Human AU... Castiel/Dean

It started with a kiss.

Actually it started with an annoying brother, one that would not go away until he got what he wanted. And of course in the end he got it. Only Castiel Novak didn't understand it until it happened.

Castiel Novak was always the quiet one of his large family. Michael the oldest of his brothers was the fierce one, the protector. Lucifer was the rebellious one, always doing his own thing and always going against their father's rules. Gabriel was the trickster, always playing pranks on the unsuspecting people; his family was not exempted from it either. Raphael was the healer, always taking care of his family and others. And then there was Anna, who had left to find her own way in the world, she would call occasionally, when she just wanted to chat, or ask for money, then there was Rachel, the go to girl, if someone needed something, she would always volunteer to go get it, she worked for meals on wheels and various soup kitchens.

And then there was Castiel, the baby, born late in his parent's life. And when he said late he meant that Raphael was already a doctor when he came into the world. Rachel who was the youngest when he was born was out of school and going into college. He was the most loved by all of his mother's little angels as she was so happy that he had come into her life. He was spoiled by his older siblings, even though he would have been happier if they had stayed with him, as every time they would leave he would cry after them wanting to go with them.

At the age of five, his mother had past into the heavenly plain as his father explained, although at the time he didn't understand, and he would always wait for his mother to return home and most of the time his father would carry him to bed after falling asleep waiting for her.

He never really cried for his mother, and soon some of the memories he had of her were forgotten as time when on. At the age of ten, his father left to join his mother in heaven and Gabriel and the returned, more level headed Anna had taken up the responsibility of raising him. It was fun, his brothers and sister would visit him more often after that, and even Lucifer had visited after that.

They threw him a grand party when he finished elementary school, then middle school and then finally high school. After a couple of years in college he had become a teacher of math. High school kids thought that he was the coolest teacher in the school as he was always there for them when they needed help understanding something, it didn't matter if it was math related. He never had a problem relating to kids, it was the adult version of kids that he had a problem with.

And his brothers knew it, so after a family meeting that didn't include him, they discussed what to do. And the only thing they could think of was…

A blind date.

And as it turned out, they were the worst experiences of his life, and every time he returned home, he would kindly ask his brothers to butt out of his personal life. So when blind dates didn't yield results, they tried speed dating, which mortified him on a personal level and he threatened to leave his family and never returned if they didn't stop, after that they got the point. Well all except for one.

Gabriel, fun loving, and a really great nagger, the man could literally get anything he wanted, just from nagging until one of his brothers either gave in or threatened him with bodily harm, like that actually worked anyway. So that is how Castiel had given his brother one more chance, he would go out on one last blind date.

And it was how he had met Dean Winchester.

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