be fun and worth it, whatever that means. I am very happy that my first day went well. I made two new friends, Rachel and Sarah who are both in almost all of my classes. Rachel even asked me later how I knew Amir. When I told her it was from mosque she seemed happy. I guess maybe she was glad he wasn't my boyfriend. I think maybe she likes him or something. When I was telling my mom about my day, I left out the part about Rachel asking about Amir. I know she would say "don't get caught up in nonsense" like she always does.

I'm glad to report I didn't get into any fights and I'm sorry that your first day wasn't fun. I think the first day of school teachers are supposed to make the students feel comfortable and happy or else nobody can do any work. By the way, I have a younger brother and sister in elementary school just in case you wanted to know. It is interesting because you have a brother and sister too, but they are older. I feel like we are kind of opposites. Your world seems so different than mine but I know it isn't. It's weird. -Zara